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Sock it to 'em, George!

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Humanity is firmly in Satan's grasp. Humankind may not survive. Mutual Assured Destruction is real. War is MAD. No one in the Illiad won the Trojan War. Some Greeks understood this in bronze-age prehistory. No one has ever learned the lesson since. 

The world-wide commemoration of World War I in 230181111 was a celebration of war and death. We march, wear medals and nice uniforms, cry crocodile tears, and solemnly honour the dead, "who gave their lives so we can be free." 

Really? Is that what it was about? No one dares to ask. No one wants to look into the abyss where the truth lies in a coma.

We continuously prepare for the next war. We itch for war. We love killing. The more we can kill the better. "Airmen" can now drop bombs on Arab Afghan wedding celebrations in Afghanistan — from a USAF base in Nevada. Afghans have no right to be happy. 

Happiness is our right, not theirs.

Face it: Humanity is Evil. We love evil. We deserve what we get, and one day we are going to get it good and hard. 

Remembrance Day celebrates Satanism. The vast military cemeteries with markers "row on row" mark the graves of brave young men whose lives were thrown away when they were sacrificed to our god, Satan. 

Every war is a Holocaust! The term holocaust comes from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, "whole" and kaustós, "burnt offering". 

Who do you think military chaplains serve? Who do they think they serve? 

In all of the wars in thousands of years of human history does any one group deserve the exclusive right to claim it suffered holocaust? 

One with unsurpassed chutzpah does make that claim.

There is nothing noble or honourable here. The only heroes are the men and women who expose the truth and refuse to fight, accepting scorn and harm, including censure, torture, and death, from their own compatriots.


The Canadian National War Memorial
is a brilliant work of art.
Unfortunately, the reality of war can be missed.
PEACE and Victory WAR look down
on troops bravely marching through the Arch
to slaughter the enemy sealing everyone's doom.

World War I Homage – 
A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes

By Finian Cunningham

November 12, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -   World leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday under the Arc de Triomphe to mark the centennial anniversary ending World War I. In an absurd way, the Napoleon-era arc was a fitting venue – because the ceremony and the rhetoric from President Emmanuel Macron was a “triumph” of lies and platitudes.

Among the estimated 70 international leaders were US President Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, each sitting on either side of Macron and his wife. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also given pride of place beside the French president.

Macron’s address to the dignitaries was supposed to be a call for international multilateralism. He urged a “brotherhood” for the cause of world peace. He also made a pointed rebuke of “nationalism” as posing a danger to peace – a remark which seemed aimed at Donald Trump who recently boasted of his politics with that very word.

But, ironically, everything about the ceremony and Macron’s speech resonated with jingoistic French nationalism, not his avowed multinationalism. As the politicians sat under the Arc de Triomphe, Macron walked around its circular esplanade in a salute to assembled French military forces bearing assault rifles and bayonets. The French anthem – The Marseillaise – was played twice, once by an army brass band, the second time sung by an army choir. There was also a military plane flyover displaying the blue, red and white tricolor of the French national flag.

In his speech, Macron talked about soldiers coming from all over the world to “die for France” during the 1914-18 Great War. He even said at one point that the war was fought for “the vision of France” and its “universal values”.

This was fluent drivel, French-style. No wonder Russia’s Putin momentarily gave a look of boredom as Macron waxed lyrical.

The speechifying and commemoration was completely detached from current realities of conflict and international tensions.

Among the “brotherhood” whom Macron was appealing to were Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose military forces continue to bomb and slaughter Palestinian civilians in illegally occupied territory. Also present was Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko whose armed militias continue to terrorize the people of eastern Ukraine with the blatant objective of instigating a war between the US-led NATO alliance and Russia.

Listening to Macron one would think that World War I erupted mysteriously from no specific cause and that an estimated 10 million soldiers were all killed in heroic battles for noble principles.

There was, of course, no mention by Macron of imperialist warmongering and the barbaric sacrifice of humans as slaves in the service of national capitalist power interests.

Grotesquely, as the world leaders donned solemn faces and mouthed pious platitudes for peace, the whole occasion was a triumph in burying reality and the ongoing causes of wars, as well as whitewashing the very culprits responsible for wars. Among the war criminals wearing a mournful black suit was former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who launched the NATO blitzkrieg on Libya in 2011.

While the empty, self-indulgent rhetoric was ringing out, one couldn’t help but recall some of the most glaring contemporary contradictions that were blocked out with awesome Orwellian efficiency.

