Sunday, February 20, 2011


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by Morley Evans

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People often think of revenge when they see my case. If I were interested, revenge would be much easier than seeking truth and justice. Revenge would be a bomb in his car or a bullet in his brain. However, revenge would do nothing and I would become a criminal like him, myself. The problem is not one or two doctors in Regina, but rather the vast criminal empire that is Canadian medicine. My experience is merely a symptom of the disease. As outrageous as is what happened to me, what is more important is that the people, or institutions, responsible in Canada could not care less. Years ago, I posted a comment on Rate MDs. I was the first victim of Dr. John N. Alport to do so. My comment is on the CD. Go to the Bookmark > Alport Family > Dr. John N. Alport > Patients. My comment is at the bottom of the list, the first one.

Over the years, I have contacted every institution in Canada that supposedly exists to protect Canadians. I have learned that there is no justice in Canada. None. Canadian justice is a joke. Canadian lawyers, in particular, should be ashamed. With regards to doctors and pharmaceutical companies, Canadian "justice" is owned by them.

Arabs, who are currently in the news, are in the same boat as Canadians: they are being screwed by a tiny élite. The difference is Arabs know they are being screwed and Canadians don't. Canadians believe the lies they are told. Canadians need to Wake Up. The evil empire of Canadian medicine has billions of dollars in the bank and over a century of being in control. The Canadian Medical Association, which is a trade union for doctors, is concerned with the narrow — mostly financial — interests of doctors. It is not a professional association that is interested in high standards and quality patient care. The CMA was started a few months after Confederation. It protects and rewards bad doctors while it punishes and destroys good doctors. The Soviets could have taken lessons from these guys. While some patients are helped, failures are swept under the carpet. Most accept what was done to them. Those who don't are ignored until they give up, run out of money or die. The medical system continues on without so much as a burp. Doctors are respectable — beyond reproach.

Pharmaceutical companies, of course, are BIG BUSINE$$.

Tommy Douglas, the hero of the Canadian left who hooked up this criminal monstrosity to the public treasury, is named "The Greatest Canadian" by the CBC. The Leader-Post proclaims that Regina has the best medical system in Canada, if not the world. Politicians rape and plunder the taxpayers to feed the monster. Lawyers from coast to coast are on the take. Canada is a place where organized crime is protected. Look at the Rizzuto Mafia Crime Family in Montréal. It was dethroned by Jamaican drug gangs and American Justice, not by Canadians who looked the other way and took bribes while they patted themselves on the back for making Canada a wonderful place. (The alternative to the Canadian medical system is not the American medical system which has serous problems of its own.)

When Canadians hear of a medical outrage, they think it must be an isolated case. It isn't. It is one piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle which when assembled reveals the face of a vast criminal empire that is unique in the world and in history. Shame on you, Canada.

Saturday, February 12, 2011