Saturday, August 30, 2008

The American Dream

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Looking at what it has done throughout its 230-year history, it can truly be said that the United States of America is both a beacon of liberty in the world, "the last best hope of mankind" and also the biggest warmongering criminal enterprise yet devised by man or devil. Please consider that it is both — at the same time.

When people become aware of the dark side of the United States, they try to determine when things changed. But they will not be able to find a "turning point". They need to consider that things have not changed. They need to consider that things have always been this way. Here are the founding myths of the United States of America:

First, Universality: Before the American War of Independence, there was a small class of élite Americans and there was a large underclass which included a substantial number of "indentured servants" (i.e. slaves, some black and some white). There was no such thing as a middle class. The élite Americans resented being treated as second-class by the élite in Great Britain. The late eighteenth century was a period of emerging liberal thought. The American élite identified with "people yearning to be free." The American élite wanted to be free of England and the British élite. Their notion of "freedom" did not include the American underclass.

Thomas Paine, the most radical liberal writer in England, was recruited by Benjamin Franklin. Franklin — who had started life, himself, as an "indentured servant" — wanted Paine to write propaganda for the American élite. Paine's writings were extremely popular with the underclass in America — as they had been with the underclass in England: the underclass wanted to move up too. It was necessary for the American élite to involve everyone in their revolution since there weren't many in the élite. Even as a popular revolution, though, only about a third of Americans wanted to be free of England. Another third wanted to remain part of the British Empire (some moved to Canada) and the rest were indifferent. Franklin was part of the élite. He signed the Declaration of Independence and became an American icon on the hundred dollar bill. Paine died, uncelebrated, in Greenwich Village. Nothing has changed: Politics is about the élite conning the masses. "Anyone can be President."

Second, Militarism: Americans have always been fascinated with munitions and their use. Americans invented the rifle. Americans invented the repeating rifle. Americans invented the handgun. Americans invented the machine gun. Americans invented the aeroplane which was immediately used for warfare. Americans invented the atom bomb. Americans invented the hydrogen bomb. The United States has always been a leading exporter of military products and military culture. In the nineteenth century, for example, Americans taught the Japanese what they needed to know to create a modern army. European powers came to learn from Americans during the Civil War. There is a very strong belief in the United States that power can be used for good. It is no accident that neo-classical (Roman) architecture has been chosen for all of the official buildings in the United States. They were not merely copying the British; the Founders saw themselves as successors to Rome, as had the British.

Third, Messianism: Americans are taught to believe that they are destined to provide a benighted world with moral leadership. They believe that their liberation from the British Empire was only the first step in emancipating the world from its oppressors. Destroying empires and spreading democracy is the goal of the United States. Ten empires were destroyed in the First World War. The Second World War destroyed the last two empires while it created two new empires. Americans do not see that they have been building their own world-wide empire as the inevitable result of what they have been doing and how they have been doing it. The United States is fertile ground for messianic pseudo religions too.

Fourth, The American Way: The American Way welds Big Business with the state. The Marines have been called out over and over to "protect American interests." (i.e.: American colonial business interests in foreign countries.) The United States has always used military force to expand. Until recently, the United States has always been able to pursue protectionism at home and colonialism abroad. Mussolini and the Soviet Union are only two examples of attempts to emulate The American Way.

Fifth, Saving the World From Itself: From the beginning, Washington has successfully used a grand strategy of "Let's you and him fight." All along, rivals of the United States have been paired off against each other to fight it out to the death. Then, after the combatants were exhausted, the United States has stepped in on one side to save the situation, and the world, at very little cost to itself. For example, the United States lost only 2% of those killed in both WW I and WW II [1] [2] yet it has always trumpeted the great sacrifice it made to save the world. In both cases cited, the United States "came in late" because its "hands were tied." These are only two examples. There are more. Coincidence? In politics, there are no coincidences. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

For victory in the American War of Independence, the United States can thank France which came to defeat its ancient enemy, Great Britain, to get revenge for the disaster France suffered in the Seven Years War. This was the second time France had been used to serve American interests. The first instance was, of course, the Seven Years War. More will be written on this topic later.

While this formula seems unstoppable, it has not been working as well as many imagine — in particular the people who run things in Washington simply do not get it. This failure has been quite evident since 1945 when the United States officially defeated all of its enemies, especially the British Empire, to take over managing the world. People round the world want the American Dream of liberty, in as much as it stands for truth, justice, beauty and love. Nobody wants the rest. We are currently witnessing the Truth that, all evil schemes eventually come to nothing. Thank God.

