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JAPANESE ZEN was popular with the Samurai class. It traces its lineage directly from India through Bodhidharma to China and the Shaolin Temple. Zen has three main schools, Rinzai, Soto, and Tendai. 

A lifetime ago, I lived in a Soto temple in Kyoto. Our day started at 5:00 AM. We practiced Za-Zen five hours-a-day during the regular schedule and fifteen hours-a-day during the monthly sesshin. I did one for three days. Zen practice is very hard. That is why the Samurai liked it.

When I left Antaiji, the monks told me I would not be able to practice Za-Zen on my own. 

"Even if you manage to force yourself to do this, you will develop an unwholesome discipline." 

They were right. I can say I would not have survived what happened to me after I left Antaiji had I never been there.

I lived at the first Antaiji. It was in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. When I was there, Kyoto had already grown around the Temple and the huge agricultural property and woods that surrounded it. No doubt, the Soto sect finally sold the property to land developers for a bundle after I left in 1980. 

Antaiji built a new Temple in the mountains on coast of the Sea of Japan in Hyogo Prefecture. This is the new Antaji. The Abbot today is Muho. He is a German! Only serious Zen practitioners need apply. Zen practice is not easy.


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Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty answered this

If the US and Allies had not opened the 2nd front against the Germans in WW2, would not the Russians have won the war by themselves, having already defeated the vast majority of German forces in the East?

Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty, studied at University of Antwerp
Answered 14h ago


The Soviets were at the end of their rope, they were conscripting 16-year old boys by the end of the war.

Stalin’s private archive shows he planned to stop on the Vistula River in Poland and establish a defensive front there. Once that had been established, he would have made a separate peace with Hitler.

Morley Evans replied

I don’t agree. The Nazis were at the end of their rope too. The British and American presence in Western Europe mostly prevented the Red Army from reaching the English Channel. While the British contribution (which was significant) has been downgraded (by the Americans), the American contribution was about the same as WWI. American industry was enriched with lucrative contracts to supply materiel to Washington’s allies. Britain and Russia only recently finished paying off what they owed the United States for WWII. They borrowed this money to buy American materiel after they had used all their assets (gold, strategic properties and securities). War has always worked well for the United States. What happened to Great Britain and the British Empire? It was sucked dry by Washington and Wall Street. The Russians actually did better than the British. World Wars I & II finished off Washington’s original enemy, Great Britain. Listen to Prime Minister Theresa May. Like most British people — especially Winston Churchill who passionately believed in the "special relationship", May still hasn’t figured it out. Yes, the Communists were paying their war debt to the United States (their enemy) throughout the Cold War and after. Russians are no longer Communists but they are still the enemy as far as Americans are concerned.

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Unites States of America (without Alaska and Hawaii)

Washington surveys the world

Here's a thought:

The Americans (Washington) used the British to get rid of the French (Seven Years War). Then when George III refused to let the Americans move west into Indian territory, the Americans (Washington) used the French to get rid of the British (Cornwallis surrenders when the French navy shows up at Yorktown.) Before the revolution began, Thomas Paine was imported from England to put the gloss of Liberty on the American revolution. It was all about money and empire from the very beginning, folks. It never was about you. George and friends were secretly backed by the bankers in the City of London. They owned the British East India Company. The United States was one of their projects.

Flag of the United States of America

George Washington's army originally fought the British (Americans were the British) under the first British East India Company flag. It was called the Grand Union flag. The Betsey Ross flag story was dreamed up much later and added to the other American myths. 

The thirteen horizontal alternating red and white stripes were completely original to the British East India Company which had its own secret service, diplomatic corps, army and navy. Its owners could definitely get in to see the King of France. The king owed them lots of money with interest. Benjamin Franklin got to see the king too. Franklin had friends in high places. The British snubbed him.

The British East India Company took over the Indian subcontinent, invaded Afghanistan, and started the Opium Wars. The company invented international narco-trafficking and started the destruction of China and its colonization. An opium den on every street-corner in China was their goal. Remember these? Different company. Same idea. Smokable Opium is much more addictive than tobacco by itself. The Chinese emperor opposed this attack on his people.

