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This is new to me. It was posted in Quora. All we know about Stalin in the West is Cold War propaganda written by his enemies in the West which include Trotskyists whose descendants control Washington today. Some minor editing has been made to improve grammar and clarity. - ed

Joseph Stalin

What could Stalin do differently to diminish the losses of the Soviet Union in the first months of the war if he would believe the reports about Germany’s preparation for attacking the Soviet Union?
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Aleksandr Donskoy
Aleksandr Donskoy
Answered Sep 23

Well for starters, he did believe “the reports”. He knew about what the reports were saying since 1933/34 when Hitler became the leader of Germany; that Germany would invade the Soviet Union. The only question was when?

It’s often presented as if Stalin knew months in advance that the invasion would happen on June 22nd 1941. Perhaps as propaganda? Perhaps just a misconception. The reality is very far from that. He received several conflicting reports, including from the very same spy. One day they would say 5th of March 1941, then 1st of April 1941, then 8th of March 1941, then the plans are cancelled, then the end of summer, then August, then postponed until 1942, etc, etc, etc.

Not only were the reports of every spy in conflict, but the exact same spy would change the dates constantly. Stalin had absolutely no idea when the invasion was going to be; neither did any of the reports. But on top of that, most of the reports never even reached Stalin. Because of the Soviet bureaucracy, most got lost somewhere on the way.

Now Stalin knew the war was inevitable from the start. Hitler never hid his feelings about Communists or Jews (most of the Soviet government in the 20s and 30s were Jews).

Hitler wrote “When we speak of new territory, we must think of Russia. Destiny itself points the way there.”

A few things that were done:

In 1934, the Soviet Union joined the League of Nations, the predecessor to the UN. And Maxim Litvinov who represented the Soviet Union spent the next 4 years from 1934 to 1938, trying to install some sort of collective security in the League of Nations. Kind of like a global NATO.

“The State I represent entered the League… with the sole purpose of the maintenance of indivisible peace… The League of Nations is still strong enough by its collective actions to avert or arrest aggression… There is no room for bargaining or compromise” - Maxim Litvinov

Four years of pleading for a collective defensive army in the League were ignored. Even as Germany, Japan, and Italy withdrew from the League of Nations and Japan invaded the Soviet Union and China, and Italy invaded Ethiopia, the League of Nations did nothing.

2. He attempted, for the last time, to sign a pretty provocative military treaty with Poland, the UK, and France that could’ve stopped the war before it ever began.

“The Soviet offer - made by war minister Marshall Klementi Voroshilov and Red Army chief of general staff Boris Shaposhnikov - would have put up to 120 infantry divisions (each with some 19,000 troops), 16 cavalry divisions, 5,000 heavy artillery pieces, 9,500 tanks and up to 5,500 fighter aircraft and bombers on Germany's borders in the event of war in the west”

Stalin 'planned to send a million troops to stop Hitler if Britain and France agreed to a pact'

3. After defeating Japan in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939, the Soviet Union managed to sign a cease-fire with them. Together with the troops stationed in Siberia in case of a Japanese invasion, this made sure the Japanese never came to the aide of their German ally.

Battles of Khalkhin Gol - Wikipedia

4. Finally, the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with Germany to try and delay the war as long as possible. Being the last major country to sign a treaty with Germany.

5. From 1939 to 1941 the Soviet Union went from 1.5 million to 5 million troops. It amassed 30–35 000 tanks & self-propelled artillery, and 20–25,000 aircraft.

6. The Soviet Union secured extra buffer land to protect Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) from an attack from the North. The city never surrendered.

Now, what else could he have done? Well, in the first days of the war, the Germans using the intelligence (mostly aerial photos) they had gathered, bombed the air bases of the Soviet Union in Byelorussia, Ukraine, and the Baltic’s. They all lost between 40 and 70% of their aircraft. One air commander, after landing and seeing the damage to his base, shot himself on the spot. Camouflaging or moving them further back to the RSFSR or the Asian Republics could’ve mitigated the damage.

In the months preceding the invasion, he decided to move the troops away from the border in order to convince Germany they had no reason to invade so soon. He only ordered them to mobilize and prepare for a German invasion two days before it happened. When the invasion did happen, most of the troops were still heading west meanwhile German “defensive” troops were already on the border and only their tanks needed to get closer.