- Morley


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dr. Strangelove

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Dr. Strangelove was a Cold War black comedy made in 1963 by Stanley Kubrick[1][2][3]. Although it was made 45 years ago, it does not look dated to me. It might look dated to someone who is nineteen. While the characters in the film do not represent any real persons, living or dead, they vividly represent so many real characters, living and dead.

Nothing has changed since 1963. The same threats exist today. Most of them are in Washington, just as they were then. You can click the link below to watch clips of Dr. Strangelove on YouTube or you can buy the entire movie at iTunes for $9.99. If you do, you can watch it on your PC, Mac or iPod and remind yourself this could happen today, right now.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


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Geopolitics is a complicated and dangerous game. Geopolitics is always about power. But here is the gist of what is happening at the present time: O.I.L. As Linda McQuaig has written, "It's the crude, Dude."[1]

At the end of the 19th century, the Royal Navy decided to switch from coal mined in Wales to oil pumped in Mesopotamia and Persia. Thus, oil became a "strategic resource". Oil has been known since prehistory in that region: In Persia, temples were built around outcroppings of oil-bearing rock that were mysteriously burning with "eternal fire". The problem for the British Empire was to secure a supply of oil for the Royal Navy when Persia and Mesopotamia were not part of the British Empire. How?

How indeed?

The answer, of course, was to make them both part of the British Empire. "You got it. We want it." Since Persia was an ancient empire predating Alexander the Great, and Mesopotamia was part of the 600-year-old Ottoman Empire, something creative was needed. Something came along. It was called The Great War. Today we call it the First World War. There may have been other reasons for WW I, but oil, far from the Western Front, was certainly an important reason behind the slaughter. The Ottoman Empire actually did quite well during the War, but it went down with its allies the German Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Mesopotamia became British Iraq. Anglo-Persian (renamed British Petroleum in 1954) pumped black gold in the land of Zarathustra as it had been doing since 1908. The Ottoman Empire was reduced to Anatolia. It became Turkey.

The British Empire bit off a little more than it could chew with The Great War. It would take one more World War to finish it off. Power shifted from London to Washington in 1939. That great power shift may have been the main reason for the Second World War. It was the main event of the 20th century. While oil was important before WW II, oil became even more important after. In the last sixty years, the world economy has been built on oil. Today, petroleum fuels ships, railroads, trucks, cars and planes; it is used to make fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, plastic, and cosmetics; it heats our offices, and our homes; it is burned to generate electricity.

Oil is useful.

While oil is important to you and me, it is of paramount importance to the Department of Defence (A.K.A. The Pentagon). For the DoD (which was called the Department of War until 1949)[2] requires lots of oil to enforce the U.S. world wide empire which is the successor to the British Empire. In fact, the DoD is the world's largest consumer of petroleum.[3] Shades of the Royal Navy! Oil is much much more important to the DoD than it is to you or me. That is the main reason oil is a "Strategic Resource" and it explains why the United States is so interested in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and the lands around the Caspian Sea.[4] The current invasion of and struggle to control Iraq has nothing to do with securing the supply of "imported oil" to fuel your SUV. War has to do with feeding the five-sided monster on the Potomac which cares not one whit about you, or me, or your SUV.

Oil is more than mere money. Oil is power. Things are not as simple as they once were. Today, there are many interests competing with the DoD to control oil and gas production, distribution and consumption: Iran, Iraq, the Persian Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and India, along with Japan, Europe, North America and everyone else. Even you are competing when you fill 'er up. Forget about the "War on Terror" and Muslims. They just happen to live where there is oil: Oil is mostly needed to feed the monster.

some of the players

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Truth and Lies II

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Most people are not merely uninformed or misinformed, what they believe is actually the opposite of the truth.

Those who are the best informed, are the worst informed. Why is that? That is because they get their information from the world-wide mind control system, A.K.A. mainstream western media — the so-called "free press". The current "conflict in Georgia" is an excellent example. People here believe that big evil Russia invaded poor little Georgia and inflicted suffering and death on defenceless civilians. They watch footage of bombed houses and devastated people and assume that the Russians did it all. They see Russian tanks. They don't know that some of the people who have been featured are in south Ossetia and that they were attacked first by the U.S. tutored and equipped forces of Georgia. [1] Russian peacekeepers were slaughtered along with south Ossetians. Most people in south Ossetia are Russian citizens, though they are not Russians. They want to secede from Georgia.

The U.S.A. is behind support for Georgia and has pursued an aggressive policy of encirclement of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Washington does not love peace and it never has at any time in its history.

