Sunday, December 30, 2007

The IRAQ Strategy?

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"The ongoing war in Iraq has created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of our time. More Iraqis have fled their homes than any other population in the world", according to EPIC.

Could depopulating Iraq be the real strategy? If all the people were gone, nothing would be left but sand and all that nice oil under the sand. The invaders (that's us) would be free to pump oil in peace.

After WW I, the British created Iraq and controlled its people with the Hashemite king, Faisal I, whom the British had installed. They also had seven Royal Air Force bases they used to bomb the wogs when necessary. The British pumped oil. They pumped oil in Iraq and they pumped oil in Iran where they controlled another friendly regime! The Iraqi monarchy was overthrown by a military coup in 1958. The Iraqi republic was an acceptable oil partner until Saddam Hussein misunderstood his orders in 1990 and invaded Kuwait. (Maybe Saddam didn't misunderstand. Maybe he was led to believe an invasion of Kuwait wouldn't be opposed — so the U.S. would have an excuse to attack him.) Let's not forget that Saddam nationalized Iraq's oil in 1972 when OPEC raised the price of oil from $3 to $22 a barrel. Now with Saddam gone, chaos reigns. Iraqis flee. Could that be what is intended? Could chaos, not democracy, be what the invaders (that's us) desire? Are we the authors of the bloodbath?

The invasion of Palestine began with one Rothschild colony around 1878. Most of the Palestinians were driven out with the "war of independence" that created "Israel" in 1948. Jewish death squads had terrorized the Palestinians for 70 years before 1948. Over the years, Palestinians who could get out did get out. Palestinians without resources ended up in refugee camps in neighbouring Arab countries, or in the "West Bank" and Gaza, after 1948. They and their descendants are still there 60 years later. The "West Bank" was left for Palestinian refugees by an under-the-table agreement in 1948 between the Israelis and Faisal's brother, Abdullah I, the other Hashemite king created by the British. Abdullah didn't want the Palestinians in Jordan. Of course the Israelis didn't want the Palestinians either, but they made a deal for Jordanian complicity — a deal the Israelis reneged on and Jordan forgot. A Palestinian assassinated Abdullah in 1951 at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Gaza was part of Egypt until the "Six Day War" in 1976.

We have seen before what is happening in Iraq today. It has been going on in Palestine for the past 130 years. It's called "ethnic cleansing" today but people have been doing this for centuries. It is also called Grand Theft.

History of Iraq

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Fine Set Of Bastards

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Notes from WW II:

It was Admiral Richardson who refused to go along with the plan. FDR fired Richardson and promoted King. (The most senior naval officer was Admiral Leahy. He was the first 5 star Admiral as well as FDR's confidant and Chief of Staff.) Kimmel and Short were fall guys. They were promoted over more senior officers and put in charge of the Pacific fleet that had been stationed in Hawaii under Japan's nose. One day, Kimmel suspected the Japanese might be up to something. He sent out a squadron to look for them. His superiors ordered him to get those ships back into harbour and sit tight until further notice. When the Japanese destroyed the Pacific fleet (except the aircraft carriers that had been sent out on manoeuvres by someone other than Kimmel), Admiral Kimmel and General Short were court marshalled for dereliction of duty. FDR wouldn't have learned anything from Stalin about being a manipulative, ruthless bastard. Of course we don't usually think FRD was a mass murderer, do we?

Admiral King was a bastard too. (Admiral King was more senior than General George Marshall in the Pentagon's pecking order.)

The Indianapolis was the heavy cruiser that delivered the first atom bomb, "Little Boy". The Indianapolis was sunk in the Philippine Sea after the bomb had been delivered. (Too bad it hadn't been sunk earlier.) The survivors were left in the water for days because of a bungled rescue operation. "Although 700 ships of the U.S. Navy were lost in combat in World War II, [Captain] McVay was the only captain to be court-martialed." Now hear this: Admiral King had served under Captain McVay's father when King had been a junior officer years before. King held a grudge over some discipline he had received and he took it out on the son decades later. Though reinstated by Admiral Nimitz, Captain McVay eventually committed suicide.

Admiral King hated the British and he especially hated the Royal Navy. Admiral King was in charge of the US Atlantic fleet at the beginning of the war. Admiral King is directly responsible for doing nothing about the German U-boats that were having a field day off the U.S. Atlantic seaboard. The U.S. Navy only started to attack the German submarines after one blew up a ship just off a Florida beach one fine summer evening. Hundreds of seaside vacationers were horrified. A newspaper demanded to know what was going on. British intelligence that was being sent daily to FDR — month after month — was finally acted on. Admiral King and Admiral Leahy were descendants of Scots and Irish. Perhaps they were Fenians. I don't know what was FDR's excuse. The official story is that the isolationists had tied FDR's hands. The Americans are no friends of their allies — as Henry Kissinger once observed.

