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Who Started World War I?

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by Morley Evans

Who started the Great War, AKA WW I? The British, French and Americans pinned it on Germany at the Paris peace talks that foisted the Treaty of Versailles onto the Germans. Who was the Black Hand that assassinated the Archduke in Serbia?

I think the Black Hand was clandestinely supported and encouraged by Washington that was working with subversive groups then — as Washington has been doing ever since.

Most people think American black ops started when the CIA was created after WW II by the National Security Act of 1947. Not at all. U.S. subversive groups are active in Russia today and they were active throughout the years of the Soviet Union, and before. U.S. subversive groups are active in every country on earth today. (If you want an actual American James Bond, it is Kermit Roosevelt, grandson of TR.) The people who assassinated the Archduke were put on trial in Austria after WW I. Their testimony is quite interesting. I found it years ago, possibly it is still online somewhere.

Which country has always had a liberation ideology based on freeing people by destroying kingdoms and empires? The Victorian Age of kingdoms and empires ended with the Great War, not with the death of Victoria in 1901. In 1914, there were eleven empires.* In 1918 there was one, the United States of America, the empire that is not an empire. The U.S. made tons of money in World War One and it remade the world. The United States was the only country that was untouched in both world wars. The United States had the lowest number of casualties in both world wars and it collected all the marbles both times. After the War, Stalin cautioned revolutionary comrades in Greece not to provoke the United States, "which is the greatest power on earth. We don't even have a navy."

Cui Bono?

There are always wrangling groups in every society. There are people who are good at stirring the pot and bringing it to a boil. During the Sarajevo Olympics, visitors marveled at how different ethnic and religious groups had created such a beautiful, peaceful place that had been like that for centuries. That is the same place where ancient hatreds rose to the surface and created conditions that, "We haven't seen since the Second World War." The other night, I watched Rick Steves visit Sarajevo one hot summer night recently. Peace had returned. Lovers were strolling hand-in-hand. Friends were sharing wine in outdoor cafés.

No one has any trouble imagining that the Russians, British, Germans, French, Serbians, Swedes and everyone else had secret services that conducted clandestine operations before World War One. Why not the United States? The Office of Naval Intelligence and the Secret Service were both created in the nineteenth century. The United States was running spies during the Civil War and the War of Independence. 

*1). British Empire; 2). Russian Empire; 3). French Empire; 4). German Empire; 5). Austro-Hungarian Empire; 6). Ottoman Empire; 7). Belgian Empire; 8). Portuguese Empire; 9). Spanish Empire; 10). Empire of Japan; 11). Chinese Empire (ended in 1911); and the United States of America (the empire that is not an empire and never was an empire and never has had any intentions of ever becoming an empire; So help me God.).

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Military Bunko

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by Morley Evans

Memorial Day 2014

FOR MEMORIAL DAY in the United States which celebrates the carnage of the Civil War and now every other American war, Paul Craig Roberts has penned an essay to remind Americans of the true war record of the United States, correcting the general impression the military likes to spin that the United States has "never lost a war." They love to relive the Great Victory of '45 and display thrilling pictures like the one above. One can hear the martial music.

Many know how the United States has treated everyone south of the Rio Grande, especially the people who call Americans "Gringos".

Few know, especially in western Canada, that Washington has invaded Canada — more than twice. Benedict Arnold invaded Canada when the War of Independence got started, expecting the Quebeçois to rise up against the British who had defeated them a few years before. Had the French done so, there would be no Canada today. Thomas Jefferson thought taking Upper Canada would be "a mere matter of marching." He was wrong. William Henry Harrison defeated Tecumseh at Tippecanoe. Tecumseh with the Indian federation he assembled was a British ally when present-day Ohio and Indiana was Quebec. Harrison campaigned for President with "Tippecanoe and Tyler too." James Polk campaigned to take British Columbia with "Fifty-Four-Forty or Fight". Polk was a very important U.S. President. He greatly expanded Washington's empire, completing the continental empire known today as the "lower 48." Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867, the same year that Confederation established Canada. Russian America was more-or-less "purchased" at gun point as was Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. Guns and bombs are the American Way.