Stalin’s reluctance to accept the reports was not about not believing the invasion. Nor even about the conflicting reports making it impossible to make any kind of sound decision. But rather that he expected Germany to be ready to do that by 1943–1944. And that is when he expected the Soviet Union to be ready for it. In every war scenario he had Zhukov and other Soviet military officials run between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union won. In all their practices, none of the Soviet Generals was able to make Nazi Germany win the war. Stalin simply did not expect Hitler to go on a suicide mission, rather he hoped that he would go on an even bigger suicide mission in 2 years when he would get steam-rolled.

[The Schlieffen Plan was established German High Command doctrine before WWI. German military strategy focussed on the necessity of defeating France quickly so Germany could turn eastward before the Russian "steam roller" had time to mobilize. Everyone knew about it. WWII was a replay of WWI. - ed]

If we’re talking about what Stalin could do before the war, he tried a bit of everything.

However, what he could have done in the first months of the war was to implement changes that were made later in the war. But of course, those changes came from experience, and would not have been conceivable then. One of those was order 227. Which prevented front-line commanders from retreating at random times, uncoordinated, without even informing the High Command in Moscow.

In Stalingrad (or somewhere else quite far into the war I don’t quite remember) the Soviets noticed after Germans shot their guns revealing their position; they would change positions. After new Soviet recruits shot; they would stay in the same place and get shot.

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This is new and valuable. Thank you!

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Israel believes MIGHT makes RIGHT. That isn’t new. That’s how the world has always worked. What is new is the idea that MIGHT does NOT make RIGHT. War is what the United Nations was established to prevent.

The Israelis base their claim on Jewish victimhood. They can’t have it both ways. They must either be Nazis or they can start acting like human beings. If they continue acting like Nazis, they can stop whining about Nazis. THEY CAN’T have it both ways. The Israelis have used up any sympathy they ever had. They are at the end of their rope. And so are the people who support them. Do you? 

Bugsy Siegel and other Jewish Mafiosi did and do support "the Jewish State". Israel was created by the criminally insane. Israel was founded on a paranoiac-racist ideology which has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, or the Christian religion, or any religion. Satanism is the remaining option. Zionist control of "mainstream media" has ensured that the criminality of Israel has been unknown to the general public. The Internet has broken this monopoly and exposed Zionism's Achilles heel providing critics with a platform.

Jews around the world — even more than gentiles — have been under relentless pressure to support the Zionist entity in Palestine. Zionism has taken over Synagogues, created anti-Semitism in countries like Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran, that were the ancient homes of Jews. Zionists have subverted the U.S. political, educational, and informational systems, rewarded Zionist Jews, and punished Jews who refused. Despite this, Jews have been at the forefront of the "not in my name" movements.

Anyone who has dared to oppose them, Zionists have bludgeoned with anti-Semitism which is used to destroy careers and lives. Murder and beatings are included in the Zionist gangster's toolkit.

Universally, civil society agrees that murder and theft is criminal. The same standard applies to relations between nations. War is a crime. It doesn't matter how it is dressed up. Every aggressor pretends their war is justified because it is defensive. False flag attacks are created as pretexts for aggressive war. War contractors love making the world a dangerous place so they can sell their wares. Bombs and bullets are ideal products. They can only be used once. Then the customer has to buy more. 

Israel dreams of becoming Sparta. Israeli leaders think their country is already a leading warrior state. It is actually a leading criminal state that is propped up by The Great Satan.  

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JAPANESE ZEN was popular with the Samurai class. It traces its lineage directly from India through Bodhidharma to China and the Shaolin Temple. Zen has two main schools, Rinzai and Soto. Zen is one of the many schools of Buddhism.

A lifetime ago, I lived in a Soto Temple in Kyoto. Our day started at 5:00 AM. We practised Za-zen five hours-a-day during the regular schedule and fifteen hours-a-day during the monthly sesshin. I did one sesshin. It lasted for three days. No talking was allowed during sesshin.

Antaiji had only one rule. The schedule had to be strictly observed. No other rules were needed.

Zen practice is very hard. Samurai adopted the Zen practice.

When I left Antaiji, the monks told me I would not be able to practice Za-zen on my own. I promised not to evangelize or try to start my own school. I kept my promise.

"If you manage to force yourself to do Za-zen, you will develop an unwholesome discipline," they said. 

