Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ask A Patient

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by Morley Evans

ZOCOR (Merck & Co., Inc.) | LIPITOR (Pfizer, Inc.): They are proud to say they are the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Statin drugs are the most profitable pharmaceutical products in history! Billions of dollars are made every year selling statin drugs to lower cholesterol (which is completely unnecessary and harmful). They sell dozens of other pharmaceutical products, of course. All have side effects. All are very profitable. Money is their guiding star. Money, money, money, mmm, money . . .

I added a few thoughts about Zocor and Lipitor to "Ask a Patient". While the harm done to me was great, the problem is much larger than me and the doctors involved in my own case. Canadian medicine is a vast criminal empire. Reforming it will take time. Patient patients will be rewarded.

Side Effects: myalgia, neuralgia, insomnia, dementia, polyneuropathy, rhabdomyolisis, subdural hematoma, coma, and pain, pain pain. It has taken me 18 years to recover from what was started in 1992 by my doctor, John N. Alport, M.D., may he and his tribe burn in Hell. Add these side effects: bowel and bladder incontinence, severe joint pain, swollen fingers and throbbing hands, rheumatism, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, difficulty swallowing, numbness, feet that felt as if they were on fire, hair loss, and tinnitus.

Comments: Before they go to Hell, the people at Merck, Pfizer and the doctors who shill for them should be sent to a very nasty prison. Merck, Pfizer and their doctor mountebanks should be stripped of every asset including their medical licenses. They should be disgraced and totally destroyed. The proceeds of their financial liquidation should be distributed to their victims. These crooks sit on an astronomical fortune. According to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (I recommend him highly), Merck started the statin industry when Merck bought lovastatin from the US Army. If so, any similarity between the side effects of all statin drugs to various drugs used to torture people would not be coincidental. Why can I not rate Zocor and Lipitor lower than one at "Ask a Patient"? Zocor and Lipitor deserve a much lower rating than zero. I am extremely dissatisfied with Zocor, Lipitor and the idiots who prescribe them and lie to cover up their crimes.

Go to "Ask a Patient" to discover what patients really think about the pharmaceutical nostrums their doctors have prescribed for them.

Lipitor caused as much harm of the same nature as Zocor. Lipitor proves that Zocor was the cause of my illness when I was taking Zocor and Zocor proves that Lipitor was the cause of my illness when I was taking Lipitor. Two double blind studies of statin drugs were conducted on me between 1992 and 2000 by ignoramuses licensed to practice medicine. I certainly never suspected that the statins were causing my problems or I would have stopped taking them. The doctors were unaware of the side effects too (apparently), so they prescribed more drugs to treat the side effects and eventually referred me to specialists who never made a correct diagnosis themselves. Even when confronted with the evidence all but Dr. Cenaiko denied Statins could be responsible. "Statins can't do that." Yes, they do, doc. Read the product monographs. You can read, can't you?

You can add your own comments at Go ahead. Did you know it is estimated that 25% of all doctors and pharmacists abuse drugs themselves and addiction is common? An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association ranks doctors as the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease (CVD). They claim to be our leading citizens. Isn't that amazing?


Dr. Duane Graveline:
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's The Great Cholesterol Con
Dr. Barbara Starfield

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Canada's National Sport

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by Morley Evans

Canada's national sport is hockey.

I have been told this over and over since I was a child. I was never a fan. I could not play hockey. I wasn't big enough. My feet froze in the tightly laced ice skates. I had asthma which was activated by frosty air out on the skating rink across the street from our house.

"Hockey Night in Canada" with Foster Hewitt every Saturday night before "Don Messer's Jubilee" on CBC was deadly boring. Now that I am older, and have experienced what Canada has to offer, I am beginning to appreciate that hockey truly is Canada's national sport, like it or not.

Hockey is two games. Hockey is the game that the camera follows as it chases the puck up and down the ice. That is the game everyone talks about. That game is about the stars who make the plays and who make the goals and the saves. Hockey is also a game of thuggery and intimidation. That game is only noticed by most people when a fight breaks out. "Why are they fighting," some wonder? "Why don't they stop that?"