The company was busy in Africa too but these are all different stories. The British East India Company was everywhere.

The Hudson's Bay Company was a completely different animal than the British East India Company. That goes far to explain the difference between Canada and the United States. Origins matter.

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Vertical flight

A few months ago, I came across a picture of a plane. It's air intake was in the nose. 

I thought it was a MiG-15, but it wasn't. It was an English Electric Lightning. I had never heard if such a thing so I began to read. It was designed and built by English Electric which was absorbed by BAC British Aircraft Corporation. It was designed in the late '40s. It could climb vertically and it held many records. It's ceiling was 50,000 feet. Its top speed was mach 2. 

It was superior to the Soviet MiG-15, the American F-86 Sabre and other jets of the Korean War era including the Supersabre.

How could I have never heard of it? ANSWER: It was a mainstay of the Royal Air Force. That's the reason. I was familiar with dozens of USAF planes. I had heard of the Avro Arrow because I'm a Canadian. Great Britain was history.

I know a little about American aviation because I watched American TV, read American magazines, watched American movies, and read American books.

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This sets the record straight after decades of lies. This question and answers were posted on

Do Americans today actually believe that their military battles resulted in their winning the Great War, WWI?

Opinion | How ‘Hyphenated Americans’ Won World War I
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3 Answers
John Bard
John Bard, Dabble, mainly in Anglo-Saxon and Roman history.
Answered 18h ago

Based upon the one other answer to this question, yes, Americans do seem to be under the impression that they contributed something substantial to the fighting in World War One.

Which is a typically lamentable misunderstanding of the situation.

The most significant American contribution was their factories. Their second greatest contribution was their shipyards.

Their third greatest contribution was morale; the arrival of new troops from a fresh new ally bolstered the resolve of the Entente armies - especially the French, who were exhausted by 1918 and had already suffered mutinies.

Their fourth greatest contribution was that by taking up position on quiet sectors of the front line, the American Expeditionary Forces freed up experienced and capable French divisions. This is the key contribution.

Why is it the key contribution?

Because when the Kaiserschlacht fell upon the British, French, and Belgian armies, it would likely have succeeded had their lines not been, so to speak, shortened, by the addition of the (to be perfectly frank) small but growing US presence. The following Hundred Days Offensive saw the AEF play a small peripheral role on the edge of the main French assaults, including a rightfully famous and praiseworthy defensive action in the Argonne.

But the majority of the offence in the Hundred Days was enacted by the British Army and by, to a somewhat lesser extent (and mainly due to the difficulty of the terrain), the French. It was the British and the French that smashed the armies of Imperial Germany. It was the British and the French that drove them back from all their gains. It was the British and the French that decisively penetrated Germany’s great bastion the Siegfried Line, and it was the advance of the British and the French that threw the German army into such a panic that it fled wholesale, forcing the Germans to sue for peace out of fear that the British and the French would mete out the same tender care to German civilians that the Germans had proffered to the French and Belgians who had the misfortune to be in occupied territory.

In these bloody matters the US played a peripheral and indirect role, and even then, thanks to the personality of their leadership under Pershing, they suffered more casualties than they needed to.

Canadians believe they won the War at Vimy Ridge because Canadian propaganda tells them so. Like Americans, Canadians believe lies. Thanks, Pierre Berton, you jackass.- ED

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British Airways Concorde


This is the only picture of the Concorde flying at Mach 2. It was  taken in April 1985 from a Royal Air Force Tornado fighter jet. Above the clouds and literally on the edge of space you can also see the earth’s curvature on the horizon. Over the Irish sea and rapidly running out of fuel the Tornado had a hard time catching up with the mighty Concorde. 

Mach 2 = 2469.6 kph and 1534.54 mph. Concorde sustained this speed for hours — much longer than any fast fighter jet, even today in 2018. After a fiery crash on a French runway, Concorde flights were discontinued. They were not profitable. Too bad. See the earth's curvature in the distance. My heart soars.

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I discovered Jazz in 1960 when I was 13 years old. Somehow it was overwhelmed with crap being sold by Dick Clark "America's teenager". 

But Jazz is still alive today thanks to aficionados who have uploaded it to YouTube. Truth can't be killed. You can enjoy Stan, Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida ("Tom") Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, and more!

