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by Morley Evans

"Follow the money" is the time-tested method for criminal investigators. The population of the world is currently in grave danger of being ENSLAVED by a small criminal élite. We know who most of them are. They have boldly told us what they plan to do. They are confident. They think they cannot be stopped.

Bill Gates, Jr, and Klaus Schwab [Schwab is one of many who have plans for humanity.] plan to take over the world [EDIT: Gates has already taken over the world] and turn the rest of us into their ant farm [EDIT: We don't know what Gates and others will do with us]. There are almost seven billion of us today. Their ant farm only requires about 50 million ants. So Bill and Klaus plan to eliminate over 99% of the world's "surplus" population. That probably includes YOU. Maybe you'll be lucky. Bill might decide to keep you if you are an obedient amusing little ant. If you have to eat what Bill has planned for you, you'll wish you were dead.

Are you interested? Are you awake? You'd better wake up.

Bill and Klaus are using the world's medical institutions to get the control they want. Bill is using his fortune to bribe the people he needs. They love Bill. They treat him like royalty, like one of their own. Who does Bill need? Bill needs "medical/scientific" authorities. He needs the top public "health" authority and its bureaucrats' network to do what they are told. Bill needs the world's political leaders who will surrender their authority to the bureaucrats. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? Bill needs the world's "news" industry to propagandise his fear campaign.

Bill Gates funds these people through his various front organisations.

1). Christian Drosten: virology at Charité in Berlin. Drosten provided the purported SARS CoV-2 virus, the PCR kit to detect it and the influence of German and European power-brokers, including Angela Merkle, Germany's President and The Director-General of the World Health Organization in Switzerland.

2). Neil Ferguson: computer-based epidemiology research at Imperial College of Oxford in London. He provided the horrifying projections that terrorised the world. Some office-holders were traumatised and believed the hoax.

3). Tedros Adhanom: Director-General of WHO. Tedros triggered the worldwide avalanche of lockdowns all by himself.

4). Brian Garibaldi, Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Centre, the source of the ongoing U.S. fear-mongering campaign.

5). Anthony Fauci of NAID and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Fauci is the chief U.S. spokesman for the Covid-19 campaign. Fauci thinks he is "America's doctor".

That's only five people who need to be bribed, and they are profiting from the scam by other devices. What about the tens (hundreds?) of thousands who also participated, including the bureaucrats and politicians? Were they all bribed?

Bill Gates reportedly is worth $110 billion, according to Forbes. His fortune has apparently doubled since COVID-19 began a year ago. Bill is not losing anything. Don't be fooled. Bill Gates is not giving away anything, either.

The COVID-19 calamity is a vast money-making bonanza for some. Some are losers. Some are winners. The small business owners have been wiped out. They were closed down by the lockdowns. The big guys don't care about them. Many large corporations have been bankrupted, too, especially those in the travel industry. Hotel chains, airlines, and cruise ship businesses have declared bankruptcies. Their assets will be picked up for pennies on the dollar by those people who still have money. Storefront businesses have been wiped out as shoppers go to Costco and Walmart. Online shopping is replacing bricks and mortar stores. is doing great. Hopefully, Jeff Bezos will put himself on a rocket to Mars.

The pharmaceutical cartel and the medical cartel will do well, of course. The vaccine manufacturers sell billions to governments — Governments are their primary customers. Bill Gates is a prominent investor in vaccines, but they are not his primary interest. Bill's main concern is getting complete control of the world, remember?

Bill has got you and me by our balls. Women and children are in the trap with us. We are all in the trap. Can we escape? If we do nothing, you know the consequences. The trap we are in has been created by FEAR. That was created by the five people listed above. I can't get out by myself and leave you here. That's not because I like you. I need you.

I think COVID-19 is a HOAX. It is a FRAUD. I don't believe a large portion of humanity will be killed by the SARS CoV-2 virus, even if it actually exists. Many do not believe the virus exists. I think they simply re-branded the annual flu and added lots of hype. The swine flu "pandemic" in 2009 was a trial run. The same people who ran that scam got everything right this time. Practice makes perfect. I do believe a large portion of humanity will be killed by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, and you will be a victim along with me if we don't get out of here. You must decide. The accurate data says that over ninety-nine per cent of the people who get the virus will survive. Most won't even know they had the virus. Do you want to risk your fate at the hands of Bill Gates? He created this catastrophe. Your chances with Bill are zero.

What does Klaus Schwab do? He collects degrees from prestigious universities. Klaus collects prestigious friends like Prince Charles. He writes books to tell everyone how smart he is. Klaus is a con-man. So is Bill Gates. Gates is a cheap liar and a thief. Bill Gates, Jr, is a eugenicist, like his father, Bill Gates, Sr (aka Bill Gates II). Gates Sr. believed that large fortunes should be distributed to everyone and that people who are a danger to society should be eliminated. OKAY, Bill!

Why would politicians surrender their authority to their public "health" bureaucrats? Politicians do what the electorate wants. If the electorate (that's YOU) is gripped with fear, the politicians will respond. They don't need to be bribed. But I would like to have a look at their bank accounts, anyway. Why would public "health" bureaucrats do what the Director-General of WHO tells them to do? They want to keep their jobs. They enjoy increased budgets and increased prestige.

The news organisations have been thoroughly corrupted. Three corporations control what the world sees: Associated Press in the United States, Reuters in the United Kingdom, and Agence France-Presse in France. The HATE TRUMP campaign morphed into the FEAR COVID campaign on the turn of a dime. This coincidentally benefitted the Democratic Party Presidential campaign 2020. Conspiracy analysts are investigating. Investigative journalists do not work for CNN and the rest anymore. They have been culled in favour of presstitutes. Those whores will say anything for a dollar. Actual investigative journalists, like Sharyl Attkisson, dig for the truth. They work alone and scrounge for a living.

The key to getting out of this trap is YOU. Listen to the actual medical experts. Don't listen to the fear-mongers. Turn off your TV. Cancel your newspaper. OPEN YOUR EYES. READ. THINK. BE BRAVE! There is no bogeyman, only the little snot, Bill Gates, narcissistic psychopath extraordinaire. Don't forget, Bill hates YOU. He's not your friend.

Bill and Bill

Start here: 

Write to your Canadian Premier or your United States Governor. 
YOU must Demand this STOP NOW.

NOTE: I specialize in putting together widely available information in unusual ways, connecting the dots to form pictures few people see looking at the same dots. Why? Some of the dots aren't there. Editors have discovered they can reverse meaning by leaving out a few things. People who control the media simply don't tell readers everything they need to know to understand what is going on. Winston Smith, the central character in 1984, was a bureaucrat responsible for rewriting history. "He who controls the past controls the future."

This is crazy! I ask myself questions about this article.

1). Does Gates plan to reduce the world population to 50 million, or is that what someone says Gates plans?
2). Does Gates fund the five power-centres mentioned?
3). Does Gates plan to vaccinate seven billion people with a covid vaccine?
4). Was the world economy shut down on the order of Tedros and WHO in March 2020?
5). Have the protocols of "social distancing" and face masking been adopted worldwide?
6). Does Gates have big plans for humanity? What are they?
7). What is the real Microsoft story?

I think the answer to every question except 1). and 7). unequivocally is YES. As far as 1). goes: Gates has many crazy ideas. He wants to block out the sun. He believes in Global Warming. He would have everyone eating disgusting fake food. For 7). I have an alternative Microsoft creation story to the official MS corporate story.

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