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Medicare in Saskatchewan

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by Morley Evans

I was referred to Dr. Eidsness by Dr. Giocoli as a "glaucoma suspect" though she was vague about the reason she wanted me to see him. 

Dr. Eidsness scheduled an appointment to examine my eyes every six months. He bills the government. After several years of saying nothing, one day he told me perfunctorily, "I think I can say you have glaucoma. You can pick up your prescription on the way out." He told me to see him in 2 weeks for a follow-up examination.

After some soul-searching and finding no alarming side effects associated with Lumigan® on the package insert or on the Web, I put one drop in each eye before bedtime, as directed. 

In the morning, when I looked in the mirror, I saw two 1-1/2" diameter round black disks with fuzzy edges where my eyes should be. That was quite alarming. These were not "dilated pupils" in case that idea occurred to you. 

I phoned Dr. Eidsness and was told he was out of town by the woman in his office who answered the phone. She laughed off my report saying, "There's nothing to worry about. That will go away in a few days. Remember: patients who don't take their drops go blind." 

I phoned Dr. Eidsness several times after that but was not put through to talk to him. Dr. Eidsness was not present when I went for my examination in 2 weeks. A girl puffed air into my eyes with a hand-held device. She smiled vacantly and said nothing. 

As I drove home, I decided I would be blind by Christmas if I kept putting Lumigan® in my eyes. It was December 20, 2013. I would certainly not be putting Lumigan® in my eyes for six months until I was scheduled to see Dr. Eidsness again! I found a new doctor and stopped using Lumigan®. I wrote off Dr. Ryan Eidsness as one more monkey practicing medicine in Regina's medical apehouse. 

My eyes improved when I stopped using Lumigan® but they are still much worse than they used to be. Everything is blurry now. I have cataracts and glaucoma according to Dr. Gaucher, my new doctor. According to two optometrists and two ophthalmologists (including Dr. Eidsness) whose reports I have, my eyes were pretty good before Lumigan®. I know they were good and I am the ultimate authority concerning how well I can see.

When I went to Dr. Eidsness's office a few weeks ago to pick up my medical records there were thirteen people sitting in his tiny waiting room, three waiting to talk to the receptionist, the receptionist and another worker. There would have been another woman with a patient in one of the two examination rooms and Dr. Eidsness would have been talking to a patient in his own little office. He would spend a few minutes with each patient and send the government his bill.

Dr. Eidsness runs a money-making machine. Dr. Eidsness is engaged in vending-machine medicine. If Dr. Eidsness harms some people — like me — he has a steady stream of customers to keep his bank account full. He has no incentive to care what happens to his patients, none at all. Dr. Eidsness can afford to ignore his victims. He would not know what to do to help them in any case.

Dr. Eidsness is protected by his own hubris, by the medical establishment, by the lying media, by the so-called legal system, by the government whose only goal is to stay in power, and by the brain-dead, doctor-worshipping, drug-addicted public which comes armed with a repertoire of excuses to absolve every doctor of every medical misdeed — they would even excuse premeditated murder.

Trouble? No one will listen to you or change anything. I know.

People love Medicare. They think it's free. Their brains are washed every night by TV news about medical breakthroughs. They are lulled to sleep by advertisements selling the latest pharmaceutical miracles — which they can buy at the drug store. Lucky them!

There are some good doctors here. I have known several. Dr. Eidsness is not one of them. Any donkey could do what he does after a few hours of training. He follows a time-tested pattern. A brainless vending machine could do what he does.

This is one example of Saskatchewan Medicare in Regina.

Here is another — more egregious — example:

I have had 67 years of experience with doctors in Regina, the Queen City — the birth-place of Canadian Medicare. My experience extends from the day I was born — when Dr. Cowan saved my life — to the present. While I have become an authority on doctors here, even I can get sucked in. No one is safe.

This latest adventure with doctors began when I went to get a pair of glasses from someone I knew and trusted. As a member of the public described above, you don't have a chance. Doctors bury their mistakes, dead or alive. Patients, of such doctors as these, are merely an income opportunity. 

Dr. Mohammad Tasneem commented one day that compassion is what motivates doctors in Pakistan, South Africa, and England where he had practiced medicine before coming to Regina. Here doctors are motivated by money: Malpractice lawsuits are their obsession, he said. (One summer, Dr. Tasneem went home to Pakistan on vacation. He didn't come back. That was our loss.)

Doctors are afraid of lawsuits?  How very odd. Canadian doctors, hospitals, the "health regions" and the pharmaceutical companies cannot successfully be sued and none are. No one even tries. Victims can't even find a lawyer. Lawyers know how things are in the true north strong and free.

Vampires and Bluebeards are what one can expect to arise in a system like Saskatchewan Medicare which thrives in TommyDouglasLand.

That's it! I'm outta here tomorrow morning. I'm off to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.

The Statin Drugs hoax has been running full steam for thirty years. One enterprising doctor in Regina is engaged in a direct mail campaign (unsolicited "junk" mail) to scare people into going to him for "colorectal scanning" — and cancer treatment if any is found one would suppose. Does Dr. Eidsness encourage other healthcare professionals (such as optometrists) to refer "glaucoma suspects" to him? Does he lobby with charm, rewards, payoffs, or kickbacks to keep his patient pipeline full? The Regina Leader-Post recently reported that an ophthalmologist was the highest-paid doctor in Saskatchewan, knocking urologists off the top of the earnings summit. 

Allergan package insert


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Peter Schiff

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by Morley Evans

Something sensible.

Paul Craig Roberts agrees and so do I.

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Hold your nose. Open your eyes.

Obama is worse than Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney, Michel Ratner. The Evil One is now firmly in control of the United State and its empire. Whiff the brimstone. God help us.

The Senate Report on Torture
Paul Craig Roberts


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Neturei Karta

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by Morley Evans

Standing alone and ignored, Neturei Karta steadfastly defends the Jewish religion (the Torah) and the rest of us from the forces of evil which today threaten all life on earth. 

Truth has been inverted: Satan has been raised. The Great Game of World Domination continues and we — and everyone else — are in greater danger of being annihilated than we were at the height of the Cold War.

