Tuesday, September 29, 2015

George Herbert Walker Bush

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by Morley Evans

George Herbert Walker Bush followed Ronald Reagan into the Presidency to become the 41st POTUS. "This was a huge step forward for the National Security State." 

Since GHW Bush, things have gone steadily downhill into the fascist abyss : GHW Bush; Bill Clinton; George W. Bush; Barak Obama. Who will be next, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Another Bush? Do you remember Prescott Bush? Isn't Obama black? Not exactly.

The big dirty secret is this: the U.S.A. is run by the people who have owned the U.S.A. since 1776. They wrenched control away from the British cabal who had owned everything before. The real owners must keep Americans believing the system benefits them. When the people lose faith, the system goes "poof." That's what happened to the Soviet Union. That is happening to the U.S.A. today.

George Carlin said to Americans: "It's a big club and you ain't in it." "They beat you over the head with the big club."

Frankly, I don't believe one word they say. Here's more dirt:

Prescott Bush interview
9/11 was an inside job

Friday, September 25, 2015

Deadly Solvent

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by Morley Evans

There is a "civil war" going on in the Ukraine. Why is this happening? What should Ukrainians do?

BBC News Summary

Paul Craig Roberts

Ukrainian Dialects


Commonwealth of Independent States

Putin's Speech to UNGA 2015

First: Ukraine, like every country, is comprised of many diverse peoples. Every country is like this, without exception. The only country that is not like this is the country with only one citizen — you.

Second: Divide and Rule is an ancient strategy that has been used to take over and control nations.

Third: Washington has developed a new and improved solvent that dissolves the glue that binds people together. 

Once divided, people are encouraged to fight each other. Their country is destroyed from within. They do it to themselves.

What is the most useful thing Ukrainians can do right now? They have to understand the essence of what is happening to them. Washington has been perfecting a solvent to dissolve social adhesion. When various elements in a society are separated, they can be encouraged to fight each other. A nation disintegrates and kills itself. 

Masquerading as the light to the world, Washington has been relentlessly colonizing the world throughout its history. 

This is a step beyond Divide and Rule. Washington is the friend of no Ukrainian. Iraq, Libya, and Syria are the future of Ukraine if this is not stopped. Ukrainians must lay down their arms and join together as one nation and one people. Ukraine’s immediate friends are Russia and Europe. The glue that binds Ukrainians together must be strengthened. That will automatically weaken this solvent. If left to work, the solvent will destroy Ukrainians and their country. LOOK AT IRAQ and LIBYA.

Love and goodwill fights Washington's deadly solvent.

Ukrainians: Lay down your arms, apologize, make friends, go home. Build a new future together. Both sides must look in the mirror and ask this question: Why are we fighting?


Saturday, September 19, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Big powerful corrupt organizations cannot be reformed, they have to die. Organizations have lives of their own. Organizations live, like the people who create them.

Nazi Germany was killed. The Soviet Union died of natural causes. Washington’s empire* is currently dying of natural causes. (If they aren’t able to start WW III, that is. If they are able to start WW III, they will be killed along with everyone else. The people currently running things in Washington think they can win WW III. They are as dangerous as they are stupid.) 

The British Empire, along with the empires of China, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Portugal, the Ottomans and Belgium were all killed by Washington. World War One wiped out most of the world's empires in one fell swoop, leaving only the empire that is not an empire — a colossus standing astride a world of rubble. This would be repeated in WW II with the super-bomb in the sole possession of Washington. The Soviet Union would catch up in only a few years.

It took two World Wars to kill Great Britain which is now the U.K. — a lapdog of Washington. Imperial France was finished off with the Seven Years War which was engineered by Washington the man and the cabal that would create Washington, the institution. In the beginning Washington used Great Britain to get rid of France (the French and Indian Wars). Then Washington used France to get rid of Great Britain (the War of Independence). 

