Wednesday, April 18, 2018


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Turn off your TeeVee. HeeHee. Use your newspaper to wrap garbage. Cancel your subscription. The "alternative" media contains the real stuff. Here is German economist F. William Engdahl on the Rape of Russia. Guess what? We don't have to wait for a dystopian world to happen. God forbid. We have been living in a dystopian world for a long time. Wake up! Listen and read. Wake up! Wake up! You are in trouble. Wake up!

Monday, April 16, 2018


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Flag of Syrian Arab Republic

Originally published in Quora

Was this fake news? Everything one sees on CNN is definitely fake news. This would not be found on CNN so it could be true. I hope it is.

How can we make sense of the propaganda war over Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons?

Marcus Southworth, Chairman of International Conciliation Council
Answered 23h ago
Interesting question!

I have just spoken personally with a Syrian journalist to ask about the damage done in the recent missile attacks. He said that very few of the missiles hit their target. Most of the missiles were intercepted electronically and redirected to the desert. Some of the missiles were controlled with handheld devices and in one instance, the missile was safely landed. They sent this fully armed missile as a present to President Putin who complicated them with their technical capacity to do such a thing successfully.

I also learned that the Syrians have found no evidence of a chemical attack in Douma. They did capture a film crew who was found with video used in media campaigns to show the results of a chemical attack.

The supposed chemical weapons facility that was destroyed by the US lead coalition was actually a detergent soap manufacturer.

My friend said he lives only 300 yards from the military airbase that was said to be hit by the US and Western media. All missiles intended for that base were destroyed or intercepted. He concluded that he believes that the days of cruise missiles and Tomahawk missiles is over. Everyone learned a lot through this little event on all sides. They are calling the weapons used by the coalition as outdated and ineffective. It has actually become the basis of many jokes being passed around. Yet, President Trump and the media are calling it a successful mission.

I asked if there were any casualties from this recent attack? I was told there were three, and he laughed, it was actually the Syrians fault because they cannot assign a destination to a missile right now, all they can do is dismiss the intended target and send it in another direction. In this instance, the redirected missile hit close to a desert village which resulted in the death of three persons.

There is a lot of propaganda coming from cunning sources. Have you ever seen the multiple ISIS recruiting sites? I saw one last year sometime. At first, I thought I was reading an article from the Washington Post or some other credible news source perceived as credible. They seem well funded and articles are obviously written by some excellent journalists. I think the power of the media is being well funded and orchestrated to accomplish their objectives. How do we avoid their influence? That is the real question? Who is telling the truth?

Friday, April 13, 2018


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Do you know someone like Barnyard Dog? Don't you wish you could do this?

Thursday, April 12, 2018


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Syrian Theatre of War

LET'S SUPPOSE that Russia follows through with its warnings to retaliate if the United States and its allies attack Syria. 

Let's suppose that all the missiles launched from "coalition" ships and submarines are shot down before they reach their targets. Let's suppose any "coalition" planes are shot down too. Let's suppose that an American supercarrier is sunk and that all the "coalition" submarines that have launched missiles are destroyed. 

Let's suppose that everything has been set and a button only needs to be pushed to destroy Syria's attackers simultaneously. Poof.

Let's suppose that the Israeli air force is wiped out too.

Russia has warned the West — over and over — that it can and will do those things if the West attacks Syria. Iran has warned Israel "Do not make any stupid mistakes if you wish to continue your treacherous existence." On the other side of the world, China and North Korea are primed to defend themselves with nukes if necessary. Russia has lots of very big nukes, and Russia knows how to use them. 

Would a complete smackdown resolve anything? Would Washington, Saudi Arabia and Israel desist from their aggression?

Very unlikely. 

The United States has not won a war since 1945 (and it didn't win WWs I & II either). It has continually been at war for 73 years since becoming the world hegemon in 1945. The United States of America has always been at war with someone for 242 years! It's what they do in the land of the free. In 16 years it has failed to defeat Afghanis who have only hand-held weapons and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Afghanistan is not called "the graveyard of empires" for nothing. Washington believes the United States has never lost a war. Hollywood says so!

American foreign policy did not change even after significant defeats like the Korean War and the War in Vietnam. The Soviet Union had been a brake on U.S. imperialism as well as being "the best enemy that money could buy." Deprived of the Cold War, the American military-industrial complex suffered a setback. People naively believed they would get a peace dividend. Now we have a new Cold War. War is good for business if your business is war.

Those readers who are able to do it may digress here.

The American War Industry loved the Soviet Union. If one looks at the record, the Soviet Union — including the Stalinist era — was not aggressive, it was defensive. "Socialism in one country," was Stalin's goal before and after the Second World War. During the Second World War, Stalin was the West's ally fighting the Nazis. After the Second World War, American contractors started going to Congress with scary stories to get bags of money to "make Americans safe from the Ruskies." Horrors! 

