Saturday, March 17, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Mercator projection

RUSSIAN PEOPLE (Slavs) have overcome constant attacks for centuries by uniting and fighting for survival. Russians were demonized and underestimated by the Teutons, the Mongols, the Turks, the French and the Nazis. Washington is making the same mistake today. At five foot seven, Putin stands head and shoulders over the pygmies who lead the enemies of the Russian Federation. Stalin saved the Soviet Union. (More than twice.) Putin is much better than Stalin. Listen to Mikhail Gorbachev. He couldn’t save the Soviet Union from unravelling, but he did set Russia on a new path. Russians will lead the world into the bright, peaceful, prosperous and harmonious future that the U.S.A. promised but didn’t deliver. Instead, Americans gave us hatred, death, destruction and lies. Just watch what is going to happen.

The implications of Russia's new weapon Systems

Thursday, March 15, 2018


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WAR CLOUDS ARE GATHERING but it is spring and love is in the air. Alinochka (Алиночка) is Helen. I am Paris, Prince of Troy. The Greeks claimed I kidnapped Helen. Actually, we fell in love and ran off together. Alina has the face that launched a thousand ships. She is Helen.

Alinka, you are a breath of fresh air. You are a sweet spring puff wafting over snow melting in the warm sunshine. You are a breeze carrying the perfume of wild crocus flowers and tulips blooming on the hillsides. Birds twitter their mating songs to serenade us as we mate. Love. Life. Nothing else matters, only you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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by Morley Evans

David Irving

FEW PEOPLE HAVE THE TIME OR TALENT to look into anything. In the "information age" most people today are as ill-informed as were most people in the Dark Ages. Mark Twain observed that “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed.” Universities are not as dedicated to The Truth as most people imagine. Universities are a business. Most instructors usually are hacks drilling someone else's ideas into young heads. Students enroll to learn a marketable skill and become members of clubs that provide access to The System. Universities are ruled by politics as are other human organisations. History is important. George Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” (1984.) Napoleon wrote L'histoire est un ensemble de mensonges convenus. (History is a set of lies agreed upon.) People don't like to have their beliefs challenged. Authorities who are challenged punish those who dare.

Jesus' fate was not unique. Jesus suffered ghastly consequenses because He challenged The System which is Lucifer's realm. The Prophets were also persecuted similarly by the Kings and their minions. This is what The System does. Christ's resurrection is unique. Place not your faith in the Works of Man.

Matthew 13:57 And they took offence at him. But Jesus said to them, “Prophets are not without honour except in their own country and in their own house.”

Is what everyone knows about our past true? Perhaps it is not, despite what the experts all say.

David Irving Website
David Irving Books


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by Morley Evans

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

As a rule, man is a fool,
When it's hot, he wants it cool;
When it's cool, he wants it hot,
Always wanting what it is not.

- Anonymous

Monday, March 12, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Dear Prime Minister May,

Relentless British government war-mongering endangers everyone on the planet. Russia has replaced Germany who replaced France as Great Britain's perennis hostibus. That takes us back 1,000 years (more or less) to William the Conqueror.

Great Britain does not have a “special relationship” with the United States of America. That idea was Winston Churchill’s principle delusion. It is the State that dares to call itself "Israel" that has a special relationship with the United States, not Great Britain. The big loser of both World Wars I and II was Great Britain. The big winner was the United States. The mortal enemies Germany and Japan did much better after 1945 than Great Britain, America's main ally.

You only need to look around to see that this is true. Who enjoys the “special relationship” with the U.S.A.? Compare the reception you received when you addressed the Republican “conservatives” to the wild standing ovations Congress gives Mr Netanyahu whenever he visits America's grovelling leaders. 

Russia is not anyone’s enemy. Washington is everyone’s enemy. Washington is not your friend or mine. I recommend reading David Irving’s book on Winston Churchill as well as Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War by Patrick Buchanan.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “nothing in politics is an accident.” He knew. Washington has carefully planned and worked for the demise of the British Empire and Great Britain from the beginning. American books that pack American libraries reveal Washington’s record since 1776. 

Russia is big enough. Russia has no desire to be the world hegemon. That was not even Stalin’s goal. Remember Stalin’s dictum “Socialism in one Country”? World domination was Trotsky's ambition. The neocons (who are Trotsky's descendants) think they already rule the world and they want more. They are the enemy, not Putin and Russia.

After the Second World War, Churchill exclaimed, "We killed the wrong pig!" He went to his grave without understanding who the right pig was and is.


The U.S.A. is not Rome, but it thinks it is. Americans got that idea from the British who also thought they were Romans.  Look at the architecture in Washington, DC. The British are not the Greeks. Russia is not Carthage. Washington is not your friend. It never was. Washington is the reason Great Britain went into the dumpster and became the U.K. If we attack Russia, Russia will wipe us off the face of the earth. Does it matter if they will be killed too? Idiots should not be allowed to play with fire in a dynamite factory. Do you remember what happened in 1914? The West (Washington and its vassals) is already at war with Russia. They never stop. Though rebuffed, Russia is not at war with us yet. Stop playing with matches. Stop coddling criminals. 