Mexico was finished off with the Mexican War. The Civil War consolidated Washington's power. Slavery was used to mask the real purpose. The continental empire was created with the destruction of more American Indians. The Spanish American War did in the Spanish Empire. The Empire of Japan was done in by the Second World War. Japan was used to kill the British Empire in the far east. The list goes on and on. I won’t elaborate here.

Washington, the man, and Washington, the institution, is an interesting phenomenon. It is unique in the annals of mankind. Washington is the empire that is not an empire. The POTUS (President Of The United States) outranks emperors. The masters of Washington really do think they own the world and everything in it. I can recommend Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Western medicine which is part of Washington's empire is totally corrupt. The saturated fat and cholesterol hoax is only one example. Here’s a story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Uffe Ravnskov has documented decades of fraud related to what he calls the cholesterol campaign. My girlfriend Julia Brezhnev in Luhansk has been amazed to hear how corrupt medicine is here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Everyone thinks Canada is such a nice place. Canada isn’t so nice.

Lord Acton opined that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are bad men.” Lord Acton was an English Roman Catholic. He was criticizing the Pope. Lord Acton was brave man — an honest man.

* Think of everything outside the beltway as the empire of Washington. Do not think of the United States of America as a country whose capital is Washington, DC. That would have it backwards. Everything outside the beltway is a vassal of Washington — including all 50 states. The Civil War established this fact. It changed the country fundamentally.


Saturday, September 12, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Julia, my girlfriend in Luhansk, has written this letter in response to our correspondence about my ophthalmological problems. Julia is a medical student. Julia looks like a little girl but she is very strong. Julia has very high moral standards. Julia is an exceptional young woman. I post her letter with Julia's permission. 


My dear Morley!

Yes, I know about the email. My agency has contacted me just this morning and told me that they are still dealing with some technical issues, but they promised to fix them by the end of the week. I really hope that they will keep their promise because they're starting to test my patience, to be honest.

I think, the physicians who have harmed you should certainly be punished, so I approve your decision to write to the lawyer about your case.

I think the things they say and do to you are unacceptable. They even dare to threaten you, it's unthinkable! As I have said thousands of times, this is not the way doctors should treat their patients. Most of the people who come to the hospitals are not feeling good. (Otherwise, why would they come there?) They may be in pain and afraid; a hospital is really not a place to feel easy. In my opinion, it's very important to the medical workers to stay kind and polite in such atmosphere. Of course, doctor's profession is not an easy labor, and sometimes when you are tired it's hard to stay cheerful and optimistic, but I think that kind attitude to a patient is a very important part of it, because it's scientifically proved that one's physical health strongly depends on one's mental health. That's why I think it's very important to treat patients with care and understanding.

The behavior of your physicians is obviously far from such high standards. They act rude. They are unreliable and simply unprofessional. I mean, that part when Dr. Juggernath asked you, what do you want him to do about this, it's really very rude and just negligent. It's his job to do something about this, not yours. It really seems like some doctors in your country consider themselves equal to gods. I wouldn't say it's not true for Russia and Ukraine, there are also people who think of themselves more than they really are, but it seems to me the situation here is a little bit better. There are more people who have chosen medicine because of moral reasons, because, as I have told you many times, physicians are not high-paid here. So, maybe, escaping to some post-Soviet country is actually not a bad option. And who has told you that there are criminals who could torture you in Russia? What criminals? For what? I don't know who told you that or if you believe it, but it is very unlikely that someone is going to torture you here. I know, there's a stereotype in Western countries that Russia is criminalized, but it's not true, it's a very big exaggeration. I feel a little bit offended, when people from the other countries think of Russians as some kind of savages, because it's so far from true. In fact, Russia, on the contrary, is a very friendly and hospitable nation, at least the majority of Russians are, because, of course, there are good and bad people in every nation. So if you ever make up your mind to visit Russia, don't be afraid of anything, you are welcome here.

Anyway, I hope everything is going fine with you and I hope that your letter to a lawyer will have an effect. I miss you constantly and I hope my agency will keep its promise and we'll be able to communicate freely next week at the latest. Hope you're having a nice day.

