Friday, April 15, 2011


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by Morley Evans

These are some of the things I have been doing.

Library and Archives Canada
Privatization 1987: The Reason Foundation, Santa Monica
Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA: Evans Consulting Services

St. Lawrence Institute
Wordplay: Man, Markets and Language (ISBN 0-9695121-2-0)

Current WebSites published Gold's Gym Juice PLUS+ Morley Evans Juice PLUS+ 380 articles on topics of general interest St. Matthew's Anglican Church Great Plains Auctioneers Emerald Park developments Evans Development Group

Former WebSites published Kiwanis Club of Regina

Library of Congress ® Registered Servicemark and ® Copyright on Website and Domain Name

Lulu Publishing
Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA 2300 page Adobe Acrobat Portfolio

A Graphic Arts Projects in 2010
St. Matthew's Anglican Church: Centennary Brochure
St. Matthew's: Centennary Placemat

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