A fight is the result of an ongoing battle that is not noticed by the referees. They are too busy watching the puck and the players chasing the puck. Some of the fans, apparently, watch this second game. They are like the people who go to auto races hoping to see someone crash and, hopefully, die. Broadcasters like Don Cherry revel in body checking and fighting. They see it as part of the game. It is part of Canada's game.

Hockey mayhem is never punished. Even deliberate acts of assault causing grievous bodily harm are not punished. Examples abound. They have existed as long as hockey has been played. Major Junior player Patrice Cormier, who assaulted Mikael Tam last winter, will go scot-free after extending an apology. [1] Ho ho. Wink wink. Cormier's future in the NHL will not be jeopardized. Heaven forbid!

What hockey really is is well known. It is a goon game. Parents can figure it out when they send their children to play hockey. Parents can decide it is not wholesome fun and choose a different activity. Hockey is not unique. Most activities in Canada are governed by the same rules as hockey.

What exactly are those rules? That is The Big Question for everybody.

Canada is fraught with danger. Going to a doctor is one glaring example: it is a high risk activity. The real game is not the same as the advertised game. It is the opposite. When visiting a doctor, for example, the important person is the doctor, not you the patient. His interests come first, not yours. No one will tell you that, but it's true. You can beware, but even the wary are not safe in Canada.

Contrary to popular opinion, which is promoted by the people who run the show, Canada is not a very nice place. It is a hockey game. If you get blindsided and creamed, too bad for you. You probably won't even get an apology and no one who should care will care. That is how it really is in Canada. The rest is bullshit.

What are the rules? I would like someone to explain this to me, but I'm afraid no one ever will, or can.


Cormier guilty of assault

OCTOBER 20, 2010

Former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge.

The charge stemmed from a vicious elbow to the head Cormier delivered to Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam during a game last winter against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.

The discharge means Cormier will not have a criminal record and will allow him to travel to the United States to pursue his hockey career. His NHL rights belong to the Atlanta Thrashers.

"I'm a physical player," Cormier said yesterday, "but this is no excuse for what I did. I want to apologize again to Mikael Tam and his family."

The headshot left Tam, who suffered brain trauma and damage to his teeth, convulsing on the ice.

Cormier was suspended for the rest of the season and was charged in May.

© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

Former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge.

The charge stemmed from a vicious elbow to the head Cormier delivered to Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam during a game last winter against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.

The discharge means Cormier will not have a criminal record and will allow him to travel to the United States to pursue his hockey career. His NHL rights belong to the Atlanta Thrashers.

"I'm a physical player," Cormier said yesterday, "but this is no excuse for what I did. I want to apologize again to Mikael Tam and his family."

The headshot left Tam, who suffered brain trauma and damage to his teeth, convulsing on the ice.

Cormier was suspended for the rest of the season and was charged in May.


© Copyright (c) The Montreal GazetteFormer Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge.

The charge stemmed from a vicious elbow to the head Cormier delivered to Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam during a game last winter against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.

The discharge means Cormier will not have a criminal record and will allow him to travel to the United States to pursue his hockey career. His NHL rights belong to the Atlanta Thrashers.

"I'm a physical player," Cormier said yesterday, "but this is no excuse for what I did. I want to apologize again to Mikael Tam and his family."

The headshot left Tam, who suffered brain trauma and damage to his teeth, convulsing on the ice.

Cormier was suspended for the rest of the season and was charged in May.


© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corruption May Be Good

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Corruption May Be Good? How could corruption be good? This is how:

When corrupt people are in positions of authority, they can use their power to extort payment that will affect what they allow. So a judge, policeman, bureaucrat and legislator, could decide to make a just ruling if he is bribed. It's a possibility. He is an extortionist. He knows what he is.

Bribery is unknown in a country like Canada. Is it really? In Canada, a judge, policeman, bureaucrat and legislator cannot be bribed (not in the usual sense, anyway). It makes no difference how ignorant the official is or how unjust his decision, or how bad the statute. They are as immovable as a mountain.