Stan Getz

Rio de Janeiro was the coolest place anywhere. 
Perhaps, it still is.

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These two images demolish the Warren Commission conclusions about the JFK assassination. A look at the map of Dealey Plaza does the same thing. Why would anyone planning to shoot JFK choose to shoot a target that is moving away from him that is partially and sometimes completely obscured by trees when a clear shot is right in front of him and the target is moving slowly toward the sniper. Shooting a target on Houston Street would be even easier than shooting the target on Elm Street from the grassy knoll. Duh . . .

The supposed fatal shot.

Dan Rather sitting in the window

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Can you solve this problem? I don't think it can be solved. If A encrypts something how will C know how to unencrypt it?

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THOSE AMERICANS who are wallowing in U.S. military bullshit are currently led by the neocons who are snivelling cowards who will fight to the last drop of someone else's blood. 

History begins for most Americans with fake Indians dumping tea into Boston's harbour in 1773. Some Americans want to start a war with Russia. They believe nothing can or should stop them from ruling the world. They don't understand or know much.

Everyone should learn something about Russia. 

Russians are not people who curl up and die when attacked. The Teutons, the Mongols, the Turks, the French, and the Nazis all learned this hard lesson. Russians know and fear war. 

Americans will learn the lesson too. Americans do not know war. They think they do, but Americans have never been touched by war. War is something that happens somewhere else to someone else. That is why Americans are not afraid of war. Unfortunately, everyone will suffer if Washington gets WWIII started. They are constantly trying.

EDIT: The Civil War happened somewhere else to someone else. It was fought in "the South", all of it. Washington won, not "the North".

American warmongers are like mischevious boys playing with matches inside a dynamite warehouse. They don't know what dangers they are courting. They think they do.

You can learn something you should know here:

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The Americans who believe the United States has "the most powerful military the world has ever known" are itching for war with Russia. They think they can win. With only two of its biggest bombs Russia could make the eastern coast of the United States disappear, forever. Everything from Boston to Atlanta would be gone. What's in between? History proves that Russians do not curl up and die when attacked. A nuclear war would make everyone on the planet disappear, forever. Russians ignore provokations. Russians know and fear war. Americans do not. The John McCain funeral extravaganzas were war party rituals of ignorant barbarians who have no concept of the disasters they are courting. - Ed

Provocations Have A History Of Escalating Into War
Can War Be Avoided and the Planet Saved?
Paul Craig Roberts

I think that Martyanov and The Saker agree that my question is a valid one. Both emphasise in their highly informative writings that the court historians misrepresent wars in the interest of victors. Let’s give this a moment’s thought. Both Napoleon and Hitler stood at their apogee, their success unmitigated by any military defeat. Then they marched into Russia and were utterly destroyed. Why did they do this? They did it because their success had given them massive arrogance and belief in their “exceptionalism,” the dangerous word that encapsulates Washington’s belief in its hegemony.

The Zionist neoconservatives who rule in Washington are capable of the same mistake that Napoleon and Hitler made. They believe in “the end of history,” that the Soviet collapse means history has chosen America as the model for the future. Their hubris actually exceeds that of Napoleon and Hitler.

When confronted with such a deluded and ideological force, does turning the other cheek work or does it encourage more provocation?

This is the question before the Russian government.

Perhaps the Russian government will understand the meaning of the orchestrated eulogies for John McCain. It is not normal for a US senator to be eulogized in this way, especially one with such an undistinguished record. What is being eulogized is McCain’s hatred of Russia and his record as a warmonger. What Washington is eulogizing is its own commitment to war.


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It is well documented that the United States has been busy interfering with foreign governments everywhere in the world since 1945. See William Blum and read his books. 

Harry S Truman was a fine American humanitarian

The United States has a full-spectrum program involving propaganda, money (international finance and old-fashioned bribes), sex, torture, blackmail, assassination, coups d'état, fifth column subversion, sanctions, full-scale military invasions and everyone's favourite, BOMBING. Drones now bomb wedding parties in the Middle East all the way from Nevada.

American "Defence" wants to zap bad guys from outer space! JUST LIKE ZEUS, KING OF THE GODS!