This U.S. aggression is the main reason Putin has been able to rise and take over Russia. Russians rightly thank Putin for getting Russia up off the floor and re-establishing Russia as a power to be reckoned with again. Putin's Russia is not Yeltsin's Russia. Gazprom (the world's largest natural gas company and the world's third largest company) [2] finances the new Russia. The huge Russian missile fleet tipped with advanced nuclear weapons has been kept in good working order and is aimed at us. Washington continues on its reckless course, while demonizing Putin, of course. This same pattern has been followed over and over for 230 years. Over and over . . . Over and over . . . World War III is coming soon, unless we wake up.

Here's one antidote to the main stream media: [3] Being on their mailing list, I read something true every morning, instead of something in the Globe and Mail or the New York Times. TV? I watch that to observe the latest brainwashing. Is this 1984? You bet.

In the world wide mind control system, lies are mostly created not mainly by telling falsehoods, but mainly by leaving out important facts so people cannot "connect the dots" or when they connect the dots that they do see, they get the wrong picture.[4]

- Morley


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Truth and Lies

What the people knew was not true, what was true was not known.
- George Orwell, 1984

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rogers Communications

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This is a symptom of a serious problem in Canada. Rogers Communications charges Canadians 20 times as much to send wireless data as people in Rwanda or New Zealand or the United Kingdom or the United States pay. Bell and Telus are only somewhat better than Rogers. Canadian wireless users are far worse off than others in the world.

"Sock it to them!" It's the Canadian way.

Canadians generally believe they are fairly treated. But Canadians are hosed by the Canadian élite. Sometimes these people are direct descendants of the Family Compact [1] which used to rule the roost and in many ways still does. The now disgraced Conrad Black is one example.

Being raped is a serious problem for most Canadians. Rape is not, of course, a problem for rapists.

The main task of any élite is to keep its subjects happy with their lot in life. Usually people console themselves by saying that they are better off than someone else. "Things could be worse." They cannot say that about wireless communications. Now can they?


This might be worth a look:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Victims of Canadian Health Care


This story was forwarded to me by someone who is afraid to have his identity known by Canada's medical establishment.

My Name is John. My Wife, Jane, and I keep our anonymity out of fear or reprisals from the Canadian Medical establishment. Isn't this awful in my own country I have to fear an organization for something that is not my fault!!! We are afraid of the Canadian Medical Protection Association (CMPA). I am afraid they will neglect my wife and damage her further if I make any waves.

Before I go any further with our story I must stress that I am not doing all that great. I am in shock and ill from all the stresses that have occurred, I am a Care giver and exhausted, so if patches of the story do not make sense I am sorry, but I am doing the best I can with what I little I got. These are the facts to the BEST, and I mean Best of my knowledge, SO HELP ME GOD.

Like many people who've encountered the CMPA I am exhausted with little strength to fight, no less fight a Goliath like the CMPA, they have something like 2 billion dollars if not more, I am broke and over worked and exhausted. My only recourse is my written word. This helps me in opening the eyes of other family's and victims suffering at the unfair balance in our LEGAL system, not to be mistaken for a JUSTICE System.

Before my wife went in for brain surgery tests were needed. They hooked her up to a machine with 20 feet of wiring, just enough to go to the bathroom and to her bed, they wanted her tied up for 7 days, I know there are wireless machines, but the hospital cutbacks I suppose they couldn't afford them, I don't know. Basically She was to be tested in solitary confinement for a week. The testing was archaic like being back in the 1950's so much so that my wife became ill from the tests and isolation.

First the staff pulled her off of ALL of her medications. She was being tested for epilepsy. She was pulled from her Valium and her antidepressant. I know from experience that pulling a person from pills like that can cause a false positive for the epilepsy, which would not be a good thing when a surgeon is cutting out brain.

My wife was getting sicker and sicker from the tests as the days went by. I concluded it was withdrawal from the Valium and her antidepressant. I finally got a hold of the neurologist (which wasn't easy) and told him that he shouldn't be taking her off of these medicines. He agreed and had the Frantic staff put her back on these pills. She got a little better but by the 4th day she had lost so much weight and was so freaked out with cabin fever that I had to stop the tests, there was no other option, she was getting very sick and the ironic part was she was healthy getting into the hospital and a mess when I took her home, I had to take her home early. The neurologist said he found the area of the epilepsy and the surgeon could operate and remove that spot.