With the War of 1812, the British came to a gentleman's agreement with Washington. They would be partners in world domination — similar to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Washington had long-term plans that didn't include the British, however. It would take two world wars to cut the British down to size, using the "Let's you and him fight" strategy that Washington has mastered.

The Fenian raids were overrlooked by Washington. The current map of Canada that includes the NWT, Nunavut  and all those empty islands all the way to the North Pole are generally accepted as sovereign Canadian territory, in Canada at least — but Washington does not recognize it.

If one looks at Washington's record, one sees an unrelenting drive towards total world domination that goes on decade after decade and century after century, regardless of the people in power. It is as if there were an eminence gris controlling puppets.

I believe there is an eminence gris, but it is probably not the Rothschilds as some people think, even if they and their confreres are at work — and they are. I would argue that organizations have a life of their own and Washington is a prime example. What could this be? Other examples are sports teams. Sports teams live on with unchanging missions as the players change and the coaches change and the equipment changes and the owners change and the uniforms change and the game itself changes! The Toronto Argonauts is a very good example.

"Organizations Have Lives of their Own," and "People are to organizations what cells are to people." It may be an original insight and it's mine. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Sometimes, students of history believe a "conspiracy" must be the causal agent. Hence, "The Rothschilds control the world and make us do bad things. It's their fault."

Most "serious" historians dismiss "conspiracy theories" although they cannot deny that all politicians conspire to achieve their ends. Politics must involve dishonesty. A good political speech must be crafted to mean different things to each person hearing it because each person will always have views, interests and wishes that are not in agreement with the others in his group. A successful politician must learn to "square the circle" in such a way that large numbers (at least a majority) believe that he's their man and that he (or she) speaks directly to and for them all.

Xenophobia is always a sure political bet because people can put aside their differences to fight a common enemy. Race-baiting is a winner for the same reason. People love war. It seems to answer problems. War makes people feel good, especially those people who have never experienced war themselves. Stirring speeches, flags, snappy uniforms, marching, bagpipes, drums, trumpets, lovely maidens tossing kisses, children waving tiny flags. Yippee!

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James Knight

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by Morley Evans

My mission is promoting HEALTH: happy healthy people, happy healthy human communities, healthy planet. Come and hear what James Knight has to say about these topics. You'll want to join us. - Yours in health, Morley

I have a complimentary ticket for you and a friend. Regina, 3 June 7:00 PM

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Odessa Massacre

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by Morley Evans


Dear Correspondent,

Trade Unions House in Odessa

Why do I love Putin so much, you ask?

It's not that I love Putin so much. It's that I know what's going on which is the opposite of what everyone is told and believes. When Libya was being destroyed, people asked me why I loved Gaddafi so much. After Gaddafi had been murdered like a dog and Libya had been destroyed and Libya had been looted, were those people worried anymore about the Libyans? No, they were worried about the poor Syrians who are suffering under the vicious dictator Assad — who is an ophthalmologist who was recalled from London where he was quietly practicing medicine. People are so fucking stupid, they believe any lies and bullshit they are told by the lying bullshitters they pay to tell them lies and bullshit.

The other night PBS FRONTLINE had an in-depth examination of Jason Blair a disgraced "journalist" who was dismissed from the New York Times for plagiarism and lying. So what? They are all liars. Have they ever reported any of the atrocities committed by the Zionist State in the last 66 years? Not even one has made it into the news. We aren't supposed to notice that the media is owned by Zionists. That would be anti-Semitic. The Media is a lie factory. Real journalists publish on the Internet where they don't get paid. If you want to get paid, you have to be a liar. You have to be so dishonest you don't even suspect you are a crook yourself. If you are that deluded does that make you honest? 

"How do you plead, Mr. Network Head."

"I plead not guilty, your Honor, by virtue of my appalling ignorance. It isn't my fault, sir."