Just this week, reports emerged of the horrific civilian death toll from the American air force bombing the Syrian city of Raqqa. The city was razed to the ground by US air strikes last year – supposedly to defeat the ISIS terror group. Some 8,000 bodies of civilians, mainly women and children, have now been recovered by Syrian government forces. And that’s only from clearing away a tiny area of rubble for the whole city.

What the Americans did in Raqqa was a monumental war crime, all the more criminal because US forces, along with their NATO partners Britain and France, are illegally present in and assaulting sovereign Syrian territory.

As Macron was telling world leaders about “the vision of France”, hundreds were being killed in Yemen in a battle to strangle the entire population by taking the port city of Hodeida. The genocidal war on that country – which is putting up to 16 million people at risk from starvation – has been fully backed by France, the US and Britain, from their supply of warplanes and bombs to the Saudi and Emirati aggressive forces.

We could mention other specific conflicts where the culprits are clearly identified. For example, the multi-million-dollar support from Washington for the Azov Battalion and other Neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine, which openly emulate the genocidal conduct of Hitler’s Third Reich to exterminate ethnic Russians.


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Ottawa BREAKING: Dudley Do-Right and his horse capture Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. The squirrel and moose were released unharmed.


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"Doctors turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated, and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. When I meet a doctor, I generally figure I'm meeting a person who is narrowminded, prejudiced, and fairly incapable of reasoning and deliberation. Few of the doctors I meet prove my prediction wrong."

- Dr Robert Mendelsohn

That assessment certainly agrees with my own experience of over seventy years. Doctors here in the self-proclaimed home of Canadian Medicare managed to ruin my life. Only Dr Cowan did not save me from harm that was caused by a doctor. All of my other medical problems were caused directly by doctors (and dentists) in Regina, the home of Canadian malpractice.

- Morley Evans


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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Truth has to be repeated constantly, because Error also is being preached all the time, and not just by a few, but by the multitude.  In the Press and Encyclopaedias, in Schools and Universities, everywhere Error holds sway, feeling happy and comfortable in the knowledge of having Majority on its side."   

- Goethe

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IF YOU READ the long essay below, you will see that nothing has changed since the War in Vietnam. If you look at history, Vietnam looks like the Korean War. The main difference between the War in Vietnam and today is that the public is silent today. Everyone is in a coma. Then the public was up-in-arms. Protest songs filled the airwaves. Thousands marched in the streets. CBS, NBC, and ABC competed to bring the War into every livingroom every night. The media has been silenced. The Left supports war. The Right supports war. Pulpits are silent. Pews are empty except in the warmongering churches that preach heresy

This picture would not appear in the Main Stream Media (MSM) today. Israel Defense Force (IDF) snipers have murdered thousands of unarmed Palestinians on the Gazan border. When it reports anything, the MSM reports "violence" as if Palestinians were responsible. The IDF murders journalists. The Saudis murder journalists. Insanity rules everywhere. Washington wants war. Washington's vassalages support their liege lord. Ottawa will lick American boots on Remembrance Day.

WW III and everyone's annihilation looms. Satan smiles.

FIFTY YEARS AGO the world received a lesson in the revolutionary power of protracted people’s war when some 84,000 Vietnamese communist peasants stunned the world’s greatest military power, the United States, with an astounding offensive considered impossible by America’s Army generals who had only weeks before declared the communist revolutionaries of South Vietnam essentially defeated.

This amazingly shocking assault was the Tet Offensive of January-February 1968. It was so powerful in its execution and effects that it became the crucial event of America’s Vietnam War. No history of that war can be complete without an analysis of this offensive. The significance of Tet was that it compelled the American leadership to make the decision to quit Vietnam; it was thus the pivot point in the war. Often described as a military loss for the communist forces, it was nonetheless a political loss for the Americans and their Saigon client regime – a loss so great that the United States eventually began a process of gradual, yet brutally violent, disengagement. The study of how that definitive decision to disengage came to be and how it was subsequently interpreted after the war offers important lessons regarding the contradictions of the war exposed by Tet – contradictions involving the imperatives of international finance, the exercise of political power, the dishonesty and incompetence of military leadership, the erosion of America’s moral legitimacy at home and abroad, the reemergence of communist politics within the United States, the dramatic upsurge in leftist resistance globally, and the rewriting of history to hide the failures of the American military.