We returned home where my wife slowly recovered and awaited surgery. when the day came after all the MRIs and so on and so forth they operated. I saw her in intensive care after the surgery. She complained that her head was pounding. "Oh that is normal" I was told over and over again. I was told to relax. We were told not to do anything for at least a year just wait for the surgery to work. They pulled my wife from the Intensive care on the 2nd day and put her in a unit with 4 or 5 other sick people. The noise in the room was insane, she continued to complain about her head pounding, "Oh that is normal" we were told. They took off the cast and there was a huge lump in her head "Oh that is normal" she didn't sleep for 2 days! we were told again after only 4 days after the surgery they sent her home after the fella who put the plate in her head looked at the lump and the surgeon looked at the lump and said it was just swelling.

The 2nd day we were home my wife had no attacks, she smiled in bed despite the "imaginary" pain in her head. She told me she was hoping to some day have a job and drive a car and have a normal life. I never felt so good in my life, I never had so much hope. The 3rd night I she got ill at around 2 o'clock in the morning. Went to the bathroom and as she got up from the toilet she passed out and cracked her head against the corner of the shower, knocking down the shower curtain, she hit her head exactly where the plate was!!!! I ran into the bathroom and pulled her out of the bathtub in a panic. I wanted to call an ambulance but she refused! Anyhow I called her surgeon the next day and they had her in to see him the following day STAT. He was excellent, he had another MRI Done he had discovered the plate was put in wrong and they would have to remove it. I must admit, he had compassion, responsibility and competence.

Another surgery later the plate is removed and she is taken home, her seizures are beginning to last longer and they are stronger. The surgery has totally backfired and made the situation worse. But I don't blame the surgeon he did his job 110 percent. My wife's personality has totally changed, her logic is altered, her condition has worsened.

I was driving a beat up old car that kept breaking down ever month and driving 150 Km to my "Career" back and forth in I.T. I couldn't pay Rent, Gas, Utility's, Food, Car repairs, Insurance, eyeglasses for my wife, her dental visits, her pills etc. etc. I couldn't afford to live. I went to Social Services with my wife and Daughter. The woman refused to put my wife on a disability, as I was earning 13 or 15 dollars an hour(I can't remember), with no benefits, and pretty much the the soul supporter of a House, I was earning to much money. My wife continued to keep her meager Canadian Pension of 700 a month with no benefits. Her gums are disintegrating as a result of al the medication she was put on since she was a child soon her teeth must be pulled out, her vision was changing day to day after the surgery. we went through 3 sets of eyeglasses in 2 years!! I CANT AFFORD THIS!!!!

We booked an appointment with her neurologist and they tested her. Her speech is gone to that of a 3rd grader, they acted as if she was faking it. Her logic is not all there anymore, her eyes are slipping, she suffers from anorexia, physical pains, her epilepsy has gotten so bad so on and so on. The staff of the neurologist blamed me right there and then, they say that the problems are not a result of the surgery but our financial nightmare, you see "This is my fault". A month later I ask for her file from the neurologist, they can't seem to find the file anywhere, they misplaced it. To this day they can't find it, pity. Kinda hard to find something like a medical file, they go missing all the time I guess.

A Year goes by and another, like they didn't even exist. Finally I get my act together and figure that I got to get a lawyer to sue.

I called around to all the lawyers I could find, I CALLED 10 lawyers and was told the Same thing from 5 of them, you CANT FIGHT THE Canadian Medical Protection Association, and since they "LOST THE FILES" this makes things impossible. The Canadian Medical Protection Association I am told over and over again will spent what ever it take to WIN, and since our case is so complex we don't stand a chance.

My wife is not the same woman I married, and this has changed me I don't even recognize my self, some days I feel as though my life is over and there is no hope. I work 10 hour days 6 some times 7 days a week just to pay bills, never mind a savings. I can not look after the finances as I am exhausted beyond hope. I am not a spendthrift, I am to confused to look after bills, and as a result I fall behind, because I CAN'T look after doing all my own shopping, working 10 hour days, not to mention travel, doing my own cooking own laundry, emotional care giving, I am fried out of my mind with worry over my wife and our future!!!! I have gotten Sick emotionally and physically from this nightmare, There is no help and the only hope is this forum.

I suffer now from chronic neck and back pain, osteoporosis, anorexia and it is a miracle I haven't developed cancer from all the chain smoking and stress. We lost her kids as a result of this, I had to give up my Career, as I got emotionally sicker I snapped at work and burned the only bridge I had with a great boss and my CAREER IS OVER!!! I work retail now to try and pay the bills, but it is only a matter of time till I snap from the stress and physical pain I am experiencing and can no longer work. From the kids perspective there was to much friction in the family after all this, they took off to their fathers, I don't blame them. But when my daughter left for her dads my heart was torn out, that was the END of my life, the final nail in the coffin so to speak. There was no hope. I was working as a super administrator for a multi million dollar organization based out in New York, took me years of hard work and not giving up to get that job, now it is gone forever, I snapped at work as a result of this and burned my bridge, I'll never be able to work in IT again, my future is not looking to good.