If you live in what was once called the "Free World" ("the West" which is Washington's empire) and are informed by its mainstream media, what you believe is completely false.

This article, published 54 years ago, explains who are the Guardians of the City, what they do and why they do it.

The Guardians of the City


A brief overview of the
Neturei Karta's anti-Zionist position

First Published in the Jewish Life 1960

Biography of the author

(Originally published in Torah-Judaism and the State of Israel [New York: 1972])

Uriel Zimmer first began writing in the orthodox Jewish Press in 1939 and has since contributed many hundreds of thought-provoking articles throughout the orthodox Press. He has been the editor of the oldest existing Jerusalem Hebrew daily -"Hakol"- for many years and has frequently written for the columns of the "Jewish Post", London, "Der Yid", New York, and "Emounatenu" of Paris.

He is a linguist of renown and has translated some of the writings of Rabbi Hirsch from German into Hebrew, the essays of Nathan Birnbaum, the poems of de Haan from German into English, and the Tanya from Hebrew into Yiddish.

He has traveled widely on the European Continent, including Turkey, and also in Latin-America. In 1946 he visited many of the D.P. camps, and was associated there with active rescue work. He was a co-founder of the first branch of the Agudist Youth Movement in Haifa in 1938.

Uriel Zimmer has had the closest personal contacts with many of the sages and thinkers of independent Orthodoxy, and is persona grata with many of the Gedolim of our days. He is closely affiliated with the activities of the "Chabad" (Lubavitch) movement. He was a close friend of the late Rabbi Moshe Blau, Dr. Isaac Breuer and Dr. Pinchas Kohn.

He was born in Vienna in 1921 and settled in Jerusalem in 1934. He is the United Nations correspondent of several newspapers.

The Guardians of the City


Rabbi Yehudah the Prince sent Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yossi and Rabbi Ami to tour the towns of Eretz Israel to establish in those places teachers and sages. 

They came to one place and found neither teachers nor sages. Thus, they spoke unto the local Rabbis: 

“Bring us the guardians of the city.” 

The local Rabbis went and brought the policemen and soldiers of the city, whom they assembled for inspection. 

The visiting Rabbis asked: “Are these the guardians of the city? No, these are the destroyers of the city.” 

“Who then are the guardians of the city, the local Rabbis asked?

The teachers and sages,”­  they answered. For the Scripture says (Psalms 126): If the Lord builds not a house, in vain have its builders labored for it. (Yerushalmi, Chagiga, Ch. 1, 7).


This Talmudical episode, repeated several times in the Midrashim, has certainly inspired the way of thought of the Jewish people. The Sages of Israel were always regarded as the true "Guardians of the City" and it is they who have guarded it throughout the generations.

"Guardians of the City" or, in the language of the above Talmudical quotation, "Neturei Karta" ‑ in the spirit of this quotation, is also the name that has been chosen by a movement in Jerusalem, and here the stress is both on the "guardians" and on the City - the Holy City of Jerusalem, of course.

To many, "Neturei Karta" is a synonym for the bogey man. To others, the name conveys the idea of fanaticism, bigotry, and what‑not. To others again, it is the Enemy No. 1 of the Jewish People and of the Holy Land. Very few, however, are even aware of the meaning of the name, and less still are those who have any amount of actual knowledge about the movement carrying that name.

"Neturei Karta" can be fully understood only against the background of the picturesque scene of Jerusalem; and Jerusalem, in turn, has something in it that cannot be conveyed in words, that cannot even be grasped by seeing, but that must be lived in to be understood. It is therefore only an external description that can be expected here.

It is a well‑known rule of logic that every definition consists of two parts: statement of the group to which the object belongs, and description of the specific characteristic by which the particular object of definition differs from the other parts of its group. In an attempt to find a definition for "Neturei Karta," therefore, let us try to follow the same narrowing‑down pattern, and subsequently dwell upon each of the two parts.

Neturei Karla is part of the non‑Zionist trend within Orthodoxy, and it is the Jerusalem brand of that trend. In other words: the specific trait of Neturei Karta consists of its local Jerusalemite color. This coloring marks it out from the far larger trend of which Neturei Karta is part. Let us therefore first present the trend as a whole, and later refer to its specific Jerusalem brand.

Orthodoxy and Zionism

Opposition to the modern Zionist movement on the part of important segments of orthodox Rabbinic leadership is as old as the Zionist movement itself. Some orthodox quarters nowadays may not feel very comfortable about it, but it is a fact that while some segments of Orthodoxy supported Zionism from the first, some outstanding Rabbinic personalities ranked foremost among the opponents of Zionism from its inception, and this opposition was shared throughout the Jewish world, across the boundaries of Chasidim, Misnagdim, etc. ‑ Rabbi Chaim of Brisk, the Lubavitcher rebbes, the Rabbinic and Chasidic leaders of Poland, Galicia and Hungary, the rabbis of German Orthodoxy were all equally opposed to Zionism from its very beginning.

This opposition was voiced in various styles and versions, varying according to individual and local background. They all regarded the philosophy of Zionism as diametrically opposed to the most basic principles of Judaism. This author has made an attempt elsewhere* at analyzing this ideology in detail. Space does not permit more than a brief summary of its principles here:

Secular Zionism or Jewish Nationalism represents an attempt at transforming the Jewish people to a new identity, to "a nation among the nations" instead of "the Chosen People" of G‑d. Hence, all the basic definitions become forcibly molded into the pattern of non‑Jewish nationalism. Torah, the soul, the raison d'être, the condition sine qua non, for the existence of the Jewish people, nay of the entire world, becomes a "religion" which, under modern concepts, is the private domain of each individual. Eretz Israel, the Holy Land, becomes the "national home", and the State or ‑ in former years ‑ the striving to achieve the "Judenstaat", is also part of the general trend of secularization and transformation of the hallowed idea of Messianic redemption. This trend, therefore, is seen as diametrically opposed to Torah, hence the fierce objection to Zionism. No one denies that there have been other orthodox Jews who ‑ with more or less justification - held different views and some even regarded Zionism ‑ and later the State of Israel ‑ ­as "the dawn of the Messianic era." It is not the intention here to go into that controversy, but it remains a fact that there has always been an orthodox anti‑Zionist view, and that such views have been adhered to by very outstanding Rabbinic leaders.