Stop insulting Russia. Make friends.

Morley Evans

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Dwight D. Eisenhower

EVERY GUN THAT IS MADE, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. …

We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. … This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron. […] Is there no other way the world may live?

- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Monday, March 5, 2018


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by Morley Evans

One thousand years ago, the Kingdom of Hungary was founded. Like the Empire of Germany, Hungary was destroyed by the "peace treaties" that wrapped up the Great War. Austria did worse. Polyglot countries that had never existed before were created. Poland, which was carved out of Germany, was one of them. No consideration was given to the value of what was chopped up with a meat axe. It was all worthless. It was all bad. A new world was being created. Freedom and democracy would prevail. This is not much different from what Lenin had in mind.

Americans like to think they saved the world. They did not. Woodrow Wilson presided like an emperor at Versailles. Wilson thought he was an adult settling a feud between squabbling children. Although Wilson was taller than everyone else, he insisted his chair be on a dais so he would be even taller. 

The Big Four at Versailles
(left to right) Prime Ministers David Lloyd George of Great Britain, Vittorio Orlando of Italy, Georges Clemenceau of France, and President Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson unleashed Hell's demons with the phrase "everyone has the right of self-determination." Social relations that took hundreds of years to form were destroyed with a stroke of a pen. Unattainable aspirations were created, and chaos has ensued. 

The Ottoman Empire was carved up similarly. People who had lived together peacefully for a thousand years became enemies. Since 9/11/2001, Washington has succeeded in creating a war of all against all in the Middle East. American weapons manufacturing has been the primary beneficiary of these wars — beginning with WWI.

The Great War (WWI) is undoubtedly Mankind's greatest calamity — so far.


Friday, February 16, 2018


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by Morley Evans

EVERYONE KNOWS that Operation Barbarossa was thwarted by the Russian Winter. Was it? How cold was the Russian winter that year? Data show the minimum, mid-range and maximum temperatures each day during the Battle of Moscow as recorded at the airport at Khodynskoe field, Moscow. See below.

The Nazi armies remained deep inside the Soviet Union despite winter hardships until 1944 when Soviet Operation Bagration cut the guts out of Army Group Centre (22 June to 19 August 1944). The Battle of Stalingrad ended on 2 February 1943. The Seige of Leningrad ended 27 January 1944. The savage fighting killed millions on both sides. The Eastern Front of World War II set new records — outdoing even the Great War on the Western Front.

60,000 German POWs paraded in Moscow 1944

January 1942 was very cold according to the data below. There were two week-long periods below -30°C and one night when it was -40.1°C. The deep freeze moderated in between. October, November, December, February and March were much warmer. It was a regular winter according to these data. 

Look at the "Tmid" and "Tmax" temperatures in January 1942. The Germans adapted to the miseries they faced and fought well. They deserve respect without honour because they were the aggressors. Operation Barbarosa was Hitler's big personal mistake. General Heinz Guderian said they seriously underestimated the Soviet Union and the Russian people.

The Wehrmacht was defeated by the Red Army and superior Soviet leadership and logistics, not the Russian winter. It was all downhill for Nazi Germany from the summer of 1944 until the spring. The end came on 8 May 1945. Of course, Canadians think they did everything. They did not. Neither did Americans. But Americans were the big winners...



Panzer IV

Horse and handler

Panzer IV column in mud

Light armour in the snow.

Horse in bog with handler

Of course bitter cold is paralysing if one does not have proper clothing and shelter which the Wehrmacht did not have. The vast expanses of spring mud were even worse than the cold after the ice and snow melted. Did you know the Nazi armies were transported from place to place by teams of horses and wagons? I'll bet you didn't know that. Unlike the British, Soviets and Americans, the Germans didn't have much petroleum. The Nazis had to save every drop for planes and tanks and such.

Stopped! Were Soviets responsible? Was winter?

What everyone knows is wrong. As usual. Everyone has been trained by Hollywood, TV, and the rest of the brainwashing system including universities and schools. Their heads are filled with bullshit from cradle to grave. Americans, imitating Clint Eastwood, say, "Make my day!" John Wayne never went to war either. Holywood wars do look very real though!

The first rule when planning to invade Russia is DON'T. Bismarck and Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke knew that. But over the centuries people have been trying. 

Washington, DC, which thinks it has "the most powerful military the world has ever known" is itching to try next. They aren't too smart in Washington. They actually believe they have never lost a war. Huh? 

Are you winning in Afghanistan? You've been there for sixteen years fighting tribesmen who have small arms and improvised explosive devices. The Taliban still controls almost the whole country. They control almost everything outside the Green Zone in Kabul. Golly Gee Willikers! It's just like Vietnam. It's worse! Syria? How are you doing there? Did you win in Vietnam? How about Korea? 

