Monday, July 23, 2012


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by Morley Evans

Fame is being widely known.

On Google, I am extremely well known. I am famous! What does this mean? When I Google "Morley Evans" in Safari on my Mac, every link on the first 22 pages is something I wrote! On later pages other people begin to appear with me. I get the same result when I Google "Morley Evans" on a PC using Internet Explorer. I get the same results on both a PC and a Mac using Chrome, the Google web browser.

When I Google "Morley Evans Cholesterol" I get articles I've written that contain "cholesterol". The results fill the first twenty-two pages. If I Google "Love by Morley Evans" I get the article I wrote with the title "Love". It's in first place.

Anyone anyplace in the world who searches Google can get these results. So my work, published on the Internet, is available to many more people than it would be if it had been published on paper and deposited in libraries, or printed and stuffed into my desk drawer. It's better than being in the local newspaper. I think that is amazing! Don't you?

I'm not as famous on other search engines, but since they seem to follow Google, they will be catching up. Of course, I don't get paid to do this. I'm working on that. The fame I have now is a handsome reward for over fifteen years of writing and publishing in total obscurity.

You can try it yourself. Try someone else's name. Try the most famous person you know. Bill Clinton is famous. How does he do? Okay, Bill Clinton is more famous than I am. Bill Clinton fills 88 pages and everything is something someone else wrote about Clinton. But I'm nobody and I fill 22 pages. That's pretty good!

When Googling the generic term "statin drugs" my page, SUE! Statins!, is in the number two position, after Wikipedia. The generic term "statin drugs" has lots of competition for search engine ranking, so I am doing very well with my page. I used Vocus/PRWeb and a few other tricks to do that. My own name was famous before, but PRWeb has improved my ranking further.

I'm working  on it!

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