Was FDR — and Wilson before him — directed by bankers in the City of London? Some think they were. But they believe in "conspiracies". Of course we don't, do we?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wartime Nostalgia

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Ah, wartime nostalgia: "If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour.'" 
- Winston Churchill

Really? The British Empire would last until 1947 — 2 years after the Fall of the Third Reich. When the Raj ended in India, it was gone. What happens after "their finest hour"? Have the war enthusiasts considered this:

The good old days are when we won. We like to win. We are winners. So, the last war we celebrate is The Great Victory of 1945. We love "The War". That's the one we remember. We don't celebrate losing China (1945-1948). We don't celebrate losing Korea (1950-53). We don't celebrate losing Vietnam (1959-1975). We aren't celebrating losing Iraq. Or Iran.

And nobody remembers or celebrates losing India, or losing Dien Bien Phu, or losing Algeria. The years that have followed The Great Victory have unfolded as the End of Empire, including the American Empire.

What's happened? Aren't we invincible? The neocrazies thought so when they invaded Iraq. Here's what really happened in WW II:

In the beginning of "The War" the Allies were fairly evenly matched with the Axis, but the British ULTRA operation was decoding a thousand German military cyphers a day throughout WW II while U.S. Naval Intelligence was decoding a thousand Japanese military cyphers a day too. The Axis never suspected that their enemy knew what they were going to do before they did it. The Allies had a stupendous advantage. Sure, the Allies — specifically the Americans — enjoyed superior firepower and logistics but they had even more after 1945.

The neocrazies, and others who love war, simply don't know what they are dreaming about. You can usually win if your sleeves are stuffed with Aces.

What about The Cold War? Didn't we win? Remember all those wars that we didn't win? They were the Cold War. Toward the end of the 1990s, the Soviet Union simply ran out of gas and nobody believed in it anymore. (The same thing happened to Imperial Germany in 1918!) The USSR declared bankruptcy and went out of business. Now, ironically, Russia's tank is full (thanks to George W. Bush and soaring oil prices) and the Russians and the Chinese and the Indians are cooking with gas, along with the Vietnamese and Mexicans and many others. They are making things and we are buying them. One day soon, we will no longer be the world's biggest consumer as others become wealthier. Will we become poorer?

Not necessarily.

Looking at events since 1945, war seems to be obsolete as a way to get what you want. Advantages evaporate as the competition catches up. Warriors (and make-believe warriors like neocrazies) may be dinosaurs. Wouldn't that be great? Let's hope they are.


Tokugawa Yoshinobu resigned as shogun and abdicated his authority to Emperor Meiji in 1867. Samurai hung up their swords and went into business. Edo was the world's largest city. It still is.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day 2007


Yesterday, CBC aired this Christmas material:

First was a story about a Canadian mountaineer who decided to forego the glory of climbing to the summit of Everest to rescue a dying Australian who had been abandoned by his fellow climbers as they made their descent. (Apparently leaving climbers to die is common on Everest. Earlier that week, 40 brave mountaineers from various climbing parties, stepped over the body of an Englishman who had been left to die by his comrades. Other stories I've seen have stated that Everest is now littered with frozen bodies. Jeeze. Climbing Everest doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment anymore. Heroes? The Australian's rescuer said Everest is just a rock with some snow on it. He had no doubt what to do.)

This was followed the obligatory Holocaust story. Peter Munk has become a favourite on CBC. The billionaire Canadian philanthropist escaped from the Nazis with the help of Adolph Eichmann who worked with the Zionists to evacuate well-heeled Jews — leaving their less well-heeled fellows for a trip to Auschwitz. The similarity between this story and the one that immediately preceded it was lost on the CBC. (If the CBC wants an expert on the Middle East or world events, it calls upon the scholarly and impartial academic Janice Stein. Mrs. Stein has a nice job working for the Munk Centre at the University of Toronto. She and Peter Munk are part of the establishment in Canada. Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold mining company, was founded by Peter Munk. You can read all about Barrick Gold, Munk, Eichmann and Janice Stein at Wikipedia, if you have never heard of them.)

