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by Morley Evans

Woodrow Wilson
AT THE PARIS PEACE CONFERENCE, 1919, Woodrow Wilson announced that as the only head of state he should sit in a chair on a dais 4 inches higher than the floor upon which other chairs would sit. At 5'11.5", Woody was already head and shoulders above everyone else. Wilson came armed with his 14 points to rearrange the world (Moses only had ten). Wilson had a plan for a League of Nations to govern the world's activities. Wilson was assisted by the shadowy Texan, Colonel House. Woodrow Wilson is the model that guides the White House today. He was the model for FDR. Americans may find it hard to believe that Washington may have been behind the sculduggery that lead to WW I and likely was. There were eleven empires before 1914. The king of the mountain in 1918 was the United States, which had not been touched by war. The rest were gone. The United States economy roared ahead. The British Empire, which thought it was still important, was finished off by the Empire of Japan and a resurgent Germany in WW II — in a replay of WW I.

The sophisticated men running the world's eleven empires were snookered twice by the supposed bumpkins running Washington. Did the movie "Sergeant York" (1941) depict reality? Now that Washington has "the most powerful military the world has ever known" — and possesses at least one new secret weapon — the "leader of the free world" is pushing for the war that will bring us all close to The End. (Some, like Stephen Harper, hope we will all be killed because they think they will go to heaven, believe it or not).

World War One (AKA The Great War) changed everything. The world of Queen Victoria and the British Empire was gone. The empires of two of the cousins of George V were destroyed. Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany was in ruins and Germans were starving. The Russia of Czar Nicholas II had been taken over by Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The United States of America "had reluctantly stepped in at the last moment to save the world." Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Germany carried the can for the debacle while historical revisionists blamed Russia, France and Great Britain. Perhaps they all got it all wrong. Perhaps WW I was not an unfortunate mistake but, instead, a true master stroke of master manipulators:

The shiny new United States of America had stepped onto the world stage with the 3-month-long Spanish American War in 1898 and the opening of the Panama Canal in August 1914. America promised freedom and democracy. America had a humanitarian program few could deny. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…"

Washington's rivals in July 1914:
  1. The British Empire (world top dog for centuries)
  2. The German Empire (a rising threat to Great Britain)
  3. The Austro-Hungarian Empire (managing dozens of ethnic groups)
  4. The French Empire (including Algeria and west Africa)
  5. The Belgian Empire (whose main asset was the Congo)
  6. The Russian Empire (covering nine time zones)
  7. The Ottoman Empire (managing dozens of religious groups)
  8. The Chinese Empire (had been destroyed before 1914)
  9. The Empire of Japan (a rising power in the Far East)
  10. The Portuguese Empire (that once included Brazil)
  11. The Spanish Empire (easy pickings for the United States)
Washington's rivals in November 1918:
  1. none

Try to imagine this: a bystander enrages a mob of wild men. He makes a fortune selling them weapons which he has invented. After they have maimed or killed each other, he steps in to become the master or what remains of them and their property. The nineteenth century was remarkably peaceful and free after the Allies defeated Napoleon Bonaparte and his "Empire of the French" in 1814. By contrast, the twentieth century was the most bloody epoch in human history. The twenty-first century may finish us all off (some hope).

Can this happen again? Can a few idiots get us all killed? Yes.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Mike Lofgren on Bill Moyers

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by Morley Evans

This interview will open your eyes about the true nature of the United States today. Unless you wake up, nothing can stop the slide into the abyss.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Was Libya Destroyed?

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by Morley Evans

The United States has revealed itself as the gangster state. The United States is attempting to preserve the dollar as world reserve currency by using gunpoint diplomacy and war to maintain its global hegemony. Gaddafi was out of U.S. control. Contrary to the lying media everyone watches, Libya was a prosperous, well-ordered country before being destroyed. WW III is coming unless Americans and the others in Washington's empire wake up. "Nobody supports the United States anymore," says Professor Horace Campbell of Syracuse University. The Fed is watering down the dollar by adding $65 Billion dollars every month, Campbell says. Everyone is looking for a way out of Washington's dollar empire, including the Chinese.