The monster behind the program is dressed up as a kind loving person who is spreading freedom and human rights at a great cost to himself. He's so generous and good. Uncle Sam is like Santa!

It is as well-known that the Zionist Entity (aka Israel) and its supporters have an extraordinary amount of "influence" on what the United States does. They control the worldwide mind control system, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the U.S. President. There are no investigations of that, however. In some counties, it's illegal to even ask questions. Mums the word about it.

Instead, everyone is swamped 24/7 with "Russian control of Trump". People believe that Putin overturned the 2016 Presidential election and that as a Russian puppet, Trump is guilty of treason. After years of investigation, there is no evidence of this allegation.

Let's take a minute to shed a tear for beloved war hero U.S. Senator John S. McCain III.

Israeli Spying on Trump
By Philip Giraldi

August 29, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  It is ironic that the Robert Mueller investigation into possible collusion between the Russian government and the Donald Trump campaign continues to turn up nothing while the evidence of Israeli interference in the U.S. political system continues to surface without any outrage being expressed by either the media or American politicians.

The most recent revelation concerns a payment of $10,000 given to former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos in an Israeli hotel room in July 2017. A self-described Israeli businessman named Charles Tawil provided the money at the meeting, which was set up after Tawil flew to the Greek island Mykonos, where he met Papadopoulos and invited him to come to Israel to discuss some possible business relating to an oil and gas project in the Aegean Sea. Papadopoulos had met Tawil through an Israeli “political strategist” David Ha’ivri, who is a hard-line Israeli settler with close ties to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Papadopoulos agree to do so, leaving his wife Simona in Greece.

Papadopoulos took the money as a retainer and signed a contract for additional consulting services at $10,000 per month before he returned to Greece, where he gave the money to an attorney friend to hold. He shortly thereafter flew to Dulles International Airport near Washington, where he was arrested on May 27th and charged with giving false statements to the FBI. He was convicted in October and is due to be sentenced next week.

In an email, Ha’ivri explained how “We discussed potential consultancy work for a business in the Aegean, Cyprus and Middle East focusing on business related to gas and petroleum infrastructure because of Charles’ network of contacts and George’s specialization. The retainer would go first to cover [George’s] needs as he said that he had financial problems.” 


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WW II Casualties (Allies)

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“An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. There's a punishment for it, and it's usually crucifixion.” 

― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

AMERICANS GENERALLY BELIEVE that the United States has "the most powerful military the world has ever known." The military-security complex has been driving that into American heads since 1918. Everyone believes the United States saved the world at great cost to itself in both world wars. I did. I was shocked to learn the truth. Are you ready to be shocked? Could this really be true? It has been extensively researched. Look at the links.

THE REAL ROLE of the United States in both World Wars was to produce matériel and food to sell to others. U.S. industry boomed and Americans prospered while others fought and died. They were bled white. They had to recover from penury. They did.

Germany, Japan, China, and the Soviet Union were bombed into the stone age. Almost every country in the world was damaged except the United States which was completely untouched (except for Pearl Harbor with its WWI ships). Both world wars caused historic transfers of wealth to the United States. That is why Americans fondly remember war and its aftermath. They won.

Hollywood says so. At least East of Eden got some of it right. The father (Adam) refuses to take the money his son (Cal) earned because it was earned immorally, he said. Cal had bought beans low from desperate local farmers and sold them high to desperate British buyers.

The United States has not won a war since 1945 but that hasn't mattered to the American military-security complex, which has profited by selling "security" to Americans ever since the world wars. Americans are far from being secure. They should demand their money back. Americans should demand their country back.

The U.S. military is everyone's enemy. 

Maintaining existential threats is necessary to justify the current $1,000,000,000,000 dollar annual "defence" budget. Everyone else in the United States suffers while the war-mongers get richer. Americans get less than nothing for what militarism costs them. Americans are less secure not more secure while the United States crumbles around their ears. It is perverse. 

It is sick.

With Breton Woods in 1944, the U.S. dollar replaced the British Pound Sterling as the world's reserve currency. President Nixon "closed the gold window" in 1973 and created the "petrodollar" to finish establishing the United States as the world hegemon.

