Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding 2011

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by Morley Evans

Did you watch the wedding in the middle of the night? My sister did. She said it was worth it. Nice Tailoring! Beautiful gown. Wonderful photos! I watched the service and highlights last night on CBC. I think it was beautiful. "Every wedding is a Royal wedding," the Bishop of London said in his sermon. This wedding was a symbol for everyone of what marriage means, he said. Every marriage renews hope for the future. I was moved. It was worth it.

Kate and William

London (CNN) -- Who'll be making a fashion statement at the royal wedding of the century? Not Prince William. Following tradition, William, along with his dad and brother [and paternal grandfather], are wearing military uniforms to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, according to St. James's Palace. William is wearing an Irish Guards uniform, which is known for its bright red coat. Specifically, he'll wear the uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards, reflecting his senior honorary appointment in the Army. In pageantry befitting the heir to the British throne, he'll also don a gold and crimson sash featuring gold sword slings. However, he won't carry a sword. [William's royal blue sash carried the crest of the Royal Air Force, his active command.] His red coat will feature buttons in groups of four, which symbolize the Irish Guards' position in the Order of Battle as the Fourth Regiment of Foot Guards. Whether his bride Kate Middleton will wear a tiara when she walks down the aisle remains under wraps, but there's no mystery surrounding William's head dress. The palace has revealed that he will wear a so-called forage cap, which is worn by members of the Army for dress occasions. The cap carries the insignia of the Irish Guards, the eight-pointed Star of the Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, and features the regiment's motto, "Quis Separabit?", which means "Who shall separate us?" William, a graduate of Britain's royal military academy Sandhurst, was appointed Colonel of the Irish Guards in February. He also has honorary ranks in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. His brother Prince Harry, who is his best man and in charge of carrying the wedding ring to the Abbey, is also sporting a military uniform and forage cap. Harry's wearing a Blues and Royals officer's uniform. The Blues and Royals is one of the oldest regiments in the British Army and is part of the Household Calvary [along with the Life Guards]. Harry's uniform will feature ornamental braiding [called aiguillettes], a cross-belt and a gold waist belt with sword slings. Like his brother, he won't carry a sword. Prince Charles, an Admiral of the Royal Navy since 2006, is wearing the Royal Navy Number One [Blue] Dress, the formal uniform worn for ceremonial purposes. [Charles], the Prince of Wales will be decked out in a blue sash featuring a bevy of badges [aiguillettes] and no fewer than six medals. Unlike William and Harry, he will carry a sword. [Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, wore his Grenadier Guards uniform with sash, aiguillettes and medals.]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Audit The Fed

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by Morley Evans

Dear Morley,

Ben Bernanke's reckless monetary policy is robbing us of our wealth and pushing the economy over a cliff.

Americans are outraged about the unchecked ability of the Fed to destroy the dollar and diminish their standard of living.

Campaign for Liberty has a plan to bring about real change. I hope you'll take a moment to read the message below from C4L President John Tate and support this vital effort to restore liberty and sound money.

For Liberty,

Congressman Ron Paul


Dear Morley,

They say the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Until we rip the seal off the Fed's books, we will never discover the depth of the Fed's looting of taxpayers.

You see, the government and the Fed put taxpayers on the hook for $14 trillion during the financial crisis.

Trillions were funneled to Big Banks, Big Labor, and Big Auto during the economic collapse, which was caused by the Fed's reckless monetary policies and debt-fueled housing bubble.

And those were just the trillions we knew about!

Recently, it was revealed that the Fed funneled over $4 trillion to foreign bankers during the economic meltdown.

You and I only learned of the Fed creating money out of thin air to funnel to globalist bankers because a federal court ordered Ben Bernanke to release a select few documents - and Congress responded to our pressure by passing a limited audit.

Who knows what other unholy alliances, secret schemes, or trillions of stolen dollars Ben Bernanke is suppressing from the American public?

A half-hearted audit isn't enough. It's time to make Congress do its job.

That's why Campaign for Liberty is launching our Audit the Fed Action Bomb to blanket America with the message that members of Congress must co-sponsor Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill and that House Speaker John Boehner must bring Audit the Fed up for a vote.

I hope to raise $153,527 by Tuesday, May 3rd in order to launch phase 1 of this crucial program.

Phase 1 includes:**   C4L's Audit the Fed banners.  Banners will run 24/7 on Google and popular sites like Drudge Report, Rasmussen, Human Events, Newsmax, Fox News, and CNN.

