Thursday, February 27, 2020


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by Morley Evans

Will the Big Guns blow Gretta Thunberg's little boat out of the water? Maybe not. The loonie left controls the information system. They sell fear. The truth may not have enough power to control the mob. Most people don't think. They are herd beasts.

This is your takeaway."Celebrate CO2CO2 is life. Carbon dioxide is good. CO2 is green. Love it! ❤️

Monday, February 24, 2020


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by Morley Evans

My Australian friend, June, has been campaigning against hysterectomy since she was bullied into having an unnecessary hysterectomy that she didn't want. They gutted her like a trout and left her with numerous problems including constant pain. This is from her recent Facebook post:

Nobody will ever convince me otherwise. I know that gynaecologists are not only the most dangerous to women's health and well-being, but truly have a hatred for women. I know how they butchered me for personal gain so I started researching. I couldn't believe the tens of thousands of articles on the mentality, the miseducation, and the dirty tricks they use like fabricating cancer to frighten women into unnecessary hysterectomies. These few comments are just the tip of the iceberg...

"Woman is a pair of ovaries with a human being attached; whereas man is a human being furnished with a pair of testes."

"Women make superb guinea pigs. They don't cost anything, they clean their own cages, they pay for their own bills, and they remunerate the clinical observer."

"If like all human beings, he {the gynaecologist} is made in the image of the Almighty, and he is kind, then his kindness and concern for his patient may provide her with a glimpse of God's image."

9 out of 10 hysterectomies are unnecessary and are mainly done for profit and medical training and can do far more harm than good.... Dr Stanley West..."The Hysterectomy Hoax"..... (Hoax: a trick or fraud intended to deceive)

Gynaecologists are the most dangerous to women's health than any other doctors.
60% of complaints against doctors are against gynaecologists.
Women who go to clinics and Community Health Services in low socioeconomic areas for Pap smears, etc., are at more risk of getting unnecessary surgeries than if they go to their own doctors or a general practitioner.

Too Many Hysterectomies? One-third of all women get a hysterectomy before they turn 60. Some experts think two-thirds of them don't need it.
Doctors say more than two-thirds of the 600,000 hysterectomies performed every year may be unnecessary, experts say. The truth: Several other approaches are available that may have fewer complications and shorter recovery times. And some research suggests that hysterectomy may lead to sexual problems, incontinence, and a slight loss of physical strength.

Medical chauvinists whose exploits are noted by colleagues like Dr Luisa Dillner. 'When considering the attitude of male obstetricians and gynaecologists,' she wrote in her column in the Guardian, 'you have to remember they are predominantly surgeons. This makes them automatically autocratic. Many genuinely have difficulty with the concept that what's yours isn't necessarily theirs to remove.'

Womb snatching
Besides cesarean, hysterectomy is the most likely operation you'll face if you're a woman, even though up to 90 per cent could be unnecessary. Here's how to avoid one. There is a joke among medical practitioners confronted with a woman suffering from gynaecological problems. The diagnosis: she is suffering from CPU or Chronic Persistent Uterus. The solution: Hysterectomy.

.... In fact, hysterectomy, or more correctly female castration, is now one of the most widely applied surgeries for women, second in some countries only to the cesarean. In the US, a woman has a one in three chance of having her uterus removed by the age of 60. In Britain, her chances are only slightly better at one in five. In Australia, it is 2 in 5...

These are the words of Sandra Simkin, from her book "The Case Against HYSTERECTOMY", but is exactly how I felt after I was butchered of my 6 healthy female organs.

"Writing to a woman police constable, I said: "To have your womb and ovaries taken out from you for no reason, or for little reason, has to be an assault on a par with violent rape. It is a terrible and unwanted intrusion into a woman's most private and sensate part of the body and, as with rape, the traumatic effects of it last for the rest of her life."

 90% of ALL gynaecological procedures are mainly money-making scams which lead to unnecessary radical hysterectomies, and all do FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD...

Dr Margaret Aranda
My book starts with Aristotle and goes bit by bit through Victorian times, then the 1800's and 1900's to the present. These are but a few statistics. Oh. And if a woman reaches 70 years of age, she has a 70% chance of having a TAH-BSO. Total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy. And the vaginal atrophy, hair loss, hot flashes, loss of sexual desire are discussed at length in my book. With tongue-in-cheek laughter, the short story is that we have to learn to be more direct with our doctors. Doctors don't like asking their patients about sex, and patients don't like asking their doctors about sex. Shoot. So guess WHO has to start the discussion? YOU. I give you at least 10 actual questions you can ask your doctor in "doctor language", so she can't ignore your "problem." haha. Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time, by Margaret Aranda, MD (now PhD also, in Forensic Medicine).

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Saturday, February 22, 2020


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by Morley Evans

Very small nuclear reactors may be the future. Imagine a power plant about the size of a refrigerator that would energize your house forever; Completely safe; No dangerous radioactive by-products; no cost after initial purchase.