The seeds of Washington's downfall had already been sown.

The post-war American foreign policy objective is to keep everyone else down to preserve America's position as "king of the mountain". The objective announced by the neocons in 1997 is not new. It was the policy of John Foster Dulles and Allan Dulles and every one since the Dulles brothers.

Along with Great Britain and the British Empire, the world's top countries used to be in Europe. They were reduced to American vassalages cowering from the Soviet threat under the "nuclear umbrella" held by the United States. With the EU, their sovereignty was usurped by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels whose policies coincidentally agree with the CIA.

American allies are ill-treated. The Soviet Union and China who paid the price to win WW II immediately became mortal enemies to replace the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany. Enemies are necessary to the U.S. empire. Enemies are VITAL. Great Britain lost its empire, its markets, and its industries (by American design) — completing the goals of the American Revolution. Germany and Japan did well. No one has done as well as the State of Israel and the Zionists, however.

Everyone is in greater danger today than they were in during the Cold War. Charles de Gaulle figured out the American game before WW II had ended. He kept France out of NATO after the war. There are no American bases in France today. Germany and the United Kingdom have many. There are as many as a thousand U.S. military bases around the world.

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John S McCain III

Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of 
This Asshole
By Caitlin Johnstone

“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness — and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.” ~ Arundhati Roy

fake news
President Nixon appears to be welcoming an injured John McCain home from Vietnam. McCain must have just stepped off the plane, we suppose. Nixon appears to be thanking the hero for his service in Vietnam. In fact, McCain had just been released from Bethesda Naval Hospital where he had a minor surgery. McCain decided to wear his Navy whites and pick up the crutches, which he discarded when he left the photo op. The crutches were props. It was all an act as phoney as his entire life. John McCain was a complete lie from beginning to end.
Was John McCain well-loved by Republicans? Ronnie and Nacy hated him for the way he betrayed and dumped his first wife, Carol.

August 24, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  John McCain’s family has announced that the Arizona Senator has opted to end treatment for brain cancer and live out his final few days in peace, presumably under the best hospice care money can buy. And I sincerely hope that it is peaceful. My statements about my desire for John McCain to shuffle off this mortal coil sooner rather than later have been highly publicized, and I stand by all of them, but I don’t wish him a painful or agitated end.

And, also, I am going to keep hammering on how very important it is that we refuse to bow to the aggressive demands from establishment loyalists that we are respectful of this warmongering psychopath and his blood-soaked legacy.

Johnnyboy — AKA United States Senator John S McCain III — was a true representative of Washington's blood-soaked empire. They are making him a national hero and rightly so. Rah rah! "Bomb Iran! Bomb Iran! Ha Ha" Johnny was a funny man.


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There are no good guys
in this squalid drama of American politics.

The American Scream
By Finian Cunningham

August 23, 2018 "Information Clearing House"

JUST LIKE WHEN THE MEDIEVAL EXECUTIONERS tortured their prisoners to scream out for "mercy", so today two former aides of US President Donald Trump are put being on the rack to extract a begging response. If they finger the president, then maybe mercy will be shown to the prisoners.

Trump's former lawyer and his campaign manager are facing lengthy prison sentences for financial fraud and political campaign irregularities. Michael Cohen could get five years in jail, while Paul Manafort faces a soul-crushing 80 years behind bars. A de facto death sentence, given his age.

The set-up here is so obvious and pathetic. Both men are being dangled by the feet ahead of their sentencing, with the blatant purpose of forcing them to incriminate Trump, and in that way, Trump's political enemies finally get their long-held objective of impeaching the president.

This is how the "American Dream" really operates. It's dirty, grim, and brutal, and has very little to do with democracy or rule of law. Forget the emblems of supposed American civility, the white-picket fences, apple pie in bourgeois comfort, old glory fluttering down at the courthouse, and all those other imaginary democratic virtues.

American politics has more in common with Francis Ford Coppola's classic movie, The Godfather, illustrating how organized crime is intertwined with politicians and lawmakers. Mob practices are more the currency of American politics than dainty civic duties. In reality, it's not the American Dream, it's the American Scream.


