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by Morley Evans

One drop in each eye.

VISION IS OUR MOST VALUABLE SENSE. Most people would do almost anything to avoid losing their eyes. This is how eye doctors looked after my eyes.

I do not think Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, intentionally caused the Adverse Drug Reaction I suffered from Lumigan®, though I am suspicious. I think this because I got the same reaction from the tiny bottle Eidsness gave me (which he could have adulterated) as well as from the bottle I purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart (which he could not have adulterated). What he did do was sweep me under the carpet after he screwed up my eyes. The other eye doctors I've seen here in Regina are all his accomplices. They all covered for their colleague, Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD. Even Dr Garcia who helped me and my family several times did this. That is very disappointing, but not surprising. Doctors are a caste. Doctors are a criminal cabal.

What was the Adverse Drug Reaction? In the morning after putting one drop into each eye before retiring, there were large round black disks where my eyes should be. I saw them when I looked in the bathroom mirror. These round disks were about as large as each lens in a pair of round black sunglasses would be. I could see them when I looked in a mirror. I could see through them but I could not see my eyes in the mirror. They were big opaque black disks. The edges of these disks were fuzzy. The fuzz wiggled slightly as if it was alive. It was quite bizarre. There were no frames, of course. This phenomenon was not dilated pupils. Doctors I've told about this had never heard of anything like this before. This effect gradually went away in a few days after I discontinued Lumigan®. It would return again whenever I put one drop in each eye before bedtime as Dr Eidsness recommended.

I did this several times. There is no doubt that Lumigan® was responsible. No one will ever know about it, except you, dear reader. Nothing will ever be done about it. Eye doctors will keep prescribing Lumigan®. Drug stores will keep selling it. Allergan will keep making it. NO ONE CARES. They are all legally-bound to care. It is a condition of their business. 

This is what Allergan says about side effects of Lumigan®. I read this very carefully before putting one drop in each eye before bedtime. I WAS NOT WARNED.

Besides this bizarre effect, Lumigan® caused severe cataracts and did something to my left eye that made it much weaker than my right eye. It now requires a much stronger lens than before. None of the eye doctors noticed or commented upon that.

I phoned Dr Eidsness’ office the first morning. The receptionist told me the doctor was “out of town.” She laughed off my report and told me that “People who don’t take their drops go blind.” Ho ho ho. She recommended moisturising eye drops "five or ten times a day." Dr Eidsness was unconcerned. He didn't answer my calls. He didn’t even show up a couple of weeks later for the examination he had scheduled a week before Christmas 2013. I never saw or spoke to Eidsness again. I went to Dr Gaucher, my sister’s friend, in January. Dr Gaucher told me I had cataracts of the fast-growing kind. He thought I might have glaucoma. Glaucoma is hard to diagnose, he said. Dr Gaucher examined my eyes several times throughout 2014 to see if there was any change in my condition. Then I went to the Mayo clinic.

Eidsness’ “treatment plan” was for me to put one drop in each eye before bedtime every night for the next six months and then see him for another examination. That’s what he does. He tells everyone to do this. That's his standard treatment. Anyone could do this. I could do this. Eidsness sends a bill to the government twice a year for each patient whether they need anything or not. I’m sure I would have been blind in six months if I had continued doing what Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, recommended.

Since April 2007 I have seen Dr Giocoli; Dr Eidsness; Dr Gaucher; Dr Bakouris; Dr Mervitz; Dr Patel (Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale); and Dr Robertson. There was nothing wrong with my eyes before Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, prescribed Lumigan®. Eidsness prescribed Lumigan® to treat glaucoma. He knew I had low intraocular pressure. I still do. I always did. Eidsness f*ck*d up my eyes. THAT IS VERY SERIOUS. Dr Garcia replaced my damaged lenses with intraocular lens transplantation (Jun 2016). NO ONE CARES what Eidsness did or what he will continue to do. They all got paid. The cabal is safe.

For now.

Dr Bates thought most people do not need glasses. Was he right? I'm sure he was. It wouldn't cost someone anything to find out. There would be no risk. Someone's myopia could be cured by doing exercises for a few minutes a few times a week. Children should try this first, before glasses. Of course, it would cost ophthalmologists and optometrists a great deal. On the other hand, they could actually change what they do. What a radical idea! They would do just fine and people would be better served. Eye exercises won't help me now that I have plastic lenses that cannot change shape like real lenses. Eye exercises might have helped my near-sightedness before I saw Dr Ryan Eidsness. Too bad I discovered Dr Bates only after I followed Dr Eidsness' advice. Too bad my parents didn't know about Dr Bates when I was six years old.

Dr Gaucher told my sister that Lumigan® didn’t cause my glaucoma. I NEVER SAID IT DID. Lumigan® caused cataracts, sir. Lumigan® also did something more to my left eye besides damaging the lens. What? How? What is the prognosis for my eyes now that eye doctors have screwed them up? I would like to know. What do you know, Doc? Nothing?

The very first time I saw him, Dr Eidsness said, "I'm surprised you came to see me, knowing what you think of doctors." I should have asked him then what he thinks I think of doctors and why I have that opinion. I should have left and never gone back. Well Doc, I can thank you now for confirming my opinion, you asshole.

Dr Garcia and Dr Roberson both referred me to Dr Coupal who is supposed to be a glaucoma expert, according to them. COUPAL IS EIDSNESS' PARTNER I discovered when I phoned his office. Well, well. Eidsness runs a “glaucoma screening" racket. I didn’t go to see Coupal. I think these whores have done quite enough. If I never see another doctor it will be too soon. I have given instructions to call an ambulance if I'm going to die anyway.

Dr Patel at the Mayo Clinic (Jan 2015) told me that "no one in the world knows anything about 'low-pressure' glaucoma," including him. An honest man. I believe him. I have learned that glaucoma is a multifactorial disease. Intraocular pressure explains glaucoma most of the time. Eye doctors have no idea what causes glaucoma when their theory does not work. They just pretend, ignore the results, protect themselves and their caste and make money. Money Money Money, burp.

Glaucoma affects about 1% of Americans. "Low-pressure" glaucoma affects about 1% of them. Glaucoma is not a public health emergency. Yet Dr Eidsness would run everyone through his clinic and send the government a bill for each "patient" twice a year. It is a racket. He is a crook.

There's another group here in the Queen City that is running a colorectal screening scam. They send the scary-sounding direct mail. I throw it in the garbage. If I had cancer, I wouldn't go to them. I have more confidence in witch doctors in Borneo.

I avoid the annual flu shot too and never get sick. Dancing on the third rail with the Wu Li Masters is fun and much less dangerous than going to a doctor.

I went to Dr Giocoli in 2007 to have my glasses updated. Despite my life-long experience with doctors, I trusted her because I had met her in Kiwanis AND SHE WASN'T A MEDICAL DOCTOR. She said my eyes had not changed much since high school. Fifty years ago, now! I was sometimes still wearing the glasses I had then. I had wonderful close-up vision — without glasses — which is good when one spends most of one's time reading, writing and doing close-up work. I would not have to worry about cataracts for many years, she told me. (After he had first examined my eyes, Dr Eidsness told me the same thing!) Dr Giocoli referred me to Dr Ryan Eidsness. She didn't say why. When I asked, she said, "He can do a test that I can't do."

Thank you, very much, Carmela.

- Morley






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