When the State of Israel came into being, very few among these high‑ranking orthodox leaders, if any, changed their views. The State of Israel being the realization, the implementation of Zionism, there could be very little done to change the objection in principle. Neither did the reality of the State warrant any such change of view or disprove the original negative attitude towards Zionism. There could, in the view of this trend, be only a question of what tactics should be applied, in light of the fact that what had formerly been an organization built on voluntary membership has now become a State with means of law‑enforcement, etc.

On the other hand, it is a fact that very few among these Rabbinic leaders have spoken up for their own view since the inception of the State of Israel. Whether the reason was a lack of courage, a fear of the loss of funds for the institutions led by them, or otherwise ‑ the fact remains. This has created the erroneous belief among the masses of Jews that non‑Zionism on the orthodox side is confined to a small sect of fanatics. To put it very mildly and carefully, non‑Zionism in Orthodoxy is still a quite powerful trend with a considerable following, although there may be differences of opinion as to the practical steps to be taken in demonstrating that view. This, in general outlines, is the world‑picture of which Neturei Karta, basically, constitutes a local cell. 

The "Old Yishuv"

Let us now turn to the local Jerusalem scene. Many people take Neturei Karta as synonymous with the "Old Yishuv." This is very inaccurate. There are many active followers of Neturei Karta who could not easily be classified as being part of the "Old Yishuv," and there are lots of members of the "Old Yishuv" who are in no way "Neturei Karta." Yet, one might say with some accuracy that Neturei Karta considers itself as the defender and spokesman of the Old Yishuv, and it is on the soil of the Old Yishuv that Neturei Karta came into being, and it is only, against this background that it can be understood.

The Old Yishuv is the realization of a movement which came into being some 150 years ago, a movement which swept throughout European Jewry of that era. The sources of the movement are to be sought entirely in the spiritual field; although the turmoil of the Napoleonic era may, have had some indirect bearing on the environments in which it was born. The disciples of the Gaon of Vilna, the disciples and followers of the Baal Shem Tov and the Maggid of Mezritch ‑ headed by Rabbi Mendel of Vitebsk the adherents of the Chasam Sofer of Pressburg, sent groups of selected scholars and pious men to dwell in the Holy Land and devote their lives there to the study and pursuit of the Holy Torah.

There was no outward stimulus, no general movement of Jewish emigration existing at that time in Central or Eastern Europe. The journey to the shores of the Holy Land entailed many perils, taking many months and often years. The homes these emigrants left behind were snug and warm, however modest. The new land was a harsh undeveloped land. Settling in this new environment entailed countless hardships, trials and travails. Ardent love of the Holy Land made it possible for them to overcome all these hardships. Plagues, diseases, often hunger and distress could not deter them. It was not, as is so often erroneously stated, in order to die and be buried in the sacred soil, but in order to live there a saintly and devout life, that these people had come to the shores of Palestine.

When an earthquake of 1837 in Safed ‑ then the main center of the Old Yishuv ‑ killed a comparatively large number of the immigrants, these pious Jews only asked themselves: What sin had they committed to deserve such punishment? And they found their fault in that they had concentrated only in the Holy City of Safed which at that time ‑ as a crossroad of camel caravans ‑ offered more economic stability, and had neglected her older sister Jerusalem which, accessible only through a hazardous journey through the Judean hills on donkey back, offered but little security. It was then that the European ("Ashkenazi") part of the Old Yishuv in Jerusalem was founded, first inside the ancient walls of the Old City; and later outside the walls to the North and West.

It would go too far beyond the scope of this article to give even a brief outline of the fascinating history of the unsung heroes of the Old Yishuv. It is important, however, for our topic, to define, however briefly, the ideology animating them: By coming to the Holy Land they had not only sought self‑perfection through and on the sacred soil, but they also felt they were carrying out a certain mission for the entire Jewish people, and particularly for the Jewish communities whence they emanated. Those communities, in turn, regarded them as their representatives and considered it a duty of honor to care for their livelihood. There was no need for vociferous fundraising, but "Rabbi Meir Baal Haness" was a popular institution to which practically every Jewish man and woman contributed voluntarily.

The sons and grandsons of those first founders of the Old Yishuv were already born on Holy Land soil. It is true that their idealism may not have displayed the tension, the dynamic force inherent in every "first" effort. On the other hand, their roots in the soil of the Holy Land were even deeper. To them, the Judean hills, the magic blue of Lake Kinneres, the frowning, mysterious mountains of Galilee around Safed were not only the Holy Land ‑ but home in the most simple and literal sense of the word. These mountains and hills resounded not only with the voice of the ancient forefathers, but also with the memories of their own childhood.

The Clash

The turbulent era of the 19th and early 20th centuries in Eastern Europe had its equivalent also in Jerusalem, though less fiercely. There could have been no serious clash with such elements as the Maskilim, since there were so few of them amidst the walls of Jerusalem, but they did occur oc­casionally.

With the advent of Zionism, a new element entered the scene of the Holy Land.

It is an almost forgotten fact that the first agricultural settlement outside Jerusalem ‑ Petach Tikvah ‑ was founded by sons of the Old Yishuv. The by‑laws of the Association organized for the founding of that "colony" ‑ as it used to be called then ‑ would now sound like a "fanatic" and "extremist" code.*

The later "colonies," however, were founded by an entirely different element. The young Zionists had come to Palestine for a purpose precisely opposite to that of the old Yishuv: to create on the soil of the ancient Jewish "homeland" a new type of Jew, a Jew not dominated and governed by the Torah, but a Jew aiming to build a "nation among nations."

The people of the Old Yishuv were opposed to these tendencies. But, what is more, they saw in these tendencies not only an effort to change the identity of the People, but also the identity of the Land which was so dear to them. In other words, their opposition was based not only on their religious views in general, but also on their particular attachment to the Holy Land. No wonder, therefore, that the clash on the soil of the Holy Land was more vehement than elsewhere.

After World War I, the Zionist Organization and its affiliate institutions gained a certain degree of official recognition by the British authorities who had in 1917 issued the Balfour Declaration, and later appointed Sir Herbert Samuel as High Commissioner for Palestine. These were the results of efforts made by world Zionism, particularly by those of its leaders who had influence in London.