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One of the best-kept secrets of the Second World War is (was because now you know) that the British and Americans broke the diplomatic and military codes of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan who never realized that their enemies were reading their minds and anticipating their every move. Did FDR know about Pearl Harbor before the attack? You bet he did. Read Day of Deceit by Robert Stinett. He was written off as a conspiracy nut. 

To this day, the official story is that the Japanese task force sailing to bomb Pearl Harbor kept strictly silent to avoid detection and that the attack came as a complete surprise to the American President. 

According to Stinett, only General Short and Admiral Kimmel were in the dark. They had been set up by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Admiral King to take the fall. Pearl Harbour was bait in the trap that had been set for Japan. 

The British were kept in the dark too along with General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines. General MacArthur was not "in the loop." MacArthur was Army. Great Britain and its empire was history.


[edited for clarity, grammar, and punctuation]

THE GERMANS KNEW that one of Japan’s codes had been broken. They informed Japan and Japan just didn’t believe them.

The Type B Cipher Machine was introduced by Japan in 1938 and was code-named PURPLE by the US Signals and Intelligence Service (SIS). William F. Friedman, who worked for the SIS, would be the man to break the code.

WF Friedman
Bust of Friedman in The National Cryptologic Museum in Maryland.

However, he and his colleagues didn’t just break the poor code, they eviscerated it. They were able to build a functional replica of the Type B Cipher without ever seeing a real one.

“Fake” Type B Cipher machine

Type B was used for diplomatic messages. America could now listen in to what the government of Japan told their diplomats and vice versa; a powerful tool during a time when the US was vying with Japan for dominance in the Pacific. It also provided information on the German military.

During World War II, the Japanese ambassador to Nazi Germany, General Hiroshi Oshima was well-informed on German military affairs. His reports went to Tokyo in Purple-enciphered radio messages. Examples include a comment that Hitler told him on June 3, 1941, that in every probability war with Russia cannot be avoided. In July and August 1942 he toured the Russian front and in 1944 the Atlantic Wall fortifications against invasion along the coasts of France and Belgium, and on September 4 that Hitler told him that Germany would strike in the West, probably in November. Since these messages were being read by the Allies, this provided valuable intelligence about German military preparations against the forthcoming invasion of Western Europe. He was described by General George Marshall as "our main basis of information regarding Hitler's intentions in Europe".

So how did the Germans get wind of this? Well, there seem to be two stories.

According to Francis Pike in Hirohito’s War, it was due to “British sloppiness” in 1941. The Germans had broken the British diplomatic code and some of the material deciphered suggested that the US was reading Japan’s diplomatic messages. The Germans passed on their suspicions but they simply were not believed.

The second version of events comes from the Wikipedia page for the Type B Cipher (linked above). This time, the Soviets take the blame.

In April 1941, Hans Thomsen, a diplomat at the German embassy in Washington, D.C., sent a message to Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German foreign minister, informing him that "an absolutely reliable source" had told Thomsen that the Americans had broken the Japanese diplomatic cypher (that is, Purple). That source apparently was Konstantin Umansky, the Soviet ambassador to the US, who had deduced the leak based upon communications from Sumner Welles. The message was duly forwarded to the Japanese, but the use of the code continued.

Regardless, Imperial Japan continued to use the Type B Cipher throughout the war believing it to be unbreakable.


German Enigma code machine

Up until the British managed to completely decrypt it, this device here was a nightmare for the Allies.

The Enigma machine is an encryption device that would scramble any text written with it in accordance to the machine’s settings. They look like gibberish when written, but when it runs through another machine with the same settings, they become the location of every ship in the Atlantic and every German offensive.

Only problem was, Enigma had 159,000,000,000,000,000,000 (159 billion, billion) possible settings.

This encryption code was nearly unbreakable, if not for a slip-up on part of the Germans’ nationalistic ideals. Regardless, for a machine that would take 20 million years to check up all the settings, the Germans were very confident with it.

It was just unthinkable back then that anyone would be able to guess 159 billion, billion different solutions.

Then, this man showed up.