     Our banner ads will generate a tidal wave of emails, phone calls and faxes to flush reluctant members of Congress out from under the rocks they are hiding under and force them to take action to support passage of Audit the Fed.

**   Phones.  Liberty Activists will be manning the phones contacting Americans across the nation and informing them of their representative's refusal to hold Ben Bernanke accountable for his economy wrecking policies.

**   Dropping hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail, which will generate a flood of petitions to Congress demanding they bring real accountability and transparency to the Fed.

**   Email.  C4L will contact hundreds of thousands of activists nationwide with Audit the Fed action alert emails.

**   Press.  C4L will issue press releases, brief influential columnists and - if we have the money - run hard-hitting TV and radio ads highlighting the Fed's destruction of the economy and Congress' refusal to rein in Ben Bernanke.

This massive, nationwide mobilization effort will contact 5 million activists with one simple message: Congress must put an end to Ben Bernanke's free-wheeling, funny money days once and for all.  Immediately!

Can I count on your support for this crucial program?

You see, right now, you and I are witnessing the greatest plundering of a nation's wealth in the history of civilization.

Our wealth is literally vanishing into thin air as Ben Bernanke's backdoor inflation tax robs us of our purchasing power.

But the ground is shifting under Ben Bernanke's feet.

Americans outraged over the lack of accountability and transparency at the Fed replaced Congress last fall.

Liberty and Tea Party activists elected a new Republican majority that placed Ron Paul as the chairman of the subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve.

And Senator Rand Paul was elected in a landslide to lead the fight in the Senate against the unchecked Fed.

The public is clamoring for change.

The yarns about "green shoots" and "summers of recovery" go in one ear and out the other as the fairy tales run smack into the reality of rising gas and food prices and a declining dollar.

And C4L has a plan to force Congress - even if we have to drag representatives kicking and screaming - to finally Audit the Fed and end the cycle of printing, borrowing and inflating our currency into worthless paper.

But we cannot run this vital program without your help.

Click here to chip in a contribution of $17.76 to fund C4L's Audit the Fed Action Bomb so we can turn up the heat on Congress to pass Ron Paul's Audit the Fed legislation.

Your contribution will allow C4L to run phase 1 of our program, which includes internet banners, emails, phone calls, press releases - and if we have the money - hard-hitting TV and radio ads - to send a clear message to Congress: pass Audit the Fed or look for another job.

You see, our moment has arrived.

When Congressman Paul first introduced Audit the Fed, those "in the know" mocked him for tilting at windmills.

They scoffed as Dr. Paul stood up and questioned the legitimacy of the central bankers and their fiat currency.

But eventually, we all paid the price for the Fed's disastrous economic policies.  The economy was plunged into a near depression.

As all the central bankers failed to put the economy together again, the American people demanded answers.

Last year, because you turned up the heat, over 300 representatives co-sponsored Audit the Fed.

And this year we can do even better!

With a new Congress, we have an historic opportunity to rein in the Fed and put a stop to their economy-wrecking, dollar-destroying policies once and for all.

So please, click here to chip in a contribution of $17.76, in honor of the r3volution, to C4L's Audit the Fed Action Bomb.

Our best chance to pass Audit the Fed is a full court press on members of Congress to act now to stop the printing presses.

So click here to chip in a contribution of $17.76 toward C4L's Audit the Fed Action Bomb so we can really turn up the heat on members of Congress to co-sponsor and fight for passage of Audit the Fed.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S.  Who knows what unholy alliances, secret schemes, or trillions of stolen dollars Ben Bernanke is suppressing from the American public?

That's why Campaign for Liberty is announcing our Audit the Fed Action Bomb.

We must raise $153,527 by Tuesday, May 3rd, in order to launch phase 1 of our program demanding members of Congress co-sponsor Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill through internet banner ads, emails, phone banks, mail, and press.

Click here to chip in a contribution of $17.76 so we can really turn up the heat on members of Congress to co-sponsor and fight for passage of Audit the Fed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Abrahamic Religions

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by Morley Evans

There are three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

One should not make the mistake that the people who today call themselves Jews are related in any genetic way to the people in the Bible. They are all converts. The Israeli professor, Dr. Shlomo Sand, makes this clear in his book The Invention of the Jewish People. Professor Sand waited to get tenure before releasing his book so he could not be fired! Yet there is more freedom of speech and thought in Israel than here.

