Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ethno-Sectarian Conflict

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by Morley Evans

In his column on Iraq, Ivan Eland includes an error in what is otherwise accurate.

". . . a U.S. fear that the country could collapse into an ethno-sectarian civil war after the U.S. leaves. This may very well happen anyway, and a permanent U.S. military presence would ensure that the United States would be “responsible” for stopping the bloodbath—perhaps even by re-escalating its force levels there."

Everyone should come to grips with the very real probability that the sectarian violence in Iraq and everywhere else is CREATED by the United States and it Allies (The Empire). Somehow, all these people peacefully lived together in Mesopotamia for 600 years when it was part of the Ottoman Empire. The same was true in the Balkans. There was an ancient Jewish population thousands of years old in Iraq and Iran and Egypt too. Jews there and everywhere — including Germany — found they had become unwelcome when anti-Semitism reared its ugly head at the same time that Zionists began urging Jews to "return" to Israel. Coincidence? Today, Christians find themselves unwelcome in places like Egypt and Iraq where they have lived for thousands of years. Divide and conquer has always been the tested and true policy of colonial powers. After fomenting conflict, the British would always step in "to restore order" among squabbling children. The British Empire was spreading civilization and Christianity. The Spanish Empire was doing the same thing. Did you know that the United States was afraid there would be a bloodbath if it left Vietnam? The U.S. veneer of spreading peace, human rights and democracy poorly conceals the United States and its allies (The Empire) as just another colonial power: the biggest baddest empire the world has ever seen.

Do not support The Empire. Wake Up!

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