Alan Turning

The mathematician Alan Turing led the British Enigma decryption effort at Bletchley Park. At Hut 8, amongst the most significant contributions that Turing gifted the Allies was a significant improvement to the Polish bomba kryptologiczna machines, which played a pivotal part in breaking Enigma.

This machine is the Bombe.

Bombe museum rebuild

The Bombe was designed to crack the Germans’ Enigma settings, reducing 20 million years’ work to around a few hours to just under an hour or so. This was yet to be successful, but by 1941, Turing discovered a critical error within the Germans’ messages: at the end of every transmission were two words that helped the Allies save 14 million lives and end World War II by 1945 instead of 1947,

“Heil Hitler”.

Because of this phrase’s repetitiveness, the men and women at Bletchley Park were finally able to decipher Enigma’s daily settings at a substantially faster rate, allowing the British to stay one step ahead of Germany.

But the problem was, what if the Germans found out?

Well, that’s a relatively simple question to answer. The Germans would immediately change the design of Enigma, or scrap "Heil Hitler" from their messages, and just 6 hours after finding out that the British were peeking into their Enigma flow, the Germans would be back with a genuinely unbreakable code this time.

And this time, the Allies would be all but helpless.

And this is where Ultra comes in.

In order to divert the Germans’ attention from the possibility that Enigma had been breached, the Allies created a fake intelligence ring that gave the impression of being very well-placed deep behind enemy lines. This intelligence ring, later codenamed ULTRA, helped lead the Germans into thinking that these phantom agents were responsible for all of the offensives where the British easily countered a planned German attack. The Germans never suspected there was an Alan Turing along with his Bombe at Bletchley Park. The Germans looked for something that never existed. That is counterintelligence (MI-6) at its finest.

Conclusion: the Germans didn’t know they were being spied on because of ULTRA and they didn't redesign ENIGMA. They did add a set of wheels, however, increasing what was believed to be unsurpassable complexity. That was decoded too.

A more complete story of Enigma.

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The JFK Assassination is important because it reveals the reality of the United States which is not what most Americans believe. Non-Americans, especially those who have been conquered and plundered by Washington, have been aware of the truth for a long time. American Indians were the first to experience this reality. American Confederates know too. The list is very long including American "White Trash" and "People of Colour" of various shades. You may not make the grade.

Remington XP-100 Fireball

Saturday, August 11, 2018


MXVIII V.1.0.5
by Morley Evans

This is the coronation of Alexander III.

Coronation of Alexander III and Empress Maria Federovna

This painting (it is not a photograph) of the coronation of Alexander III of Russia in 1845 illustrates the Russian State. If one compares this to the coronation of Elizabeth II, in 1953, one sees the same elements of social control: the sovereign; the aristocracy; the church; the military.

The immediate line of succession goes from Alexander I (1801-1825); Nicholas I (1825-1855); Alexander II ( 1855-1881); Alexander III (1881-1894); Nicholas II (1894-1917).

Social reforms in the Russia Empire began with Alexander II who freed the serfs in 1861 and introduced many other important reforms. Napoleon was defeated by Alexander I in 1812. Russia brought peace to Europe. The Russian army paraded in Paris. Napoleon was exiled to Elba. This triumph would be repeated by Joseph Stalin in 1945 when Hitler attempted to better Napoleon.

Note: The Russian campaign was a complete disaster. Napoleon invaded Russia with over 500,000 men. More than ninety percent were lost. Le Grande Armée was destroyed.

Alexander III died of nephritis in 1894 when he was 49 years old. He was succeeded by the Tsarevitch Nicholas II who was 26. 

The Great War ended the Romanov line and destroyed the Russian Empire that became the Soviet Union.

German Field Marshal Erich Ludendorff eliminated the Russian front by sending Vladimir Lenin to St. Petersburg during the Great War on the "sealed train". Lenin organized a coup d'état seizing power from the Mensheviks who had been trying to set up a system similar to British parliamentary democracy, retaining the tzar and the social structure while reforming it. 

Like the French revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks abolished the power structure. They made peace with Germany on unfavourable terms; executed (in secret) the tzar and his family; destroyed and replaced the aristocracy; abolished religion and persecuted the Orthodox Church; replaced the market with a Marxian bureaucracy. A pervasive terror was launched by Felix Dzerzhinsky that lasted into the Stalinist era.

