Thursday, April 14, 2011


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by Morley Evans

On the telescreen last night, they displayed a graph of Washington's debt beginning in 1789 and ending with Obama's speech the other day. As you know, in recent years the debt has taken off like a rocket. I doubt if any regime in history has ever borrowed so much. Of course this will never be repaid. Mr. Bernanke told everyone he could get us out of the world-wide financial meltdown by printing, borrowing and spending. Now, only a few months later, Washington is talking about reducing the deficit and cutting spending. Why is Mr. Bernanke still at the Federal Reserve? Why is there still a Federal Reserve? The U.S. government is outta business. The world's financial system is dead. They blew it up! That includes Canada, which according to Canada's leaders is doing just great because they are so smart: Even smarter than Bernanke and Greenspan. Really? Is that possible? What will happen? The same thing that has always happened will happen: Devaluation of the currency and loss of power. It's their worst nightmare. Washington's empire will be dead soon. The Empire is already an impotent giant. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. That is what is coming without a doubt.

This graph begins with World War II. The debt was even less before. The flat line is the Cold War. Things started cooking with Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Things cooled off a little with Bill Clinton and the debt stopped increasing for a year or two. (It was NOT paid off as Democrats claim today.) Then they really took off with George W. Bush and they have skyrocketed with Barack Obama. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke was and is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve who engineered the coming financial tsunami. In Japanese that's spelled つなみ or 津波. In Chinese that is 海啸. You may want to learn these languages sometime.

You don't believe this? You had better believe it!

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