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Republic of Chechnya, Russian Federation

WASHINGTON HAS BEEN DIRECTING ATTACKS on Russia since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Russia has all those nice natural resources to plunder and Russia also provides a handy threat which is vital to the American (and British) "defence" industries. Washington has been at war with Russia (and with the Soviet Union before it) since 1945. Turning brother against brother — the American speciality — Washington works by destabilising countries on Russia's periphery and turning them against Russia as well as by supporting fifth columns inside the Russian Federation itself and training death squads to infiltrate Russia, the Donbass and Crimea for sabotage and assassinations. Washington risks nuclear war by provoking Russia (which is more than capable of defending itself) by doing things Washington would find intolerable if they were done to the United States. The "Monroe Doctrine" effectively proclaims American ownership of North and South America as well as the oceans that surround these continents. Now Washington claims the South China Sea is vital to American interests. Washington believes it owns the world. Such Hutzpah! -ed


The US and its Western allies will use any opportunity to harm Russia, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov told RT. He believes the rise of terrorism in Syria was similar to what happened to his native Chechnya two decades ago.

“The West, Europe do not want to help anyone. The important thing for them is to use every resource against Russia. They want to see us kneeling before them,” Kadyrov said in an exclusive interview with RT’s Arabic channel.

“This will never happen,” he added.

The Chechen Republic in southern Russia was the scene of two military campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s. Ramzan Kadyrov said his father’s choice to pledge his loyalty to Moscow was the choice of the Chechen people.

“[Ramzan Kadyrov's father Akhmad] said: if I am the leader of the republic, you let the Chechen people have its word. If the people say that they want to be part of Russia, I will agree to that too. If they say against it, so will I. That was the arrangement. And the people said they want to live as part of Russia,” he said.

Kadyrov reiterated his loyalty to Moscow, both as representative of the Chechen people and as a devout Muslim.

“My people have entrusted me to serve in good faith. And my religion also obliges me to be loyal to the commander-in-chief. As long as this country and this president allow you to build mosques and pray, your duty is to die for this president,” Kadyrov said.


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While Donald Trump may have meant what he said in his inauguration speech (he wrote it himself), the Deep State castrated him soon after. Trump's foreign policy will not be different from his predecessors, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and the rest. The Deep State gets what it wants. What it wants is war which it hopes will save U.S. world hegemony and their own bacon. It won't. The United States of America is like the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. Americans are like its passengers unaware of the looming catastrophe and powerless to do anything about it. -ed


US president Donald Trump is not a truly independent political leader but merely a puppet of US corporations, military and intelligence, and who serves their interests, Syrian President Bashar Assad has told the Latin American TeleSUR TV network.

Trump pursues “no own policies” but only executes the decisions made by the “intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, the big arms manufacturers, oil companies, and financial institutions,” the Syrian leader said in an exclusive interview with TeleSUR.

He referred to the fact that Trump came to power on a political platform promising a departure from the interventionist policy of the previous US president, Barack Obama, but soon forgot his promises and ordered a missile strike against the Syrian air base following a chemical weapons incident in Syria’s Idlib province.

The Syrian president also said that it is “a complete waste of time to make an assessment of the American president’s foreign policy” as “he might say something” but what he really does depends on “what these [US military and business] institutions dictate to him.”

He also added that it “is not new” and “has been ongoing American policy for decades.”


Thursday, April 20, 2017


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DISHONEST REPORTAGE is propaganda. Anyone who has been watching the Alternate Media knows the Mainstream Media lies. Hopefully, the Mainstream media is bankrupt. 

The incident described below follows a pattern. People are invited to evacuate a conflict area. They are loaded onto buses. The buses are attacked by the people who helped organise the evacuation. My friend Olga was on one of two buses assembled to take her and others from Lugansk, Ukraine, back to Kiev where she was going to university. Shortly after they started their journey, the buses were attacked by mortars of the Ukrainian army. Olga has been a prisoner in Lugansk and Donetsk since then. Fortunately, the backdoor to Russia is open thanks to Putin. When East Aleppo, Syria, was being liberated by the Syrian government (the Assad "regime"), buses loaded with refugees were attacked by "rebels" AKA ISIS. Like the Ukrainian Nazis and the Ukrainian Army who are attacking the Donbass, the "freedom fighters" in Syria are "our terrorists." Yessiree, Bob.