Which wars have you won since 1945? None? Of course, the U.S.A. did manage to use terrorists to murder Ghadafi and destroy Lybia. Ghadafi had a very small army. The "No Fly Zone" disabled that. Americans did manage to turn Iraq into the slaughterhouse it is today. "Mission Accomplished!" INDEED!

Did the U.S.A. really win WWII and WWI? Stay tuned. We'll be answering that very question soon.

War is not fun.

They could use a nice warm bath.

War is fun only for armchair generals who have never actually suffered in a war themselves. The Pentagon is full of armchair generals and neocons. Send them to war. The CIA and NSA are worse. They play with computers in nice clean offices in Langley and Fort Meade. They make other people suffer. Military contractors make billions designing and manufacturing wonder-weapons for others to use to slaughter their brothers and sisters. They don't get their hands dirty even when counting filthy lucre.

WGF Hegel said, "We learn from history that we don't learn from history."

You can start your education here: The Unknown War with Burt Lancaster. This TV documentary was produced by Americans with full Soviet co-operation and access to Soviet archives. It was never broadcast. About 90% of WW II in Europe remains the unknown war. Russians, Ukrainians, and Belorussians know about it, of course. Some older Germans know too. Everyone watches Hollywood movies, even Russians and Ukrainians

After WW II, the French thought the Soviets were mostly responsible for Nazi Germany's defeat. The British were next. The Americans were thought to have contributed the least. Public opinion polls have asked this question over the years. Today most French people think the U.S.A. won the war. Propaganda does work. Thanks "Sergeant York" "Rambo" "Hogan's Heroes" "Mrs. Miniver" and "Casablanca"!

A comma is used in the data below instead of a period when decimals are shown. Americans may want to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit. Water freezes at +32°F or zero Celcius. It was not particularly cold most of the time! Ask anyone in North Dakota or Saskatchewan where it is usually much colder. Try daytime cold snaps of -33°C or overnight temperatures of -40°C without the windchill.

"Battle of Moscow, encyclopedia.

Source: Метеорологические наблюдения метеостанции Центрального аэродрома им. М.В.Фрунзе (Ходынское поле, Москва)

(meteorological data provided by meteorological station of M.V.Frunze airport located at Khodynskoe field, Moscow).

Battle of Moscow, 1941-42. Daily temperatures.
By studying this, you will see that there was absolutely nothing unusual and nothing extreme in 1941/42 winter. So, it is absolutely ridiculous to say, that Wehrmacht was stopped by the "general Frost".

Tmin, Tmid, Tmax -- minimum, medium, maximum temperatue of air in Celsium.

