Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Evo Morales

by Morley Evans

Monday, November 18, 2019


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by Morley Evans

Julian Assange is the victim of a Show Trial in the United Kingdom reminiscent of Stalin's purges. 

Rudolph Hess flew to Scotland during WW II; He wanted peace between Nazi Germany and the British. Hitler probably sent Hess. No one ever heard from him again. Hess spent the rest of his life in solitary confinement; Churchill and the Allies did not want peace. They wanted victory with an unconditional surrender at any cost. 

The person who appeared as a defendant at the Nuremberg trials may not have been Hess but a double. Herman Goering thought so. Goering personally knew Hess. Goering also knew what the Nuremberg trials were. Rudolph Hess died in solitary confinement, at 93, as the last prisoner in Spandau Prison. Hess was the last Nazi, except for fiction where Nazis are alive, well, and dangerous. Nazis are always very dangerous.

Julian Assange committed the unforgivable crime of exposing the Empire for what it is by making public what its most influential people have said with their own unedited words. Hillary Clinton might have been elected President of the United States, she thinks, had Julien Assange not exposed her corruption and that of the Democratic National Committee. Hillary should be in prison, or worse, along with her hubby, Slick Willie. But politics ain't beanbag. Politics is war.

The Democrats and their presstitutes diverted attention from what they actually said by claiming, "The Russians interfered with the election and Julian Assange helped them." They have arranged to have Assange tried as a spy. Forensic investigation has proven that the emails were not purloined by the Russians. They were copied directly onto external drives by someone onsite. The most likely suspect would be a Democratic insider who was a whistleblower. A former CIA agent claims the Agency did it.

Julian Assange was accused of sexual misconduct in Sweden. Charges were dropped for lack of evidence. His supposed victims withdrew their claims, saying their charges were coerced. Assange is in prison where he had been held for violating bail. He has served time for that trumped-up charge. There are no charges today. Stalin at least had charges and evidence. Stalin had confessions. The Empire has nothing.

Zionists are running out of Nazis. Their continued good fortunes rely on there being Nazis. We can expect Julian Assange to replace Rudolph Hess.

This is what John Pilgrim thinks of this farce. He is interviewed on RT.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


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by Morley Evans

TULSI 2020

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by Morley Evans

Tulsi is the ONLY worthy candidate running for U.S. President in 2020. In this interview, she decries American support of Saudi Arabia. Everything she says about Saudi Arabia applied to the State of Israel, in spades. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


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Two things are infinite:

Human Stupidity
The Universe

We cannot be certain
of the latter.

Monday, November 11, 2019

TULSI 2020

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by Morley Evans


Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY worthy candidate seeking election in 2020 to become the President of the United States. The unhinged lunatic, Hillary Clinton, has entered the race.

Friday, November 8, 2019


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by Morley Evans


Pfizer and the doctors made lots of $$MONEY selling this garbage. Along with Zocor®, Lipitor® took TWENTY YEARS out to my life, including the twelve years it took to recover. Lipiturd and Zocor

I have a slam-dunk legal case that doesn't even require an "expert witness." Can doctors not read? No, doctors can't read or they don't bother to read or they don't understand what they have read or they can read and they deliberately prescribe drugs that they know are harming their patients. Those are the only possible choices in my case. In my experience, doctors don't know anything about the drugs they prescribe. They just write prescriptions holus-bolus. They don't have to know anything. Canada has stupid unsupervised doctors. Anything goes! Doctors are an undifferentiated class because doctors defend their brethren regardless of what they do. Doctors stick together through thick and thin. Patients are damned as mere income opportunities.

Unfortunately, Canada doesn't have justice either. It has doctor-protection. If Canada had a justice system, I would be set for life, along with my descendants who would be wealthy for generations like Rockefellers and Kennedys. Millions of Canadians who have been harmed by doctors and the garbage they prescribe would have all the money doctors and their pharmaceutical masters have squirrelled away. A massive transfer of wealth would occur and Canadian taxpayers would be relieved of the crushing burden of Medicare. Lawyers who have protected doctors would need to look for other work. They could dig ditches or shovel snow. In winter, Canada has lots of snow. In summer, Canada has mud. Some lawyers and judges would go to the iron hotel. 

Canadians would finally get quality healthcare and better health. Goodbye, Tommy Douglas, you Commie-pinko jackass.