They were right. I tried. After 71 years, I can still say that my experience at Antaiji was the single most valuable thing I ever did. I would not have survived what happened to me after I left Antaiji had I never gone there.

I lived at the first Antaiji. It was founded by Sawaki. Antaiji was in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. When I was there, Kyoto had already grown around the Temple and the huge agricultural property and woods that surrounded it. No doubt, after Uchiyama died (the abbot when I was there), the Soto sect finally sold the property to land developers for a bundle. They had waited for decades.

Antaiji built a new Temple in the mountains on the coast of the Sea of Japan in Hyogo Prefecture. This is the new Antaji. The abbot today is Muho. This Zen priest is German! Only serious Zen practitioners need to apply. Zen practice is not easy.

Muho talks about sitting (Za-zen) and pain. Soto Zen is about sitting quietly and doing nothing. That's it. There is nothing else. It is not about thinking. It is not about not thinking. It is about sitting quietly and doing nothing. 

Uchiyama-Roshi, who was not well when I was there, told us that "being tough" will not help you to do Za-zen. Uchiyama often did extra Za-zen for hours in the Zen-do with Omura-san who was eighty years old. They weren't tough like all the young monks and visitors. Something else supported them when strength was absent. 

Why do Za-zen? Za-zen is not about "self-improvement". Za-zen has no purpose. Za-zen is completely worthless. 

Sit quietly and do nothing. That's your job. Just do it. 
November schedule.

Antaiji is unique in Japan. There are no other Zen Temples like it. Sawaki said Zen monks are afraid of Za-zen. You won't find Buddhism in the big Temples, he said. Yet Za-zen is Buddhism. It is the essence of Buddhism.

Uchiyama told us that Japan is called a Buddhist country as the United States is called a Christian country. Despite this, few modern Japanese know anything about Buddhism and few modern Americans know anything about Christianity. Uchiyama had studied Christianity at University and had a Masters degree in philosophy.


Mu (nothing)

Soto monk with begging bowl.

Antaiji in winter

Arthur Braverman was a friend at Antaiji. He stayed in Japan and married a Japanese girl. Arthur translates Buddhist documents from Japanese to English. The Bravermans live in California today. This is one of Arthur's essays.

The link below will take you to some lovely pictures of Antaiji.!1s0x5fffd2863547a62b:0x4ecd18ec1729f142!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!4s!5sAntaiji+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e1!2s

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Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty answered this

If the US and Allies had not opened the 2nd front against the Germans in WW2, would not the Russians have won the war by themselves, having already defeated the vast majority of German forces in the East?

Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty, studied at University of Antwerp
Answered 14h ago


The Soviets were at the end of their rope, they were conscripting 16-year old boys by the end of the war.

Stalin’s private archive shows he planned to stop on the Vistula River in Poland and establish a defensive front there. Once that had been established, he would have made a separate peace with Hitler.

Morley Evans replied

I don’t agree. The Nazis were at the end of their rope too. The British and American presence in Western Europe mostly prevented the Red Army from reaching the English Channel. While the British contribution (which was significant) has been downgraded (by the Americans), the American contribution was about the same as WWI. American industry was enriched with lucrative contracts to supply materiel to Washington’s allies. Britain and Russia only recently finished paying off what they owed the United States for WWII. They borrowed this money to buy American materiel after they had used all their assets (gold, strategic properties and securities). War has always worked well for the United States. What happened to Great Britain and the British Empire? It was sucked dry by Washington and Wall Street. The Russians actually did better than the British. World Wars I & II finished off Washington’s original enemy, Great Britain. Listen to Prime Minister Theresa May. Like most British people — especially Winston Churchill who passionately believed in the "special relationship", May still hasn’t figured it out. Yes, the Communists were paying their war debt to the United States (their enemy) throughout the Cold War and after. Russians are no longer Communists but they are still the enemy as far as Americans are concerned.

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Unites States of America (without Alaska and Hawaii)

Washington surveys the world

Here's a thought:

The Americans (Washington) used the British to get rid of the French (Seven Years War). Then when George III refused to let the Americans move west into Indian territory, the Americans (Washington) used the French to get rid of the British (Cornwallis surrenders when the French navy shows up at Yorktown.) Before the revolution began, Thomas Paine was imported from England to put the gloss of Liberty on the American revolution. It was all about money and empire from the very beginning, folks. It never was about you. George and friends were secretly backed by the bankers in the City of London. They owned the British East India Company. The United States was one of their projects.