The Old Yishuv saw itself in danger of being forced to give up its own independent way of life, To combat that danger, it sought the support of another Jewish world organization, Agudath Israel, which was then outspokenly anti‑Zionist, and which had been founded in 1912 as a combined effort of Rabbinic leaders from Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Germany ‑ for the explicit purpose, of combating Zionism. The present leaders of Neturei Karta were at that time active members of Agudath Israel. Rabbi Amram Blau, for instance, was the editor of Kol Israel, then the official organ of Agudath Israel in Jerusalem.

To fully describe what the battle was actually about would require much local detail, yet at least the major points are necessary to obtain as idea. The British authorities, in the "Palestine Order in Council" ‑ which served as a sort of constitution for the Mandatory territory of Palestine ‑ recognized a "Jewish Community" ‑ Knesseth Israel ‑ of which every Jew above the age of eighteen had to be a member. This "Jewish Community," (whose governing council was the "Vaad Leumi") was practically a unit of the Zionist Organization. In other words, this in effect meant a compulsory affiliation with the Zionist movement. Agudath Israel successfully achieved the right not to be a member of the Knesseth Israel. An "Orthodox Community" (Eda Charedith) was founded which, at that time, was regarded a synonym for Agudath Israel. The Chief Rabbinate, recognized by the British, was also part of the Knesseth Israel. The Agudah founded its own Rabbinate, headed by the late Rabbi Sonnenfeld.

During later years when European leaders of Agudath Israel began taking more interest in Palestine, the Eda Charedith was regarded only as a cell of the Agudah. In the early thirties, an Agudath Israel delegation from Poland visited Palestine. The clashes between the Agudah and the Vaad Leumi had become bitter. The visitors regarded it as their duty to bring about a sort of armistice. The local leaders maintained a different attitude. To make a long story short, a compromise was finally reached, and the younger, extremist group was expelled from the Agudah. This group was to become the Neturei Karta. The name was assumed about 1940.

In the beginning, the group's activities consisted of sporadically publishing posters (much of Jerusalem's controversies to this day are being fought through a battle of pasquevilles) criticizing the Agudah leadership. Rabbi Aaron Katzenellenbogen, occasionally also Rabbi Amram Blau, in their frequent public speeches, used to criticize and sometimes poke fun at the Agudah leadership. A piquant note was added to those attacks by the fact that both had brothers who occupied leading positions with the Agudath Israel. Rabbi Aaron Katzenellenbogen's brother is Rabbi Raphael Katzenellenbogen, presently affiliated with Poale Agudath Israel, and Rabbi Amram Blau's brother was Rabbi Moshe Blau, the famous Agudah leader and representative before various political and governmental bodies.

In 1945, elections were held to the Eda Charedith, the separate Jewish Community founded by the Agudah, to which both groups still belonged. The list, or lists, of Neturei Karta won the elections, and the Agudah was practically left out of the Eda Charedith. Still, there was the person of Rabbi Joseph Zvi Dushinsky, the chief Rabbi of the Eda, who was esteemed and recognized by both.

In 1946, Rabbi Moshe Blau suddenly died in a very dramatic way, at the age of 61: He was on a boat on his way to Europe and the U.S. and died on the Mediterranean island of Messina, where he had been taken off the boat in an effort to perform an emergency operation. His body was flown to Eretz Israel. Rabbi Blau, to be sure, was a staunch and proud Agudah leader. Yet, he had been a son of the Old Yishuv, the sixth generation ‑ on his mother's side ‑ in the Holy Land. It was no secret that, despite the sharp and merciless criticism aimed at the Agudah by his own brother and other leaders of Neturei Karta, in their heart they loved him as "a chip off the old block." Many a Neturei Karta'nik who was among the 10,000 people who attended his funeral shed a tear when the aged and patriarchal Rabbi Dushinsky, with a shaking voice, proclaimed: "We have all sinned against him ‑ let us all say the prayer of confession" and, at the head of the massed thousands, the venerable rabbi beat on his heart with his right fist when he pronounced the words of the Oshamnu prayer.

After the death of Rabbi Moshe Blau, the Agudah leadership went over more and more to Polish immigrants who had little understanding for the spirit of the Old Yishuv. The secession of Neturei Karta from the Agudah became more outspoken.

The establishment of the State of Israel in spring 1948 was followed by the death of Rabbi Dushinsky in late 1948. With his passing away, the last link between Neturei Karta and their mother organization was broken.

The various clashes between Neturei Karta and the authorities of the State of Israel, the refusal of the former to award even a "de facto" recognition to the other, etc., etc ‑ are well known and have been highly publicized. It would serve no purpose to recite them here.

The ideology behind all these acts and outbreaks is obvious, on the basis of our explanations earlier: "The State of Israel is an organic part of Zionism.

Zionism is against the Torah, and so is the State which implements it - and this not only because the State happens to be governed by non‑religious people, but because the very idea of a 'Judenstaat' is foreign to Torah. In the same manner as we were not members of the Zionist Organization, therefore, we refuse to have any relationship or give any recognition to the State, at least to such extent as is feasible."


Instead of continuing our deliberations in the realm of theory, it might be more useful at this point to dispel several commonly accepted misconceptions about Neturei Karta, which, in a way, will render the picture more complete.

The charge that Neturei Karta "hate" the Holy Land is one of the most ridiculous ever made. These are people who, as said, are natives of the country for generations; and attached to it as one can only be to his native soil. Yet, it might be worthwhile to quote a few practical episodes, perhaps not commonly known; Meah Shearim is located on the extreme demarcation line between Israel and Jordan: In the Meah Shearim section, the so‑called "Hungarian Houses" (Bottey Ungarn, built some eighty years ago with the aid of donations from Hungary), are the closest to the border. Jordan territory is literally a few steps away. During the siege of Jerusalem in 1948, this section was under the heaviest shell‑fire. The majority of its residents then fled to the relatively safer quarters located farther off the demarcation lines. Rabbi Amram Blau, the leader of Neturei Karta, refused to abandon the Hungarian Houses where he lives. Sure enough, he was wounded by an Arab shell, and had to be given medical care. No sooner were his wounds patched than he returned to his home, a few yards from the border, which he refused to leave.