With love, your Julia


I want the reader to know that Julia lives in Luhansk which is currently being attacked by the so-called Ukrainian army which is working for the CIA. These misguided people are being used to start a war between Russia and NATO. Despite many hardships, Julia remains compassionate and optimistic. 

Julia has moral gumption. 

People here — who are so proud of themselves for some reason I don't understand — should look in the mirror. They would be ashamed of who they see and what they do and of the monsters they support.





Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dr. Mervitz

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by Morley Evans

Dear Robert,

As I have mentioned I was referred to Dr. Mervitz, MD (ophthalmology), by Dr. Juggernath, MD (general practice). I gave Dr. Mervitz’s receptionist my six-page letter outlining my eye problems and my history. You’ve seen it. It is on-line. Dr. Juggernath implied that Dr. Mervitz would be interested, after Dr. Juggernath had said, “So what do you want me to do about it?"

I was unable to eMail that letter to Dr. Mervitz prior to our appointment because I was told by his staff that he doesn’t have eMail. In retrospect, I should have given my letter to his staff on my way out the door so as not to prejudice Dr. Mervitz. He put drops in my eyes which could have harmed me further.

Dr. Mervitz read my letter in snatches as he examined me. He became more and more hostile as he realized that I was impugning the sanctity of doctors in general and indicting Dr. Ryan Eidsness for a crime in particular. 

That is what I was doing. Dr. Mervitz confirmed my opinion of doctors in Regina with these gems:

  • Doctors have no legal obligation to treat anyone. A doctor can throw anyone out of his office.
  • Doctors are protected. Lawyers will not take cases against doctors. “Try to find one.” he challenged me.
  • Doctors can harm patients accidentally on purpose if they are in a bad mood. (Beware of your surgeon or anyone who puts anything into or onto your body.)
  • Doctors are not God, they are human. (But his attitude revealed that Dr. Mervitz thinks doctors are gods, like himself.)
  • Doctors have feelings. People don’t want to hurt a doctor's feelings. Doctors are sensitive. (Patients don't matter. Their welfare is of no consequence to a doctor. Patients are income opportunities, like goldfish, dogs, budgies, sheep or cattle.)
  • Doctors are not responsible for what they do. When something bad happens it is usually (always) the patient’s fault. 

A patient may have an "idiosyncratic reaction" to a drug or a treatment (Type B Adverse Drug Reaction). If that happens no one wants to know about it. So, as the Mafia says, “Justa keepa you mouth shut or we gonna breaka you bones. Capisce?" 

When one enters the big medical casino in Saskatchewan one may win or one may lose. The croupier (the doctor) doesn’t control what happens — or he might have his foot on a pedal under the roulette table or some aces up his sleeve. The deck might be marked. The dice might be loaded. The sheriff and the judge are on the take too. You pay your money to play and you take your chances.

Contrary to popular opinion that is cultivated by the medico-political class, Saskatchewan medicare is NOT free. It currently costs as much as everything else combined and its cost continues to rise exponentially. Collapse is inevitable. It cannot continue.

Dr. Mervitz illustrates why I don’t want anyone here to touch me. At least in Calgary (a different province) or Minot (a different country), there is less chance that they will know who I am. Bad doctors are my enemy. This little shit-hole is beyond redemption, Robert. My best bet is to get as far away from here as I can go. Russia or the Ukraine beckon, but I was warned yesterday that criminals there might torture me. “You mean like here," I asked?

- Morley

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This man is an arrogant idiot. He was not interested in how one of his colleagues screwed up my eyes and he had the nerve to lecture me on the sanctity of doctors.