The monster has been wearing a mask and a white hat which it has removed as its future worsens and panic sets in. No, kiddies, the monster isn't the good Lone Ranger, it's the very bad Loan Arranger. The end of Washington's empire will come soon either by financial meltdown or by WW III which it will start to try to save itself. Do not believe the lying media and its lying whores.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Great Satan

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by Morley Evans

Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914

Ottoman Empire 1914

PEOPLE WHO STILL THINK the United States is the hope of mankind will be supporting the "liberation of poor little Ukraine in its struggle against the big bad Russian bear. They will not know that the Ukraine had been a province of Russia for hundreds of years and became independent only with the evaporation of the Soviet Union which had given the Ukraine over half of its current territory — including Crimea. Ukraine was a province of Russia, like Montana in the U.S.A. or Québec in Canada. They will be unable to see it from the other side: that Washington has continued its conquest of the world that began in 1754. Before he died, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said Russia is very sick, riven with dissent and corruption that is being exploited by forces outside. The former Austro-Hungarian Empire met the same fate in 1914-18. Tito's Yugoslavia was torn apart in the ethnic wars of 1991 to 1999. The former Mesopotamia has been dismembered and destroyed by the same process of "liberation" since the Ottoman Empire was destroyed. Lebanon has been regularly ripped apart by sectarian war. Syria is the current victim. People here have no idea that the ethnic groups in these areas lived together peacefully for centuries before they were riled up. Peace has returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We are entering the next Dark Age. The New World Order is here. It's capital is Washington, DC. Our owner is the President Of The United States, the POTUS, and the people who own him.

A look at the maps of the empires that existed in 1914 reveals a consistent pattern. Unrest is created. Empires are broken up into small bite size pieces that are then swallowed and digested by Washington. Burp. . . This began with the Seven Years War and has been going on non-stop ever since. The American Civil War centralized power in Washington. WWI and WWII destroyed the great powers. Zionism surfaced in 1945, 1948 and 1967 and it may have been working behind the scenes all the while. These events were part of a process leading to total world domination by Washington and the people who control it. The United States of America is a colony of Washington. Americans are the cannon fodder of the empire. Creating the New World Order is nearly complete today. All of the purported "evil regimes" — including the Nazis and the Communists — were mere obstacles that stood in the way of the ultimate evil that has been taking control as the national security state was built. They were part of the plan.

Zionism seeks to sow dissent and promote war for fun and profit. Zionists justify their ideology with anti-Semitism. "Christian" Zionists, like Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, seek to destroy the world and kill all the people so they can go to heaven.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Ayatollah Khomeini, who led the Islamic revolution that ousted the Shah of Iran called the United States of America "The Great Satan." Washington's record of conquest is one reason. It's corruption, materialism, atheism and secularism are others.

You may disagree. But most people outside Washington's Empire see the United States as the number one threat to their life and liberty. Daily propaganda works, however. I, myself, cheered when George Herbert Walker Bush bombed the shit out of Iraq. I watched the blitz of Baghdad on CNN with the anti-aircraft fireworks that lit up the night. I thought the reforms introduced by Gorbachev and Reagan were continuing. But I began to wake up before "Stormin' Norman" had wiped out the Iraqi army. Did you know that Schwarzkopf grew up in Tehran? His father, Norman, Sr. had been the head of the New Jersey State police. That Stormin Norman arrested Bruno Hauptmann for the Lindbergh kidnapping. He then went to Iran with the United States Army. Hauptmann was innocent but they needed a fall guy. Lindbergh fell from grace when he tried to prevent the United States from getting into WW II. He played a role that served FDR's schemes.

No one could make up anything this interesting! Fiction is boring.

- Morley


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mexico map

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by Morley Evans

The United States took what it wanted from Mexico just in time for the California gold rush of 1849. Mexicans have not forgotten the war.

Far East Map

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by Morley Evans

This is a map of the Far East today.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ottoman Empire 1918

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by Morley Evans

This is the Ottoman Empire before 1914.

Africa 1914

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by Morley Evans

Africa had been carved up in the frenzy for colonies before WW I. This is what it looked like then.

This would soon be drastically altered by the Treaty of Versailles. 