After "Liberation" the U.S. Will give Raqqa to the terrorists. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that appalling? Washington is the problem, not the solution. AND IT NEVER WAS THE SOLUTION!!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Sociopaths like Ted Bundy look great. Any father would be happy to have someone like Bundy as a son-in-law. Women trusted Ted Bundy too. While medicine does attract many people who are motivated by compassion, the medical profession also attracts sociopaths. "Trust me, I'm a doctor." This is especially true in a country like Canada where doctors are completely immune from the law. The Canadian medical system has arrogated the law unto itself. Organised Canadian medicine has spent 150 years corrupting the country. If you don't believe me, try to find a Canadian lawyer to sue a doctor. Try to find a case where a doctor was successfully sued for anything. Canadian medicine is a State within the State. Sociopaths are adept at hiding their true nature. Sociopaths can be identified by what they do. Dr John N. Alport, MD, is an excellent example. In the picture below, you can see that his wife, Donna, loves him. The gleam in Alport's eye reveals Alport's true nature. Alport loves to harm people and he gets away with it too! He gets paid to harm people! This creepo is a monster. The medico/legal system that protects him is criminal.

John and Donna Alport

After Alport had finished royally screwing up my health and as a result taking 20 years out of my life, he got a job as the "medical consultant" at the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Company (SGI). Below is a report by another one of his many victims. Alport's victims post their comments on an American website. There is nothing in Canada. The Canadian answer to medical problems is to cover them up and give the system more money. The Saskatchewan government paid former Premier Roy Romanow a million dollars to study Saskatchewan Medicare. "Underfunding" caused all the problems according to Roy. The Grant Devine Tories learned that pouring money down the rat hole kept the rats happy and quiet. That took the Medicare issue away from the NDP who created it. The Canadian medical system currently is Canada's largest single expense. Medicare is equivalent to the American War Machine. In Saskatchewan, Medicare consumes more than everything else combined. Collapse is coming.

Here's another one of Dr John N. Alport's victims:

I wish I could give this idiot a -100 rating. This pathetic excuse for a human being now works as a medical consultant for SGI and rather than helping the victims of car accidents, he helps line SGI's pockets as well as his own with the money WE the injured deserve. He should be in jail for embezzlement. We have never met each other, he has never physically examined me and yet he has denied every medical request I have made in association with the car accident I was in. After almost 3 years of seeing specialists and getting documentation of my on going injuries from the car accident and sending in everything 7 months ago, I got a reply back from SGI the other day. This pathetic little worm denied everything I asked for (Reimbursement for treatments, coverage for on-going treatments, reimbursement for medication, coverage for on-going medication, reimbursement for medical documents, reimbursements for compression clothing, pay-out for permanent impairment, reimbursement for eye glasses and exams, IRB back pay for the past 5 years.) He said that I received adequate treatment for my injuries (which I didn't) He said that the medical problems I've been dealing with were not caused by the accident (Which they were) He said that I was manipulating the new Doctor's I've been seeing into making up false diagnosis. He said all of the letters I wrote about the medical malpractice, neglect and inadequate representation from SGI and the initial misdiagnosis were just my opinions and nothing more. This.. all from a person who has never met me before, who has never examined me... All he basis this on is false documentation made by CBI rehab. They think that because I could carry a 15lb box for a few steps that I better lol After carrying that said box I couldn't stand. CBI said I was a difficult patient and "sat most of the time WITHOUT ANY DISCOMFORT" ... LOL That one really made me laugh considering I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand, sit or lay down... but I had to pick one and endure that pain as best as I could... What did they want? ... For me to cry like a little bitch.. Sorry I don't do that. The last documents written by CBI say that there were NO CHANGES in my hip and shoulder injuries (Meaning they were NOT healed) .. but all documents that work in MY favor are over looked.. That's no coincidence. I have medical documentation from many other Doctor's (Who actually know what they're talking about) they all agree that I was misdiagnosed and did not received adequate treatment and that the treatment I did receive made my injuries worse... All of those documents were ignored. Since the car accident ... caused by a drunk driver BTW ... 