Spanish (Sephardic) Jews are descended from Berber tribes in Morocco that converted to Judaism before the Moors conquered Iberia. Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Khazars who had a kingdom on the Steppes. They converted to Judaism years before they were conquered by the Mongols. The Ashkenazi fled to Russia and Poland.

In eastern Europe some Ashkenazi would become vicious tax and rent collectors as well as enforcers for czars and princes. The serfs' condition in eastern Europe was as bad as any slave anywhere at any time. Jews formed a layer between the super élite and the truly wretched. Jews lived in ghettos, where they were exploited by their own leaders. Some successful Jews, such as Rothschild, moved west, to Germany, France, Italy, Britain and America. They would be followed by many, some of whom, like Rothschild, would become exceedingly wealthy in Europe, Britain and America.

All of the present-day Jewish groups (Judaism is a religion, not a race) are descended from Yochanan ben Zakkai whose Pharisaic sect made a pact with Vespasian, the Roman general who crushed the Jewish Great Revolt and dispersed the Jews several decades after Christ.

Ben Zakkai's Pharisaic sect was the only Jewish sect to survive the Great Revolt. The Romans destroyed ben Zakkai's rivals. The principal book of modern Judaism (the last 2,000 years since ben Zakkai) is the Talmud, not the Torah. Some scholars say that the Talmud refutes the Torah and Moses and God. They say that the Talmud has its roots in ancient Babylonian and Egyptian mystery cults and that modern Judaism is a multi-layered secret society: Torah on the outside and Talmud on the inside where God is not worshipped by the inner circle. Freemasonry, with its occult "oriental" symbols, they say, is an affiliated secret society with power inside the Vatican at the highest levels.

Consider the possibility that the bondage from which Moses delivered the Hebrews in Egypt was devil worship, not building pyramids. (The pyramids were built by Egyptians a thousand years before Joseph came to Egypt.) After Moses marched his people around the desert for forty years trying to teach them a lesson which the materially-minded never grasped, Moses died and the "chosen people" invaded Canaan where they set up a kingdom of their own after they had slaughtered the inhabitants (who were their cousins). "The Conquest" is the Pharisaics favourite part of the Bible because God supposedly delivered dominion over the world to them.

From that point it was the king and his court (who considered themselves the "chosen people") on one side and God and his prophets on the other side. Read the Bible. Tanaka (the Miqra) is an acronym for the Torah (the five books of Moses), Nevi'im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings), TaNaKh. There is no Talmud.

After many warnings, the deed to the "promised land" was eventually revoked when God sent the dreaded Assyrians to conquer the "chosen people" and drag them away in chains. When they failed to learn, the lesson was repeated when the Babylonians dragged them off in chains a second time. Some time after the Persians had defeated Babylon, those who wanted to return to "the promised land" did. Others did not return.

When Jesus came he was not the Messiah the Pharisees were expecting or wanted. They wanted Alexander the Great. Some had believed that Alexander was the Messiah when he conquered the Persian Empire. The Messiah they wanted would conquer the world and put them in charge. The Pharisees persuaded Pilot, their Roman overlord, to crucify Jesus for them, fulfilling the prophecy foretold in the Bible. Jesus taught love, not power, overcomes evil. This is "hard teaching" indeed: It defies common sense.

Nevertheless, after Christ, most of the people who lived in Palestine converted to Christianity. About six hundred years later, they converted to Islam. Few present-day Jews, if any, have any connection to the Jews in the Bible. (The Palestinians are the most likely descendants of the Jews in the Bible.)

The Israelis are invaders. None of their actual ancestors ever lived in Palestine. More importantly, the Israelis' religion is not based upon the Tanaka (the Hebrew Bible) which was the religion of the people of Moses. Their principal religious book is the Talmud. Many Jews still oppose the Zionist "State of Israel" — calling the Israelis heretics — even after sixty years of intense pressure to support the "Jewish State".

ALL Jewish groups opposed the invasion of Palestine a century ago when Zionism was founded. The Nazis destroyed Zionism's opponents. Despite rampant anti-Semitism, and perhaps because of it, some Pharisaics did extraordinarily well in the 20th century and today they are among the wealthiest and the most powerful people on earth.

