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Trump and Putin "presser"

Dear Mr Lendman,

Thank you for your essay “Russiagate: A CIA Concocted Hoax”. I just read it in Information Clearing House. I agree 100%.

You include:

"America’s deeply corrupted political process is far too debauched to fix, rigged to serve wealth, power and privilege exclusively, at war on humanity at home and abroad.

It’s a tyrannical plutocracy and oligarchy, a police state, not a democracy, a cesspool of criminality, inequity and injustice, run by sinister dark forces – monied interests and bipartisan self-serving political scoundrels, wicked beyond redemption, threatening humanity’s survival."

Today is the most perilous time in world history. What’s going on should terrify everyone everywhere.”

The United States of America must go the way of the Soviet Union. No one believed in the Soviet Union anymore and “poof” it was gone. The Cold War was over for Moscow but it was not over for Washington. That is a strong clue as to who was responsible all along. Where is the Peace Dividend?

When JFK was assassinated, the Soviets, afraid they would be blamed, conducted their own secret investigation. They didn’t release their report because they felt no one would believe it. I’m sure that report is safely filed away somewhere in the Kremlin. Americans would find it very interesting today. I would. I think I know what it says.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you!
Morley Evans

P.S.: Trump, the buffoon,  just might turn out to be the best President the United States ever had. Sometimes he says the right things. We'll have to wait to see what happens.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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HELSINKI July 16, 2018

President Donald J. Trump outraged American war hawks in both the Democratic and Republican parties by failing to pursue their aggressive points with Russia.

As Trump had done earlier this year in his summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, he returned to his campaign position. The United States must not provoke conflict around the world — which it has been doing since 1945. Believe it or not.

Arizona Senator John McCain (R) was appalled.

Sen. John McCain said President Donald Trump, appearing with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference following their summit in Helsinki, had "abased himself ... abjectly before a tyrant.

Contrary to Washington's claims, the Russian Federation has been pursuing a non-aggression policy since 2000 when Vladimir Putin became the President. Putin reversed Russia's almost fatal decline under Boris Yeltsin. The American war hawks were delighted with Yeltsin. Yeltsin was their man. The Cold War had ended, but not for Washington. 

The war hawks are unhappy with Putin who has derailed their schemes. That's the breaks boys and girls.

I would give Trump a Gold Star on his report card for Helsinki. Even though Trump back-tracked the next day, he deserves a star. I give him another star for Singapore too. We'll have to wait to see how Washington weasels out of that one. They will blame the DPRK, Trump, or both.

What do I know? Here's Patrick Buchanan. He's been around. Let's see what he thinks.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


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The Mevalonate Pathway 
by Morley Evans © MMXII

Statin Drugs are mycotoxins that block the Mevalonate Pathway and kill you one-cell-at-a-time. Which cells go first depends on many factors. Rabbits die immediately. Dogs, mice and rats last longer. Some primates (the closest biological species to humans) that were given Statin Drugs had 100% mortality. People die at different rates. Some people acquire symptoms immediately — I did. Others have no apparent symptoms for years. All Statin Drugs kill. If you are taking a Statin Drug, it is killing you. If you want to optimize your health, forget about cholesterol and everything you have heard about it. Don't have your cholesterol tested. Don't take anything to reduce it.

There is no relationship between serum cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. "None at all," according to Dr Malcolm Kendrick. Lowering your serum cholesterol will not prevent heart attack, atherosclerosis, dementia or lengthen your life by one second. Statins will not save your life. Taking Statin Drugs kills you one-cell-at-a-time, for sure and without question. The only questions are how long it will take you to die and what the pathologist will say killed you.

Statin Drugs block the Mevalonate Pathway inside your cells. Statins block 3-hydroxy-3-methyl- glutaryl-CoA reductase or HMG-CoA reductase for short. Because cells require cholesterol and isoprenoids to live and reductase — that allows them to be made — is blocked, the cell makes more reductase as well as extra cholesterol receptors on the outside of the cell to bring cholesterol into the cell from the blood. Serum cholesterol drops as a result. 

Your doctor is happy. But the cell gets no isoprenoids and DNA division and cell reproduction are arrested. Your body is not happy. Your cell dies and so do you. Every cell in your body is impaired by Statin Drugs, not only liver cells. 

Statins cross the blood-brain barrier creating dementia and polyneuropathy. Statins kill you and you get no benefit. Nothing. They don't even make you feel good. In fact, they will probably make you feel lousy. Muscle pain and damage (myopathy and rhabdomyolysis) are very common, not rare as the pharmaceutical companies claim. So is polyneuropathy (my feet felt as if they were on fire and my hands were swollen frozen painful claws). This went on for years. Despite your "little problems", your doctor will prescribe Statin "therapy" for "the rest of your life", however long that might be. Your doctor will also be prescribing lots of other pharmaceutical drugs to treat all the mysterious diseases you will be getting thanks to Statin Drugs.