Nor is this love of the native soil confined to certain sections of Jerusalem. It may not be generally known that already some thirty years ago; the very same people who now constitute Neturei Karta (as said, no group by that name had existed as yet by that time) founded a company under the name of "Ramatayim Zofim" for the purpose of acquiring a certain piece of land near the site of the Biblical town of that name (now on Jordan territory, Ramah, the site of the tomb of the Prophet Samuel) and founding a semi­-agricultural settlement there. The company had been registered with the (British Mandatory) Government and practical steps had been taken, to implement the plan, which failed of execution only for financial reasons.

Another opinion frequently heard refers to their "violence." The truth is that while there is quite a lot of violence going on in Israel, Neturei Karta has practically no part in it. To quote but one example, only recently the press reported about a Moroccan immigrant who, enraged about a social worker who did not grant his wish, bit her ear off… Throughout the years, there have been a number of authenticated reports of brutal outbreaks of the Jerusalem police against orthodox Jews at large, under the pretext that they were Neturei Karta’niks. Some on‑the‑spot pictures were published in Time magazine and other sources. This writer has more than once been an eyewitness to those events. Once, as the readers will recall, they even resulted in the murder of Rabbi Segalov (who, incidentally, was not even a Neturei Karta’nik). Yet, on the other hand, there has never been any demonstration or outbreak of Neturei Karta accompanied by more than shouting and yelling. When a representative of the Agudah claimed several years ago that he had been beaten by some young boys of Neturei Karta, the whole thing was later exposed by one of Israel's outstanding weekly magazines (Ayin Bi‑Ayin, certainly not affiliated with Neturei Karta) as a publicity stunt and a hoax.

Then there is the strong and sometimes poisonous language sometimes used by the various publications, pamphlets, or posters of Neturei Karta. It is certainly disgusting to many, regardless of their attitude towards the substance of the matters under discussion. On the other hand, however, one must not forget two facts: first, this is the Middle East, after all. Strong, pointed language is the general trend. During election campaigns, or other occasions, Israel's various parties ‑ all of them ‑ use a far worse kind of language. Secondly, has anybody ever taken the trouble to examine the language used by the opponents of Neturei Karta? Compared with this, even the most poisonous attacks by Neturei Karta are as child‑play, and there is plenty of evidence to prove this point. When one is hurt, he cries and only rarely will he chose his words.

Finally, let us mention one more point which is the source of a great number of misconceptions: Neturei Karta has become a sort of scapegoat, blamed for every evil, a sort of pretext granting a prior absolution for every sort of cruelty or violence. Let us quote only one typical example:

Back in 1949, a demonstration was held in Jerusalem against the public desecration of the Sabbath. The demonstration was organized by an ad‑hoc, non‑partisan committee, and at its head marched Rabbi Abraham Chaim Shag, then a member of the Knesseth (Parliament) representing Mizrachi. The Jerusalem police attacked the demonstrators, the fire brigade used its hoses, there were several injured people, etc. ‑ quite a "usual" thing in Jerusalem. To my knowledge, Neturei Karta did not even participate in the demonstration, but if they did it was only in a very passive manner. The organizers, as said, belonged to an entirely different background. Yet, during the evening broadcast following that Sabbath, the official communiqué of the Kol Israel Radio stated that the police had been forced to disperse a Neturei Karta demonstration. . .


Summing up, we reach the following conclusions: Neturei Karta is the Jerusalem brand of a world‑wide existing view, shared ideologically by far broader circles around the world. Others may not have the courage to speak up for their own views, in view of their non‑popularity, and in view of the possible damage to their fund‑raising efforts. Neturei Karta may use sharper language, they may go to extremes in demonstrating their view, but the view‑itself is by far not confined to the ranks of Neturei Karta. If there exists a difference between Neturei Karta and other groups holding similar views - it is in the deeper attachment, in the more ardent love for the soil of the Holy Land by which Neturei Karta are distinct.

Whether or not the self‑assumed title of "Guardians of the City" has been a wise choice, one thing remains certain: They are not giving up their watchful guard over their mother‑city of Jerusalem

* Yahadus Hatorah Vehamadinah; Jerusalem, 1959 (shortly to be published in English in London).

* See "They Founded the State of Israel;" Jewish Life December, 1958.


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Illuminati 3

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by Morley Evans

Illuminati 3 by Henry Makow will open your mind. What is going on? Consider this: Satanic possession of our "leaders" is behind the bizarre events that are unfolding today and have bedeviled mankind for over 200 years.

As we are discovering , there isn't much difference between monopoly capitalism and Communism. Under Communism, the State owns the corporations and the Illuminati bankers own the State. Under monopoly capitalism, the corporations own the State, and the bankers own the corporations.

The Russians told a familiar joke: "Under Capitalism, man exploits man while under Communism, it's the other way round."

Makow, Henry (2014-04-27). Illuminati 3: Satanic Possession (p. 95). Silas Green. Kindle Edition.

There is little difference between Fascism and Communism. Mussolini was a Communist before he was the fascist leader. Mussolini, Hitler and Lenin used the American Way and Big Business as models for their regimes.

Many East German thugs were Nazis before they were Communists. Nazis were recruited by Washington and London to serve the democratic "Free World" after WW II. Nazis went to work for the Department of "Defense", the CIA and MI6. The leaders of the neocons who control Washington today were Trotskyists before they were "conservatives." 

ISIS, which is in the news today resembles the Pol Pot regime of Cambodia. Its bloodthirsty cruelty is broadcast to shock everyone in the "Free World." ISIS which supposedly threatens the world with Islamic despotism — and from which the world must be defended by Washington and its allies — is clandestinely funded, trained and supplied by various Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia, The United States and Israel! ISIS was created when other efforts to destroy the Assad regime in Syria failed. 

Domestic police forces are beginning to look like occupation armies. Psychos are recruited, trained and equipped to control the enemy — you and I are the enemy they have been established to control.

The Russian nightmare that began in 1917 is over. Ours is just beginning. This is the New World Order, right now, today.