British Empire 1914

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by Morley Evans

This is the British Empire before the Great War (WW I). Although Great Britain was one of the "winners," it was a pyrrhic victory. The world's leading country in 1914 was a shadow of it former self in 1918. But hubris dies hard. Great Britain lived on until it was reduced to a colony of the United States after WW II in 1945.

Russian Empire 1914

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This is the Russian Empire before it was destroyed in WW I when it became the U.S.S.R. All of the little countries of central Europe (which we think of as "eastern Europe" because we omit Russia) were created by the Treaty of Versailles to "liberate" the many ethnic groups who lived there.

The Russian Empire abutted the German Empire and the Austro Hungarian Empire. Russia west of the Ural Mountains is part of Europe. Russia east of the Ural Mountains is in Siberia. Most of the Russian Empire during the Soviet era was renamed the Russian Federative Socialist Soviet Republic (RFSSR) which today is the Russian Federation.

German Empire 1914

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This is a map of the German Empire before it was destroyed by the WW I. Notice that Poland does not exist. Poland was created by the Treaty of Versailles in 1914.

Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914

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This is a map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before it was destroyed by the First World War. All those little countries of "Eastern Europe" were created by the Treaty of Trianon in 1920.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

World War III Anyone?

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by Morley Evans

While you snooze, the morons who run things in Washington move the world step by step toward destruction. Here's Paul Craig Roberts.


Unless you wake up before it is too late, you could die along with everyone and everything you love. You have no idea how crazy the people in charge are. They are NUTS! Our leaders are playing fast and loose with your life. Stop believing their lies. For God's sake. Wake up! 

A look at the maps of the empires that existed in 1914 reveals a consistent pattern. Unrest is created. Empires are broken up into small bite size pieces that are then swallowed and digested by Washington. Burp. . . This began with the Seven Years War and has been going on non-stop ever since. The Civil War centralized power in Washington. WWI and WWII destroyed the great powers. Zionism surfaced in 1945, 1948 and 1967 and it may have been working behind the scenes all the while. These events were part of a process leading to total world domination by Washington. The United States of America is a colony of Washington. Americans are mere cannon fodder. Creating the New World Order is nearly complete. All of the supposed "evil regimes" — including the Nazis — were mere obstacles that stood in the way of the ultimate evil that has been taking control. They were part of the plan.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
Ayatollah Khomeini called the United States of America
"The Great Satan". This may be why:


Here are a few highlights:

1754-63: The Seven Years War removed the French and the Indians who had been blocking the 13 colonies from crossing the Appalachians. Great Britain was used to get rid of the French.

1775: United States Army founded.

1776: The Revolutionary War removed Great Britain which had assumed the role of blocking the 13 colonies that had been formerly performed by the French. France was used to remove the British.

1793: United States Navy created.

1803: During the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon sold Louisiana to Washington, Napoleon's only ally.

1812: The U.S.A. becomes an equal partner in world domination with the British Empire

1836: The War of Texas Independence removed Texas from Mexico.

1847: The Mexican War took New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, from Mexico. (negotiated at gunpoint)

1853-4: Commodore Perry opened up Japan and fostered the Meiji Restoration, creating the Empire of Japan.

1861-5: The Civil War destroyed the original American Constitution and centralized power in Washington.

1867: Alaska Purchase (negotiated at gunpoint)

1882: Office of Naval Intelligence created.

1898: The Spanish American War took the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba from Spain. Latin America has been dominated by the United States since the Monroe Doctrine claimed the entire Western Hemisphere for Washington.

1914-18: World War I destroyed the empires of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia. The Ottoman Empire and Great Britain were mortally wounded. The great powers fought to the death. The United States stepped in at the end to take all the marbles.

1941: The Pentagon construction began.

1942: USAAF founded.

1939-45: World War II destroyed Germany for the second time. Italy and Japan, which had been allies of Washington until 1939, were crushed. Germany was used to defeat Great Britain. Japan was used to defeat the British Empire in the Far East.

1945: The Soviet Union and China became the enemy immediately after WWII.

1947: National Security Act created the USAF and the CIA.

1947: Indian Independence Act passed in British House of Commons, ending the British Empire.

1948: Truman ratifies the Zionist theft of Palestine and wins a surprise 2nd term with a million dollar bribe to support Israel.