Tmin=+2,8 Tmid=+8,4 Tmax=+14,4

Tmin=-1,2 Tmid=+5,1 Tmax=+14,1

Tmin=-1,8 Tmid=+3,9 Tmax=+12,5

Tmin=+1,0 Tmid=+8,4 Tmax=+10,9

Tmin=-0,9 Tmid=+6,0 Tmax=+9,7

Tmin=-3,2 Tmid=+1,7 Tmax=+6,5

Tmin=-4,9 Tmid=+0,8 Tmax=+1,5

Tmin=-5,3 Tmid=+0,4 Tmax=+1,6

Tmin=-5,6 Tmid=+2,7 Tmax=+6,1

Tmin=-4,2 Tmid=-1,7 Tmax=+2,5

Tmin=-4,8 Tmid=-1,7 Tmax=+1,6

Tmin=-5,4 Tmid=-1,8 Tmax=+1,9

Tmin=-4,8 Tmid=-0,9 Tmax=+3,7

Tmin=-4,9 Tmid=-1,3 Tmax=+0,2

Tmin=-4,5 Tmid=-1,8 Tmax=+0,7

Tmin=-5,1 Tmid=-2,0 Tmax=+1,0

Tmin=-5,5 Tmid=-1,6 Tmax=+0,6

Tmin=-7,9 Tmid=-2,3 Tmax=+0,4

Tmin=-9,5 Tmid=-0,3 Tmax=+4,0

Tmin=-0,2 Tmid=+3,8 Tmax=+6,4

Tmin=+3,2 Tmid=+6,2 Tmax=+7,6

Tmin=+3,7 Tmid=+5,4 Tmax=+6,5

Tmin=+3,4 Tmid=+3,8 Tmax=+6,2

Tmin=+0,2 Tmid=+2,1 Tmax=+3,7

Tmin=0 Tmid=+2,3 Tmax=+3,8

Tmin=+3,7 Tmid=+4,0 Tmax=+4,3

Tmin=+1,2 Tmid=+4,0 Tmax=+7,8

Tmin=-1,2 Tmid=+1,6 Tmax=+4,4

Tmin=-5,2 Tmid=-0,1 Tmax=+3,8

Tmin=-1,1 Tmid=+2,3 Tmax=+7,1

Tmin=-0,9 Tmid=+1,2 Tmax=+2,7

Tmin=+2,0 Tmid=+3,4 Tmax=+6,2

Tmin=+4,1 Tmid=+5,2 Tmax=+7,3

Tmin=-2,0 Tmid=+1,5 Tmax=+4,2

Tmin=-5,3 Tmid=-2,6 Tmax=-2,2

Tmin=-6,1 Tmid=-3,7 Tmax=-2,4

Tmin=-7,5 Tmid=-4,0 Tmax=+0,4

Tmin=-5,2 Tmid=-3,8 Tmax=-2,6

Tmin=-3,8 Tmid=-0,3 Tmax=+2,1

Tmin=-0,6 Tmid=+1,0 Tmax=+2,5

Tmin=-2,3 Tmid=-0,3 Tmax=+0,8

Tmin=-14,7 Tmid=-9,2 Tmax=-4,2

Tmin=-16,3 Tmid=-14,2 Tmax=-12,4

Tmin=-17,7 Tmid=-14,8 Tmax=-11,8

Tmin=-10,5 Tmid=-9,4 Tmax=-6,4

Tmin=-7,3 Tmid=-6,4 Tmax=-4,2

Tmin=-8,1 Tmid=-6,4 Tmax=-5,0

Tmin=-10,4 Tmid=-8,7 Tmax=-5,4

Tmin=-11,6 Tmid=-9,2 Tmax=-7,3

Tmin=-8,8 Tmid=-7,2 Tmax=-4,6

Tmin=-5,9 Tmid=-5,1 Tmax=-4,1

Tmin=-5,9 Tmid=-4,6 Tmax=-4,0

Tmin=-8,1 Tmid=-5,5 Tmax=-5,6

Tmin=-9,7 Tmid=-8,4 Tmax=-8,0

Tmin=-10,5 Tmid=-9,4 Tmax=-9,1

Tmin=-10,3 Tmid=-8,5 Tmax=-6,2

Tmin=-8,8 Tmid=-7,6 Tmax=-6,5

Tmin=-9,9 Tmid=-8,4 Tmax=-8,1

Tmin=-9,9 Tmid=-7,7 Tmax=-6,2

Tmin=-6,4 Tmid=-4,2 Tmax=-2,1

Tmin=-2,6 Tmid=-0,8 Tmax=0

Tmin=-13,6 Tmid=-8,0 Tmax= 0

Tmin=-17,5 Tmid=-13,4 Tmax=-9,8

Tmin=-17,7 Tmid=-6,2 Tmax=-2,3

Tmin=-21,5 Tmid=-15,6 Tmax=-10,2

Tmin=-25,3 Tmid=-23,6 Tmax=-0,9

Tmin=-25,2 Tmid=-22,6 Tmax=-20,1

Tmin=-25,4 Tmid=-21,7 Tmax=-17,5

Tmin=-19,4 Tmid=-7,9 Tmax=+0,2

Tmin=-0,7 Tmid=+0,1 Tmax=+1,0

Tmin=-3,7 Tmid=-2,4 Tmax=+1,1

Tmin=-9,1 Tmid=-5,2 Tmax=+1,8

Tmin=-9,8 Tmid=-3,9 Tmax=+3,9

Tmin=-19,4 Tmid=-16,2 Tmax=-11,6

Tmin=-20,4 Tmid=-17,3 Tmax=-14,1

Tmin=-23,5 Tmid=-19,2 Tmax=-14,9

Tmin=-16,2 Tmid=-7,2 Tmax=-1,1

Tmin=-12,7 Tmid=-10,6 Tmax=-8,5

Tmin=-13,7 Tmid=-11,8 Tmax=-9,2

Tmin=-16,1 Tmid=-12,4 Tmax=-7,8

Tmin=-18,7 Tmid=-14,0 Tmax=-9,9

Tmin=-19,3 Tmid=-10,0 Tmax=-2,3

Tmin=-8,0 Tmid=-3,7 Tmax=+0,8

Tmin=-2,4 Tmid=-0,5 Tmax=+0,5

Tmin=-13,3 Tmid=-9,4 Tmax=-5,2

Tmin=-20,6 Tmid=-16,8 Tmax=-12,7

Tmin=-23,2 Tmid=-17,6 Tmax=-12,5

Tmin=-16,2 Tmid=-14,2 Tmax=-14,0

Tmin=-22,2 Tmid=-19,8 Tmax=-16,7

Tmin=-22,7 Tmid=-19,4 Tmax=-16,8

Tmin=-30,0 Tmid=-27,4 Tmax=-23,8

Tmin=-31,3 Tmid=-23,6 Tmax=-16,0

Tmin=-30,0 Tmid=-25,4 Tmax=-19,7

Tmin=-31,3 Tmid=-29,0 Tmax=-26,4

Tmin=-36,6 Tmid=-31,4 Tmax=-26,2

Tmin=-28,7 Tmid=-23,4 Tmax=-18,8

Tmin=-18,2 Tmid=-11,8 Tmax=-4,6

Tmin=-10,2 Tmid=-5,5 Tmax=-2,0

Tmin=-12,2 Tmid=-10,6 Tmax=-7,8

Tmin=-15,3 Tmid=-9,6 Tmax=-4,1

Tmin=-10,7 Tmid=-9,2 Tmax=-7,9

Tmin=-12,6 Tmid=-10,3 Tmax=-8,0

Tmin=-23,2 Tmid=-17,4 Tmax=-12,9

Tmin=-27,0 Tmid=-24,2 Tmax=-21,6

