Sunday, March 9, 2014

Harper's Armageddon

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by Morley Evans

Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister of Canada, is a "Christian" Zionist. What does that mean? Has anyone ever asked him? Why not?

Harper is sleep-walking Canada into World War III. Today, Canadians are told they are supporting Ukrainian independence. Why aren't Canadians supporting Palestinian independence? Why aren't Canadians opposed to the Zionist invasion that stole Palestine in 1948? Why did Harper support the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Why is Harper supporting the destruction of Syria? Why is Harper supporting sanctions and war on Iran? Why is Harper supporting military encirclement of China? Why is Harper supporting military encroachment to provoke Russia? Is Harper insane?

Are Harper's Conservative caucus members insane too or are they merely corrupt imbeciles who will do anything to get and keep power to grease the wheels of their squalid contemptible lives?

The Official Opposition is mute. Peter Mansbridge and Lisa La Flamme divert everyone's attention. They blame Putin and talk about Senate reform and other balderdash. They tell Canadians how nice they are. Canadians are so nice. . . Why, Canadians wouldn't say "shit" if their mouths were full of it.

Harper is not a "libertarian." Harper is not a friend of the Jews or anyone else. Harper is not a Christian. Harper is a Zionist. Harper serves others, not you and not the Jews either. Here are some questions you should ask Stephen Harper when you have a moment to spare:

Stephen Harper and Armageddon

Christian Zionism:

Christian Zionism is a belief among some Christians that the Zionist invasion of the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 along with persecution of Israeli victims — the Palestinians — combined with Israeli atrocities and its bellicose belligerence and incessant war-mongering are in accordance with Biblical prophecy and the gospel of Jesus.

Questions For Harper:
  • How do you justify the destruction of Palestine and its people?
  • Why have you enrolled Canada in Washington's "War on Terror?"
  • Do you not care about the hundreds of thousands of women and children who have already been killed?
  • Do you not care about the tens of millions of innocent people who have already been dispossessed?
  • Why have you enrolled Canada in efforts to start World War III?
  • Do you not care if Canada is wiped off the face of the earth?
  • Do you not care if everyone on earth is killed?
  • Do you not care if our planet is turned into a radioactive wasteland?
  • What is your view of premillennial dispensation?
  • Do you think that you, personally, will be spared the Tribulation?


Extra Curricula Thinking:

Try some.

The guy in the clip below or someone just like him may become the next President of the Ukraine. He and his friends engineered the coup (with covert U.S. help) that overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, corrupt as that government may have been. (How corrupt is our own government?) Anti-government protestors were shot in the streets of Kiev, by snipers. Who shot them? The Ukrainian government was blamed by our media which tells you what to think here in the "fee world". What is going on in Ukraine, or Syria, or Chechnya, or Egypt, or Libya, or anywhere? Do you know? How? You don't know what is going on in Iraq. You definitely do not know what is going on in Israel and never did. You should wake up.

Dmytro Yarosh could be your next Ukrainian friend. The world is a scary place and the terrorists are not the usual suspects you've been hearing about for years in our media here in the "free world". As a general rule, Washington is behind all the mischief in the world today and in the past. Washington does not want peace and democracy. Washington wants total domination of the world and every person in it. That has been Washington's historic mission from the beginning, despite the efforts of genuine champions of liberty such as Adams, Jefferson and Thomas Paine.


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