1950: The Korean War started by Truman. The U.S. bombs North Korea flat but fails to win.

1952: CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt (grandson of Theodore Roosevelt) engineers overthrow of King Farouk of Egypt.

1953: CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt (grandson of Theodore Roosevelt) engineers overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddeq of Iran.

1950-75: The War in Vietnam is lost, despite bombing North Vietnam into the Stone Age.

1960: Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of Republic of Congo, deposed in a coup and killed

1962: Cuban Missle Crisis. Kennedy and Khrushchev work out a peaceful resolution.

1963: Kennedy is assassinated and Khrushchev is removed. Lyndon Baines Johnson becomes the POTUS and greatly expands the War in Vietnam.

1965: Sukarno, the first President of Indonesia, ousted, imprisoned and killed by Suharto. A bloodbath to eliminate communists ensues. CIA involvement suspected.

1967: LBJ gives the Zionist State calling itself "Israel" the Six Day War.

1969: King Idris of Libya is overthrown in a coup d'état possibly engineered by the CIA.

Innumerable wars and dirty deeds were instigated by Washington after WW II. Communists were always blamed and everyone believed the "free world" was being defended.

1972: Nixon opens up trade and friendly relations with China.

1981: U.S. Intelligence Community formed to include all 20 U.S. Intelligence Agencies.

1986: The Cold War is ended by Gorbachev and Reagan.

1989: Tiananmen Square: Deng Xiaoping recognizes "liberty square" for what it is.

1990 to the present: Bush the Elder, Bill Clinton, Bush the Younger, and Barak Obama restart the Cold War and threaten us all with WW III.

2014: Ukrainian crisis: The armory of "freedom" and duhmockricy, is not satisfied with peace. No, no. Peace has never been its goal. Washington's historic mission is total word domination. War makes money.

THE PATTERN IS AS CLEAR as the nose on your face. The march to world domination has been relentless. Hundreds of millions of people have been killed so far. Americans have been at the forefront of every advancement in munitions, except tanks. Americans invented the rifle, the machine gun, the airplane, nuclear weapons and now they possess disintegration technology. Americans lead the world in mind control. The U.S. military is the most powerful in history. Washington with its ideology of "freedom" and duhmockricy is a clear and present danger to the human race.

But don't despair. "The most powerful military the world has ever known," hasn't managed to win a war since The Great Victory of '45 (but it has managed to kill lots of people and greatly expand U.S. power). We may be saved because the United States is bankrupt. The Empire is currently running on funny money. Can it continue? Perhaps it can. . .

Most Americans are totally unaware of the actual history of the last 260 years. Americans think they have made great sacrifices to free the world to death. Here's an eye-opener: WW I; WWII. They have no remorse because they don't know. If WW III wipes them out, they will blame Russia or someone else. Americans are cannon fodder to be used as long as they are useful to Washington. Empires always need young thugs and the criminally insane who run them.



There is a vast literature. Some things are hidden, but more than enough is lying out in the open and available to anyone with an inquiring mind. Bill Blum would be a good place to start your education.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Harper's Armageddon

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by Morley Evans

Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister of Canada, is a "Christian" Zionist. What does that mean? Has anyone ever asked him? Why not?

Harper is sleep-walking Canada into World War III. Today, Canadians are told they are supporting Ukrainian independence. Why aren't Canadians supporting Palestinian independence? Why aren't Canadians opposed to the Zionist invasion that stole Palestine in 1948? Why did Harper support the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Why is Harper supporting the destruction of Syria? Why is Harper supporting sanctions and war on Iran? Why is Harper supporting military encirclement of China? Why is Harper supporting military encroachment to provoke Russia? Is Harper insane?

Are Harper's Conservative caucus members insane too or are they merely corrupt imbeciles who will do anything to get and keep power to grease the wheels of their squalid contemptible lives?

The Official Opposition is mute. Peter Mansbridge and Lisa La Flamme divert everyone's attention. They blame Putin and talk about Senate reform and other balderdash. They tell Canadians how nice they are. Canadians are so nice. . . Why, Canadians wouldn't say "shit" if their mouths were full of it.