Tmin=-31,2 Tmid=-27,2 Tmax=-23,8

Tmin=-27,4 Tmid=-19,3 Tmax=-13,1

Tmin=-15,7 Tmid=-11,4 Tmax=-7,8

Tmin=-23,4 Tmid=-16,2 Tmax=-10,2

Tmin=-19,4 Tmid=-17,8 Tmax=-15,3

Tmin=-21,7 Tmid=-17,8 Tmax=-13,5

Tmin=-22,8 Tmid=-19,8 Tmax=-16,1

Tmin=-40,1 Tmid=-30,7 Tmax=-21,4

Tmin=-36,4 Tmid=-30,6 Tmax=-24,6

Tmin=-27,8 Tmid=-21,8 Tmax=-15,4

Tmin=-32,4 Tmid=-29,4 Tmax=-25,9

Tmin=-32,7 Tmid=-29,9 Tmax=-25,9

Tmin=-36,2 Tmid=-29,5 Tmax=-21,3

Tmin=-29,3 Tmid=-24,5 Tmax=-19,7

Tmin=-31,3 Tmid=-28,0 Tmax=-24,2

Tmin=-31,9 Tmid=-25,2 Tmax=-19,9

Tmin=-19,8 Tmid=-14,1 Tmax=-9,8

Tmin=-18,3 Tmid=-15,8 Tmax=-13,1

Tmin=-18,0 Tmid=-14,4 Tmax=-11,2

Tmin=-19,1 Tmid=-15,2 Tmax=-12,1

Tmin=-18,1 Tmid=-15,3 Tmax=-14,9

Tmin=-22,0 Tmid=-19,0 Tmax=-15,7

Tmin=-25,9 Tmid=-17,6 Tmax=-9,2

Tmin=-25,0 Tmid=-18,8 Tmax=-12,9

Tmin=-25,1 Tmid=-21,1 Tmax=-17,3

Tmin=-21,5 Tmid=-18,0 Tmax=-17,9

Tmin=-16,5 Tmid=-14,3 Tmax=-11,8

Tmin=-13,1 Tmid=-7,8 Tmax=-2,2

Tmin=-8,9 Tmid=-8,0 Tmax=-6,2

Tmin=-20,3 Tmid=-11,1 Tmax=-2,2

Tmin=-10,1 Tmid=-5,6 Tmax=-1,1

Tmin=-5,0 Tmid=-3,7 Tmax=+0,5

Tmin=-11,6 Tmid=-6,8 Tmax=-2,1

Tmin=-16,4 Tmid=-13,0 Tmax=-7,9

Tmin=-20,6 Tmid=-14,0 Tmax=-7,8

Tmin=-19,1 Tmid=-12,0 Tmax=-4,9

Tmin=-20,1 Tmid=-12,4 Tmax=-4,1

Tmin=-22,5 Tmid=-12,1 Tmax=-2,8

Tmin=-18,6 Tmid=-10,9 Tmax=-3,2

Tmin=-10,0 Tmid=-7,5 Tmax=-5,3

Tmin=-11,2 Tmid=-9,2 Tmax=-6,9

Tmin=-15,2 Tmid=-9,8 Tmax=-3,8

Tmin=-13,2 Tmid=-8,1 Tmax=-3,9

Tmin=-2,0 Tmid=-0,8 Tmax=+0,5

Tmin=-15,7 Tmid=-10,8 Tmax=+0,2

Tmin=-21,2 Tmid=-15,9 Tmax=-9,9

Tmin=-19,8 Tmid=-10,6 Tmax=-3,2

Tmin=-23,5 Tmid=-12,4 Tmax=-4,5

Tmin=-10,1 Tmid=-6,6 Tmax=-2,6

Tmin=-8,4 Tmid=-5,5 Tmax=-2,2

Tmin=-15,6 Tmid=-12,1 Tmax=-8,8

Tmin=-24,2 Tmid=-19,7 Tmax=-14,3

Tmin=-30,7 Tmid=-20,3 Tmax=-9,2

Tmin=-15,5 Tmid=-8,6 Tmax=-1,5

Tmin=-13,0 Tmid=-7,5 Tmax=-1,5

Tmin=-11,1 Tmid=-6,7 Tmax=-1,6

Tmin=-7,6 Tmid=-4,0 Tmax=-1,3

Tmin=-10,4 Tmid=-4,5 Tmax=-1,2

Tmin=-16,2 Tmid=-11,2 Tmax=-6,3

Tmin=-12,7 Tmid=-10,4 Tmax=-7,8

Tmin=-19,2 Tmid=-15,9 Tmax=-11,3

Tmin=-20,7 Tmid=-16,0 Tmax=-13,8


Tmin=-19,2 Tmid=-16,0 Tmax=-13,1

Tmin=-20,4 Tmid=-15,8 Tmax=-9,8

Tmin=-24,2 Tmid=-17,0 Tmax=-10,3

Tmin=-28,3 Tmid=-18,3 Tmax=-11,2

Tmin=-21,7 Tmid=-13,2 Tmax=-7,2

Tmin=-17,7 Tmid=-13,3 Tmax=-7,9

Tmin=-14,3 Tmid=-8,8 Tmax=-3,6

Tmin=-12,2 Tmid=-7,4 Tmax=-2,4

Tmin=-4,7 Tmid=-1,5 Tmax=+0,9

Tmin=-2,0 Tmid=+0,9 Tmax=+2,8

Tmin=0 Tmid=+1,0 Tmax=+2,7

Tmin=-4,6 Tmid=-2,0 Tmax=+1,2

Tmin=-10,3 Tmid=-6,4 Tmax=+2,4

Tmin=-17,7 Tmid=-9,6 Tmax=-3,8

Tmin=-16,3 Tmid=-8,6 Tmax=-3,2

Tmin=-7,6 Tmid=-3,2 Tmax=+1,1

Monday, February 12, 2018


© MMXVIII V.1.0.6
by Morley Evans

THE STATE OF ISRAEL IS A PROVING GROUND for the United States military and the rest of the American Deep State.  That is the reality although it often appears that the tail (Israel) wags the dog (the United States). The proxy wars using ISIS/ISIL/IS and the rest have failed. The terrorists have been defeated by Damascus and its allies. The United States pretends to fight terrorism while it recruits, finances, trains and supplies terrorists. 

All of the terrorist outfits have been defeated. Qatar that once supported terrorists has switched sides and partnered with Iran, Turkey, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Russia. More than being defeated, the terrorists in Syria and Iraq have been annihilated. Baghdad ordered the Iraqi army to "kill everything that moves."

