Saturday, March 29, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Woodrow Wilson
AT THE PARIS PEACE CONFERENCE, 1919, Woodrow Wilson announced that as the only head of state he should sit in a chair on a dais 4 inches higher than the floor upon which other chairs would sit. At 5'11.5", Woody was already head and shoulders above everyone else. Wilson came armed with his 14 points to rearrange the world (Moses only had ten). Wilson had a plan for a League of Nations to govern the world's activities. Wilson was assisted by the shadowy Texan, Colonel House. Woodrow Wilson is the model that guides the White House today. He was the model for FDR. Americans may find it hard to believe that Washington may have been behind the sculduggery that lead to WW I and likely was. There were eleven empires before 1914. The king of the mountain in 1918 was the United States, which had not been touched by war. The rest were gone. The United States economy roared ahead. The British Empire, which thought it was still important, was finished off by the Empire of Japan and a resurgent Germany in WW II — in a replay of WW I.

The sophisticated men running the world's eleven empires were snookered twice by the supposed bumpkins running Washington. Did the movie "Sergeant York" (1941) depict reality? Now that Washington has "the most powerful military the world has ever known" — and possesses at least one new secret weapon — the "leader of the free world" is pushing for the war that will bring us all close to The End. (Some, like Stephen Harper, hope we will all be killed because they think they will go to heaven, believe it or not).

World War One (AKA The Great War) changed everything. The world of Queen Victoria and the British Empire was gone. The empires of two of the cousins of George V were destroyed. Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany was in ruins and Germans were starving. The Russia of Czar Nicholas II had been taken over by Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The United States of America "had reluctantly stepped in at the last moment to save the world." Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Germany carried the can for the debacle while historical revisionists blamed Russia, France and Great Britain. Perhaps they all got it all wrong. Perhaps WW I was not an unfortunate mistake but, instead, a true master stroke of master manipulators:

The shiny new United States of America had stepped onto the world stage with the 3-month-long Spanish American War in 1898 and the opening of the Panama Canal in August 1914. America promised freedom and democracy. America had a humanitarian program few could deny. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…"

Washington's rivals in July 1914:
  1. The British Empire (world top dog for centuries)
  2. The German Empire (a rising threat to Great Britain)
  3. The Austro-Hungarian Empire (managing dozens of ethnic groups)
  4. The French Empire (including Algeria and west Africa)
  5. The Belgian Empire (whose main asset was the Congo)
  6. The Russian Empire (covering nine time zones)
  7. The Ottoman Empire (managing dozens of religious groups)
  8. The Chinese Empire (had been destroyed before 1914)
  9. The Empire of Japan (a rising power in the Far East)
  10. The Portuguese Empire (that once included Brazil)
  11. The Spanish Empire (easy pickings for the United States)
Washington's rivals in November 1918:
  1. none

Try to imagine this: a bystander enrages a mob of wild men. He makes a fortune selling them weapons which he has invented. After they have maimed or killed each other, he steps in to become the master or what remains of them and their property. The nineteenth century was remarkably peaceful and free after the Allies defeated Napoleon Bonaparte and his "Empire of the French" in 1814. By contrast, the twentieth century was the most bloody epoch in human history. The twenty-first century may finish us all off (some hope).

Can this happen again? Can a few idiots get us all killed? Yes.



Sieg Holle said...

And the winner takes all -interesting assesment of war as a domination tool for the "Real politiK" and sad game of manipulated life and lives. I think we have an antidote to this un principled and non human behaviour and that is knowledge. False flags ,misinformation is more difficult when knowledge is high ,instant and readily available . God bless -Moore.s law and the tech revolution to the new humanity,wisdom and abundance .

Morley Evans said...

Right! We the people need to strip power from the assholes who presume they have a right to act in our name. Want a war big shot? Here's a jack knife. Go yourself.