NOTE: Stalin was to the Russian Revolution what Napoleon was to the French Revolution. Napoleon's only ally was the United States. 

Social order is necessary. Human societies create institutions because they need them. Social structures cannot be thrown away without consequences. Fear and terrorism are poor substitues for willing consent. War is useful. A common enemy welds people together. That is why "War is the Health of the State."

Stalin's purges consolidated his power by eliminating his Bolshevik rivals, especially Trotsky. "Iron Felix" and the Lubyanka remained. A Soviet joke asks, "Why is the Lubiyanka the tallest building in Moscow?" The answer is, "Because you can see Siberia from the basement." Siberia isn't the only thing one could see there. The basement contained the torture chambers.

Better times have returned to Russia and its people. People are unaware that the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, and all the liberalizing revolutions were predated by the American Revolution which contains the essential elements and dowfall of all the rest.

Americans, you are not different.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Halfway through this segment, Brando says when he read The Indians of the Americas he realized he knew absolutely nothing about the Indians or about true American history. What he knew was completely wrong. Marlon Brando grew up in Nebraska in the heart of Indian territory, not in New York City or Los Angeles.


The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

By Edward Curtin

“Ahab is forever Ahab, man.  This whole act’s immutably decreed.  ‘Twas rehearsed by thee and me billion years before this ocean rolled.  Fool!  I am the Fates’ lieutenant; I act under orders.”

– Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint…But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voice.”

– C. S. Lewis, author’s preface, 1962, The Screwtape Letters

August 06, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  American history can only accurately be described as the story of demonic possession, however you choose to understand that phrase.  Maybe radical “evil” will suffice.  But right from the start the American colonizers were involved in massive killing because they considered themselves divinely blessed and guided, a chosen people whose mission would come to be called “manifest destiny.”  Nothing stood in the way of this divine calling, which involved the need to enslave and kill millions and millions of innocent people that continues down to today.  “Others” have always been expendable since they have stood in the way of the imperial march ordained by the American god. This includes all the wars waged based on lies and false flag operations. It is not a secret, although most Americans, if they are aware of it, prefer to see it as a series of aberrations carried out by “bad apples.”  Or something from the past.

Our best writers and prophets have told us the truth: Thoreau, Twain, William James, MLK, Fr. Daniel Berrigan, et al.: we are a nation of killers of the innocent.  We are conscienceless.  We are brutal.  We are in the grip of evil forces.

The English writer D. H. Lawrence said it perfectly in 1923, “The American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer.  It has never yet melted.”  It still hasn’t.

When on August 6 and 9, 1945 the United States killed 200-300 thousand innocent Japanese civilians with atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they did so intentionally.  It was an act of sinister state terrorism, unprecedented by the nature of the weapons but not by the slaughter. The American terror bombings of Japanese cities that preceded the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – led by the infamous Major General Curtis LeMay – were also intentionally aimed at Japanese civilians and killed hundreds of thousands of them.

Is there an American artist’s painting of Tokyo destroyed by the firebombing to go next to Picasso’s Guernica, where estimates of the dead range between 800 and 1,600?  In Tokyo alone more than 100,000 Japanese civilians were burnt to death by cluster bombs of napalm. All this killing was intentional. I repeat: Intentional.  Is that not radical evil? Demonic? Only five Japanese cities were spared such bombing.


Monday, August 6, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Yes, despite Western propaganda, there are some nice things in Russia. Here's one of them.

Darya Klishina

Oh, and despite a common misconception, It is not always winter in Russia. Russian summers are nice. It is not always nightime either. It is pretty much like here. This was true even in the Stalinist era.

Ukraine (until recently, known as the Ukraine) has very nice things too. Here are two of my friends in Ukraine.



I have become a big fan!

Dima Vorobiev
Dima Vorobiev writes:

A Russian, in our classic old-time tradition, is someone who:

1. Speaks Russian
2. Calls himself Orthodox (though no faith in God is much required)
3. Pledges loyalty to the sitting Russian ruler

If all three check for you, you can be Black, First American (American Indian) or Alpha-Centaurian— and still call yourself Russian.