Harper is not a "libertarian." Harper is not a friend of the Jews or anyone else. Harper is not a Christian. Harper is a Zionist. Harper serves others, not you and not the Jews either. Here are some questions you should ask Stephen Harper when you have a moment to spare:

Stephen Harper and Armageddon

Christian Zionism:

Christian Zionism is a belief among some Christians that the Zionist invasion of the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 along with persecution of Israeli victims — the Palestinians — combined with Israeli atrocities and its bellicose belligerence and incessant war-mongering are in accordance with Biblical prophecy and the gospel of Jesus.

Questions For Harper:
  • How do you justify the destruction of Palestine and its people?
  • Why have you enrolled Canada in Washington's "War on Terror?"
  • Do you not care about the hundreds of thousands of women and children who have already been killed?
  • Do you not care about the tens of millions of innocent people who have already been dispossessed?
  • Why have you enrolled Canada in efforts to start World War III?
  • Do you not care if Canada is wiped off the face of the earth?
  • Do you not care if everyone on earth is killed?
  • Do you not care if our planet is turned into a radioactive wasteland?
  • What is your view of premillennial dispensation?
  • Do you think that you, personally, will be spared the Tribulation?


Extra Curricula Thinking:

Try some.

The guy in the clip below or someone just like him may become the next President of the Ukraine. He and his friends engineered the coup (with covert U.S. help) that overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, corrupt as that government may have been. (How corrupt is our own government?) Anti-government protestors were shot in the streets of Kiev, by snipers. Who shot them? The Ukrainian government was blamed by our media which tells you what to think here in the "fee world". What is going on in Ukraine, or Syria, or Chechnya, or Egypt, or Libya, or anywhere? Do you know? How? You don't know what is going on in Iraq. You definitely do not know what is going on in Israel and never did. You should wake up.

Dmytro Yarosh could be your next Ukrainian friend. The world is a scary place and the terrorists are not the usual suspects you've been hearing about for years in our media here in the "free world". As a general rule, Washington is behind all the mischief in the world today and in the past. Washington does not want peace and democracy. Washington wants total domination of the world and every person in it. That has been Washington's historic mission from the beginning, despite the efforts of genuine champions of liberty such as Adams, Jefferson and Thomas Paine.


Friday, March 7, 2014

The Record

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by Morley Evans

A correspondent has told me that Putin is like Hitler. I replied:

If one looks at Washington's history, it has always been able to make a credible case for war. Washington has always been able to appear to be the good guy wearing the white hat who has been reluctantly drawn into war to save the world. Washington has always been able to find a bogyman on whom to focus everyone's hate. There has been a never-ending panoply of evil-doers, beginning with George III (who was mad, they said) and currently ending with Putin, Kim, and Assad (who are evil "Just like Hitler"). Before the current Hitlers, we had the Ayatollah Khomeini who called the USA "the Great Satan," Saddam, Ben Ali, and Gaddafi. Castro has been the perennial bogyman in the Western hemisphere since 1959. Castro has been so useful to Washington, Washington should give him a medal. Nasser was a threat to world peace. King Farouk, a British puppet, had to be dispatched so an American puppet could be installed. Sometimes things don't work out. Nasser was supposed to be a useful tool of Washington but he had ideas of pan Arab unity and he made friends with the Soviet Union. When Washington got rid of King Idris of Libya, another British puppet, Washington ended up with Gaddafi. It took a long time to figure out how to get rid of Gaddafi and re-establish Libya as the HQ of Africa Command.  

In the Congo, Patrice Lumumba was a treat to world peace when he had plans for his country when the Belgians left. Lumumba had to be killed and replaced by Mobutu. In Persia, now called Iran, a young Shah fled the country when Mohammad Mosaddeq was elected. Washington sent Kermit Roosevelt to get rid of Mosaddeq. The list goes on. . .

This all happened after WWII, when Washington became the leader of the "free world" and the defender of "freedom" and duhmockricy.  Anyone who actually dared to stand up for freedom and democracy was a communist. 