Haredi Jews, like Rabbi Weiss and Neturei Karta, put the Torah first, despite being part of the Ashkenazi Rabbinate which puts the Talmud first. They are as different from the Israelis as night and day. They behave like Christians because they are kind and forgiving. They have compassion. They oppose injustice and war. They support truth and peace. They stick their necks out for what they believe. They turn the other cheek. The Haredi follow Moses. Jesus followed Moses. Karaite Jews, a sect founded in the 8th century, were a significant part of Judaism until recently. They reject the Talmud and Rabbinate Judaism altogether, staying true to the Torah and the Tanaka.

What about the other Abrahamic religions?

To their shame, most Christians have not been very good Christians. How can they reconcile Christianity with what they have done and are doing now? Gandhi observed that Christianity is wonderful, we should have some. Historically, Muslims have been pretty good Christians. Compare what Isabel and Ferdinand did at the western end of the Mediterranean in the 15th century to what Suleiman the Magnificent did at the eastern end of the Mediterranean at the time. Christians should study history. The record does not flatter us. Does Jesus approve of 2,000 years drenched in blood spilled in His name?

"We were only defending ourselves." Jesus did not defend himself.

There is conflict between Muslims and Christians in the former Ottoman Empire. Yet, the Orthodox Catholic Church has its headquarters in Istanbul (Constantinople) where it has always been for 2,000 years. The Orthodox Catholic Church was established by Jesus and his Apostles, they remind us. The Orthodox Catholic Church's greatest enemy for over a thousand years has been the Roman Catholic Church, not Islam. The Roman Catholic Church has its own enemies who eat away at its insides. Some of them are responsible for the sexual abuse scandals.

For hundreds of years, Jews enjoyed safety in Islamic lands when Jews were persecuted by Christians in Europe. Some Jews had position and power.

Have Muslims done no evil? Undoubtedly, they have, but they are unjustly targeted by Christians and Jews. Is belief in God the problem? If religion is problematic, is atheism an alternative? Secularism is the religion of the Godless. What do they worship? Shopping? Who do they worship? The last five Commandments are universal — so is kindness and mercy. Without them, life is Hell on earth (which is where we are headed). Those who turn their back on God and love Satan and his works are in control.

Currently, ask yourself how did anyone in Afghanistan ever hear about "The Reverend" Terry Jones who burned the Qur'an in Florida? Jones is a complete zero. He has no following at all. They heard about him through the media which publicized what he did. Who owns the media? How did anyone ever hear about the cartoons in a Danish magazine that mocked Muhammad? They heard about them through the media. Who owns the media? Why wasn't anything said about comedian Mel Brooks who mocked the Passion of the Christ? They do not know about Mel Brooks because the media didn't make it an issue. But everyone has heard that Mel Gibson, who made The Passion of the Christ, is a drunkard and an anti-Semite. Who owns the media? Who owns Hollywood? Who owns the world? Pharisaics own quite a lot of it. They are materially-minded.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Regina Drivers

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by Morley Evans

They think they can drive (they know everything), but drivers in Regina have many faults. Off the top of my head, a few are:

  1. Regina drivers are aggressive. They are in a race all the time. It is very important to get ahead so they will be first on the start line at the next red light or stop sign.
  2. Regina drivers are unpredictable since they don't understand the basic rules.
  3. Regina drivers don't know where to stop at an intersection. They are invariably part-way into the intersection. Then they creep ahead. What are they going to do one wonders?
  4. Regina drivers pass on the right rather than slow down or stop in their lane. They will pass on the right even if there is only one lane, as long as they can squeeze by!
  5. Regina drivers rarely take their foot off the gas or put it on the brake. "Full speed ahead!"
  6. If Regina drivers see an opening, however small, they will try to squeeze through. Be very careful when backing out of a stall in a parking lot. A car may suddenly be there that wasn't there when you looked a second before.
  7. If Regina drivers think they have "the right of way" they will run into you. They will. Believe it.
  8. Regina drivers do not understand the concept of "right of way". It is not a license to run into someone. The first rule of driving is to avoid collisions.
  9. Regina drivers do not understand courtesy. It is a foreign concept.
  10. Regina drivers are lane hoppers. They are in a big hurry to get someplace important. I wonder where that could be? This is Regina where nothing is very important.
  11. Regina drivers can't count to one at a 4-way stop. Yet, that is where they are most predictable.
  12. Regina drivers practice "rolling stops" at intersections. They roll through stop signs.
  13. Regina drivers will never never let you change lanes. They will speed up or slow down to block you. Believe it or not.
  14. Regina drivers are inspired by the Demolition Derby. SGI used to pay for all the fender benders. They now have "driver education" and don't pay claims so now SGI can make a profit like a real insurance company.
  15. Most importantly, Regina drivers never never give the other guy a break. "Yield no quarter, give none, and never retreat" is their motto.
  16. When it is icy, Regina drivers are worse.
  17. If one yields the right of way to Regina drivers, they won't know what one is doing. "What's he up to," they wonder with a snarl?
  18. Regina drivers never say Thank You when one waves them on. They may give you a dirty look. "Why doesn't he learn how to drive, like me?"
  19. Regina drivers old, young, men and women all drive like teenage boys.
  20. The instant a light turns green, Regina drivers will honk, "Wake up. Get Going. I'm in a hurry. I'm important!"
  21. If one slows to look at a house number even on a deserted street, a car will appear out of nowhere and honk. Regina drivers say, "Get out of my way! I'm important!"
  22. Regina drivers will leave someone turning left stranded forever at a "T" intersection. Don't turn left. Avoid "T" intersections. Use 4-way stops or intersections with traffic lights. Buy an M1A2.
  23. Racing through yellow lights is common. Regina drivers are always in a hurry.
  24. Regina drivers are exceptionally considerate of pedestrians, especially jay-walkers, yet they have killed more than a few people who have been run down. Pedestrians wander across streets, apparently daring drivers to kill them. Joggers jog on the streets at night wearing black. Bicyclists have the same habits as walkers and joggers. They dress like Ninjas.
  25. Some Regina drivers driving drunk and running red lights at 60 mph have killed people. They are not charged and they continue to drive.
  26. Street racing is a popular night time sport with some Regina drivers. Where are the cops?
  27. Driving can be dangerous when Regina drivers take to the road. It is open season and you are game.
  28. If one meets these Regina drivers inside a Safeway, they are the most courteous people one could hope to find anywhere. They know how to drive shopping carts.
I lived in Los Angeles for a year. They have millions of cars there. I drove all over LA and southern California and never had a problem. Angelenos know how to drive. They are courteous. I lived for three years in Vancouver which is not as big as Los Angeles but much much bigger than Regina. They are excellent courteous drivers in Vancouver. A friend moved here from New York City thirty years ago. He pointed out how bad Regina's drivers are. "They demanded that I take driver training," he complained. I didn't know what he was talking about then because I used to drive like Regina drivers myself. In Calgary, they drive like Regina drivers. That's because they moved to Calgary from Regina and Saskatoon (where they are as bad). A friend commented that people in Phoenix who drive the way they drive in Regina are quietly followed home and shot in their driveways. (They don't do things like that in California — just Arizona and Texas.)

I haven't driven in Bangkok or Beijing. Maybe things are worse. Maybe they are better. One would think SGI and the cops would be interested in my observations. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED. THAT IS THE HALLMARK OF REGINA where people know everything and listen to no one. My solution is to avoid Regina drivers as much as possible. But that strategy too has problems. If one is driving along on a deserted stretch of road minding one's own business one may find the cops have set up a speed trap and it will cost $140 for driving 38 mph in a 30 mph zone that is not even posted. Assiniboine Avenue along the north side of the Riverside Cemetery is a favourite place for speed traps. Another is Pasqua Street beside the Lakeview Golf Course. The cops are not your friends, they are just another road hazard like pot holes and ignorant drivers in Regina.

Maybe I have a complex; if I don't have a complex, I should have a complex.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Care Has Improved

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by Morley Evans

Yesterday, the Regina Leader-Post reported "Care Has Improved."

"Care Has Improved," they say? Really? Doctors offices in Regina answer the phone with "Abusive language will not be tolerated." That is your clue that people are furious. The Canadian medical system is the worst — and the most expensive — in the world. It is run by the service providers (the doctors, nurses, administrators and janitors) not our elected officials. Politicians work for the service providers, not for the people. That is why NOTHING is done about the crimes committed by service providers and the pharmaceutical industry which presides over the pharmaceutical-medical imperium. THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE. They don't have to listen to anyone. They can do anything and get away with it. They have lawyers. They have billions. The Saskatchewan Party just rewarded these criminals with a big pay raise. Pouring more money down a rat hole keeps the rats happy; it does not improve care because the system DOES NOT CARE. The abuses of the Canadian medical system are worse than the Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals. The Canadian medical system is a vast criminal empire that has operated with impunity for over a century. START YOUR EDUCATION HERE:

No one asked me anything. None of them answered any of my letters either, so you know this was just another Public Relations job. You cannot believe one word they say.