That American plan didn't work. What's next?

The U.S.A. is currently pretending to help the Kurds "fight for their freedom and independence." The Americans simply want to destroy Syria. That is the goal. Nothing has changed. Israel pretends to exist to "defend Jews from 'anti-Semitism'." That is just another false slogan like "spreading freedom and democracy;" "fighting for human rights;" and "supporting self-determination." 

George Orwell's 1984 Maxima
Freedom is Slavery.
War is Peace.
Ignorance is Strength.

Despite the fine American words inspired by Thomas Paine, Washington's purpose is and has always been total world domination recently minted as full spectrum domination. That includes outer space. After claiming to own the world, why not claim to own the universe? That is what this is all about. The rest is bullshit. Washington doesn't care about anyone — and it never did. That includes Americans. Americans are mere cannon-fodder and Americans always were. The Civil War was fought to rewrite the U.S. Constitution and centralize power in Washington. It was not about slavery. Honest Abe said so at the time.

Zionists don't care about Jews. Jews are cannon fodder too. It's all bullshit and lies. Jews are imperilled and killed by Zionists to validate Zionism. With friends like George Soros, Jews don't need enemies. One example of a false flag attack is the Lavon Affair. Why would defenceless Palestinians "attack" Israelis with completely ineffectual homemade rockets when they know they will be bombed to smithereens if they do by the so-called Israel Defence Forces which are always looking for an excuse? Are Palestinians stupid or are people who believe this stupid? 

Innocent civilians — and little children — are threatened and killed by terrorists to validate intelligence services, the Department of Homeland Security and police departments. Why don't terrorists attack the individuals who are attacking them? They always did. Lenin's brother tried to assassinate the Tzar he didn't blow up innocent Russian children. Why have the targets changed? Why are the neocons in Washington completely safe? They are behind all of the skulduggery in the world. Think about that. Who is behind all this terrorism? Ask Qui Bono?

By-the-way, women, the current hysteria about "sexual harassment" is just another smoke screen. They don't care about you, ladies, any more than they care about "freedom and democracy".

The sport professional wrestling is fake but the activity is real. (thanks John Stossel.) War is real. The reasons are fake.

Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.  (thanks Frank Zappa)

Now you are ready for Moon of Alabama.

Syria - Is War With Israel Imminent? 
By Moon Of Alabama

Friday, February 9, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Modern medicine is the domain of medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. Medical doctors once tried to make exclusive to themselves the use of "Dr" excluding Ph.D.s, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Dentists, Optometrists, Veterinarians and a host of others. What Hutzpah! Who do these people think they are? 