Khrushchev and JFK conducted secret discussions to end the Cold War and resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis. Sniper fire assassinated Kennedy in 1963. The Cold War continued. Then, Reagan and Gorbachev negotiated an end to the Cold War in 1986 at Reykjavik. That was very bad for the U.S. war business. 

When the Soviet Union dissolved in December 1991, some Americans licked their chops. They announced the United States had won the Cold War and was now the "Unipower". "History had ended." The Wolfowitz doctrine stated that the purpose of future American foreign policy would be to keep everyone else down. (That was not new. That had been the unstated American goal ever since 1918 when the United States emerged as the Big Winner of the Great War by riding on the coattails of the people who paid the price.)

George Herbert Walker Bush, Slick Willy Clinton, George Soros, and their partner, Boris Yeltsin, opened up the former Soviet Union to "free enterprise and democracy." It was "shock therapy". Apparatchiks became oligarchs. American vulture capitalism moved in. After the looting was underway and the average Russian had been impoverished, Yeltsin was dismayed and ashamed. He turned Russia over to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in 2000. 

Please return here to the main theme.

Putin has turned out to be a lucky accident. Putin rescued Russia. Putin has turned out to be one of the best leaders Russians have ever had. Washington was not pleased, of course. Russia was back in business, and China was rising from the ashes. (The supposedly evil President Richard M. Nixon was responsible for letting China off the mat. The U.S. economy was already in trouble. That is why Nixon "closed the gold window" and opened trade with China. It is hard to keep everyone else down when you are king of the mountain.) Putin was called the new Hitler. The American War machine had what it needed. War is good for business if your business is war.

Americans need to ask themselves
is this who we are?
Is this what we want to be?

"Israel" is the punk sidekick of the big American bully. "Israel" excels at the sneak attack, especially when its victims are defenceless women and children. "Israel" loves sneaky snipers who kill from concealment. "Israel" uses false flag attacks to raise Jewish fear of "anti-Semitism". "Israel" is a sneak, a liar and a coward. IDF Snipers are currently killing unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, from a safe distance. "Israel" cheers. 

The fake Syrian chemical attack
in April 2018 diverted attention from
this latest massacre in Gaza.

Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity. Zionists believe the reverse while pretending to be religious. Jews adhere to the law of Moses. Christians and Muslims subscribe to the law of Moses too. Zionists are atheists. They serve Satan. Zionism is a racist paranoiac ideology that has highjacked Judaism.

Saudi Arabia is a newcomer to this insanity. Wahhabism is insane. The Wahhabi law of the head-choppers is not sharia law. Without oil — which came to the Kingdom in 1950 — Saudi Arabia would be nothing. They have used this money to spread Wahhabi worldwide, to buy American weapons, to live lavish lifestyles and to finance and supply the numerous terrorist groups that have been running loose in Iraq and Syria.

Oh yes, anyone in Arabia who isn't Wahhabi has four choices, keep quiet, convert, get out or die. Arabia, which is a sand pile, was never part of the Ottoman Empire. There, in Mesopotamia and the Levant, the people who are killing each other today lived together peacefully for six hundred years before. That ended with the Great War and the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. Saudi Arabia became important after the Second World War with American hegemony and oil.

All Muslims, Sunni and Shia,
 must denounce Wahhabi

Insane ideologies drive the U.S.A, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  The United States is by far the most important of these. Military contractors, legislators, Zionists, and Wahhabists (Wahhabeasts) do not control the United States of America. Americans do. That's you! DRAIN THE SWAMP. FIGHT BACK. Trump sold out. He's a wimp. Try again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


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Inauguration of Presaident Donald J.Trump

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP may yet pull a rabbit from his hat and fulfill the promises he made in his inaugural speech. But it seems he may actually have been transformed — transmogrified — into a swamp creature by the monsters of the swamp that he promised to drain. We will have to wait and see. By now Washington has used up all of the good will everyone once gave Americans. After decades of bullying and lying, nobody believes anything Washington says anymore. Nobody believes that Israel is concerned about Syrian women and children when Israeli snipers are busy shooting unarmed Palestinians today after 70 years of behaving worse than Nazis. The "Anti-Semitism" get-out-of-jail-free card is worn out. No one is afraid of "the most powerful military the world has ever known," either. Goliath is impotent. The U.S. garrison state has failed to win a war since 1945 and it didn't win World Wars One and Two for that matter. Others did all the heavy lifting while Americans took all the credit and all the loot. The U.S.A. has failed to win in Afghanistan after 16 years fighting Afghanis who have only hand-held weapons and IEDs. Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has had enough. His efforts for 18 years to make friends have failed. American Russophobia has won. Washington doesn't want friends and partners. Washington wants vassals and enemies. In fact the entire American scheme is collapsing. Oh, you may have guessed. I've had it too. Good riddence, you bastards.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