Wake UP!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014


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by Morley Evans

This is the official Christmas advertisement for
Sainsbury's of England. Peace on Earth.

This really did happen:
History Channel

There were numerous mutinies on the Western Front in the German and French armies between 1914 and 1918. They were organized by soldiers who objected to the mindless killing they were being forced to commit. British soldiers were more disciplined: Anyone who objected was summarily shot by an officer.

You must not let the warmongers win. Should they win, we'll all be dead (including them). Do you remember hearing about "Nuclear Winter"? The warmongers win when you believe their lies and you let them manipulate your emotions — for their profit not yours.

Get the truth at and
The Real News Network and
Democracy NOW! and
Paul Craig Roberts and
William Blum and
Neturei Karta International
and lots more!

Avoid the "mainstream media" which includes: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, TIME, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBC, BBC, CBS, and CNN. These organizations and their brothers and sisters everywhere in the "Free World" are franchises of the world-wide mind control system and you'd better believe that.

A whiff of smelling salts may not seem as nice as visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, but you, your children and their children will appreciate it in the long run.

Stop doing Satan's bidding! You don't have to believe lies. You have a choice: 
Wake UP! Choose life.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moving Towards Armageddon

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by Morley Evans

Paul Craig Roberts writes: 

Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers. 
Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative. 
I doubt that a politician who represents the people can acquire the campaign funds needed to run a campaign. If Warren becomes a threat, the Establishment will frame her with bogus charges and move her aside.

Read the full story here:

The slide down the slippery slope accelerated with President William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton. Whatever it might have been before, The United State of Amerika, is plumbing the depths of depravity today. With George Herbert Walker Bush, the Clintons, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Barack "Change" Obama, the USA now leads the world in state-run criminal activity. The masquerade as the world's perennial good guy is over. What the USA does can no longer be concealed from anyone who cares to look. Washington's players don't even bother trying to hide their corruption and evil-doings.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What's Going On?

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by Morley Evans

What's going on?

In this interview on TRNN, Professor Michael Hudson provides a clear vision of what is going on in the world today. What Hudson sees is consistent with what is seen by Paul Craig Roberts, one on the left, the other one the right.

What’s going on? The essence of what’s going on is the collapse of the US Dollar Empire that was established after World War II making the US dollar the reserve currency of the world (replacing the Pound Sterling and the British Empire). In recent years (when Ben Bernanke took over Chairmanship of the Federal Reserve System from Alan Greenspan) the United States has been lavishly printing its own money through the sale of Treasury Bills to foreign suckers (mostly China) who have been adding dollars to the dollar mountain they already possess. Why would foreign governments do this? They have been buying US debt 1). because the US doesn't have anything else they want to buy (hence the "trade imbalance" and 2). because if the dollar were to collapse, the dollars they own would instantly become worthless. However, the end of the Dollar Empire is inevitable since the United States is no longer the centre of the world’s economic activity. US allies have been bailing out. Just the other day, Stephen Harper (who is a stooge of Washington, himself) signed an agreement with China to bypass the US dollar international payments system with regards to Canada's trade with China. Australia did that earlier this year. Various European counties are using Rubles to buy natural gas from Russia. The end of Washington’s empire is nigh. “This is the way the world ends…"

This is political-economy 101. Political-economy is the nexus of history, current affairs and economics. Political-economy is where the rubber hits the road. The Austrian School — represented by  Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich August von Hayek — is real economics. Marx thought bureaucracy and politics could replace the market to bring about more equitable results. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao added "political power grows from the barrel of a gun," something we already knew. Russia and China learned that Marx was profoundly wrong. We, here in the so-called "Free World," still think Marx was right! We think Lenin, Stalin and Mao were right too, since Mafia-style "gunboat diplomacy" is what we've been doing all along. Today, we are the commies (and the fascists). That is exactly why the United States and Great Britain before it are no longer the economic engines of the world. 

China studied Lee Kuan Yew who studied Adam Smith who was right after all. We in the "Free World" need to go back to school.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Surprise! The United State of Amerika plans to defeat ISIS — which is clandestinely funded, trained and supplied by Saudi Arabia, various Emirates, the United States and Israel — by destroying the Assad regime. Isn't that amazing? Let's hope it fails. Washington is the work of the devil. Do not support Satan and his worshippers. War is Satan's game. Support Here's the story on Washington's latest plan to destroy more of humanity. Satan's followers have killed hundreds of millions since 1914.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Remembrance Day — a grand warmonger's festival complete with massed troops, fly-overs, propaganda and crocodile tears.

If you want World Peace, the answer is clear: Dismantle our war machine. It alone is the cause of strife, not the enemy de jour. Say goodbye to our own military; say goodbye to our own "intelligence" services; say goodbye to our own secret police; say goodbye to our own "defense" industry; say goodbye to our own war department (that has been called the department of "defense" since The Great Victory of '45). Get rid of 90% of the government that rules us and the "services" the government provides. The government cannot and does not "run the economy." The Russians and Chinese have learned this. Why haven't we learned anything? The government cannot create peace: Not internationally and Not domestically. We are completely on the wrong track. We have been the problem for over 100 years. Only the warmongers have profited at everyone else's expense. 

Since 1914, hundreds of millions have been killed — yet we don't have peace. The world is being consumed and destroyed — yet only 1% have prosperity. Stop serving the devil. It is time to reverse course. Wake Up! Turn Around!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

U.S. Midterm Elections

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by Morley Evans

This interview provides an accurate picture of how things really work in the real world. "It's all theatre. Politics is like professional wrestling," said Lee Atwater. In professional wrestling, the sport is fake but the activity is real. In politics real people are really killed and their real estate is really stolen. People who participate in politics, believe the Story. They are like the people who follow the Soaps as if the Story is real. The "best informed" are actually the worst informed.