Statins are made from mycotoxins. 

Statins are mycotoxins. Mycotoxins kill like snake venom and the Portuguese Man-o-War jellyfish kill. They may also lower your cholesterol too. Who cares? Would you eat Death Cap mushrooms? Probably not, but your doctor is feeding you Statin Drugs and you think he is saving your life. "All medicine is poison," one doctor breezily told me a few years ago. And now you know what Dr John N. Alport, MD, thought thinks. Do these people think?

Today, every pharmaceutical company knows how Statins work. An illness that arises from Statins is not a "Side Effect" or an "Adverse Drug Reaction." Pharmaceutical companies know why you are sick, your doctor probably does not, but he should. Yet pharmaceutical companies — led by Merck and Pfizer — aggressively push Statin Drugs. They are making gazillions of dollars. Statin Drugs are the most profitable pharmaceutical drug in history. You cannot afford the price you pay, even if a Drug Plan is paying for them. Here's what Zocor and Lipitor and my doctors did to me:

Buy this book and educate yourself. Learn what your doctor should know, but doesn't. Look after yourself. Take a bite out of crime.

Amazon s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1334516731&sr=1-1

Dr. Graveline:

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick:


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and no one gives a damn

MY CASE AGAINST Dr John N Alport, MD, Dean Ast, pharmacist, Dr Christo Annandale, MD, Merck, and Pfizer is very simple. The package inserts for Zocor® and Lipitor® both tell the patient to report any muscle pain or weakness immediately to the prescribing doctor. They tell the patient he is not qualified to discontinue any prescribed medication himself. This could be dangerous. The physicians' monographs both tell the doctor to immediately discontinue the medication if the patient reports any muscle pain or anything else. The doctors laughed off my complaints from the first day I took Zocor® from January 1992 until June 2000 when I went into a coma and stopped taking Lipitor® for obvious reasons. 

Of course, it could be argued that pharmaceutical companies hire creative writers to say whatever the companies want in the information that the companies attach to their products and that doctors are not obliged to read them or to understand what they say. Doctors may be completely illiterate. Doctors can prescribe "off label". Doctors can do anything they feel like doing because they are doctors. A doctor's lawyer can certainly make such claims and a Canadian judge would likely accept them because Canada is a lawless place after all. Anything goes. They just make it up as required.

I was tortured by Statins and the other crap they prescribed for pain all those years. It took twelve years to recover with zero help from any doctor when I got out of the hospital. When I sued, after I had spent a year to discover what had been done to me, I couldn’t find a lawyer anywhere in Canada. I found dozens of American lawyers who said I had a great case but I needed a Canadian lawyer. Gerry Spence was one of them. My friend, Robert, who is a Canadian lawyer, helped me so I could do it myself. 

During “Discovery” Dr Alport and Mr Ast testified under oath that they had never prescribed Zocor® for me or sold any to me. This is the "Chart" Alport kept on my case from March 1992 to October 1995 which proves what an irresponsible imbecile he is. By his own record, Alport prescribed Zocor twice. The second time he doubled the dose to finish me off, but I didn't die. Their perjury was coached by their lawyers (subornation). Dr Annandale was excused because he said it would be a financial hardship to come to Regina from Banff where he is hiding out. (Dr Annandale is a fugitive from South Africa where he was convicted of a felony. Someone should have fed him to lions there. I would.)

Alport went on to work for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) which pays him to lie in court so it can weasel out of its responsibilities. Ast sold his store and destroyed his files. Alport's brother, Ted, a pathologist, runs the Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region which runs the Saskatchewan Department of Health which has no records either. Nor does the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons whose first words were always "We won't help you to get any money." I naively sent files to them expecting them to do something. I would learn the SCP&S does not exist to ensure quality patient care. It is a feudal overlord which keeps its vassals (the doctors) in line. They can pull a doctor's ticket to practice medicine. The doctors who control it have power. 

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and its Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) exist to protect doctors. The Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Canadian Bar Association exist to protect doctors. Every Canadian malpractice case is dismissed in lower courts except the handful that make it to the Supreme Court of Canada each year. Every one of them is dismissed. This has been going on since 1901 when the CMPA was set up. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was established in Montreal a few months after Confederation in 1867. It is a trade union for doctors. Quality medicine is not one of its goals. It was established to ensure that doctors get paid. The CMA has certainly succeeded. That is the reason no Canadian lawyer will touch a malpractice lawsuit and why Canada is a resort for the giant phamaceutical companies and for innumerable corrupt doctors.

Let's not forget the legislators. They pass the laws that protect the doctors and they collect the taxes that feed the Canadian medical system WHICH IS NOT FREE dummies.

