Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is there really is a Conspiracy?

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Conspiracy. Here's a montage, a collage:

The Illuminati? Are they for real? What happened to the super rich of the 18th and 19th century? You know, the ones who built and owned the Suez Canal. Did the Rothschilds lose their money in the crash of '29? The Anglo Persian Oil Company is still around. So is Standard Oil. They are BP and Exxon today. Shell still sells gasoline. J.P. Morgan is still around too. (Morgan once bailed out the United States.) So is the N. M. Rothschild Bank still around. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is still around too. It was started by a Scot and is owned by people in The City of London. The Oppenheimers in South Africa still own Anglo American Mining (It owns Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting in Flin Flon) and DeBeers (which they inherited from Cecil Rhodes). Where did Rhodes get his money? Where did Rockefeller get his money? Where did Guggenheim get his money? Where did Morgan and Shiff get their money? Where did Bronfman get his money? Oppenheimer reputedly financed Rupert Murdock who owns one of the largest world-wide media empires. Conrad Black was part of that racket, but he made a few mistakes. It is never wise to believe your own bullshit. Russian oil fell into Rothschild hands under Boris Yeltsin; Putin nationalized it again. Are these people still around? Why don't we hear about them any more? How do we learn about things? Oh, we get our information from the world wide brainwashing system -- which they own. By the way, the "Stars and Stripes" is really the gridiron flag of the BEIC (British East India Company) with a blue and white device in the canton. That's why the U.S.A. leaped out of the egg fully formed when it became "independent". The American founding fathers had backers with money and experience. Their backers were already busy raping and plundering the Far East. (One quarter of Chinese men had become their customers — as opium addicts!) The canton in the flag made by "Betsy Ross" looks like the European Union flag of today. Are graphic designers and heraldists bereft of imagination? Probably not.

The conspiracy? Do oil and Israel have anything to do with current U.S. foreign policy? Have you heard of Kellogg Brown and Root, Haliburton, and Dick Cheney? Does the newly completed Israeli Supreme Court look like a Masonic Temple? Did Rothschild money build it? Who is Blackwater? What is Blackwater?

- Morley

P.S.: The Rothschilds (that's German for Red Shield as in Roth Schild) didn't lose anything in 1929, but Winston Churchill did. He was bailed out by some bankers of the Zionist stripe. Churchill was no stranger to the Zionists at the time he was bailed out. Winston Churchill's father, Lord Randolf, was "Natty" Rothschild's best friend. Was "Natty" Randolf's best friend too? Winston's mother, Jennie, was a Jew, at least on her father's side Does the conspiracy "control" everything? No, but the conspirators do their best. They make mistakes like everyone and, like everyone, they are just trying to make a living after all. They are only human, even if they are working for the devil. Sumner Redstone is the owner of another giant world-wide media empire that includes Viacom and CBS: (Red_Stone = "Roth_Stein"). That used to be his name. Get it? As bad as the media was, it's worse now. Tom Brokaw, retired. Dan Rather, fired. Peter Jennings, died. CNN was good when it was started. Then the media moguls bought it. Now it's as bad as the others. But we have the Internet. Thank God. We are lucky people.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flags and Symbols

Here is the well-known flag of the United States of America which was designed in 1776 by Betsy Ross for George Washington, so they say:

Here is the not-so-well-known flag of the British East India Company that was used from 1707 to 1858 when the union flag in the canton was updated to the form it has today:

Could the U.S. flag and what it represents have anything to do with the people who were running the BEIC? People don't usually adopt symbols used by people they don't like. Do they? What did the BEIC stand for? Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Didn't Americans rebel over tea and taxes? Or was the war for independence really about something else? Did Betsy Ross really design the flag? What was the Grand Union Flag? What was the first flag of the United States Navy?

There are so many unanswered questions…

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Radical View

Consider this possibility: Is it possible that nothing we are told by our leaders is true? Yes, it is true. It is demonstrably true. Not one word they utter today is true. Not one word they have uttered in the past was true. Should they tell you the time, you had better check to see they haven't stolen your watch. No one is trying to kill us or take away our "freedoms" — except them, our leaders. They promise to make us safe, by enslaving us. They claim we must follow their orders and go out to kill people they have told us are our enemies. Of course, they don't ask us to follow them. No, they will be safe and sound at home counting their money while we are "over there" killing our enemies. Are those people over there our enemies? Or, are we their enemies? Why? Are our leaders at fault because they have deceived us? Or are we at fault because we let them do it?

Radical (comparative more radical, superlative most radical)

Of or pertaining to the root or root cause of the matter.
Thorough going or fundamental.
Favouring fundamental change, or change at the root cause of the matter.

Latin = radix: source, root, foundation.