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They need no introduction.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER "Two Minutes of Hate" from 1984? Now we have two leaders to hate. We have Putin and Trump to hate. Here in Canada, which is part of the American mind-control system, everyone hates Trump. It is a visceral hatred. If one starts any conversation about anything the other party who could be anyone will start ranting about Trump after a sentence or two. They will guide the conversation to Trump so they can vent. That's success! Canadians are completely brainwashed and they are not even the primary target. Putin and Russia are not hated as much as Trump. A little more work is needed to boost Canadian Russophobia but Canadian leaders all do support Washington's war on Russia. When Washington says, "Bark!" Canadian leaders all say, "Woof!" Zionists are firmly in control here too, of course. Yes, Canadians will believe anything they are told to believe. Canadians are especially proud of their clear-headedness, impatriality (Canadians are not predjudiced like some people we know), Canadian Medicare, Canadian hockey and Canadian air-head duhmockrisy.


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British troops on the Western Front

Had The British Army not gone to France in 1914 to prevent the Germans from outflanking the French defences, the result would have been the same as the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. While that war was a colossal slap in the face to French pride, it did not result in the historic catastrophe the Great War caused. 

Had the British Army not gone to France in 1914, nothing that happened since then would have happened. No Lenin, no Trotsky, no Russian revolution, no Stalin, no Hitler, no Mussolini, no Second World War, no Cold War, no Israel, no Middle East embroglio, no American bully.

Great Britain spent a million dollars a minute for four years to fight the Great War. A million dollars then was a colossal sum. Great Britain won a phyrric victory. Britain was wrecked. That money largely went to buy American war materiel and food. 

Then, after getting Great Britain into war with Germany (again) Churchill "negotiated" lend-lease with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and got a very dodgey "ally". Next Churchill shipped all Britain's gold and securities to Canada with Operation Fish. That money was used to buy more American war materiel and food. 

Those good old Yanks saved us!

Winston Churchill was personally responsible for numerous major calamities throughout his life. Somehow, Churchill always continued on. He has received honours he does not deserve. Standard history (which Churchill wrote) is wrong. Churchill and what he did needs to be re-examined. That goes double for American history.

In 1914, the British were frantic about losing their position as world hegemon to Germany. Paradoxically, Germany sought to build an alliance with the British before the Great War. Germany did build the High Seas Fleet but did not want to challenge the Royal Navy or the British Empire. 

It will be hard for people today to believe that Hitler — who has been blackened as history’s most evil villain — had the same foreign policy objectives toward Great Britain as his predecessors. Churchill would have none of that. Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 and bombed Berlin — a year before the Battle of Britain began.

Neville Chamberlain had guaranteed British support to Colonel Jozef Beck, the Polish dictator. Amazingly, the British had disarmed after the Great War. France wondered how Britain could guarantee anything when it no longer had an army. Thanks to Churchill, the Royal Navy was a shadow of its former self.

Meanwhile, Germany had been secretly rearming during the Weimar Republic years with the support of the Soviet Union! The British financial morass was created by Winston Churchill when he was the Right Honourable Chancellor of the Exchequer. During the interwar years, while the Royal Navy was being neutered by the Washington Naval Treaty, the US Navy was being built up by the Secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The truth truly is stranger than fiction.

Friday, April 6, 2018


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THE DPRK SHOULD GIVE UP ITS NUCLEAR WEAPONS as soon as the United States gives up its nuclear weapons. The DPRK should stop conducting war games in Canada and Mexico as soon as the United States stops conducting war games in South Korea. The DPRK should stop intimidating the United States and its allies with sanctions and belecose ultimatums. The DPRK is making the world less safe with its irresponsible childish actions. The DPRK should not try to make friends with South Korea or anyone else. 

World peace will only come when the DPRK resumes its role as the completely isolated and friendless “hermit kingdom.” Its people deserve to live in holes in the ground and eat grass as long as they don’t eat too much grass. They must not deprive others of their fair share. The Toro Lawn Mower company and its employees must be protected. The environment must not be endangered. This is the way to a peaceful and happy future.


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Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama

WE ARE TOLD that Obama and Trump are opposites. Are they? 

Q. How are they the same?

A. They are examples of how completely the brainwashing system controls what people think.

People (not only Democrats) love Barack Obama and think he was a good President. People hate Donald Trump (not only Democrats) and think he is the worst President the United States has ever had.

The mind-control system is the difference.


Thursday, April 5, 2018


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The War of Northern Aggression

Was the Civil War fought to free the slaves?

Lincoln's letter to Horace Greeley

IS THE UNITED STATES the moral leader of the world as Americans have always believed? Have American civil rights steadily progressed over the years?

The British Empire abolished slavery in 1833. The Russian Empire abolished serfdom in 1861, the same year the American "Civil War" broke out. Neither took three-quarters of a million military deaths to free the slaves. In fact, no one was killed. The American Civil War killed that many Americans. Civilian deaths were not counted. As many as two hundred fifty thousand additional deaths in the South could possibly have resulted from disease and starvation resulting from the war and the Anaconda Plan making a million American deaths as the total count.