Everyone thinks Canadian medicine is wonderful, especially left-wing Americans. Mark Twain observed that it is harder to convince people that they have been fooled than it is to fool them. He was an American. Canadians are too smug to be that smart.

The Royal Reporting Services committed perjury itself by redacting the transcript and erasing the tape-recording immediately after the hearing. My case was finally dismissed in Chambers due to the Statue of Limitations which had been revised several times during my illness. Before it was revised, my case would have been eligible, after it was revised, my case was not eligible. When it was revised again, my case was eligible again. BUT those cases that became eligible were dismissed anyway. The judge who dismissed my case had been my family’s lawyer for about thirty years. He made tons of money doing my mother's real estate sales. He should have recused himself from sitting on my case. I would feed him to lions too.

This place is so corrupt no one would believe it. Everyone thinks Canada is so nice. “Canadians are so good and kind. Rah, rah.” 

I know all about Canadians and their institutions. It's not what you think.

How do Statin Drugs work?

Forget the horseshit. Statin Drugs reduce serum cholesterol. This is how they do it. So what?

What happens when the Mevalonate pathway is cut? Serum cholesterol is reduced because cells suck it out of your blood because they need cholesterol to live. Or you die. A host of other processes are arrested too. Is one's risk of heart attack lowered? No! Does anyone live longer? No! Cholesterol blood tests are a pharmaceutical parlour trick. They are performed by ignorant doctors on even more ignorant patients (victims).

Does serum cholesterol have anything to do heart attacks? No.

Uffe Ravnskov

Statin Nation II (excerpt)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

How Statins REALLY lower Cholesterol

Do doctors and pharmaceutical companies make bags of money pushing Statin Drugs, opioids and other noxious nostrums? You betcha! Do they care who they harm? Don't make me laugh.

Am I too hard on our devoted medical servants? Ho ho ha ha ha.

AS I WAS SLOWLY RECOVERING from Statin Drugs "therapy", I felt brave enough to go to an optometrist I had met in Kiwanis. "What harm could she do," I thought? "She's not even a "real" doctor. She won't put anything into or onto my body." The ophthalmologist to whom she referred me screwed up my eyes. Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, is a "real" doctor. They all covered for him, ophthalmologists and optometrists. Even Dr Garcia who replaced my damaged lenses covered up for Eidsness. Something in addition to cataracts was done to my left eye. None of the "eye experts" noticed that, even when I pointed it out. Doctors are all bad, even the good ones, even the Mayo Clinic where doctors prescribe Statin Drugs.

Lions would be well fed. Burp! Listen to them scream! Doctors can scream for mercy when their own blood is being spilt. Ha ha ha.

This is my whole sordid STATIN story.

Do these bastards deserve to be driven out of business? Don't lift a finger yourself. That would be a crime. Leave everything to the lions. ROAR! SLURP! and the bone-crushing hyenas. They will be laughing with you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


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Rafael Correra 43rd President of Ecuador
The Evil Empire Moves to Destroy Rafael Correa

Evil cannot afford to be defeated. Others might get the idea that they can defy Evil. Paul Craig Roberts explains.

Wikipedia explains who Rafael Correra is.

Photo By Fernanda LeMarie - Cancillería del Ecuador, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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ISRAELI NAVY GUNBOATS keep the Gaza shoreline closed. Yes, they even have a navy with submarines. They regularly strafe Palestinians who try to use the Mediterranean beaches the way sun-bathing Israelis do in Tel Aviv. No beach life for you, Palestinians. 

"You are üntermenschen. You are bugs to be squashed by us. We are the master race! (Oops, we don't usually use those exact words.) Look at the number of Nobel Prizes our people have won. More than anyone! We control the world's financial system. We run some of the world's biggest businesses. We rule Hollywood, the other media, and run the universities. We control Washington and the President. Look around. We are on top!"

Israeli gunboats have stopped and arrested humanitarians who have tried to break the siege. Israeli heroes defending the "Jewish homeland" have murdered some of the people who have dared to bring food and medical supplies to the Palestinians imprisoned in this very large Israeli concentration camp where extermination is the name of the game.

Since Ariel Sharon removed the Israelis who had been illegally living in Gaza and he sealed the border, "Israel" has put the Palestinians there "on a diet" as Sharon planned. 

They have bombed schools and hospitals and destroyed the electrical system, the sanitation system, and the waterworks. The water and the ground are poisoned. Israeli snipers practice marksmanship by shooting children. (More than half of Gaza's two million people are children.) Houses are bulldozed, drones that patrol overhead assassinate "terrorists" by remote control. 

Every Palestinian is a "terrorist" so every Palestinian is fair game. Palestinians are bugs to be squashed. White phosphorous rains down burning flesh to the bone. 

Dante has been outdone in Gaza. Pol Pot and the Nazis had nothing like this.