To put the lie to Washington's propaganda, every last advocate of what Washington supposedly stands for — "world peace with freedom and democracy" — was demonized by Washington while Washington supported a never-ending string of tyrants who were kept in business by Washington. Their job was to keep the people down until it became expedient to destroy them. Keep in mind that Cuba's Batista was removed by Allan Dulles of the CIA, not Castro. Usually, Washington took up the cause of the "freedom fighters" whom Washington said had to win to keep the world safe for freedom and democracy. Israel is one of the blackest dictatorships in the world. Israel is founded on racist paranoia. Yet Israel is protected by Washington. We are told that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Wow, what a whopper!

Washington's secret history during and before WW II is even darker. We can look at FDR, Woodrow Wilson, TR and James Polk. Some maintain that Washington, himself, was financed and advised behind the scenes by the banksters in the City of London (Rothschild) which explains how the 13 colonies emerged fully grown from the egg. Be that as it may be. The actual history is not controversial and it is as black as it can be. Washington is proud of it. Washington can turn black into white. People inside Washington's empire are kept in the dark about Israel or Israel would be cut off without a dime ans Americans would reclaim their country.

Of course, I don't want to overlook the Cold War. China and the Soviet Union conveniently took over when Hitler was no longer available to take the blame for everything. Strangely enough, neither the Soviet Union nor China were as actively engaged as "the leader of the free world" has been in sculduggery since 1945.  The Kremlin was always presented as some sort of equivalent to Washington. Recently the reputed "Osama bin Ladin compound"  in Pakistan was presented as an equivalent to the CIA in Langley. From this reputed "headquarters," this "command post," we are to believe that Osama ran the world-wide terror network known as "al Qaeda" which roughly means "the base" in Arabic. We can't be too sure what it actually means since the CIA, itself, made up the word. Now everyone uses it, even the terrorists. There must be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people working in the Washington DC area in such offices as the CIA, ONI, Pentagon, NSA. The entire British Empire was run out of one small office in Whitehall. It boggles the mind. Washington's script writers had to work really hard to make a believable story to explain WW I and WW II. They dropped the ball in Vietnam but Americans are resilient. Washington regained control of everyone's mind when they scapegoated Nixon and saved the country. Now people will believe anything. The dumbing down of the public has been an overwhelming triumph.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wolves at Russia's Door

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by Morley Evans

Washington's War Machine
The U.S. War Machine is getting ready to attack Russia. That will start WW III unless the U.S. can play its newest trump card, the 9/11 disintegration technology — or the Ruskies have something of their own up their sleeve.

The pretext for Washington's aggression is always the same: spreading "freedom" and duhmockricy to the benighted people of the world. They are anyone who is not already under Washington's thumb.  Today, Washington is defending poor little Ukraine and its new masters, the descendants of Hitler's pals in WW II. Remember Hitler?

The U.S. follows in the footsteps of Napoleon, Washington's very first ally. Washington's continental empire which is called the United States of America was merely the first colony in Washington's world-wide empire. You must do your best to stop this. Try to wake up. Try to remember. . .

Washington loves War. War is its Game.

Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans in Washington's empire — Wake Up! (Some Japanese are already awake.) The rest of you are dupes. You may be comfortable house slaves. But you are still in chains.

You must wake up, NOW!




Sunday, March 2, 2014


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by Morley Evans

HERE'S A  VIDEO CLIP from of Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the State of Israel, delivering speeches on the existential threat to Israel (and the world) posed by Iran and Iraq. . . and Lebanon and Libya and Syria and the Palestinians not to mention the Gentiles everywhere and some Jews too. Bibi can't mention that everyone poses an existential threat to Israel because then it would be obvious that he and all the leaders of Israel past and present need to be straight jacketed and incarcerated in padded cells for their own protection and for our own protection. They are NUTS. They are dangerous. Crazy people — racist paranoiacs — with nuclear weapons are an existential threat — just as Netanyahu warns. Listen to him. Netanyahu knows what he is talking about. Netanyahu sees a crazy person in the mirror every morning when he shaves.


But crazy people are good for the American war machine, very good indeed. If there are no enemies, who needs the Pentagon or the sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies spying on everyone, or the State Department or the POTUS leading the "free world"? This became clear when the Soviet Union evaporated. Then we had 9/11 and we needed to be protected from terrorists. Remember? Try hard. . .