There are ways to navigate through corruption. A bribe is a cost of doing business. It is much more difficult, even impossible, to navigate through a stone wall erected by ignorant smug people who make idiotic decisions that "go by the book."

Corrupt people who have power are to be preferred over idiots who have power. Of course one would be better off in a world without corrupt people and idiots — a world where justice prevails, but the world is not perfect. That is why a banana republic can sometimes be better than a duhmockricy run by sanctimonious idiots.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Corruption 2010

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by Morley Evans

The future doesn't look very promising according to Pratyush Sinha.

30% Indians totally corrupt, 50% borderline: Outgoing CVC chief

Pratyush Sinha
New Delhi:  Almost one-third of Indians are "utterly corrupt" and half are "borderline", the outgoing head of the country's corruption watchdog has said, blaming increased wealth for much of the problem.

Pratyush Sinha, who retired as India's Central Vigilance Commissioner this week, said the worst part of his "thankless job" was observing how corruption had increased as people became more materialistic.

"When we were growing up I remember if somebody was corrupt, they were generally looked down upon," he said. "There was at least some social stigma attached to it. That is gone. So there is greater social acceptance."

Transparency International, the global anti-graft body, puts India 84th on its corruption perception index with a 3.4-point rating, out of a best possible score of 10.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


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by Morley Evans

with thanks to Wikipedia

In the Song of Enlightenment (證道歌 Zhèngdào gē) of Yǒngjiā Xuánjué (665–713)[9]—one of the chief disciples of Huìnéng, the 6th patriarch of Chán Buddhism—it is written that Bodhidharma was the 28th patriarch in a line of descent from Mahākāśyapa, a disciple of Śākyamuni Buddha, and the first patriarch of Chán Buddhism:
Mahākāśyapa was the first, leading the line of transmission; Twenty-eight Fathers followed him in the West; The Lamp was then brought over the sea to this country; And Bodhidharma became the First Father here: His mantle, as we all know, passed over six Fathers, And by them many minds came to see the Light.[10]
Often attributed to Bodhidharma is the Bloodstream Sermon, which was actually composed quite some time after his death.
Buddhas don't save buddhas. If you use your mind to look for a buddha, you won't see the Buddha. As long as you look for a buddha somewhere else, you'll never see that your own mind is the Buddha. Don't use a buddha to worship a buddha. And don't use the mind to invoke a buddha. Buddhas don't recite sutras. Buddhas don't keep precepts. And buddhas don't break precepts. Buddhas don't keep or break anything. Buddhas don't do good or evil. To find a buddha, you have to see your nature.[11]
Another famous legend involving Bodhidharma is his meeting with Emperor Wu of Liang. Emperor Wu took an interest in Buddhism and spent a great deal of public wealth on funding Buddhist monasteries in China. When he had heard that a great Buddhist teacher, Bodhidharma, had come to China, he sought an audience with him. When they met, Emperor Wu had asked how much karmic merit he had gained from his noble support of Buddhism. Bodhidharma replied, "None at all." The Emperor asked, "Then what is the truth of the teachings?" Bodhidharma replied, "Vast emptiness, nothing holy." So the emperor asked, "Then who are you standing in front of me?" Bodhidharma replied, "I do not know," and walked out.
Another legend involving Bodhidharma is that he visited the Shaolin Temple in the kingdom of Wei, at some point, and taught them a series of exercises which became the basis for the Shaolin martial arts.[8]



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by Morley Evans

Chinese Tao is The Way
Indian Dharma is The Way.
This is Japanese Zen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disband the RCMP

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by Morley Evans

Disband the RCMP? Like the beaver and the maple leaf and hockey, mounties are one of Canada's beloved national symbols. Why would we disband the RCMP?

The RCMP is out of control. The RCMP is corrupt and incompetent. The RCMP has a long history of abusing force. The latest outrage is raiding a Thanksgiving Day turkey supper being held by a family in Coquitlam, BC. Read the story below. Remember Robert Dziekanski whom the RCMP killed with tasers at the Vancouver airport? The Polish government is suing Canada over that outrage.

