Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ottoman Empire

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by Morley Evans

Movies are a very important means to shape the thoughts and attitudes of the masses. Many have heard about Gallipoli and Lawrence of Arabia because very entertaining movies were made about them. Very few have heard of the Siege of Kut-al-Amara or the Mesopotamian Front. In the Palestinian theatre, the British, through General Allenby, convinced T.E. Lawrence who was a scholar and Middle East enthusiast, to get some of the Arabs to revolt against the Ottomans by promising "independence" and "freedom" whatever that meant. (They are still promising the same BS today!) The British only used Lawrence and those Arabs. Most of the Arabs on the other hand fought against the British. They knew losing would be a catastrophe for them, as it has proven to be. The British Empire lost in Gallipoli and struggled in Mesopotamia. The Russian Empire had been removed by Lenin as Ludendorff had planned. The Ottoman Empire was dragged down, tied to the Central Powers who entered into an armistice that was interpreted as unconditional surrender by Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau. The Allies used the peace to destroy and rape the German Empire, the Empire of Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. The First World War and the Second World War are really one war with an intermission for refreshments. Our idiotic and barbaric policies in the Middle East today — and since 1918 — are the result of ignorance and contempt for the people of the Middle East and for people everywhere (including us). We are going to pay a big price for this soon, I am afraid.

Monday, July 23, 2012


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by Morley Evans

Fame is being widely known.

On Google, I am extremely well known. I am famous! What does this mean? When I Google "Morley Evans" in Safari on my Mac, every link on the first 22 pages is something I wrote! On later pages other people begin to appear with me. I get the same result when I Google "Morley Evans" on a PC using Internet Explorer. I get the same results on both a PC and a Mac using Chrome, the Google web browser.

When I Google "Morley Evans Cholesterol" I get articles I've written that contain "cholesterol". The results fill the first twenty-two pages. If I Google "Love by Morley Evans" I get the article I wrote with the title "Love". It's in first place.

Anyone anyplace in the world who searches Google can get these results. So my work, published on the Internet, is available to many more people than it would be if it had been published on paper and deposited in libraries, or printed and stuffed into my desk drawer. It's better than being in the local newspaper. I think that is amazing! Don't you?

I'm not as famous on other search engines, but since they seem to follow Google, they will be catching up. Of course, I don't get paid to do this. I'm working on that. The fame I have now is a handsome reward for over fifteen years of writing and publishing in total obscurity.

You can try it yourself. Try someone else's name. Try the most famous person you know. Bill Clinton is famous. How does he do? Okay, Bill Clinton is more famous than I am. Bill Clinton fills 88 pages and everything is something someone else wrote about Clinton. But I'm nobody and I fill 22 pages. That's pretty good!

When Googling the generic term "statin drugs" my page, SUE! Statins!, is in the number two position, after Wikipedia. The generic term "statin drugs" has lots of competition for search engine ranking, so I am doing very well with my page. I used Vocus/PRWeb and a few other tricks to do that. My own name was famous before, but PRWeb has improved my ranking further.

I'm working  on it!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spreading Peace and Democracy

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by Morley Evans

TODAY, the bug-brain Netanyahu is preparing to invade Syria now that the CIA has softened up that anti-Israel fortress for him by skillfully exploiting internal divisions, as it did last year in Libya. Bringing freedom and democracy to the world is the mission of the United States of Amerika and its allies, like Kanada! After years of practice, Washington has this down to a science. They are active in Iran and Russia and China too. Will the forces of Goodness topple those regimes? Just imagine how wonderful the world will be when Hillary the Witch and her friends in Obamaland are in control of everything and everyone! Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for all. Just like at home!

I would panic, but I am consoled by the undeniable fact that there is an inverse relationship between the power of the "World's Only Remaining Super Power (WORSP) and its "most powerful military in history" and what it takes to bring about its defeat: from World Wars in the beginning to a few bags of fertilizer at the end. When the United States invaded Afghanistan eleven years ago some A-rab said, "The Americans failed to learn their lesson in Vietnam. This time they will learn a lesson they will never forget." No, it wasn't Osama who said that. I don't know who said it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Robert the Bruce and the Spider

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by Morley Evans

My mother's cousin told me this story when I was five years old, a year after I had been diagnosed with chronic asthma and allergies. She told me that I was a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce. My mother said that was true and that her grandmother Bruce — her mother's mother — had told her this story about the spider when she was a little girl. The first fifty years of my life were very hard, but, like Robert the Bruce, I didn't give up. My next fifty years are already better. I am twelve years old again today and everything is going well! This story is true, kids. Keep searching for answers to your problems. Never accept defeat! Never give up!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Am I?