Everyone is reminded that the Israel Defence Force (IDF) is the most moral military in history. They have God on their side!

The World-Wide-Mind-Control-System ignores this, of course. Isn't it interesting how its communications department, the Main Stream Media, manages to give 24/7 coverage to US activities on the Mexican border? Children have been taken away from their parents and put in cages there. Imagine! 

Anything that makes Trump look bad is on the agenda. There is so much to report because Trump is a buffoon. The MSM has managed to communicate the Rohingya Muslim peoples' plight too. In Myanmar (formerly Burma) Buddhists can be blamed. But "Israel" gets a blanket pass on every atrocity it commits. 

The antidote to all doubts about "Israel" and its policies is yet one more story about the Holocaust. That always excuses everything. Nothing could compare to six million killed in gas chambers and then cremated by the Nazis. It has been working flawlessly since 1945.

After the last Palestinian in Gaza is killed in only a few years, Israelis will be able to move in to develop the natural gas and oil that reportedly lies under the Gaza Strip and immediately offshore. The new oil industry would make "Israel" independent. It would be like manna from heaven, another "miracle" bestowed on God's chosen people.

Does God do things like this or does someone else do them?

Can anything help the Palestinians? Here are some who are trying. Please help them to help. Even if you can't do much, do something.

Live Fire Regulations? Israeli laws ensure lawful conduct by the world's most moral military. Shooting unarmed people is only lawful if you pass a law that says it is lawful. Many people believe that — especially legislators. I don't. I believe it is never lawful to shoot unarmed people. Murder is murder. What do you believe? "Israel" passed such a law which tells everyone that they planned to shoot unarmed protestors as they have always done. 

Shooting defenceless people is what Zionists have been doing since they started coming to Palestine in the late 19th century. They love the sneak attack and snipers who kill from hidden positions. Killing women, children, old men, and cripples is their speciality while they whine about their own victimhood, expecting everyone to kiss their ass. Anyone who refuses is "anti-Semitic" and fair game to be attacked. They've been quite successful so far. To Hell with them. They are criminally insane. Zionism is a contagious racist-paranoiac ideology. Zionists are a danger to everyone.

The single-most-important thing you readers can do is pull the chain and flush more than a century of Zionist filth out of the commode that is sleeping inside your skull. 

Don't be intimidated. WAKE UP!

JULY 3, 2018
The Next Boat to Gaza

by ELIZABETH MURRAY FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditEmail

Photo by Donostia/San Sebastian 201 | CC BY 2.0

From aboard the “Al-Awda” at the port in Amsterdam.

Aboard the international solidarity boat Al-Awda, part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), we are a more motley crew than the passengers aboard the Minnow in the old US TV series McHale’s Navy [Gilligan's Island]: Among those who have joined us on one or more legs of the trip to Gaza are citizens of Spain, Israel, Norway, Malaysia, Canada (Indigenous), Denmark and the United States. Despite our diverse ages and backgrounds we have something important in common: Minds that comprehend the crimes and human rights violations being committed daily against the people of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories; Hearts that feel deeply the pain of those whose basic freedoms have been denied for 70 years; and Consciences that want to find a nonviolent way to reach out to these people, right the wrongs of the Gaza blockade and achieve a measure of justice.

The legitimate political representatives of our governments have failed us in having the political and moral courage to secure peace and justice for a people facing 70 years of sustained, brutal political and economic subjugation by a foreign power, Israel. Thus, we act. The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) sails again. This time the FFC will not attempt to deliver medical supplies or foodstuffs to the suffering people of Gaza – past experience with previous FFC missions indicates that such materials will likely never end up in Gaza, or will arrive in spoiled or damaged condition. Instead, the “Al-Awda” will deliver itself – a refurbished Norwegian fishing boat – as a solidarity offering to the fisherman of Gaza, who are shot at and harassed on a daily basis, prevented from feeding their families, and whose fishing boats are regularly seized and destroyed by Israel.

There is so much misery in Gaza that could easily be alleviated, since nearly all of it is either deliberately manufactured by Israel (such as the bombing of sewage plants, the electricity grid, Gaza harbor, the undrinkable water) or is an immediate by-product of Israeli policy (widespread post-traumatic stress disorder and associated mental illnesses, a spike in the rates of cancer, once extremely rare among Palestinians). The economic blockade, the restrictions on foodstuffs and construction materials, the travel bans, and the sealed borders are all aided and abetted by the Egyptian leader al-Sisi, a close ally of Netanyahu. Under al-Sisi the Rafah border to Egypt – the only non-Israeli outlet available to the Palestinians of Gaza seeking medical aid or travel abroad – is almost always closed. These blatant violations of human rights and the Geneva Convention have occurred with the complicit wink of the US and Europe, whose weapons manufacturers profit handsomely from their arms sales to Israel.