Friday, March 7, 2014

The Record

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by Morley Evans

A correspondent has told me that Putin is like Hitler. I replied:

If one looks at Washington's history, it has always been able to make a credible case for war. Washington has always been able to appear to be the good guy wearing the white hat who has been reluctantly drawn into war to save the world. Washington has always been able to find a bogyman on whom to focus everyone's hate. There has been a never-ending panoply of evil-doers, beginning with George III (who was mad, they said) and currently ending with Putin, Kim, and Assad (who are evil "Just like Hitler"). Before the current Hitlers, we had the Ayatollah Khomeini who called the USA "the Great Satan," Saddam, Ben Ali, and Gaddafi. Castro has been the perennial bogyman in the Western hemisphere since 1959. Castro has been so useful to Washington, Washington should give him a medal. Nasser was a threat to world peace. King Farouk, a British puppet, had to be dispatched so an American puppet could be installed. Sometimes things don't work out. Nasser was supposed to be a useful tool of Washington but he had ideas of pan Arab unity and he made friends with the Soviet Union. When Washington got rid of King Idris of Libya, another British puppet, Washington ended up with Gaddafi. It took a long time to figure out how to get rid of Gaddafi and re-establish Libya as the HQ of Africa Command.  

In the Congo, Patrice Lumumba was a treat to world peace when he had plans for his country when the Belgians left. Lumumba had to be killed and replaced by Mobutu. In Persia, now called Iran, a young Shah fled the country when Mohammad Mosaddeq was elected. Washington sent Kermit Roosevelt to get rid of Mosaddeq. The list goes on. . .

This all happened after WWII, when Washington became the leader of the "free world" and the defender of "freedom" and duhmockricy.  Anyone who actually dared to stand up for freedom and democracy was a communist. 

To put the lie to Washington's propaganda, every last advocate of what Washington supposedly stands for — "world peace with freedom and democracy" — was demonized by Washington while Washington supported a never-ending string of tyrants who were kept in business by Washington. Their job was to keep the people down until it became expedient to destroy them. Keep in mind that Cuba's Batista was removed by Allan Dulles of the CIA, not Castro. Usually, Washington took up the cause of the "freedom fighters" whom Washington said had to win to keep the world safe for freedom and democracy. Israel is one of the blackest dictatorships in the world. Israel is founded on racist paranoia. Yet Israel is protected by Washington. We are told that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Wow, what a whopper!

Washington's secret history during and before WW II is even darker. We can look at FDR, Woodrow Wilson, TR and James Polk. Some maintain that Washington, himself, was financed and advised behind the scenes by the banksters in the City of London (Rothschild) which explains how the 13 colonies emerged fully grown from the egg. Be that as it may be. The actual history is not controversial and it is as black as it can be. Washington is proud of it. Washington can turn black into white. People inside Washington's empire are kept in the dark about Israel or Israel would be cut off without a dime ans Americans would reclaim their country.

Of course, I don't want to overlook the Cold War. China and the Soviet Union conveniently took over when Hitler was no longer available to take the blame for everything. Strangely enough, neither the Soviet Union nor China were as actively engaged as "the leader of the free world" has been in sculduggery since 1945.  The Kremlin was always presented as some sort of equivalent to Washington. Recently the reputed "Osama bin Ladin compound"  in Pakistan was presented as an equivalent to the CIA in Langley. From this reputed "headquarters," this "command post," we are to believe that Osama ran the world-wide terror network known as "al Qaeda" which roughly means "the base" in Arabic. We can't be too sure what it actually means since the CIA, itself, made up the word. Now everyone uses it, even the terrorists. There must be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people working in the Washington DC area in such offices as the CIA, ONI, Pentagon, NSA. The entire British Empire was run out of one small office in Whitehall. It boggles the mind. Washington's script writers had to work really hard to make a believable story to explain WW I and WW II. They dropped the ball in Vietnam but Americans are resilient. Washington regained control of everyone's mind when they scapegoated Nixon and saved the country. Now people will believe anything. The dumbing down of the public has been an overwhelming triumph.

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