- Morley Evans

Care Has Improved by Pamela Cowan, Leader-Post staff writer

When Commissioner Tony Dagnone presented Saskatchewan’s Patient First Review in October 2009, cynics expected the latest of many provincial health-care reviews done over the years would gather dust in the health minister’s office.

Not so, Dagnone said Wednesday prior to the opening of the province’s first Health Care Quality Summit in Regina.

“When I look back to the start of that report, there was a lot of cynicism that the report would be put together, handed over to the minister of health and then nothing would happen,” said Dagnone, currently a health-care advisor for Pacific & Western Bank of Canada and the former head of Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital for 25 years. “Well guess what? A great deal has happened.” As a result, Dagnone told summit delegates that Saskatchewan is on its way to being the benchmark for quality improvement in Canada’s healthcare system.

“Once again, Saskatchewan can take a leadership role when it comes to delivering timely, quality health care,” he said. “That’s important to every person that lives in this province. In the past, that’s not always been there, but I think we’re seeing a lot of evidence that this is what is going on.”

His review of the province’s healthcare system gathered input from more than 4,000 residents and hundreds of health-care providers.

“They spoke volumes about wanting changes to the system that was more responsive to their needs,” Dagnone said.

He responded by making 16 recommendations to “make changes that would restore care into medicare.”

One recommendation called for an aggressive, multi-year strategy to improve the surgical experience for patients.

“The government of Saskatchewan has invested tens of millions of dollars in trying to get rid of those unacceptable wait times,” Dagnone said. “Bravo for them. They have really tackled that in a very determined way.”

The government, health regions and health-care workers share the credit for the improvements, he said.

“As I look at medicare across Canada, I think medicare has reached a tipping point in the sense that people are weary of the performance of the health-care system,” Dagnone said. “We have to do things now to prove to the public that we’re making good use of the dollars.”

But, he acknowledged, more work remains.

Despite his recommendation that the health system address the inappropriate use of emergency rooms by developing urban urgent care centres, patients continue to be treated in the hallways of jammed emergency room departments.

“Every hospital across Canada is experiencing huge, huge wait times in emergency departments,” Dagnone said. “I think the emergency department has now become the focus of a lot of effort and sweat to try to improve it.”

He said emergency room problems begin in the community.

“If there aren’t alternatives in the community like walk-in clinics that have 18-hour or 20-hour service, then where does a mother with her sick child go at 11 o’clock at night? They make their way to the emergency department. But I think that there are many initiatives going on right now that will eventually improve that situation.”

Dagnone believes Canadians want publicly funded health-care systems, but that doesn’t mean all services should be provided through that system.

“If the public system does not have the capacity, then I give full marks to those governments who have said, ‘We have to serve those patients,’ ” Dagnone said.

“Therefore, if we can reach out to qualified, independent providers, whether it’s radiology, whether it’s surgery, we want to serve those patients. Nothing is violated by that because there is no exchange of dollars between the person providing the care and the person receiving the care.”

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goldman Sachs

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by Morley Evans

Why is Bernie Madoff in prison for 150 years? Look at this:

Friday, April 15, 2011


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by Morley Evans

These are some of the things I have been doing.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011


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by Morley Evans

On the telescreen last night, they displayed a graph of Washington's debt beginning in 1789 and ending with Obama's speech the other day. As you know, in recent years the debt has taken off like a rocket. I doubt if any regime in history has ever borrowed so much. Of course this will never be repaid. Mr. Bernanke told everyone he could get us out of the world-wide financial meltdown by printing, borrowing and spending. Now, only a few months later, Washington is talking about reducing the deficit and cutting spending. Why is Mr. Bernanke still at the Federal Reserve? Why is there still a Federal Reserve? The U.S. government is outta business. The world's financial system is dead. They blew it up! That includes Canada, which according to Canada's leaders is doing just great because they are so smart: Even smarter than Bernanke and Greenspan. Really? Is that possible? What will happen? The same thing that has always happened will happen: Devaluation of the currency and loss of power. It's their worst nightmare. Washington's empire will be dead soon. The Empire is already an impotent giant. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. That is what is coming without a doubt.

