Monday, April 4, 2011

Web Publishing

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by Morley Evans

I started publishing on the Web in 2001 when I began recovering from my brain trauma and coma that had been caused by my doctors and the Zocor and Lipitor they had prescribed to lower my cholesterol. Web publishing was something I could do. It was a good alternative to putting what I write in a drawer where no one would ever see it and where my creations would someday go to the landfill. I could write what I wanted without worrying about what others might want to read, which is the primary problem of traditional publishing and a concern that is the deadly enemy of all writers.

H.L. Mencken famously said, "I enjoy reading what I write and I enjoy writing it too." Like Mencken, I don't worry at all about popularity and I am doubly blessed because I enjoy reading what I write and I enjoy writing it too. If someone likes it, I am even happier. Unlike Mencken, I am not a nationally syndicated columnist. He was very "successful". Writing is a therapeutic exercise for me and it was for him too, I suspect.

Anyone in the world with an Internet connection can read what I write. If anyone in Russia, China, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the United States, South Africa — or anywhere — types "Morley Evans" into Google, I will appear at the top of the list. Google is the best, but other search engines find me too. I am famous in my own way. Why would anyone type my name into Google? That is a matter of Public Relations. I can refer people there myself. When I can afford it, I will buy some public relations from PR Web and broaden my reach. Self-immolation is not the PR coup it was in 1963 in Vietnam, so I won't do that.

I have no money thanks to this wonderful country that everyone loves so much and the criminals that Canada honours and protects. Perhaps they will get the Order of Canada.

I may be a failure yet do I know things that no one else even suspects. Why would anyone want to know what everyone else knows? What they know is usually wrong anyway. Canadian universities graduate millions of young robots every spring. They have been programed to become cogs in the machinery. Probably there are hundreds of thousands of faceless failures in Canada who are just like me. No one knows about them or wants to know about them either. If so, there certainly are hundreds of millions in China who are just like me, so I don't feel sorry for myself. I'll continue to do the best I can with what I have. I have more than many and I would be thankful for what I have, even if it were less. That is the first rule of happiness: Be thankful for what you have. Confucius knew that. The Buddha did. The Christ Jesus and The Prophet Mohammed knew it too.

I have managed to publish a website which is listed in the National LIbrary of Canada and has its own ISBN. My website and my domain name are Registered® with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. A few years ago, I began publishing a Weblog on Blogger on Google. Publishing is easy and it is free. I added a link to my Blog from my website which is hosted in Chicago.

In December 2010, I published on Lulu my 2300 page medical archive,
Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA. Publishing there is free. Depraved has an ISBN and is in the National Library of Canada. I have a Certificate of Copyright, which is suitable for framing. A CD or DVD has many advantages over a paper book or even an eBook because it can include multimedia and links. Traditional books can be published on Lulu as well as electronic media. This year I will make an anthology of the hundreds of essays I have published on my Blog over the years. I like them all. They are still there on my blog.

Last night, CBC broadcast a showcase on David Suzuki, "Canada's scientist." I didn't watch it. David Suzuki is a sanctimonious liar and a fool. Despite what he calls himself, Suzuki is a broadcaster, not a scientist. The CBC picks up documentaries made elsewhere and Suzuki reads the original script word-for-word. Canadians then watch his program "The Nature of Things" thinking it is original work. Pierre Berton was "Canada's historian." He was something of a fraud as an historian and a scholar but he had a lifelong patron in the CBC. Do you know who Wayne and Schuster were? They were "Canada's comedians" thanks to the CBC from which many Governors General of Canada have come recently. The CBC has the Canadian brainwashing franchise, along with the newspapers, book publishers and most radio stations and CTV.

The brainwashing organs is where everyone managed to get the idea that Canada is a wonderful place. Of course the people who run things want you to think they are doing a great job. In their version of Canada, "seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day." (They have to borrow most things from Americans.) Of course, approved dissent from approved dissenters is broadcast in Canada so they can have a "balanced" message. Canada is a free country, after all. The NDP is the official home of official dissent. I support the Hippopotamus Party myself.

Some say that J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, is actually a front for a publishing scam which has made billions for the publisher and for Rowling who secretly has always used ghost writers. Why these people are chosen to succeed is sometimes hard to understand, but that's how it is. In the case of Harry Potter it is easy to understand: it is a way to make money. That may explain most of what we see in music, broadcasting and publishing. They say that Rembrandt ran a painting factory to make money. Picasso was a master of public relations. He made lots of money while most artists and writers starve. Look at van Gogh who was definitely NOT a success in his own time. 

I get especially annoyed at Income Tax time when we Canadian peons are supposed to pay to support a system that grinds us down all year. I don't like it, but if I moved to Tahiti, what would I write about? People asked Mencken why he stayed in the United States if he disliked it so much. He answered, "I stay here for the same reason that people visit zoos." Me too.

Web publishing today is where book publishing was yesterday. It will be free until the Establishment figures out how to destroy it, take over or shut it down. They are working on it. They have an insatiable appetite for power over the peons.

Did I mention I owe a huge debt to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. along with all the other good people who have helped me over the years, not the least of whom was my sister, Merna? Thank you! 

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