What was the Tet Offensive? It was the first of three offensives in 1968 in which the communist forces of the National Liberation Front (NLF) in coordination with the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) attempted to take over cities and towns throughout South Vietnam in hopes of causing a collapse of the South Vietnamese government. Tet was the largest of the three offensives and was the one that had the most damaging effect against the United States and its Saigon protégés.  Beginning January 30 and 31 the NLF attacked 5 of 6 major cities including Saigon, 35 of 44 provincial capitals, 64 of 242 district seats, and more than 50 hamlets for a total of 166 targets throughout South Vietnam (Prados, 2009: 239). In this first assault alone, much of the countryside – and thus the rural pacification program–was lost to the communists as the Saigon regime pulled back 8,000 troops to defend towns and cities. On May 4 a second offensive lasting into early June began with attacks on 119 cities, towns and bases. Because the American military had claimed that the first offensive resulted in losses so great for the communist forces that they were “on the ropes” without major offensive capability, the second offensive’s rather substantial nature could not be acknowledged – doing so would be an admission of continuing communist strength. The U.S. military therefore referred to the second offensive as “mini-Tet.” On August 17 a third set of attacks began with fighting continuing for six weeks (Young, 1991: 221-222).  All in all, the Tet Offensive of late January 1968 kicked off a series of communist offensives over a period of eighteen months inflicting relatively high American losses.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018


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Thanks to Hersh Bortman for this analysis! Great Map too. I always wondered where Ukraine was. No wonder. Ukrainians don't know themselves!

What causes conflict between Russia and Ukraine?
Hersh Bortman
Hersh Bortman, Israel. I was a USSR citizen.
Answered 3h ago

Cherchez la femme? Not in this case. Beauties have nothing to do with that.

Recherchez de l’Oncle Sam (please correct me if I get wrong the French). Yes, Uncle Sam, he’s the troublemaker. He is the source and the cause of what you call conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

When you’re talking about Ukraine, make sure you know what you are talking about. The “patchwork quilt” below illustrates the timeline of that artificial formation known as Ukraine and which way it is assembled from different parts of the Empire. And are they different! Try to point on any resemble between the horrible Banderovian gang from Lviv and suburbs and the typical jovial merry Odessa crowd or serious faces of the Donbass miners. 
Now consider the green patch. That is the place where Uncle Sam, staring greedily with a lustful gaze in the direction of the Urals and beyond was lying in wait in anticipation of the convenient moment to attack Russia to continue its crumbling after the collapse of the USSR.

The moment to charge came when Viktor Yanukovych announced that Ukraine is not going to join EU. The specially trained (on NATO facilities in Poland) neo-Nazi gangs were brought to Kiev, Victoria Nuland in charge, and the so-called Euromaidan was underway. 

[Stalin made Kazakhstan an independent Soviet republic inside the USSR. When the United Nations was created, Washington introduced all 50 States as independent countries. The USSR countered with its own (Union of) Soviet Socialist Republics.]

Says George Friedman:

“The collapse of the Soviet Union appeared to signal Russia’s demise as an international player, but news of that death was premature. A nation so large, so filled with resources, and so strategically located doesn’t simply dissolve into the air. In the 1990s, the USSR’s fall nonetheless shattered the vast empire assembled by the czars and held together by the Communists, leaving Moscow in control of a fraction of what it held in 1989. Muscovy alone (and Siberia), the region that had been the kernel of the empire, remained in Russian hands. As long as that core remained, however, the game wasn’t over. The Russian Federation, sorely weakened, still survived, and it will play an increasingly significant role in the next decade. While Russia suffered breakaway regions and an economy in shambles, the United States emerged as the sole remaining global power, able to dominate the planet in a casual, almost indolent fashion. But the Soviet collapse gave the United States only a limited time frame in which to drive a stake into the heart of its old rival, ensuring that it stayed down (emphasis by H.B.). The United States could have applied stress to the Russian system by supporting secessionist movements or by increasing economic pressure. Such moves might very well have caused the entire Russian Federation to crumble, enabling its former junior partners to absorb what was left and form a new balance of power in Eurasia. At the time, however, the effort did not seem worth the risk, mostly because Russia appeared unlikely to emerge from its chaos for generations. Destroying what was left of Russian power did not even appear to be necessary, because the United States could create the regional balance of power it wanted simply by expanding NATO and the alliance system eastward.”

A stake in the heart of its old rival, eh?!

Too late.

Eat your heart out, Uncle Sam. You missed a real chance. Another will never be.

What was the question again? What causes conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

No sir, they lie to you it’s not between Russia and Ukraine. It’s between the USA and Russian Federation.

Morley Evans

The United States did all of those things to destroy the Russian Federation. Americans are still doing them but Russia hasn't collapsed. Russia keeps getting stronger. Washington is getting desperate. WW III is coming closer and closer. Blame Washington. Stop Washington before we are all killed.