This graph begins with World War II. The debt was even less before. The flat line is the Cold War. Things started cooking with Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Things cooled off a little with Bill Clinton and the debt stopped increasing for a year or two. (It was NOT paid off as Democrats claim today.) Then they really took off with George W. Bush and they have skyrocketed with Barack Obama. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke was and is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve who engineered the coming financial tsunami. In Japanese that's spelled つなみ or 津波. In Chinese that is 海啸. You may want to learn these languages sometime.

You don't believe this? You had better believe it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ethno-Sectarian Conflict

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by Morley Evans

In his column on Iraq, Ivan Eland includes an error in what is otherwise accurate.

". . . a U.S. fear that the country could collapse into an ethno-sectarian civil war after the U.S. leaves. This may very well happen anyway, and a permanent U.S. military presence would ensure that the United States would be “responsible” for stopping the bloodbath—perhaps even by re-escalating its force levels there."

Everyone should come to grips with the very real probability that the sectarian violence in Iraq and everywhere else is CREATED by the United States and it Allies (The Empire). Somehow, all these people peacefully lived together in Mesopotamia for 600 years when it was part of the Ottoman Empire. The same was true in the Balkans. There was an ancient Jewish population thousands of years old in Iraq and Iran and Egypt too. Jews there and everywhere — including Germany — found they had become unwelcome when anti-Semitism reared its ugly head at the same time that Zionists began urging Jews to "return" to Israel. Coincidence? Today, Christians find themselves unwelcome in places like Egypt and Iraq where they have lived for thousands of years. Divide and conquer has always been the tested and true policy of colonial powers. After fomenting conflict, the British would always step in "to restore order" among squabbling children. The British Empire was spreading civilization and Christianity. The Spanish Empire was doing the same thing. Did you know that the United States was afraid there would be a bloodbath if it left Vietnam? The U.S. veneer of spreading peace, human rights and democracy poorly conceals the United States and its allies (The Empire) as just another colonial power: the biggest baddest empire the world has ever seen.

Do not support The Empire. Wake Up!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pharmaceuticals BEWARE

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by Morley Evans

This is a documentary about psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs in the United States. This is the model of the pharmaceutical-medical industry as a whole. It is a story of BIG BUCK$$$$$

Are things as bad in Canada? You may rest assured that in Canada MATTERS ARE WORSE. Why? That is because in Canada things are even more corrupt than they are in the United States, as hard as it may be to believe that that could be possible.

Americans have watchdog organizations like the CCHR to alert them of danger, even if most Americans ignore such warnings or have never heard them. Americans enjoy the faint hope that they can sue and win. Canadians do not have watchdog organizations and they cannot even sue doctors, let alone pharmaceutical companies.

You don't believe it? You had better believe it.

Marketing of Madness
viewing time 2:56:35 (Don't worry, there are 12 separate chapters.)

Canadians suffer from "Canadian Smugness" which is a serious psychological disorder that prevents Canadians from looking at facts and reaching obvious conclusions. This condition has resulted from incessant life-long propaganda that has been directed at Canadians by pharmaceutical companies and by all Canadian institutions so that Canadians blindly accept what they are told.

You say all countries do that? Yes, they do.

What can you do to protect yourself? It doesn't matter who you are. You can start looking after yourself and your loved ones. Learn about good health. Exercise. Eat wholesome foods prepared at home and eaten with your family. Drink wholesome water; buy a quality filter.

Avoid fast foods, pharmaceutical drugs and doctors who push them; you cannot believe anything they say, especially when they have a drug they say you should take for the rest of your life, "just like a vitamin."

Learn about JuicePLUS+. It is not a drug or vitamin. JuicePlus+ is food.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Web Publishing

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by Morley Evans

I started publishing on the Web in 2001 when I began recovering from my brain trauma and coma that had been caused by my doctors and the Zocor and Lipitor they had prescribed to lower my cholesterol. Web publishing was something I could do. It was a good alternative to putting what I write in a drawer where no one would ever see it and where my creations would someday go to the landfill. I could write what I wanted without worrying about what others might want to read, which is the primary problem of traditional publishing and a concern that is the deadly enemy of all writers.

H.L. Mencken famously said, "I enjoy reading what I write and I enjoy writing it too." Like Mencken, I don't worry at all about popularity and I am doubly blessed because I enjoy reading what I write and I enjoy writing it too. If someone likes it, I am even happier. Unlike Mencken, I am not a nationally syndicated columnist. He was very "successful". Writing is a therapeutic exercise for me and it was for him too, I suspect.