U.S. duhmockricy is similar to every other country — even dictatorships. Small élites actually run things for their own fun and profit. They must engineer the consent of the majority to remain in control. Watch and learn Here:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Temple Mount

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by Morley Evans

الحرم القدسي الشريف

(Haram al-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary)

The Dome of the Rock (with the golden dome) was completed in 692 CE. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque (with the silver dome) on the Temple Mount comprise the third holiest site in Islam. It is believed that this is the location of Muhammad's journey to Jerusalem and his ascent to heaven.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Myron C. Fagan

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by Morley Evans

This 2.5 hours will knock your socks off:

I took 2.5 hours last Saturday to listen to this recording by Fagan about the ILLUMINATI.  I think he has it correct with a few exceptions: 1). The main vehicle that the ILLUMINATI is using to bring about one world government is the United States, not the United Nations. The UN, like the League of Nations, may have been set up to be the one world government but all those pesky little nations and the commies have derailed that plan. The little people just won't give up. The USA is the one world government already and it has been the one world government since 1945. 2). Contrary to Fagan, the American negro class was not content until the civil rights movement got going after WW II — but it is true that the ILLUMINATI foments conflict to destroy societies and thus any opposition to their power, hence women's rights, homosexual rights, animal rights, global warming, etc.; 3). Washington and its empire (which begins with the 50 states of the United States) is the main threat to the world today and since it was created in 1776, not communism or something else. ISIS was created by the US to give itself an excuse to "defend" us from something terrible. "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." The Russians are refusing to play the bad guy in Washington's little drama, the role the Soviet Union played for over sixty years.

The goal of the ILLUMINATI is to destroy humanity so it can rule the slaves who are left after WW III has killed off almost all of us — as Fagan said in 1967. War is their game. That is what is going on today and was going on yesterday and the day before that. Fagan puts together all the pieces of the puzzle, including the Masons. I don't know if we can avoid the unpleasant end the ILLUMINATI have planned for us. They are counting on everyone's stupidity to do their work for them. How stupid are you? Do you believe what their world-wide mind control system tells you? You can start to learn the truth here: or here or here You must learn to think if you are to break free.

- Morley


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flip Flops

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by Morley Evans

The good guys and the bad guys have swapped hats. The U.S.A. is wearing the black hat. Russia is wearing the white hat. A review of history indicates that the villains of the past were defending themselves and that their personas were created by our own propaganda. The Spanish Empire, the Kaiser, Tojo, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, and even (gasp) Hitler! Could that really be true? Indubitably it is true. Here is the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today. Washington is playing the same game as it has always been playing, regardless of which Party is in power or who the President of the United States might be. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


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by Morley Evans

$TATIN NATION II will be released in January 2015. Here's an update from its producer, Justin Smith:

Dear Morley

The editing and other post production tasks are going well for $tatin Nation II, however, realistically, the premiere will now be in January 2015. This is of course significantly later than originally planned. The reasons are partly due to the difficulty of the subject being tackled and also due to an underestimation of the amount of work required.

$tatin Nation II will be around 30 minutes longer than the first film and, as I am sure you are aware, will include an investigation into the real causes of heart disease. This has been a difficult task. Heart disease is quite literally a 5000 year old medical mystery and one of the many challenges has been to cut through the contradictory data to establish primary causes. 


Despite the influence of the statin manufacturers, the facts about the ‘benefits’ and risks of statins are gradually being exposed. I am delighted to say that in November this year the VEITH Symposium in New York will feature a debate about the use of statins in primary prevention. 

The VEITH Symposium is one of the largest events for vascular surgeons, cardiologists and other specialists. Professor Sherif Sultan (who also features in $tatin Nation II) will argue against the use of statins in primary prevention. Professor Sultan is a world leading vascular and endovascular surgeon. He has been recognised by 29 international awards and he is one of the pioneers of minimally invasive endovascular techniques.

Professor Sultan will be using video clips from $tatin Nation II in his presentation, and I’m sure we are all in full support of his efforts to challenge the dogma surrounding cholesterol and statins. 


LDL particles (aka ‘bad’ cholesterol) found to be protective:

Statins guidelines panel member failed to disclose conflict of interest:
[The Sunday Times requires a subscription but you can read the first few paragraphs for free, which probably say it all]

Cholesterol derivatives could treat motor neurone disorders:


Dr Uffe Ravnskov's The Cholesterol Myths
For anyone who missed it, Dr Uffe Ravnskov has very generously made his book The Cholesterol Myths available online for free. This is Dr Ravnskov’s original book on the subject and is considered by many to be a classic text pivotal to exposing the cholesterol and statins issue.
You can access the book here:

For a shorter, more easily read summary of this work, Dr Ravnskov’s more recent book Ignore the Awkward is also highly recommended. 


Thank you very much for your continued support and interest in this important issue!

Very best wishes, Justin

$tatin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease?

$TATIN NATION II will make medical history. It will change the world. I can hardly wait! Like the Japanese, my cholesterol is very high (9 mmol/l  = 348.02784 mg/dl). Doctors almost killed me with the cholesterol lowering drugs Zocor and Lipitor. I fired them and stopped taking Statin Drugs. Today, I am younger than I was twenty years ago! I am living proof of what they say. I am living proof of what I say.
Here is its trailer:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mills of God

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by Morley Evans

Do not despair when suffering. Be thankful:

Though the mills of God grind slowly;
Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting,
With exactness grinds he all.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Global Warming

Global Warming

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by Morley Evans

The world has many very serious problems. We are always tempting extinction. These problems are all caused by people. Global Warming AKA Climate Change is a serious problem because it is BUNK that diverts resources from dealing with real problems like pollution, environmental destruction and war. If the global climate is changing at all, the world is headed for the next Ice Age, for which we are overdue. Like it or not, "carbon" and EXXON have nothing to do with it. If CO2 and Methane really were the powerful "greenhouse gases" they are claimed to be, winters would be balmy and the weather would be placid all the time. Grapes would be growing in England as they did during the Medieval Warm Period a thousand years ago. Instead, winters are record-breaking freezing months of misery and violent storms weak havoc everywhere. The arctic ice sheet expands and contracts as it has always done. The Northwest Passage is not becoming a reality. Antarctica is as cold as it has always been. People need to focus on real problems but they are fascinated with fantasy as always. The main driver of "climate change" is grants given by governments to so-called researchers who make nice livings for themselves by misleading fools. Governments and the idiots and crooks who work for governments — and the 1% who actually control governments — are the most serious problem of all. Currently these morons are trying to march us into WWIII so they can continue to "defend" us by killing innocent foreigners who are not a threat and by locking us up in maximum security prisons where we will be safe (from everything and everyone but them). Welcome to 1984.