Mervitz is a character straight out of Dickens (or the Dick Tracy comic strip): face-down and hunched over, indeterminately middle-aged, repeatedly and obsessively washing his hands like Lady MacBeth. He spoke in snatches as he furtively read the letter I gave him while he examined my eyes. His ophthalmological equipment was state-of-the-art in 1954. Mervitz made sure the door was closed and he checked the window so he wouldn't be overheard. Someone might be listening outside the house after all. Mervitz had an English-like accent. Perhaps he is English. Perhaps he is from South Africa like so many doctors here these days. Perhaps he was imported from the land beyond the Styx by the current Tory government whose election strategy is dumping billions down the medical rat hole. The Tories are keeping the rats happy, and quiet for now.

The Wrath of God is coming Dr. Mervitz.

Dr. Mervitz told me I needed cataract surgery because I have very bad cataracts. I know that. Dr. Eidsness did that to me. "You'll be very happy with the result," Dr. Mervitz said emphatically. "Oh really? What if I'm not happy with the result," I asked?

Why would I believe anything any of them say? Would you?


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Nearness of You

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by Morley Evans

Here’s a song that Hoagy Carmichael wrote in 1938. It will keep you warm.

The Nearness of You

It's not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, oh no
It's just the nearness of you

It isn't your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
It's just the nearness of you

When you're in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams come true

I need no soft lights to enchant me
If you'll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night the nearness of you


Thursday, September 3, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Confidence artists and sleight-of-hand magicians learn how to confuse and misdirect their victims. Doctors are as good as any of them. Doctors have multiple names for every part of the anatomy and every condition that might affect the body.

Doctors have excuses to explain away every medical misdeed. Doctors have been practicing medicine for millennia. 

The pharaoh, Ramesses II (13th century BC), had doctors. Alexander the Great (4th century BC) and Qin Shi Huang (3rd century BC, the first emperor of China) had doctors. 

The Chinese doctors prescribed mercury pills. Mercury was a newly-discovered metal with magical properties. Doctors prescribed mercury to bestow on their emperor the gift of immortality. No doubt, when the emperor went insane and died, his doctors said, "We did everything we could." Doctors have been perfecting their craft for a long long time.

My case against Dr. Eidsness is very simple: 

Dr. Eidsness's treatment plan for glaucoma was to have me put one drop of Lumigan® in each eye every night and see him in two weeks and then again in six months, duh

I reported an Adverse Drug Reaction to Dr. Eidsness the first morning. My report was laughed off by Dr. Eidsness's staff (for whom Dr. Eidsness is directly responsible). I was told to continue putting drops in my eyes because "people who don't put drops in their eyes go blind." So I was supposed to continue putting drops in my eyes one hundred eighty two times before Dr. Eidsness was scheduled to see me in six months.

I was told Dr. Eidsness was out of town that first morning. Dr. Eidsness failed to take my calls after that. Dr. Eidsness failed to appear when I went to see him in two weeks. When I called to get my records from his office, I was asked if I would like to see Dr. Eidsness again. I said, "Sure, I'd like to see him again." They promised to call when my appointment was scheduled. They never called.

My eyes were damaged by Lumigan® the first night. After my examination when Dr. Eidsness failed to show up, I decided I would have been blind by Christmas — in 5 days — if I kept putting Lumigan® in my eyes. Dr. Eidsness didn't care about me, his patient. Dr. Mervitz whom I saw the other day doesn't care either. I reported my experience with Dr. Eidsness to Dr. Giocoli and to Dr. Bakouris because they had referred me to Dr. Eidsness. I never heard from them either.

Dr. Juggernath referred me to Dr. Mervitz. He wanted to know about my eyes, so I told him. After Dr. Juggernath listened to my story about Dr. Eidsness and Lumigan®, he said, "So what do you want me to do about it?"

I have 68 years of experience with doctors in Regina. With only a few exceptions (about four), this is typical. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! 

"Off with their heads!"

Were I the king, I'd go through this place like a dose of salts. Why are the people in this shit-hole so proud of themselves? A pox on them. They are disgusting.

When I was naive, yesterday, I thought at least some people would want to improve what they do. Not here. People who believe they know everything cannot learn anything. Their ignorance is invincible.