Anyone in the world with an Internet connection can read what I write. If anyone in Russia, China, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the United States, South Africa — or anywhere — types "Morley Evans" into Google, I will appear at the top of the list. Google is the best, but other search engines find me too. I am famous in my own way. Why would anyone type my name into Google? That is a matter of Public Relations. I can refer people there myself. When I can afford it, I will buy some public relations from PR Web and broaden my reach. Self-immolation is not the PR coup it was in 1963 in Vietnam, so I won't do that.

I have no money thanks to this wonderful country that everyone loves so much and the criminals that Canada honours and protects. Perhaps they will get the Order of Canada.

I may be a failure yet do I know things that no one else even suspects. Why would anyone want to know what everyone else knows? What they know is usually wrong anyway. Canadian universities graduate millions of young robots every spring. They have been programed to become cogs in the machinery. Probably there are hundreds of thousands of faceless failures in Canada who are just like me. No one knows about them or wants to know about them either. If so, there certainly are hundreds of millions in China who are just like me, so I don't feel sorry for myself. I'll continue to do the best I can with what I have. I have more than many and I would be thankful for what I have, even if it were less. That is the first rule of happiness: Be thankful for what you have. Confucius knew that. The Buddha did. The Christ Jesus and The Prophet Mohammed knew it too.

I have managed to publish a website which is listed in the National LIbrary of Canada and has its own ISBN. My website and my domain name are Registered® with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. A few years ago, I began publishing a Weblog on Blogger on Google. Publishing is easy and it is free. I added a link to my Blog from my website which is hosted in Chicago.

In December 2010, I published on Lulu my 2300 page medical archive,
Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA. Publishing there is free. Depraved has an ISBN and is in the National Library of Canada. I have a Certificate of Copyright, which is suitable for framing. A CD or DVD has many advantages over a paper book or even an eBook because it can include multimedia and links. Traditional books can be published on Lulu as well as electronic media. This year I will make an anthology of the hundreds of essays I have published on my Blog over the years. I like them all. They are still there on my blog.

Last night, CBC broadcast a showcase on David Suzuki, "Canada's scientist." I didn't watch it. David Suzuki is a sanctimonious liar and a fool. Despite what he calls himself, Suzuki is a broadcaster, not a scientist. The CBC picks up documentaries made elsewhere and Suzuki reads the original script word-for-word. Canadians then watch his program "The Nature of Things" thinking it is original work. Pierre Berton was "Canada's historian." He was something of a fraud as an historian and a scholar but he had a lifelong patron in the CBC. Do you know who Wayne and Schuster were? They were "Canada's comedians" thanks to the CBC from which many Governors General of Canada have come recently. The CBC has the Canadian brainwashing franchise, along with the newspapers, book publishers and most radio stations and CTV.

The brainwashing organs is where everyone managed to get the idea that Canada is a wonderful place. Of course the people who run things want you to think they are doing a great job. In their version of Canada, "seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day." (They have to borrow most things from Americans.) Of course, approved dissent from approved dissenters is broadcast in Canada so they can have a "balanced" message. Canada is a free country, after all. The NDP is the official home of official dissent. I support the Hippopotamus Party myself.

Some say that J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, is actually a front for a publishing scam which has made billions for the publisher and for Rowling who secretly has always used ghost writers. Why these people are chosen to succeed is sometimes hard to understand, but that's how it is. In the case of Harry Potter it is easy to understand: it is a way to make money. That may explain most of what we see in music, broadcasting and publishing. They say that Rembrandt ran a painting factory to make money. Picasso was a master of public relations. He made lots of money while most artists and writers starve. Look at van Gogh who was definitely NOT a success in his own time. 

I get especially annoyed at Income Tax time when we Canadian peons are supposed to pay to support a system that grinds us down all year. I don't like it, but if I moved to Tahiti, what would I write about? People asked Mencken why he stayed in the United States if he disliked it so much. He answered, "I stay here for the same reason that people visit zoos." Me too.

Web publishing today is where book publishing was yesterday. It will be free until the Establishment figures out how to destroy it, take over or shut it down. They are working on it. They have an insatiable appetite for power over the peons.

Did I mention I owe a huge debt to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. along with all the other good people who have helped me over the years, not the least of whom was my sister, Merna? Thank you!