Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Was Libya Destroyed?

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by Morley Evans

The United States has revealed itself as the gangster state. The United States is attempting to preserve the dollar as world reserve currency by using gunpoint diplomacy and war to maintain its global hegemony. Gaddafi was out of U.S. control. Contrary to the lying media everyone watches, Libya was a prosperous, well-ordered country before being destroyed. WW III is coming unless Americans and the others in Washington's empire wake up. "Nobody supports the United States anymore," says Professor Horace Campbell of Syracuse University. The Fed is watering down the dollar by adding $65 Billion dollars every month, Campbell says. Everyone is looking for a way out of Washington's dollar empire, including the Chinese.

The monster has been wearing a mask and a white hat which it has removed as its future worsens and panic sets in. No, kiddies, the monster isn't the good Lone Ranger, it's the very bad Loan Arranger. The end of Washington's empire will come soon either by financial meltdown or by WW III which it will start to try to save itself. Do not believe the lying media and its lying whores.



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