This is what happened the other day in Odessa: Some Ukrainians who thought that the Ukraine should be a federation that respected everyone equally, set up tents in the square in front of the Trade Unions House in Odessa. They were attacked by some of the Nazis that Washington has helped to take over the government in Kiev and deliver the Ukraine to NATO and Washington's control. Washington has paid insurgent groups 5 Billion dollars recently to overthrow the demo-cratically elected Ukrainian government because most Ukrainians DO NOT WANT TO JOIN NATO and voted down Washington's first try to take over a few years ago. These thugs set fire to the demonstrator's tents and drove them into the Trade Unions House where they fled seeking safety. More Nazi thugs were waiting for them inside. Here's a report you can read with an English translation: SHOCKING CONTENT

Look closely at the pictures. These people were murdered. Then, they had some incendiary stuff poured onto their heads and hands and they were set on fire. I hope they were killed first but one never knows when one is dealing with crazed psychopaths caught up in blood-lust.* One woman was raped before they finished her off. Another woman, who was pregnant, was garroted and left arched backward over a desk. And the lying fuckers who run the media rambled on and on for weeks about a missing Malayan jet plane. Our hearts were wrenched as we hoped and prayed for the passengers and crew. The military of half a dozen nations cooperated to search for the missing plane. Families were interviewed. We sobbed. Everyone was reassured by the heartwarming examples of people putting aside their differences to come together to deal with tragedy and grief. Sniff. . .

The people running the propaganda system really do not care about people. THEY DO NOT CARE. Now they would have you believe they are concerned about schoolgirls who were kidnapped in Africa by Muslim terrorists. They do not care about any of them. They do not care about people. People are killed for fun and profit. They only use these things to keep control of you and your mind. They do not care about you either. They rot your brain and sell you drugs and poison and YOU BUY WHAT THEY SELL. Mind control is what they do best. Everyone believes them. WAKE UP!

You won't find out what's happening in the Globe and Mail or the New York Times, or the Washington Post or TIME or CNN or CNBC or NBC, CBC, ABC, BBC, CBS or Charlie Rose. They tell you about Muslim terrorists and Putin, the new Hitler. Do you remember that Saddam Hussein was the new Hitler? Do you remember what you ate for supper two days ago? Last week?

Arrgghhh. . . .

* After further thought, it seems likely the victims were killed with a flaming agent like napalm or white phosphorus that was sprayed into the faces of the people who sought safety in the Trade Unions House where the killers had sprung the trap they had set. Victims' hands would have been covered with the material when they instinctively tried to shield themselves from the onslaught. Victims' arms are outstretched in death and faces are grimacing in horror and pain. Forensics would reveal what happened if any investigation is done. As the narrative states, fires were extinguished so the building would not ignite, except the massive wooden door at the main entrance. The door was completely burned to nothing which could only occur if it were ignited with an incendiary propellant applied to the surface of the door. The surrounding structure was untouched as you can see. The killers are either portrayed as Ukrainian freedom-fighters or they are ignored altogether by the media here in Washington's empire which says the demonstrators in Odessa were pro-Russian rebels who accidentally set fire to the building, confusing the victims with their killers. The evidence tells a different story. One only need look.

The fire that broke out Friday at a trade-union building following rioting in Odessa killed 42 people. -Reuters

A horrific fire last week that killed dozens in a hulking Odessa building where pro-Russian protesters had taken cover was likely sparked by rebels on the roof who accidentally dropped Molotov cocktails, according to a preliminary investigation by the government. -WSJ


In fact, the killers are stooges of Washington. Their fathers and grandfathers fought with the Nazis in WWII against the Soviet Union. Hatred of Russia and Russians, in some Ukrainian minds, runs deep and across centuries, paralleling the hatred of England in some minds in Ireland that goes back a thousand years to 1066 and The Conquest.

Washington is adept at exploiting such phenomena which exist in every culture and are notable in the areas of the former Austria-Hungary (especially those that became Yugoslavia) and throughout the Ottoman Empire where people lived peacefully together for over 600 years, despite their differences. These mid-European areas and adjacent former Ottoman areas, about which most Americans know nothing, became the devil's playground after The Great War (1914-1918). Puppet masters inside Washington's power élite (they are the people who run the dollar empire) have always been intimately familiar with those areas because their roots are there. They are the Zionists. Some of the Zionists are the neoconservatives in U.S. politics who were "the crazies in the basement of the Pentagon," until Bush and Cheney invited them into the Oval Office. Like nearly everyone in Washington's empire, you are one of their dupes, brainwashed from birth by masters in the art. Zionists were busy in the British Empire before moving their focus to Washington, the winner of The Great War. 