I lost my:
life as I knew it 

I gained permanent physical and mental pain, restrictions in every aspect of my life. Unable to work FT.. Can barely work PT. Can't play sports anymore, can't dance anymore. Gained depression, anxiety, insomnia and a concoction of powerful prescription medication to take the edge off so I can live somewhat normal... I became homeless and had to go on welfare because I couldn't walk, let alone work. I'm looking forward to my day in court. My advice to all who are suffering at the hands of this ding dong who thinks he's playing god... and those who will have to deal with him in the future... DO NOT GIVE UP! HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT... I'm looking forward to my day in court. This is what Insurance companies and those who assist them do... They want to were you down so you just give up and say F it... They win if you do that... Keep at it. Be fearless and relentless in fighting for your life! and always remember that you're not alone. WE SHOULD ALL RALLY AS ONE AND SEEK THE JUSTICE WE DESERVE!

EPILOGUE: Reforming entrenched systemic criminality is next-to-impossible. One usually has to wait for the system to collapse. Failure often comes when a parasite kills its host. Now and then the sheep revolt. Canadian Medicare is close to putting itself out of business. When Medicare dies and Canada dies with it, Canadian organised medicine, the Canadian "legal" system (lawyers, judges, legislators) that protects it, and public belief will die with it. Gone. Criminals, like Dr John N. Alport, MD, will be gone. Honest doctors — who put their patients' welfare ahead of their own — will be left. Sooner or later, Alport will be joining his father, Dr WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, and his grandfather Dr Edward Bishop Alport, MD, in Hell. A place on their bench awaits Dr John N. Alport, MD. With the damned, his forbears are rowing a Roman galley across the Lake of Fire, forever. I hope Alport's mother isn't with the family. I liked Dr Jill. She treated me with respect as did Alport's uncle, Dr Dobie. Dr Edward "Ted" Alport, MD, John Alport's brother, is another matter, but Ted is another story.

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Who Defeated The Nazis?

Operation Barbarossa 1941

WITHOUT DIMINISHING the efforts of anyone (let’s not forget the Germans), it should be accepted that the Soviets (mostly Russians and Ukrainians in the multi-ethnic Soviet Union) defeated the Nazis. They should be given credit where credit is due. The Americans, British, Canadians, and others blocked the Red Army from reaching the English Channel. Churchill said he didn’t want to look east and see “Nothing between the White Cliffs of Dover and the White snows of Russia.” Allied strategic bombing mostly devastated German civilians while doing little to arrest Nazi war production. What did Hamburg or Dresden accomplish? The British won the battles for the Mediterranean and North Africa protecting the British lifeline to the far east (Iran and India) through Gibraltar, Malta, and Suez. The popular American TV show “Rat Patrol” was based on British SAS commandos. They were not Americans. The Guns of Navarone starred Gregory Peck, an American. The largest operation in WW II was the Soviet Operation Bagration, not D-Day. Bagration cut the guts out of Army Group Centre, crippling the Wehrmacht. It was the most decisive Operation of the War. The second largest Operation in WW II was the Nazi invasion called Operation Barbarossa, not D-Day. The United States was the only winner of WW II and Americans took all the credit and all the glory thanks to Hollywood and first-rate propaganda. Everyone believes it! Americans took all the loot too. Bretton Woods (1944) made the U.S. dollar king of the mountain. It is why the ’50s and ’60s were so good for Americans. Like it or not that’s the truth.

Weren't the Soviets supplied by the Allies through Murmansk and Iran? They were. However, the Soviet Union produced almost everything itself in factories east of the Ural Mountains. In the first four months, the Nazis overran Soviet defenders in a vast swath stretching from Leningrad to Moscow to Stalingrad. Entire Soviet armies were captured. Millions of Soviet POWs were besieged and starved to death. Einsatzgruppen murdered tens of thousands of civilians. Hitler prophesied, "Kick in the door and the entire rotten structure will collapse." That didn't happen. The Nazi invasion stalled at Moscow that Chrismas and the tide turned. Out-gunned and out-generaled at first, soon the Soviets had better equipment and better leadership than the Wehrmacht. The Soviets knew winter is cold too. Faced with either extermination or slavery, the Soviet people heroically rallied to win what they celebrate today as the Great Patriotic War. In their very long history, it was the finest hour of the Slavic people.