I am so burnt out, and I know I am not alone, other Canadians are suffering like me at the Hands of the Canadian Medical Protection Association. Well that is where I stand, let's see where this leads us shall we. I am one [expletive deleted] pissed off [expletive deleted] dude, and if a goon approaches me, they are just adding fuel to the fire, this strategy backfires, I don't fear anything, really I don't. Fear is like gone, I have had so much of it that the force of fear has pushed me off a cliff and all I feel is a floating sensation, I no longer feel the force of the fear pushing me.

I am currently seeing a head doctor for my breakdown, and he is helping me, my family doctor is helping me, and if they make mistakes it is o.k., I don't have a problem if a person makes a mistake and they do everything they can to correct the problem, even if they can't correct the problem at least they tried and took responsibility. People are human, so are doctors, but we must admit our mistakes, I know I do.

One thing that is a fact and the Fact is this. We DO NOT have a Justice system in this country, we have a Legal system. If the person your fighting has more money than you the odds are not in your favor, the Casino always wins. The Casinos name is the Canadian Medical Protection Association.

Thanks Morley for letting me share this in your Blog. I stand behind You 110% in this quest.

John X

Monday, August 4, 2008

Duhmockricy in Action

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Like everyone, I don't know who is backing Obama. But I certainly agree that it is the contributors who will elect him, not "the people". The people are manipulated by the contributors who also control the apparatuses of mind manipulation ("pubic relations"). The contributors get the where-with-all to contribute from "the people". So in a perverse way duhmockricy does work: Those who buy things like Britney Spears gossip mags, TV schlock, and hoola-hoops actually run the world, one penny at a time.

When George W. Bush was running for POTUS [1] eight years ago, I remember reading that a small shadowy, but powerful, group of insiders in the GOP was backing the little known governor from Texas. Bush was an "outsider" in Washington. After the crisis of "9/11", George W. Bush and his uncle Dick became insiders overnight. (Of course, Uncle Dick, himself, had been an insider for decades.) The neocons working for them were then seen by a few observers to be thicker than fleas on an old Texas hound. Who really controls what the hound does is a bit of a mystery still. Do the fleas control the hound, or does someone else have the dog whistle? Perhaps those "dark suits" in New York City who control the money control the hound.

Someone recently observed that the dark suits don't really approve of things being upset by wildmen like the current denizens of the White House. Perhaps the people who really control things want someone who appears to be more stable than the neocrazies. Yesterday, Exxon-Mobile announced the largest quarterly profit by anyone in the history of the world. W and his uncle Dick have certainly helped Big Oil, despite the failure of Bush's adventure in Mesopotamia to yield its first dollar of net profit. The rest of American industry is not doing so well. No doubt the dark suits who run General Motors and Ford are not too happy with the current state of affairs. The list of unhappy dark suits must be quite long in fact. Some of them may feel betrayed by the GOP.

What about John McCain? The dark suits may have little faith in another Republican retread war hero who is pretty much like Senator Bob Dole. They may be looking for someone who will better serve them while he runs the world they way they want it run.

Is it too late for that? Do the dark suits run the world anymore? Can they? The tide has shifted away from our shores. It started shifting in 1971 when the Breton Woods system collapsed.[2] At the time, Nixon closed the gold window while he opened the door to China. Once again, "the people" caused this, one penny at a time. Today they buy baubles and trinkets made in China and who knows what else that is not Made in the U.S.A. Samuel Gompers (founder of the AFL and confidant of Presidents) would be horrified. [3][4] Gompers knew what to expect if American workers had to compete with Chinese workers. Helping the workers to get ahead is difficult. Serious people have sincerely tried.[5]

It may be time for a black President. (Okay, Obama is only half black but in a country where one drop of black blood makes one black, Obama is black. That's the rule.) With a black President, the United States can point once again to the moral leadership it provides the world. Remember when JFK was elected in 1960? He was the first (and only) Roman Catholic to become POTUS. Some worried that the Pope would start dictating U.S. policy. When that failed to happen, it was decided that JFK was a step forward in moral leadership. They still think that, those who believe the U.S. provides moral leadership.

Believers patriotically endorse what is happening in the Middle East while they send their sons and daughters to kill and die in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will "support the troops" if Washington decides to destroy Iran. That could be the last thing they ever do as power shifts away from them forever. Remember "Great Britain"? They ran the world for centuries.

- Morley Evans

Thanks to W.T. McPherren for "duhmockricy".

[1] POTUS is "President of the United States"