Dr Mercola produced this documentary. He is an Osteopath. Osteopaths take the same medical training as medical doctors. They chose to do that in the early 20th century to knuckle under to pressure from the American Medical Association. Chiropractors decided not to do that. They have been an AMA target ever since. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favour of chiropractors and against the AMA citing restraint of trade.

Billing itself as being "science-based" organised medicine has attacked and tried to drive out of existence its competitors. That has always been the hallmark of criminal organisations. Medicine is "predator based" and you, dear reader, are the prey.

Americans face a health emergency. It is like Bubonic Plague. Are Canadians safe? No. No. No. Canadians are much worse off. Canadian medicine has been deified. Canadians do not even collect data that make Dr Mercol's documentary possible. Canadian sovereignty has been subverted and arrogated by the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Protective Association and doctors. The pharmaceutical barons are safe in Canada. They are much bigger than the Medellin cartel, or the Mafia ever was. They have friends in high places.

The Canadian ostrich buries its head in the snow where it watches hockey games on cable TV. "Let's have another brewski!"


Saturday, January 27, 2018


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by Morley Evans

IF YOU ARE LIKE ME, You think Winston Churchill was a great man who saved the world from tyrants. He was the last lion of the British Empire. The truth, I have learned, is different.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill 

"History will be kind to me because I will write it," he quipped. Indeed he did write it. Winston Churchill made history. Well, well, yes he did.

Unfortunately, for Churchill, others can write too. And others can remember. Did you know that everyone wanted to avoid the Great War? "Everyone" includes the French, the Russians, the Austro-Hungarians, the Ottomans, the British, and the Germans. The Kaiser did not start the war. That is war propaganda. Read. The Americans were happy to manufacture and sell weapons to the belligerents. Americans — like Lenin and Trotsky — wanted to remake the world.

Like all empires, the British Empire was one day fated to fall. Once Jefferson’s idea, “All men are created equal,” was wedded to President Wilson’s idea, that all peoples are entitled to “self-determination,” the fate of the Western empires was sealed. Wilson’s secretary of state, Robert Lansing, saw it coming: “The phrase [self-determination] is simply loaded with dynamite. It will raise hopes which can never be realized.… What a calamity that the phrase was ever uttered! What misery it will cause!”
Buchanan: Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War"


The Great War destroyed the world. Rather than being the "war to end all wars" it was the beginning of the incessant wars we have had from 1914 to the present. Today, "terrorism" with mass murder erupts daily in every place in the world and humanity faces extermination by thermonuclear war. Winston Churchill loved war. He relished war. 

Churchill was exhilarated. Six months later, after the first Battle of Ypres, with tens of thousands of British soldiers in their graves, he would say to Violet Asquith, “I think a curse should rest on me — because I am so happy. I know this war is smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment and yet — I cannot help it — I enjoy every second.”
Buchanan: Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War"

Without attempting to place all the blame on one person, it can be said that without Winston Churchill, Great Britain would not have entered the continental war (Great Britain stayed out of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870) and none of the things that have happened since the British Army went to France in 1914 would have happened. 

There would have been no Lenin, no Trotsky, no communist revolution in Russia, no Stalin, no Hitler, no World War II, no Cold War, no State of Israel, no Middle East quagmire, no Korean War, No War in Vietnam and no American hegemon threatening everyone today. 

Winston Churchill was involved in the Russian Civil War, the dismemberment of the German, Autro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires, World War II, the establishment of the State of Israel, and the Cold War. Churchill coined the phrase "the Iron Curtain", stabbing his wartime Soviet ally in the back to get a new war started.

Americans made lots of money. They made lots of money in both world wars and all the wars since. The United States would not be the garrison state it is today without those wars.

Germany would be the dominant country in Europe that it is today. France would be a close second. There would still be a Great Britain. Russia would industrialized, peaceful and prosperous. Russia would be a beacon to the world. It is becoming that. The United States would be a much better place for all Americans than it is now as it enters a new Gilded Age for élite Americans.

Those things don't even touch on the Winston Churchill whom Franklin Delano Roosevelt thought was a profligate drunken bum. There is much more, but let's concentrate on only one thing for now and wonder how everyone decided to make Churchill great.

Winston Churchill engineered one disaster after another throughout his entire life.

The Great War was fought for nothing and it led directly to unimaginable harm that continues to this day. We have a war of all against all that is spreading. Think about that. Grind your teeth. Blame Woodrow Wilson. Burn your Winston Churchill fan club card.


David Irving

Patrick Buchanan

Thursday, January 25, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Otto von Bismarck

Preventive war is like
committing suicide
out of fear of death.

Monday, January 22, 2018


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by MorleyEvans


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by Morley Evans

Nothing could be more true today. Cancel your newspaper. Do not watch CNN. Use the Internet. Investigate. Look. Compare. Think.

