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by Morley Evans

LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Sociopaths like Ted Bundy look great. Any father would be happy to have someone like Bundy as a son-in-law. Women trusted Ted Bundy too. While medicine does attract many people who are motivated by compassion, the medical profession also attracts sociopaths. "Trust me, I'm a doctor." This is especially true in a country like Canada where doctors are completely immune from the law. The Canadian medical system has arrogated the law unto itself. Organised Canadian medicine has spent 150 years corrupting the country. If you don't believe me, try to find a Canadian lawyer to sue a doctor. Try to find a case where a doctor was successfully sued for anything. Canadian medicine is a State within the State. Sociopaths are adept at hiding their true nature. Sociopaths can be identified by what they do. Dr John N. Alport, MD, is an excellent example. In the picture below, you can see that his wife, Donna, loves him. The gleam in Alport's eye reveals Alport's true nature. Alport loves to harm people and he gets away with it too! He gets paid to harm people! This creepo is a monster. The medico/legal system that protects him is criminal.

John and Donna Alport

After Alport had finished royally screwing up my health and as a result taking 20 years out of my life, he got a job as the "medical consultant" at the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Company (SGI). Below is a report by another one of his many victims. Alport's victims post their comments on an American website. There is nothing in Canada. The Canadian answer to medical problems is to cover them up and give the system more money. The Saskatchewan government paid former Premier Roy Romanow a million dollars to study Saskatchewan Medicare. "Underfunding" caused all the problems according to Roy. The Grant Devine Tories learned that pouring money down the rat hole kept the rats happy and quiet. That took the Medicare issue away from the NDP who created it. The Canadian medical system currently is Canada's largest single expense. Medicare is equivalent to the American War Machine. In Saskatchewan, Medicare consumes more than everything else combined. Collapse is coming.

Here's another one of Dr John N. Alport's victims:

I wish I could give this idiot a -100 rating. This pathetic excuse for a human being now works as a medical consultant for SGI and rather than helping the victims of car accidents, he helps line SGI's pockets as well as his own with the money WE the injured deserve. He should be in jail for embezzlement. We have never met each other, he has never physically examined me and yet he has denied every medical request I have made in association with the car accident I was in. After almost 3 years of seeing specialists and getting documentation of my on going injuries from the car accident and sending in everything 7 months ago, I got a reply back from SGI the other day. This pathetic little worm denied everything I asked for (Reimbursement for treatments, coverage for on-going treatments, reimbursement for medication, coverage for on-going medication, reimbursement for medical documents, reimbursements for compression clothing, pay-out for permanent impairment, reimbursement for eye glasses and exams, IRB back pay for the past 5 years.) He said that I received adequate treatment for my injuries (which I didn't) He said that the medical problems I've been dealing with were not caused by the accident (Which they were) He said that I was manipulating the new Doctor's I've been seeing into making up false diagnosis. He said all of the letters I wrote about the medical malpractice, neglect and inadequate representation from SGI and the initial misdiagnosis were just my opinions and nothing more. This.. all from a person who has never met me before, who has never examined me... All he basis this on is false documentation made by CBI rehab. They think that because I could carry a 15lb box for a few steps that I better lol After carrying that said box I couldn't stand. CBI said I was a difficult patient and "sat most of the time WITHOUT ANY DISCOMFORT" ... LOL That one really made me laugh considering I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand, sit or lay down... but I had to pick one and endure that pain as best as I could... What did they want? ... For me to cry like a little bitch.. Sorry I don't do that. The last documents written by CBI say that there were NO CHANGES in my hip and shoulder injuries (Meaning they were NOT healed) .. but all documents that work in MY favor are over looked.. That's no coincidence. I have medical documentation from many other Doctor's (Who actually know what they're talking about) they all agree that I was misdiagnosed and did not received adequate treatment and that the treatment I did receive made my injuries worse... All of those documents were ignored. Since the car accident ... caused by a drunk driver BTW ... 

I lost my:
life as I knew it 

I gained permanent physical and mental pain, restrictions in every aspect of my life. Unable to work FT.. Can barely work PT. Can't play sports anymore, can't dance anymore. Gained depression, anxiety, insomnia and a concoction of powerful prescription medication to take the edge off so I can live somewhat normal... I became homeless and had to go on welfare because I couldn't walk, let alone work. I'm looking forward to my day in court. My advice to all who are suffering at the hands of this ding dong who thinks he's playing god... and those who will have to deal with him in the future... DO NOT GIVE UP! HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT... I'm looking forward to my day in court. This is what Insurance companies and those who assist them do... They want to were you down so you just give up and say F it... They win if you do that... Keep at it. Be fearless and relentless in fighting for your life! and always remember that you're not alone. WE SHOULD ALL RALLY AS ONE AND SEEK THE JUSTICE WE DESERVE!

EPILOGUE: Reforming entrenched systemic criminality is next-to-impossible. One usually has to wait for the system to collapse. Failure often comes when a parasite kills its host. Now and then the sheep revolt. Canadian Medicare is close to putting itself out of business. When Medicare dies and Canada dies with it, Canadian organised medicine, the Canadian "legal" system (lawyers, judges, legislators) that protects it, and public belief will die with it. Gone. Criminals, like Dr John N. Alport, MD, will be gone. Honest doctors — who put their patients' welfare ahead of their own — will be left. Sooner or later, Alport will be joining his father, Dr WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, and his grandfather Dr Edward Bishop Alport, MD, in Hell. A place on their bench awaits Dr John N. Alport, MD. With the damned, his forbears are rowing a Roman galley across the Lake of Fire, forever. I hope Alport's mother isn't with the family. I liked Dr Jill. She treated me with respect as did Alport's uncle, Dr Dobie. Dr Edward "Ted" Alport, MD, John Alport's brother, is another matter, but Ted is another story.

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