Saturday, September 19, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Big powerful corrupt organizations cannot be reformed, they have to die. Organizations have lives of their own. Organizations live, like the people who create them.

Nazi Germany was killed. The Soviet Union died of natural causes. Washington’s empire* is currently dying of natural causes. (If they aren’t able to start WW III, that is. If they are able to start WW III, they will be killed along with everyone else. The people currently running things in Washington think they can win WW III. They are as dangerous as they are stupid.) 

The British Empire, along with the empires of China, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Portugal, the Ottomans and Belgium were all killed by Washington. World War One wiped out most of the world's empires in one fell swoop, leaving only the empire that is not an empire — a colossus standing astride a world of rubble. This would be repeated in WW II with the super-bomb in the sole possession of Washington. The Soviet Union would catch up in only a few years.

It took two World Wars to kill Great Britain which is now the U.K. — a lapdog of Washington. Imperial France was finished off with the Seven Years War which was engineered by Washington the man and the cabal that would create Washington, the institution. In the beginning Washington used Great Britain to get rid of France (the French and Indian Wars). Then Washington used France to get rid of Great Britain (the War of Independence). 

Mexico was finished off with the Mexican War. The Civil War consolidated Washington's power. Slavery was used to mask the real purpose. The continental empire was created with the destruction of more American Indians. The Spanish American War did in the Spanish Empire. The Empire of Japan was done in by the Second World War. Japan was used to kill the British Empire in the far east. The list goes on and on. I won’t elaborate here.

Washington, the man, and Washington, the institution, is an interesting phenomenon. It is unique in the annals of mankind. Washington is the empire that is not an empire. The POTUS (President Of The United States) outranks emperors. The masters of Washington really do think they own the world and everything in it. I can recommend Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Western medicine which is part of Washington's empire is totally corrupt. The saturated fat and cholesterol hoax is only one example. Here’s a story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Uffe Ravnskov has documented decades of fraud related to what he calls the cholesterol campaign. My girlfriend Julia Brezhnev in Luhansk has been amazed to hear how corrupt medicine is here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Everyone thinks Canada is such a nice place. Canada isn’t so nice.

Lord Acton opined that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are bad men.” Lord Acton was an English Roman Catholic. He was criticizing the Pope. Lord Acton was brave man — an honest man.

* Think of everything outside the beltway as the empire of Washington. Do not think of the United States of America as a country whose capital is Washington, DC. That would have it backwards. Everything outside the beltway is a vassal of Washington — including all 50 states. The Civil War established this fact. It changed the country fundamentally.


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