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by Morley Evans

I am 65 years old. My blood pressure is 100/63, "the blood pressure of children and athletes." I weigh 159 pounds and I am 5' 9.5" tall. My cholesterol is 7.46 mmol/L, which is "dangerously high" according to the pharmaceutical industry which promotes and sells cholesterol lowering drugs. I bench press 50 pound dumbbells and workout three times a week when I do other things too. I am not the oldest person at the gym. I am not the youngest person at the gym. I am not the strongest person at the gym. I am not the weakest person at the gym. What am I? I am the most improved person at the gym: In 2000 I was in a coma after taking cholesterol lowering drugs prescribed by my doctors for 8 years. I weighed 115 pounds when I came home from the hospital. It has taken 12 years to recover. I recommend: exercise, Vitamin D, Juice PLUS+, seven to thirteen servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and eight glasses of filtered water a day. It works for me. It works for others. It might work for you too. Keep it simple. Do it.

Morley Evans

Good nutrition and exercise, not advertising, doctors and pharmaceuticals, is the answer to bad nutrition and your key to good health.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TOWER GARDENS in Los Angeles

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by Morley Evans

Rooftop Tower Gardens supply Los Angeles restaurants! Yes, you can have your own Tower Garden at home!

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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by Morley Evans

Yes, we have moved forward from the days of our extremely violent ancestors. Now a few people (they don't even have to be fit, brave, or smart) can obliterate hundreds of millions with the touch of a button. But I don't think they will get away with it. I think it is the end of the line for weapons and warfare. We have long since passed the point of diminishing returns. As I reminded another correspondent the other day, the "world's only remaining super power" spends twice as much as everyone else on "the most powerful military in history." It spends more than everyone else on the planet (including its own allies) and it has been defeated by a bunch of unorganized guys with a few bags of fertilizer in Afghanistan. The WORSP hasn't done any better in Iraq. It was defeated in Vietnam and Korea. In fact, the last war "the world's only remaining super power" won was The Great Victory of '45.

Everything should have been settled in 1945. The WORSP had taken over the position of world hegemon from the British Empire; it had a continental empire surrounded by a great big moat; it controlled the western hemisphere; it controlled the world's oceans, it controlled the skies, it controlled oil production world-wide; it's Pentagon was set up to control the planet with six unified combat commands; it had a good start on building its world-wide empire of military bases; it had bombed Germany and Japan into the Stone Age; it had control of the U.N. world government in New York City, the world's most important city; it had control of the world's money with Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System; it had the world's most advanced mind control-system with Madison Avenue, Hollywood, universities, radio, TV and publishing telling people what to think; the CIA, FBI and NSA were spying on everyone along with a dozen other intelligence organizations; Big Business was supreme. Everyone believed the WORSP wore a white hat, like Roy Rogers; it had the best weapons and the most militant population; the U.S.S.R. (along with Cuba) was the best enemy that money could buy. The World's Only Remaining Super Power had a plan, it was organized, it had smart people who were highly motivated players in an integrated system of power designed to continue domination that had already lasted almost a thousand years. How could they lose?

Alas, everything kept going from bad to worse right from the beginning. The end was coming despite the Empire's best efforts:

There is an undeniable inverse relationship between the amount the WORSP spends on the military and the return on that investment. Today the WORSP is bankrupt and has been defeated over the years by less and less as it has spent more and more. That cannot be denied. Every advantage in the list above has been lost. The Viking empire that began with William, Duke of Normandy, in 1066 is near collapse. Will it be saved somehow?

Some are worried that forces of evil will enslave what's left after they have killed most of us. I think someone is looking after us and saving us from ourselves. But the devil may not be finished with us. Paul Craig Roberts (and others) think Armageddon is a real possibility:

Crazy people do crazy things when cornered. Firing everyone in Washington (along with the people running the satrapies), taking away their toys, and locking them up, is long past due.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blood Pressure 20120705

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by Morley Evans

With blood pressure like this, I have zero chance of having cardiovascular disease despite my "high chlosterol." Any first-year medical student knows this. Yet the pharmaceutical industry insists I take Statin Drugs to lower my cholesterol or else: "You could die." By the time medical students graduate, they have been completely brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies (or else they don't graduate). Pharmaceutical companies know if people don't take their drugs, the pharmaceutical industry would be outta business. OMG! You know what to do, don't you? Just say no. Get healthy. Take a bite out of crime. Put these dope pushers outta business.

Why am I pissed off? My blood pressure was always surprisingly low, but my doctors decided that I needed Statin Drugs to "save my life." They sent me to Hell. It took me 20 years to recover. They could not care less. For them, money comes first and last. Hmm. . .

No thanks doc, I don't need any "medication" to raise my blood pressure. I am an athletic child.