I do not want to be identified with these idiots. Do Germans want to be identified with the Stasi or the Gestapo? Take away their badges and guns. Burn their red serge, shiny boots and Stetson hats. Give them counseling. Try to turn former officers into human beings with wholesome human instincts. Can they be deprogrammed? We could try. If they can't be rehabilitated, at least they can be disarmed.ński_Taser_incident

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Destruction of Leviathan

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by Morley Evans

This is the Destruction of Leviathan by Gustav Doré (1865).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Criminal Empire

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by Morley Evans

Reforming the Canadian medical system won't be easy because it is a vast criminal empire.
A criminal empire? Is that statement going too far? Let's see:
The Canadian medical system is as old as Canada. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was started in 1867 a few months after Canada was created. Its original mission was to ensure that doctors were paid. The CMA was a union modeled on the British trade unions. It had only a few members at first, but it "organized" doctors aggressively. Over the years, the CMA has arrogated unto itself functions that give it considerable power. They are more than a lobby group. Unlike the American Medical Association, the CMA is a monopoly and membership is compulsory.
The CMA created the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) in 1901. The CMPA purpose is to make it next-to-impossible to sue a doctor. The CMPA does not provide malpractice insurance. The CMPA eliminates malpractice by forcing everything into the legal system which it controls. The CMPA is unique in the world. It may be unique in history. It's purpose is criminal since it has managed to arrogate the law unto itself. It is impossible to sue a doctor successfully. The CMPA claims it pays litigants when it decides they have a valid case. Really? They are the law.
How nice for them.
Nurses in Canada belong to various unions. Unions like the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) are modeled on the British trade unions. Recently, it was revealed that a nurse in Regina earned $250,000 last year thanks to overtime. The British trade unions are one major reason for British decline since 1945.
Tommy Douglas made sure that everybody got paid when he hooked the health care system up to the provincial and national treasuries. It has been fat city ever since for doctors, nurses, administrators, hospitals and everyone involved. Medicine is to Canada what the military is to the United States and it is exactly the same in many ways. Medicine is Canada's number one expense. Saskatchewan's health care system costs as much as everything else combined. The US military is their number one expense too. Americans spend more than everyone else in the world, combined, on the military.
The Canadian healthcare system does resemble a secret society, though. That may even things up. Unions exist to maximize the incomes of members. Unions usually maintain an adversarial position with "management". Doctors think themselves above the status of "workers". As top dogs, doctors must be management. No, doctors are unionized workers without a doubt. Management (which pays the bills) is the government. The Canadian medical system has been totally captured by the service providers and their unions. Their medico-legal cabal is in control.
Let's see in Canada: medical workers (especially doctors) are not accountable for what they do, or have done, and they get paid to do it, regardless; they are insulated from criticism by public opinion and by legislation. Everyone thinks everything would be just dandy if only they were given even more money. The main purpose of the health care system is to look after itself and its members. Patients exist to provide a raison d'être: a reason to get paid. It doesn't matter if patients get well, or die. More are lined up for treatment.
My own "family doctors" have sometimes kept me returning every ten days and they have written a prescription every time. They have also required an appointment whenever prescriptions needed to be renewed. Many prescriptions were written to treat side effects which were not recognized as existing until recently. These doctors kept their waiting rooms full as a steady stream of sick people was examined by the doctor.
Are there good doctors who put patients first? Yes, there are, but, the system protects bad doctors and does not distinguish between the two. How many of each are there? No one knows. The system is extremely bad. Canadian medicine may be the worst in the world, as well as the most expensive in the world. Most Canadians believe "Medicare" is free, especially in Saskatchewan the home of Tommy Douglas who was credited by CBC as being "the Greatest Canadian."

It all sounds like a vast criminal empire to me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

False Flag Operations

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by Morley Evans

  • False flag operations are covert operations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. ...

