Saturday, September 12, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Julia, my girlfriend in Luhansk, has written this letter in response to our correspondence about my ophthalmological problems. Julia is a medical student. Julia looks like a little girl but she is very strong. Julia has very high moral standards. Julia is an exceptional young woman. I post her letter with Julia's permission. 


My dear Morley!

Yes, I know about the email. My agency has contacted me just this morning and told me that they are still dealing with some technical issues, but they promised to fix them by the end of the week. I really hope that they will keep their promise because they're starting to test my patience, to be honest.

I think, the physicians who have harmed you should certainly be punished, so I approve your decision to write to the lawyer about your case.

I think the things they say and do to you are unacceptable. They even dare to threaten you, it's unthinkable! As I have said thousands of times, this is not the way doctors should treat their patients. Most of the people who come to the hospitals are not feeling good. (Otherwise, why would they come there?) They may be in pain and afraid; a hospital is really not a place to feel easy. In my opinion, it's very important to the medical workers to stay kind and polite in such atmosphere. Of course, doctor's profession is not an easy labor, and sometimes when you are tired it's hard to stay cheerful and optimistic, but I think that kind attitude to a patient is a very important part of it, because it's scientifically proved that one's physical health strongly depends on one's mental health. That's why I think it's very important to treat patients with care and understanding.

The behavior of your physicians is obviously far from such high standards. They act rude. They are unreliable and simply unprofessional. I mean, that part when Dr. Juggernath asked you, what do you want him to do about this, it's really very rude and just negligent. It's his job to do something about this, not yours. It really seems like some doctors in your country consider themselves equal to gods. I wouldn't say it's not true for Russia and Ukraine, there are also people who think of themselves more than they really are, but it seems to me the situation here is a little bit better. There are more people who have chosen medicine because of moral reasons, because, as I have told you many times, physicians are not high-paid here. So, maybe, escaping to some post-Soviet country is actually not a bad option. And who has told you that there are criminals who could torture you in Russia? What criminals? For what? I don't know who told you that or if you believe it, but it is very unlikely that someone is going to torture you here. I know, there's a stereotype in Western countries that Russia is criminalized, but it's not true, it's a very big exaggeration. I feel a little bit offended, when people from the other countries think of Russians as some kind of savages, because it's so far from true. In fact, Russia, on the contrary, is a very friendly and hospitable nation, at least the majority of Russians are, because, of course, there are good and bad people in every nation. So if you ever make up your mind to visit Russia, don't be afraid of anything, you are welcome here.

Anyway, I hope everything is going fine with you and I hope that your letter to a lawyer will have an effect. I miss you constantly and I hope my agency will keep its promise and we'll be able to communicate freely next week at the latest. Hope you're having a nice day.

With love, your Julia


I want the reader to know that Julia lives in Luhansk which is currently being attacked by the so-called Ukrainian army which is working for the CIA. These misguided people are being used to start a war between Russia and NATO. Despite many hardships, Julia remains compassionate and optimistic. 

Julia has moral gumption. 

People here — who are so proud of themselves for some reason I don't understand — should look in the mirror. They would be ashamed of who they see and what they do and of the monsters they support.





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