Very small nuclear reactors power ships and submarines. The giant reactors that electrify cities are scaled-up marine reactors.


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Doctors, their organizations, lawyers and judges, family and friends, and the general public cannot hear the anguished cries of patients who have been harmed by modern medicine. No one can hear me. 

"Oh shut up! Is that all you can think about?"

The following testimony is from another victim of modern medicine. She is American. I have another friend in Australia. She was gutted like a trout at a teaching hospital when they did a hysterectomy she didn't want or need. 

I lost 20 years thanks to Statin Drugs that were prescribed by my friendly "family doctor". I was in a coma after being tortured for 8 years. It took 12 years to recover after I stopped taking Lipitor®. No one gives a damn.

Listen to Vickie. Open your ears. Listen:

All I keep saying in my mind is "Why?"  

It's really hard to get over knowing that you were a victim of crime in medicine.  Especially when you suffer physical injuries that cause discomfort and disfigurement.   It's so hard to just think "There is nothing I can do about it."  

They should have been prosecuted and on record for what they did to me and who knows how many others. I know for a fact that Helman injured more than just me because my good oral surgeon told me he treated five or six more after me. 

It's so hard because they knew what they were doing and my life was in grave danger with a non-union of the maxilla, an abscess, and screws and plates bent up inside my face.

They knew and because they all work together and we don't have an FAA in medicine, there is little a person can do except hope that they don't die as a result of the injuries. There is nowhere to turn because even the good guys can't speak up or they might get destroyed.  

(It's the AAOMS) American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. (insurance carrier for members)

Having a moment because I was searching for cases for a homework assignment on Westlaw and decided to try putting in Helman's name again to see if anything comes up and the only thing that comes up is that he is a paid "EXPERT WITNESS."  I cannot believe this stuff.  Dr Helman was an Expert Witness as was Dr Gary Wolford and both of them ignored my life-threatening conditions.  

It's mind-blowing!  They have quite a system there between these "go-to oral surgeons," dentists (Dr Ernst) Yes, Dr Ernst deliberately led me to an expert witness,  Dr Gary Wolford AFTER I was damaged by Helman because he said, "Gary Wolford could handle cases like yours." Yes, and Gary Wolford pretended to help, and not once disclosed to me that he was an expert witness.  He endangered my life even further with his antics. 

So they have dentists, oral surgeons, and they have one big fat attorney that works both sides and doesn't tell the clients who he represents on the defence side:  Robert Gittleman. I'm afraid of Gittleman. 

Oh, I shouldn't forget, there was also Dr Cleymen.  He grabbed pre-surgery pano out of my hand and said: " I'll take that to the dental school and make a copy."

Stay away from any of these people if you are in the Ann Arbor area:

This is the bottom line for the University of Michigan in my opinion:  They squeezed everything they could get out of using a bad actor like Helman and keeping him from prosecution.  This is what these teaching hospitals do. 

It's all about the money and I don't think the really good doctors want to become employed by a teaching hospital.   I'm of the mind that it's the weaklings who can't handle running their own business and/or do not know how to stay out of trouble ie liability situations who end up becoming permanent fixtures at teaching hospitals.

I had a correspondent who went to the School of Dentistry, University of British Columbia. He went for a filling. The student-dentist botched a root canal which the patient had not authorized or even known about. The patient was left with unending pain for years. He was unable to get any help. UBC denied he had ever been there. The University of Alberta refused to see him. He was an immigrant from Azerbaijan. He could not believe something like this could happen in a country like Canada. Oh yes, it can. Don't be fooled. - ed


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Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD

Dr Mendelsohn was a renegade. He identified "modern medicine" as a very powerful religion. As such, it is immune to attack and is immune to admitting errors or correcting them. 

"Modern Medicine" (MM) is far too powerful; it causes as many problems as it solves. Doctors and their organizations cannot hear the anguish of the patients they harm. Doctors are deaf, dumb, and blind. 

I speak from life-long experience with MM. 

Since MM cannot be reformed, it will be destroyed when it can no longer be supported. That day is fast approaching — MM cannot be afforded now. MM is the largest single expense of every Canadian government. A greedy monster, MM's solution to every problem is more.

Greedy parasites kill their hosts. That will happen. Goodby, Canada. You deserve what you are going to get.


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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro means River of January, the month when it was discovered. Rio could be the world's most desirable location — if one has lots of money. Of course, lots of money can make any place desirable. 

You need to learn Brazilian Portugues if you plan to move to Brazil. Brazilian Portugues is similar to French spoken in Québec as opposed to French spoken in France. You can get by with English only, of course, especially if you have lots of money. Work on that.

There is a glitch on Sugarloaf Mountain that I could not correct. Sorry about that. Thanks to National Geographic for this wonderful picture!