Mark Twain

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” 
― Mark Twain


©MMXVIII V.1.0.0
by Morley Evans

Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord

“I divide my officers into four groups. There are clever, diligent, stupid, and lazy officers. Usually, two characteristics are combined. Some are clever and diligent -- their place is the General Staff. The next lot are stupid and lazy -- they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties. Anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties because he possesses the intellectual clarity and the composure necessary for difficult decisions. One must beware of anyone who is stupid and diligent -- he must not be entrusted with any responsibility because he will always cause only mischief.”

Sunday, January 21, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Food for thought.


It will take a long time to unravel the mass of lies which constitute the history of the 20th century. Hollywood movies and TV determine what most people think. Almost everything we are supposed to believe is false. Most people believe lies. It is all they know. Below is something written by someone who does not believe. Here is an excerpt.

Beck soon lost his post too, for having the boldness to continue to submit warning memoranda to Hitler concerning the long-term consequences of his policy of expansion. Hitler regarded Beck’s forthright comments as ‘sabotage’ and complained that the General Staff, ‘instead of being grateful that it is able to work in its true area of expertise…rejects the very idea of war.’ In other words, those the Allies would later spitefully characterise as ‘Prussian militarists’ were anything but, and knew their jobs far too well to have any enthusiasm about war. Manstein, incensed over the Fritsch affair, had already been replaced by Franz Halder when Brauchitsch could no longer stand his righteous disdain. Now Hitler moved Halder into Beck’s post.



How would the war in Europe have turned out for Germany if Hitler allowed his competent generals to conduct the war without interference?


by Joseph Scott

Saturday, January 20, 2018


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by Morley Evans

GEORGE CARLIN gives everyone a much-needed lesson in humility. Save the planet, he asks? The planet has been here for over 4.5 billion years, he answers. Humans have been around for 100,000 years. Maybe 200,000 years at most. Industrial civilization has been here for 200 years. "The planet isn't going anywhere. We are!"

Makes sense to me.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


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by Morley Evans

WE ARE AT WAR. This is World War III. Right now. Today. It is not a thermonuclear war, yet. But every country is involved. The major powers are involved. Economic wars; Media wars; Military wars; Proxie wars; Clandestine wars; Assassinations; NGOs. These are some of the ways war is being waged in the 21st century. No one is safe. Washington is behind every one of them.

This documentary focuses on Ukraine which is one of the current theatres of war. Syria and Korea are two others. There are many more.

Ukraine on Fire

An Oliver Stone Documentary 
Finally Available in the West

Covered by Western media as a people's revolution, it was in fact a coup d'état scripted and staged by nationalist groups [Ukrainazis] and the U.S. State Department. [As well as the Pentagon, the CIA and George Soros.]

"The film was originally released in 2016, but unsurprisingly, Stone came up against problems distributing the film in the US and western countries. A Russian-dubbed version was available almost immediately and was aired on TV in Russia, but people in the 'free world' were left without access to the full film."

Posted January 18, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


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by Morley Evans

I demand more! NOW!

Dear Premier Wall,

The Canadian medical system is run for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies, drug stores, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and large ancillary populations including lawyers, judges and legislators who protect the system and its beneficiaries. The advertising industry and the news are essential to brainwash Canadians. Pharmaceutical companies buy the lion's share of advertising. News always contains a modern medical miracle story. Canadians are brainwashed. Patients in Canada are mere income opportunities. The Canadian medical system does not exist to help patients. It exists to provide lavish incomes for those who run the system.

Canadian medicine is similar to the American “defense” system which exists to provide lavish incomes for some, not to defend anyone. The defense industry makes Americans less safe than they would be if it did not exist at all. It requires enemies. If there are none. It makes them. Canadian medicine does not exist to make Canadians healthy. Healthy people do not need doctors. Medicine — incorrectly called “health care” — is not free as every Canadian believes. It is the number one expense in Canada costing governments more than everything else combined. Failing a revolution, which is unlikely because Canadians have been trained to love medicine, collapse can be expected. The Canadian medical system has already eaten itself out of house and home. Burp! Canadians are not healthy. Canadians get nothing for all it costs. Canadian "education" is very similar. It too is part of the Canadian brainwashing system.

You pay the bills, Mr Premier. You know the score.

Worse than out-of-control costs, rampant malpractice, waiting lines and everything else, the Canadian medical system is a state within the state. It is run by a bureaucracy that no Canadian has even heard of. This bureaucracy runs the "health regions". Canadian governments have been reduced to bodies of nobodies whose function is to collect taxes to fund Canadian medicine and to line the pockets of the aristocrats who run it. It is a feudal system of the eastern European kind where the reforms that came to western Europe were avoided. (The Russian Revolution of 1917 simply replaced the Tzarist aristocracy with the Bolshevik aristocracy.) Canadians are serfs. Canadians are milked, bilked, maimed, addicted and often killed by doctors. Like serfs, Canadians have no recourse. They are cattle.

So much for "Canada is the best country in the world."

Morley Evans