I wish the brothers Koch, or someone, had me on their payroll. But no. The über rich would not like me any more than my other critics. Here are some things you can read or watch. None of these people are working for Koch, EXXON, Shell or BP:

Morley Evans
Slaying the Sky Dragon
Tim Ball
The Great Global Warming Swindle

People are "social animals." People share behavioral patterns with flocks of sheep and birds, schools of fish and herds of bison. Some people become adept at manipulating other people for their own fun and profit. Independent thinking is discouraged by everyone. Do your best.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gaza 2014 August-September

GAZA 2014 August-September
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by Morley Evans

Do you support the Zionist entity that they call "The State of Israel"? If you do, then you support this:

Q: What is the Gaza Strip?
A: The Gaza Strip is a remnant of Palestine. The West Bank is the other remnant of Palestine.

Q: Who are the people in Gaza?
A: Most of them are descendants of refugees who were driven out of Palestine at gunpoint in 1948 when the "State of Israel" was created. The Zionist entity was created by murder and ethnic cleansing. Gazans accepted refugees fleeing from Zionists. At the time, Gaza was part of Egypt.

Q: How big is the Gaza Strip?
A: 360 square KM (139 square miles or 11.79 miles by 11.79 miles if it were a square.) The Gaza Strip is only a few miles wide on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Gaza Strip is the world's largest open air concentration camp. It is similar to the Warsaw Ghetto that was besieged by the Nazis in WWII.

Q: How many people live in the Gaza Strip?
A: 1.816 million (in 2014)

Q: Why don't the people of Gaza leave?
A: Why don't you leave your own home? Where would you go? On the one hand "Israel" wants the Palestinians to leave, but on the other hand "Israel" has sealed off the border by land and by sea. No one can get out or get in. "Israel" benefits by having a whipping boy it can demonize and kick around periodically.

Q: Doesn't Israel have the right to defend itself?
A: "Israel" is not defending itself. "Israel" is attacking innocent people who have no defense and who have never had a defense.

Q: What about the Holocaust?
A: Whatever the Holocaust might have been, it did not provide a license to steal from and kill anyone, especially not people who had nothing to do with it. One crime does not justify another crime.

Q: Haven't these people been killing each other for centuries?
A: Jews lived peacefully for centuries with Arabs and other Muslims all over the Middle East. Sunni and Shia lived together peacefully with Jews and with Christians and others for over 600 years in the Ottoman Empire. Zionists destroyed ancient homelands to force Jews to emigrate to the Zionist entity they carved out of Palestine. Now they have turned Muslim against Muslim. "Divide and Rule" is the old colonial game being played.

Q: Don't you know there are always casualties in every war?
A: The periodic attacks on Gaza are always a slaughter not a war. Israelis call their attacks "Mowing the lawn." Despite lavish support from Washington and its stooges, "Israel" doesn't do very well when it attacks people who can defend themselves, like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Assad regime in Syria. Having successfully subverted Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and destroyed Iraq and Libya, Washington is currently working to destroy Syria where the vast majority support "the brutal dictator" Assad. Vast majorities are opposed to the pro-Washington élites that rule them in the Middle East and around the world. Washington unmasked is the capital of the evil empire.

Q: Do you support Israel, the Jewish State?
A: I do not support criminals. Do you?

A SEA OF DESPAIR. (Of course this ghastly situation is the Palestinians' own fault according to the many friends of "Israel" who own the world-wide mind control system and who own your mind and what it thinks. So, as a brainless automaton, you are off the hook.)

Here are a few more things you don't know:

Noam Chomsky on Paul Craig Roberts website

Assad is the target, not ISIS which is a creature of Washington and "Israel." They love to create bogymen to terrorize the boobs and keep themselves in business selling "defense." War is a racket.

Eva Bartlett on The Real News Network

Rachel Corrie, R.I.P.

Jennifer Loewentein Archive

From Pol Pot to ISIS by John Pilger

Humanity is in the clutches of disciples of Satan. They run the evil empire whose capital is Washington, not Beijing or Moscow or Berlin or Havana or Tehran or some other place. 

Wake Up! Get your News here:


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deeper and Deeper

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by Morley Evans

Dear PCR,

Thank you for filling in some blanks surrounding the Dulles boys. Did you forgot Korea? Secret Agendas.

Kermit Roosevelt — like the fictional James Bond — single handedly overthrew Iran's Mosaddegh in 1953 and Egypt's King Farouk the year before. (According to him.) Kermit was the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt. He was working for the Dulles boys, John Foster Dulles, The Secretary of State, and Allen Welsh Dulles, who ran the Central Intelligence Agency. TR kicked off the Twentieth Century as the American Century so named by TIME Magazine's publisher, Henry Luce. After watching the recent Ken Burns PBS biography on the Roosevelt tribe, I am wondering if TR might have had something to do with McKinley's assassination.

You say TR was on a camping trip when McKinley was shot? I recall that Al Capone was in Florida, or in jail, when parties unknown pulled off the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, conveniently eliminating Capone's rivals.) TR looks an awful lot like LBJ. Both were congenital manic depressives and liars. Both were serious warmongers who also promoted domestic human rights reforms that masked their true natures. Both were nuts: They liked to kill. TR and LBJ were homicidal maniacs.[1] And so was FDR.[2]  They each killed hundreds of thousands (as many as millions) of non-Americans and a few Americans too. Killing is thrilling, killers have said. That may be a common trait of powerful people. Look at Cheney and Rumsfeld and Curtis LeMay. Look at the Right Hand Man Theory that is the usual route of succession in the Mafia and other top level criminal organizations. Alexander The Great — like his father before him — was probably bumped off by one of his top commanders.

A complete catalogue of everything Washington has done with interconnections between events and people — things  that are usually compartmentalized — would be fascinating. Bill Blum has made a very good start by cataloguing Washington's exploits since 1945.

The Jews: What about them? Aren't they behind everything? Some are. Here are some other Jews.

- Morley

A Thousand Lies
The Spanish American War

Day of Deceit