Flag of the United States of America

George Washington's army originally fought the British (Americans were the British) under the first British East India Company flag. It was called the Grand Union flag. The Betsey Ross flag story was dreamed up much later and added to the other American myths. 

The thirteen horizontal alternating red and white stripes were completely original to the British East India Company which had its own secret service, diplomatic corps, army and navy. Its owners could definitely get in to see the King of France. The king owed them lots of money with interest. Benjamin Franklin got to see the king too. Franklin had friends in high places. The British snubbed him.

The British East India Company took over the Indian subcontinent, invaded Afghanistan, and started the Opium Wars. The company invented international narco-trafficking and started the destruction of China and its colonization. An opium den on every street-corner in China was their goal. Remember these? Different company. Same idea. Smokable Opium is much more addictive than tobacco by itself. The Chinese emperor opposed this attack on his people.

The company was busy in Africa too but these are all different stories. The British East India Company was everywhere.

The Hudson's Bay Company was a completely different animal than the British East India Company. That goes far to explain the difference between Canada and the United States. Origins matter.

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Vertical flight

A few months ago, I came across a picture of a plane. It's air intake was in the nose. 

I thought it was a MiG-15, but it wasn't. It was an English Electric Lightning. I had never heard if such a thing so I began to read. It was designed and built by English Electric which was absorbed by BAC British Aircraft Corporation. It was designed in the late '40s. It could climb vertically and it held many records. It's ceiling was 50,000 feet. Its top speed was mach 2. 

It was superior to the Soviet MiG-15, the American F-86 Sabre and other jets of the Korean War era including the Supersabre.

How could I have never heard of it? ANSWER: It was a mainstay of the Royal Air Force. That's the reason. I was familiar with dozens of USAF planes. I had heard of the Avro Arrow because I'm a Canadian. Great Britain was history.

I know a little about American aviation because I watched American TV, read American magazines, watched American movies, and read American books.

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This sets the record straight after decades of lies. This question and answers were posted on

Do Americans today actually believe that their military battles resulted in their winning the Great War, WWI?

Opinion | How ‘Hyphenated Americans’ Won World War I
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John Bard
John Bard, Dabble, mainly in Anglo-Saxon and Roman history.
Answered 18h ago

Based upon the one other answer to this question, yes, Americans do seem to be under the impression that they contributed something substantial to the fighting in World War One.

Which is a typically lamentable misunderstanding of the situation.

The most significant American contribution was their factories. Their second greatest contribution was their shipyards.

Their third greatest contribution was morale; the arrival of new troops from a fresh new ally bolstered the resolve of the Entente armies - especially the French, who were exhausted by 1918 and had already suffered mutinies.

Their fourth greatest contribution was that by taking up position on quiet sectors of the front line, the American Expeditionary Forces freed up experienced and capable French divisions. This is the key contribution.

Why is it the key contribution?

Because when the Kaiserschlacht fell upon the British, French, and Belgian armies, it would likely have succeeded had their lines not been, so to speak, shortened, by the addition of the (to be perfectly frank) small but growing US presence. The following Hundred Days Offensive saw the AEF play a small peripheral role on the edge of the main French assaults, including a rightfully famous and praiseworthy defensive action in the Argonne.

But the majority of the offence in the Hundred Days was enacted by the British Army and by, to a somewhat lesser extent (and mainly due to the difficulty of the terrain), the French. It was the British and the French that smashed the armies of Imperial Germany. It was the British and the French that drove them back from all their gains. It was the British and the French that decisively penetrated Germany’s great bastion the Siegfried Line, and it was the advance of the British and the French that threw the German army into such a panic that it fled wholesale, forcing the Germans to sue for peace out of fear that the British and the French would mete out the same tender care to German civilians that the Germans had proffered to the French and Belgians who had the misfortune to be in occupied territory.

In these bloody matters the US played a peripheral and indirect role, and even then, thanks to the personality of their leadership under Pershing, they suffered more casualties than they needed to.

Canadians believe they won the War at Vimy Ridge because Canadian propaganda tells them so. Like Americans, Canadians believe lies. Thanks, Pierre Berton, you jackass.- ED

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British Airways Concorde


This is the only picture of the Concorde flying at Mach 2. It was  taken in April 1985 from a Royal Air Force Tornado fighter jet. Above the clouds and literally on the edge of space you can also see the earth’s curvature on the horizon. Over the Irish sea and rapidly running out of fuel the Tornado had a hard time catching up with the mighty Concorde. 