DON'T MESS WITH RUSSIA, Washington chickenhawks. The Teutons, the Mongols, the Turks, the French, and the Nazis all learned that hard lesson. The Swedes learned that lesson too.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


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Professor Stephen Cohen, Princeton and NYU

PROFESSOR COHEN says this is the most dangerous situation since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Americans have unilaterally withdrawn from the ABM treaty. The Americans have surrounded Russia with ABM bases on Russia's borders. The Americans have revoked the "no first strike doctrine" that guided American foreign policy throughout the Cold War.  The Americans have hot wars going in the Ukraine and in Syria. NATO and the United States are firing "warning shots" across Russia's borders in the Baltics. False alarms occurred throughout the Cold War. Both sides then were afraid of nuclear war. Now Washington is talking about winning a nuclear war. There are much more much more powerful weapons now than there were in 1962.  The people in the West are insouciant. They have been put to sleep. On Professor Cohen, I think the situation is much more dangerous today. Either side can launch a pre-emptive strike to pre-empt a pre-emptive strike from the other side. Russia would have five minutes to respond to an American launch. The United States would have less than one minute to answer to launches from Russian submarines. Russia is anxious. We should be worried too. BUT WE ARE ASLEEP.

Fortunately, the Saker is awake!

Paul Craig Roberts is awake!

Vladimir Putin is awake!



Sunday, April 9, 2017


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Olga Sergeevna Donecz (Olya)

THIS MORNING after church, I told my friend Barbara that the Orthodox (catholic) world will celebrate Easter on Sunday 16 April. The Roman (catholic) world is celebrating Easter on the same Sunday. This is an unusual coincidence since Orthodox Christians use the Julian calendar and Roman Catholics and the modern world use the Gregorian calendar.

Olya, who lives in Lugansk, sent me a beautiful letter this morning expressing her love and wishing me a happy Palm Sunday. She and her family went to church this morning and prayed for peace.

Olya is very important to me. I love Olya. Оля, любимая, я мечтаю о тебе. I worry about her. The Ukrainian army has been attacking the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts since Washington engineered a coup d'état in February 2015 and installed Ukrainian Nazis to do Washington's dirty work. They hate Russia and Russians even more than they hate Jews. [1]

In violation of the Minsk II treaty that the Kiev government signed, the Ukrainian army has set up artillery on their side of the fortified border it has created. They shell Olya and the Russian-Ukrainians on the other side. The Ukrainian army has been repeatedly defeated by the defenders of Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts. The Ukrainian army claims to be defending Ukraine against "Russian aggression," a phrase coined in Washington. American-trained and equipped death squads infiltrate the Donbass and Crimea to commit sabotage and murder. Sometimes, they succeed.

Olya and her mum spent the other night with neighbours in a shelter as artillery shells fell. Olya is careful. She is safe. Spring has come. She doesn't dare to go jogging within rifle range of the border. There are snipers.

Why would anyone do that, Barbara wondered? Who would do that?

The Romans answered both questions when they asked "Qui Bono?" Who benefits?

All roads of investigation lead to Washington, DC, which wants war with Russia. There are many factions. They all want war. Some want a world war. Some want to end all life on earth. They are Luciferians and nihilists.

Neocons want worldwide revolution "to make everyone free." "Freeing the World to Death" is their goal. They are Bolsheviks who have descended from Trotsky. They are American hegemonists. Russian military power blocks and threatens their goal.

"Jewish" Zionists want complete dominion over all. Their base is the State that calls itself "Israel". They believe as "God's chosen people" the rest of humanity exists to serve them. Most of all, they want revenge for anti-Semitism throughout the ages, real and imagined. They are charter members of the Verein der über Reichen.

"Christian" Zionists believe they can "force the hand of God" through a nuclear war. They think believers will be "raptured" to Heaven — a concept they made up. Believers will watch everyone else burn in a radioactive inferno, they think. They believe Jews will be offered a choice to convert or go to Hell. This is the choice offered by the Spanish Inquisition. Real Christians won't even be given a choice! That's what they think of Christians!

Ironically, "Jewish" Zionists bankroll some "Christian" Zionist churches. Israeli tourism relies heavily on "Christian" Zionist money. They deserve each other.

