Friday, September 25, 2015

Deadly Solvent

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by Morley Evans

There is a "civil war" going on in the Ukraine. Why is this happening? What should Ukrainians do?

BBC News Summary

Paul Craig Roberts

Ukrainian Dialects


Commonwealth of Independent States

Putin's Speech to UNGA 2015

First: Ukraine, like every country, is comprised of many diverse peoples. Every country is like this, without exception. The only country that is not like this is the country with only one citizen — you.

Second: Divide and Rule is an ancient strategy that has been used to take over and control nations.

Third: Washington has developed a new and improved solvent that dissolves the glue that binds people together. 

Once divided, people are encouraged to fight each other. Their country is destroyed from within. They do it to themselves.

What is the most useful thing Ukrainians can do right now? They have to understand the essence of what is happening to them. Washington has been perfecting a solvent to dissolve social adhesion. When various elements in a society are separated, they can be encouraged to fight each other. A nation disintegrates and kills itself. 

Masquerading as the light to the world, Washington has been relentlessly colonizing the world throughout its history. 

This is a step beyond Divide and Rule. Washington is the friend of no Ukrainian. Iraq, Libya, and Syria are the future of Ukraine if this is not stopped. Ukrainians must lay down their arms and join together as one nation and one people. Ukraine’s immediate friends are Russia and Europe. The glue that binds Ukrainians together must be strengthened. That will automatically weaken this solvent. If left to work, the solvent will destroy Ukrainians and their country. LOOK AT IRAQ and LIBYA.

Love and goodwill fights Washington's deadly solvent.

Ukrainians: Lay down your arms, apologize, make friends, go home. Build a new future together. Both sides must look in the mirror and ask this question: Why are we fighting?


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