I apologize for being rude but you need a good shaking.


Bill Blum has a thought for you to consider.
Global Research
RT: Lessons Unlearned
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U.S. Power: How Does It Work?
A new Cold War?

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Uffe Ravnskov NEWSLETTER April 2014

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with kind permission from
Uffe Ravnskov, MD. PhD.
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Uffe Ravnskov, MD, Ph.D.
For many years I have published critical reviews and comments about the misleading dietary advices we have got from the leaders of the cholesterol campaign. Last month Rajiv Chowdhury at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge and his coworkers published a review of all observational and experimental studies about dietary fats. Not unexpected, at least not for me, they found no evidence for the view that too much fat in our diet increases the risk of heart disease.
Their paper made a headline in New York Times and in many other newspapers all over the world  and was followed by violent criticism from many scientists. The critics found some errors and required that the paper should be retracted. The authors corrected the errors, but the corrections did not change the result, and the authors withheld their view: "In conclusion, the pattern of findings from this analysis did not yield clearly supportive evidence for current cardiovascular guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low consumption of saturated fats." 
You can read more about this story in the magazine Science.
Shortly afterwards Renata Micha from Harvard and her coworkers from various institutions in the US and UK published a review in British Medical Journal about the intake of dietary fats in various countries.  They did not specify which fats they considered as beneficial or unhealthy, and in the abstract they concluded the following: "These novel global data on dietary fats and oils identify dramatic diversity across nations and inform policies and priorities for improving global health." 
True, but there is no doubt about which types of fat they considered unhealthy; this appears from table 2 and from their references to the medical literature. You can read more about that in my comment to their paper 
A curious fact is that the Harvard scientist Dariush Mozaffarian, one of the most eager proponents of the idea that saturated fat should be exchanged with polyunsaturated fat, was coauthor of both papers. According to the "Author contributions" to Chowdhury et al.s paper his role was to make a "critical revision of the article for important intellectual content". He was also the main author of a study published ten years ago about the diet of elderly women with heart disease. The authors followed the women for three years and found that atherosclerosis in those who ate the smallest amounts of saturated fat and the largest amounts of carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fats had worsened the most.
It is not too easy to change one´s mind.
The truth about the statins is also approaching. Here comes a link to an excellent video about the dangerous misinformatins about statin treatment. Read also the publisher´s detailed description of the video. A large step forwards, although some of the critics still seem to be afraid of high cholesterol and saturated fat.

If you wonder how statin treatment has been accepted by the whole world, then read this article in The Seattle Times, or this one in Washington Post

Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, independent investigator
Spokesman of THINCS, The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics
Magle Stora Kyrkogata 9, 22350 Lund, Sweden
tel +46 46145022  or  +46-702580416

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This letter has been sent to you because you have previously shown interest in the many contradictions of the diet-cholesterol-heart hypothesis and/or the work of our group THINCS, The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics ( ). If you do not wish to be on the mailing list, please contact me and I shall delete your name.

Uffe Ravnskov is a Danish independent researcher, a member of various international scientific organizations and previously a private medical practitioner in Sweden.

Born: 1934 Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: University of Copenhagen


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by Morley Evans

I have found high tech innovations liberating, myself, but they have a dark side illustrated here.