Most of the terrorist activities that are reported on the "news" today are false flag operations. The best example is "9/11" which, as the new "Pearl Harbor", gave the Empire a blank cheque (they hope) to wage war everywhere, forever. The current victims are Muslims, who still believe in their religion. Everybody else has been secularized since World War II. Destroying religion is an important objective, as important as oil and money.

Pearl Harbor (Dec 1941), itself, was not a false flag operation because the Americans had actually managed to maneuver the Japanese into attacking. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident  (August 1964) which was used to start open warfare against North Vietnam perhaps never happened. [1][2] The North Koreans were maneuvered into invading South Korea (June 1950). [3] The Lusitania was sunk months before (May 1915) it was used to bring the United States into WW I (April 1917). The Germans had taken out full page ads in New York newspapers warning everyone not to sail on the Lusitania which would be carrying war matériel to England. The battleship Main was blown up (Feb 1898) in Havana harbour to start the war against the Spanish Empire. The Americans blew it up, easily defeated Spain and took over Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to start passing the baton of world domination from the British Empire to the United States. This was completed in 1945. Most casus belli like those above are manufactured excuses to declare war. The list goes on . . .

Apart from our own false flag operations, examples abound: the Nazis burned the Reichstag (1933) and blamed the Communists; Nero burned Rome (AD 64) and blamed the Christians.

False flag operations are covert. They are secret conspiracies designed to deceive the public. They are acts of treason. The traitors are the leaders and the war cabal who should be swinging from the lamp posts but who almost always get away with murder because most people believe these inveterate liars and non-believers are powerless.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Terrorism 2010

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by Morley Evans

Let's be very clear about this: the only terrorists who blow things up and kill innocent people — and do it  every day — are the NATO forces, the Australian Army, the British Army, the Canadian Army and the American Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force along with contract killers like Blackwater who run amuck killing at random and staging "terrorist" attacks to blame on others like "Al Qaeda" and "the Taliban". The CIA has its own secret army which you don't know about. Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles are flown by operators in Nevada. They kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, by remote control. Canadians fly drones from their base in Kandahar, with similar results. Wedding parties seem to look like terrorist training camps to these idiots. Our "heroes" invaded Iraq and Afghanistan nine years ago. They are ours. You pay for them. They have killed untold tens of thousands since 9/11/2001 and even more going back to Gulf War I (1990-91). (Casualty estimates are getting harder to find as the Empire fights in cyberspace to gain control of the Internet.) They have destroyed Iraq and turned hundreds of thousands into homeless refugees. They are destroying Pakistan now and want to destroy Iran soon. They are the terrorists, not the imaginary Al Qaeda which is a creation of our military industrial complex and our intelligence establishment, led by the CIA. They, as well as the domestic "security" industries like the police, require enemies because their business is terrorism and war, not your welfare. You're lucky if you only get a traffic ticket someday. Why don't you know this? You don't know this because you are incessantly brainwashed by our "news" and "entertainment" industries which terrorize you into believing that you need to be protected and sooth you with sentimental stories for the sentimental and pornography for everyone. You do need to be protected, of course. You need to be protected from them. Wake Up!

Afghanistan War Order of Battle:

It is pretty clear from a glance at the article linked above who is Goliath in Afghanistan. Are the defenders David? The invaders (that's us) call the Afghani defenders "the Taliban", "Al Qaeda", the insurgency, the terrorists, militants and other names. From the point of view of the invaders (that's us), we are liberating Afghanistan from tyranny and avenging 9/11. Everybody knows how David vs Goliath turned out and Afghanistan isn't called "the graveyard of empires" for nothing with an unbroken string of victories stretching back almost three thousand years. Despite enjoying every advantage for the past nine years, the Pentagon, today's home of the world's military geniuses, conceded years ago that the war could not be won. And they were right! Yet, the U.S. government keeps running up astronomical debts (which can never be repaid and will never be repaid) to pour into the black hole it created for itself in the Middle East. In Iraq, things are not much better. Coalition (that's us) casualties have declined in Iraq because, like the Crusaders of yore, our forces stay inside the fortresses they have built where they are safer, but not totally safe. Yes, the Coalition is in prison, but hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are refugees, or they are dead. Their country has been destroyed. The oil bonanza that was supposed to pay for everything has not materialized: It is gone like a desert mirage along with 1/3 of the world's oil production. Our very own world-wide empire, which has lasted since the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) will likely follow it into oblivion. No one will care, least of all me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letter to McMorris

