Thursday, May 22, 2008


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Christians are taught that what happens to us in this temporal realm isn't important. Most of us don't believe it. Everyone is obsessed with worldly possessions. "I could have had a bigger pension, they moan? I could have had $xx,xxx.xx more? What a calamity!” What about the billions of people who have no pension, or don't even have enough to eat? Or who have had one of our bombs dropped on their house? Or on them? Or who sleep on a sewer grate in one of our frigid cities in winter? Christians are taught that suffering is part of the gig. Suffering is a corollary of the lesson. Buddhists learn the same lesson: SUFFERING? IT WON'T HURT YOU, say Zen Masters. That is empowering. Jews and Muslims hear it too. This is the common lesson of religion. BUT WOE UNTO THEM WHO CAUSE OPPRESSION AND SUFFERING. Those who help the poor, live clean lives and struggle against wickedness will be rewarded. Believe it, or not.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Victoria Day


This is the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada. This is the weekend Canadians come out of their houses after a long hard winter to enjoy life outside. Deciduous trees are beginning to leaf out. Brown is turning to green. It was 80° F today. It was windy. The farmers were beginning to complain it is too dry. Cottages will be opened tomorrow. Boats will be launched. Everyone will heave a sigh of relief and say, "Thank God winter is over." Gardens will be planted. Green houses will do a huge business. Barbecues will be fired up. Steaks will be cooked. Beer will be drunk. Summer will begin June 21st. That day — next month — will be the longest day of the year. Then, the very next day, we in the northern hemisphere, all of us, even Americans, will start the long downward slide toward winter.

The image above depicts Victoria when she was young and the British Empire was ne plus ultra.

This is a big weekend in Canada. BIG!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A House of Cards

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The medico-legal establishment in Canada thinks it lives in a fortress standing on granite. Actually it lives in a house of cards squatting in a pool of gasoline. An inverse relationship exists: the more they get away with their outrages, the weaker they become. Today, after a century of scamming and sliming, they cannot admit even one hint of a problem or it will be all over for them. I was saved from death at the hands of doctors by other doctors, twice. Here is a lit match, ready to toss.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Be Happy With What You Have

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I am lucky. I am happy with very little. A smile once in a while keeps me going for a long time, sometimes for a year, sometimes even longer. I try to arrange things so I get a lot of smiles, but it's usually unplanned. (Pretty girls are especially appreciated, of course.) If you get only one smile a year per person, but you get one smile a day, it takes a lot of people. Some would say that is not quality but only quantity. I say each smile is gold. I say I am a very rich man because each person who smiles is gold. The Internet is a blessing too. Corresponding with people enriches my life. The Internet makes it possible for me to travel around the world and to go forward and backward in time. I used to be lonely all the time. I was not happy. I am never lonely any more. Most people don't understand what I'm talking about. They want something they think they don't have. They just do not get it. I am lucky. I get it.

Be thankful for what you have.

- Morley