Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blood Pressure 20120705

copyright MMXII V.1.0.3
by Morley Evans

With blood pressure like this, I have zero chance of having cardiovascular disease despite my "high chlosterol." Any first-year medical student knows this. Yet the pharmaceutical industry insists I take Statin Drugs to lower my cholesterol or else: "You could die." By the time medical students graduate, they have been completely brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies (or else they don't graduate). Pharmaceutical companies know if people don't take their drugs, the pharmaceutical industry would be outta business. OMG! You know what to do, don't you? Just say no. Get healthy. Take a bite out of crime. Put these dope pushers outta business.

Why am I pissed off? My blood pressure was always surprisingly low, but my doctors decided that I needed Statin Drugs to "save my life." They sent me to Hell. It took me 20 years to recover. They could not care less. For them, money comes first and last. Hmm. . .

No thanks doc, I don't need any "medication" to raise my blood pressure. I am an athletic child.

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