Henry Ford was highly suspicious of the world he had ushered in with the Model T which most people found liberating along with the many better cars that followed, especially the Model A. Ford hated credit, advertising, planned obsolescence, annual model changes, shareholders, war, Wall Street, unions, high finance, and bullshit. Ford didn't like jazz, alcohol or the people who, today, call themselves Zionists. Ford thought daily exercise was essential to maintain good health. In his later years, Ford hardly ever visited The Rouge which was the city Ford had created out of his own head to build cars. Dearborn (updated many times) is still the main production centre of the Ford Motor Company today. Henry Ford preferred to spend his time at Greenfield Village which Ford created to celebrate a simpler and more honest time in a rural America that Ford helped to destroy. As a boy, Ford disliked the farm where he grew up and he worked his whole life to free the common man who was mired in the mud, tilling the dirt. Yet, Ford saw himself as a country boy. Ford never identified with the other super-rich people like the Rockefellers. He never wanted to be one of them. The Ford estate, Fair Lane, on the River Rouge was not part of their world. Ford was a giant but Ford was not perfect either. When Henry Ford II, was preparing to assume control, his mother, Edsel's widow, told her father-in-law, "The only way my son is going to run this company is if you are gone and never come back." The old man was banished and never returned. Looking back though, it is not overstating things to say that Henry Ford created the world we are living in now.

Ford started over a century ago. The human spark has moved from Great Britain across the Atlantic to New York to Michigan to California and across the Pacific Ocean to the Far East: Japan, South Korea, India, Indo-China, and China. That is where the action is today. Terry Gou is another Henry Ford, Alfred P. Sloan or Steve Jobs. I can scarce believe what Gou has created in as many years as I have created not much of anything here in the backwater. Deng Xiaoping and Lee Kuan Yew did not waste time finding solutions to human problems with the military and politics. They put Adam Smith to work. Marxists seek to solve every problem with politics, bureaucracy, propaganda and guns, trying to make them do the work only the market can do. The United States has added financial hocus pocus to the Marxian mix with Wall Street, the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve System which have colonized the world while masquerading as free enterprise. Washington owns the Big Casino which "is as honest as the day is long."

You may find this hard to believe, but I think Germany and Japan had to be crushed because they were threats to Washington and its plans for world hegemony. Moreover, I think Germany and Japan were used to destroy Washington's original enemy, Great Britain and the British Empire. Before the Great War, there were eleven empires. When it was over, effectively, there was one, the United States of America. After The Great Victory of '45, the Soviet Union and China became "the best enemy that money could buy." The more I study it, the more I see what happened. You can look at the evidence yourself. Most of it is just sitting in the open. Hidden bits are becoming available as researchers dig into slowly opening archives. The only thing to debate is why things happened, not what. Could it have been a long series of coincidences? I don't think so. FDR famously said, "Nothing that happens in politics is an accident." What the United States is today, cannot be denied: The United States is a garrison state that is rapidly becoming the dystopia. We are all headed for life on Prison Planet: black people, white people, yellow people and red people. 

If nothing changes, our owners will keep us around until they don't need us anymore and we can be erased at will. A technology already exists that could delete countless millions quietly. Machines and robots can already do many things some of us do now. Slaves are not very efficient and they can be hard to control. The world's élites have wanted to rid themselves of "useless eaters" for centuries. War has been a good way for 
élites to make money but it hasn't kept the world population down. The British moved "surplus populations" here and there. That's where Americans came from. Washington is good at that, but Washington excels at killing people and getting people to kill each other while blaming someone else and getting away with it. That's what is going on in the Ukraine and Syria today and what happened in the Balkans a few years ago. Economists point out that production has risen in the United States — despite jobs being "off-shored." Who needs the American workforce anyway? Unions were their own worst enemies. So what do economists think unemployed Americans will do to live? Who needs them? You aren't part of the 1% élite? Who needs you?

Washington and its empire is no longer the home of freedom, if it ever was. Duhmockricy is a fraud. Government's role must be limited to being an honest referee. Nothing more can be done with government or else crooks will take over, as they have. Canada and the former British Empire are colonies of Washington. We are the Marxists today. We are the ones who try to solve every problem with politics, bureaucracy and guns. One's position in the system, not merit gained by serving customers, is what matters here. Those at the top are above the law, which they use to keep everyone else in line while plundering and raping them. We are the victims of thought control. The commies have renounced Marxism. That is why hope for humanity is in their hands. Our masters serve Satan. God help us.

Washington intends to destroy Russia and China. That is the Wolfowitz Doctrine that guides the morons in Washington and the lickspittle, Steven Harper in Ottawa who has made Canadians Washington's only ally in the current Ukrainian imbroglio. Satan is at work. You can smell the brimstone.

до свидания
- Morley