The American War Industry (called "Defense" since 1947) [2] requires a threat to justify its existence. NATO is the same. The Soviet Union was the best enemy that money could buy until it collapsed in 1991. [3] Times were good for ten years when Boris Yeltsin was the new President of Russia, but not for Russians. Things changed when Vladimir Putin replaced Yeltsin. The U.S. National Security State faced an existential threat. Putin had to become the new Hitler and the Russian Federation had to become the old USSR. Seventy years of anti-Russian propaganda was put to work.

Peace is bad for U.S. business. In fact, war has always been good for U.S. business. It took 40 years (1914 to 1944) for the U.S. Dollar to replace the Pound Sterling as the world reserve currency.  The United States replaced the British Empire as the world hegemon. Those forty years included both World Wars. U.S. investment in blood and treasure was among the smallest of any nation, yet the United States was the only winner both times. [4] [5] It was brilliant! The World Wars were followed by hundreds of smaller wars, skirmishes, coups, assassinations, and subversions, such as Korea (a peace treaty has never been signed), Vietnam, Iraq, Panama, El Salvador, Congo, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and on and on. [6]

Finally, Americans love war. War, not baseball or football, is their national sport. Just like "Israel"! The United States of America is the most violent country in history. Donald Trump, whom everyone once hated, was instantly transformed and admired as a "war President" when he bombed Syria in April 2017 two nights before Palm Sunday. [7] Some think Trump produced the entire thing to make himself Presidential. [8]

Personally, I hate war. War is the activity of psychopaths and fools. Most Ukrainians are sick and tired of the stupid war on the Donbass and the stupid government in Kiev. Olya doesn't love war either. Do you? Olya thinks her fellow Ukrainians will come to their senses. Will you?

Food for Thought:


[2] U.S. National Defense Act 1947

[3] http://www.e






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For the average Jane and Joe and Junior, it's going to be ugly. Very ugly. Will the financial élite that has been enriched by this colossal decades-long malfeasance finally get a pie in the face? God, I hope so! What should governments do with their debt? Default!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


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David Rockefeller’s Gruesome Legacy

By F. William Engdahl

The death of David Rockefeller, the de facto Patriarch of the American establishment, at age 101, is being greeted by establishment media with praise for his alleged philanthropy. I would like to contribute to a more honest picture of the person.

The Rockefeller American Century

March 31, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - In 1939, along with his four brothers–Nelson, John D. III, Laurance and Winthrop–David Rockefeller and their Rockefeller Foundation financed the top secret War & Peace Studies at the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the most influential private US foreign policy think-tank which also was controlled by the Rockefellers. A collection of American academics gathered even before outbreak of World War II to plan a postwar world empire, what Time-Life insider Henry Luce later called The American Century. They made a blueprint for taking over a global empire from the bankrupt British, but carefully decided to call it not an empire. Rather they called it “spreading democracy, freedom, the American way of free enterprise.”

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Cui Bono?

MARCH 31, 2017

The Beneficiaries of Conflict With Russia


On  January 30 NBC News reported that “On a snowy Polish plain dominated by Russian forces for decades, American tanks and troops sent a message to Moscow and demonstrated the firepower of the NATO alliance. Amid concerns that President Donald Trump’s commitment to NATO is wavering, the tanks fired salvos that declared the 28-nation alliance a vital deterrent in a dangerous new world.”

One intriguing aspect of this slanted account are the phrases “dominated by Russian forces for decades” and “vital deterrent” which are used by NBC to imply that Russia yearns, for some unspecified reason, to invade Poland. As is common in the Western media there is no justification or evidence to substantiate the suggestion that Russia is hell-bent on domination, and the fact that US troops are far from home, operating along the Russian border, is regarded as normal behaviour on the part of the world’s “indispensable nation.”

Then Reuters recorded that “Beginning in February, US military units will spread out across Poland, the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany for training, exercises and maintenance. The Army is also sending its 10th Combat Aviation Brigade with about 50 Black Hawk and 10 CH-47 Chinook helicopters and 1,800 personnel, as well as a separate aviation battalion with 400 troops and 24 Apache helicopters.”

As the US-NATO military alliance continues its deployments along Russia’s borders, including the US-UK, supported Joint Viking 2017 exercise in Norway that began on March 1 and the deployment of  more US troops in Poland “from the start of April, as the alliance sets up a new force in response to Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea,” the campaign by the US and British governments against alleged “Russian Aggression” continues to increase in volume and intensity, aided by an ever-compliant media.