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by Morley Evans

Date: Oct 1, 2010

Don McMorris
Minister of Health
Legislative Building, #302
Regina Saskatchewan S4S 0B3

Dear Mr. McMorris,

Thank you for your letter dated August 31, 2010 with copies of the three Patient First reports.

I’m pleased to hear you say, “The most important person in the health care system is the person the system serves — the patient.”

Unfortunately, the reality is very different. I am living proof.

I have over sixty years of experience with doctors and hospitals here in Regina where I was saved by doctors from what other doctors did. No one cares. No abuse is too outrageous to be ignored. Two doctors, a pharmacist, and two pharmaceutical companies have taken the last eighteen years out of my life.

After I was crippled and tortured for eight years by statin drugs that were prescribed to lower my cholesterol, I slipped into a coma in June 2000. The following year, I discovered, by accident, why I had been sick. It has taken me ten years to recover.

I reported my experience to the College of Physicians and Surgeons; the Canadian Medical Association; Saskatchewan Health; the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region; the Minister of Health (Saskatchewan); Health Canada; The Minister of Health (Canada); The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association; The FDA in Washington; the President of Merck-Frosst, André Marcheterre; Premiers of Saskatchewan (both Mr. Calvert (NDP) and Mr. Wall (Saskatchewan Party); the Leader-Post; the Globe and Mail; Goldhawk; the Solicitor General of Alberta (Mr. Cenaiko) who conferred with the Alberta Minister of Health (Iris Evans); The Fifth Estate; the Saskatchewan Law Society; and the Canadian Bar Association. I was not able to find a trial lawyer in Canada. My friend, Robert MacKay, who is a lawyer, eventually agreed to help me. Every American lawyer I contacted said I have a very strong case, but they could not help me. One of Regina's more prominent lawyers confided, "You have an excellent case, but you do not have a winnable case." Why not?

Every agency here in this fine country that is so proud of being the "best country in the world" has continued to ignore me and what was done to me. At the Regina-Qu’Appelle Health Region, I have been swept under the carpet by Linda Wacker and others. In court, my case was dismissed on a technicality, by a judge (Kyle) who should have been recused because he had been my lawyer for years. The statute of limitations in Saskatchewan is bizarre to say the least. This operation of incompetent doctors and lawyers who protect them is a cabal, a Mickey Mouse Club.

You and Mr. Wall have an opportunity to strike a blow for justice to begin reform of the Canadian health care system which serves doctors, administrators, regulators and pharmaceutical companies, first and foremost.

Dr. John N. Alport, M.D., the architect of my medical problems, either knew why I was ill, or he did not know why I was ill. Either way, Alport is unfit to be a doctor: all he had to do was tell me I should stop taking Zocor as he is instructed to do in the product monograph. Yet, Alport is now the Medical Director of SGI. He testifies in court on its behalf against injured people who are trying to collect what the insurance company promised to pay when it sold them a policy. Alport claims he never prescribed Zocor for me, but he wrote it down on my "chart" twice. Can this liar not even read? Perhaps Alport can use illiteracy as a defence. Dr. Annandale moved to Banff where he opened a practice in the mountain paradise. Merck and Pfizer continue to sell Zocor and Lipitor, the most profitable pharmaceutical drugs in history. They rake in billions every year from these two drugs alone. The pharmacist, Ast, sold his business and retired scot-free. Medical care in Canada continues to be the most expensive item in every government budget. Patients die. No one cares whose job it is to care.

Heartfelt thanks go to to Drs. Cenaiko and Buwembo for saving my life and to dozens more who helped put me back together again, especially my sister, Merna.

Morley Evans

cc: Mr. Wall