Mach 2 = 2469.6 kph and 1534.54 mph. Concorde sustained this speed for hours — much longer than any fast fighter jet, even today in 2018. After a fiery crash on a French runway, Concorde flights were discontinued. They were not profitable. Too bad. See the earth's curvature in the distance. My heart soars.

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I discovered Jazz in 1960 when I was 13 years old. Somehow it was overwhelmed with crap being sold by Dick Clark "America's teenager". 

But Jazz is still alive today thanks to aficionados who have uploaded it to YouTube. Truth can't be killed. You can enjoy Stan, Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida ("Tom") Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, and more!

Stan Getz

Rio de Janeiro was the coolest place anywhere. 
Perhaps, it still is.

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These two images demolish the Warren Commission conclusions about the JFK assassination. A look at the map of Dealey Plaza does the same thing. Why would anyone planning to shoot JFK choose to shoot a target that is moving away from him that is partially and sometimes completely obscured by trees when a clear shot is right in front of him and the target is moving slowly toward the sniper. Shooting a target on Houston Street would be even easier than shooting the target on Elm Street from the grassy knoll. Duh . . .

The supposed fatal shot.

Dan Rather sitting in the window

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Can you solve this problem? I don't think it can be solved. If A encrypts something how will C know how to unencrypt it?

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THOSE AMERICANS who are wallowing in U.S. military bullshit are currently led by the neocons who are snivelling cowards who will fight to the last drop of someone else's blood. 

History begins for most Americans with fake Indians dumping tea into Boston's harbour in 1773. Some Americans want to start a war with Russia. They believe nothing can or should stop them from ruling the world. They don't understand or know much.

Everyone should learn something about Russia. 

Russians are not people who curl up and die when attacked. The Teutons, the Mongols, the Turks, the French, and the Nazis all learned this hard lesson. Russians know and fear war. 

Americans will learn the lesson too. Americans do not know war. They think they do, but Americans have never been touched by war. War is something that happens somewhere else to someone else. That is why Americans are not afraid of war. Unfortunately, everyone will suffer if Washington gets WWIII started. They are constantly trying.

EDIT: The Civil War happened somewhere else to someone else. It was fought in "the South", all of it. Washington won, not "the North".

American warmongers are like mischevious boys playing with matches inside a dynamite warehouse. They don't know what dangers they are courting. They think they do.

You can learn something you should know here:

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The Americans who believe the United States has "the most powerful military the world has ever known" are itching for war with Russia. They think they can win. With only two of its biggest bombs Russia could make the eastern coast of the United States disappear, forever. Everything from Boston to Atlanta would be gone. What's in between? History proves that Russians do not curl up and die when attacked. A nuclear war would make everyone on the planet disappear, forever. Russians ignore provokations. Russians know and fear war. Americans do not. The John McCain funeral extravaganzas were war party rituals of ignorant barbarians who have no concept of the disasters they are courting. - Ed

Provocations Have A History Of Escalating Into War
Can War Be Avoided and the Planet Saved?
Paul Craig Roberts

I think that Martyanov and The Saker agree that my question is a valid one. Both emphasise in their highly informative writings that the court historians misrepresent wars in the interest of victors. Let’s give this a moment’s thought. Both Napoleon and Hitler stood at their apogee, their success unmitigated by any military defeat. Then they marched into Russia and were utterly destroyed. Why did they do this? They did it because their success had given them massive arrogance and belief in their “exceptionalism,” the dangerous word that encapsulates Washington’s belief in its hegemony.

The Zionist neoconservatives who rule in Washington are capable of the same mistake that Napoleon and Hitler made. They believe in “the end of history,” that the Soviet collapse means history has chosen America as the model for the future. Their hubris actually exceeds that of Napoleon and Hitler.

When confronted with such a deluded and ideological force, does turning the other cheek work or does it encourage more provocation?

This is the question before the Russian government.

Perhaps the Russian government will understand the meaning of the orchestrated eulogies for John McCain. It is not normal for a US senator to be eulogized in this way, especially one with such an undistinguished record. What is being eulogized is McCain’s hatred of Russia and his record as a warmonger. What Washington is eulogizing is its own commitment to war.