When I saw Munk, my stomach turned and I switched channels to find Paul Newman followed by Clint Eastwood on an American channel. Paul Newman (now 82) is a real philanthropist. He came from a well-to-do family, but as a boy he had a paper route and he sold Fuller brushes door to door. He attributed his success to the fact that he "didn't have the face of a thief." How true. Then Clint Eastwood (now 77) told viewers about "Flags of our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima". They are on my shopping list. You make my day, Clint.

Suzanne Nichole, who assists Alfred Lilienthal, sent a reply to my Christmas card. She reminded me that Alfred Lilienthal's birthday is Christmas Day. He is 94 years old and Lilienthal never abandoned anyone to die in all those years of his long and noble life.

Christmas Day was good this year. There are good people in this world. We had a very nice family dinner. Hope yours was good too.

- Morley

P.S.: I went to church on Sunday and again on Christmas Eve, so I covered the bases.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Canadian Medical Protective Association

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The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) is in the business of subverting justice. That is what it does. That is what it was set up to do: Subvert Justice. That has been its business for a century. Lawyers (and legislators and judges!) who help the CMPA do this are criminals. Some of Canada's most successful lawyers will be found in the pay of the CMPA which can afford to buy the most expensive. The CMPA is a criminal organization which was founded on this criminal premise: none of our members is ever guilty of anything. The CMPA has far more money and power than the Mafia or the Hell's Angeles will ever have because they are the establishment. The CMPA keeps doctors fat and healthy so they can be milked by the CMPA. Of course the CMPA does care about its herd, that's why it was set up. When doctors began to complain about the escalating CMPA fees a few years ago when the government pay scale was capped, the CMPA fixed it. Now Canadian taxpayers pay the increasing CMPA fees. Unless they are members of the CMPA, doctors cannot practice medicine in Canada — even if they are licensed. The CMPA insures that Canadian doctors can do anything to anyone without worrying about the consequences. "The Canadian Medical Protective Association is not an insurance company." The CMPA has fixed everything so there are no consequences, for doctors. The CMPA has corrupted everything it has touched for over a century and it has touched everything. It has fixed the lawyers. It has fixed the courts. It has fixed the legislatures. It has even succeeded in fixing what the general public thinks: no one dares question what a doctor does and victims keep quiet if they are unhappy. "You can just shudda you mouth. Or we will shut it for you." Victims of doctors worry they will be denied medical care if they say anything. They think they may have done something wrong. The CMPA encourages that line of thinking. Blaming the victim is the primary defence for doctors and pharmaceutical companies. It is the primary defence for the medical associations and for the colleges of physicians and surgeons. Organized medicine in Canada is corrupt from top to bottom. It may be unique in the world. The CMPA is a world-class criminal outfit, second to none.

The CMPA's partners in its criminal undertakings are the pharmaceutical companies. Doctor's prescriptions are the primary sales tool of the pharmaceutical giants who make BILLIONS of DOLLARS every year. The pharmaceutical companies have mountains of money to further corrupt everything. Like doctors and the CMPA, the giant pharmaceutical companies are above the law. These pharmaceutical companies have even more money than the doctors. This would be quite a story. But no one will ever read about it in the "mainstream media" or any of its affiliates in the world wide mind control system. Pharmaceutical companies are major advertisers. They are a rich source of cash for the people who run the "mainstream media" and the advertising rackets.

The CMPA turns every medical question in Canada into a legal problem. The CMPA knows how to solve legal problems. Nearly every medico-legal "problem" (i.e.: some wretched victim of doctors and pharmaceutical companies) is swept under the carpet and trampled under foot. I was. Sometimes victims don't need to be swept under the carpet because, as they used to say on the bounding main, "Dead men tell no tales." Perhaps my case was an aberration. Maybe cases like mine are rare in Canada. OR perhaps my case is the "tip of the iceberg". Because of the CMPA no one will ever know. No one will ever learn anything. No one will correct mistakes. No one will ever admit an error. Nothing will be done with doctors who intentionally cause harm and death. Nothing will be done with pharmaceutical companies whose products cause disease and death. Doctors who don't toe the orthodox line set by the establishment will continue to be persecuted by their colleagues. Thus, innovation will continue to be squashed. Good doctors will continue to be lumped together with bad doctors — thanks to the CMPA which has set the tone in Canada for over a century. Health care in Canada will continue to slide into the abyss as its cost continues to skyrocket.

But for luck, I would be dead and quiet, myself. But I'm not dead, or quiet.

Below is a chart from the CMPA 2006 annual report. Almost no medico-legal cases get to court in Canada and next to none of those that do go to trial result in a judgement favourable to the plaintiff. Legislation has fixed things so even if they win, plaintiffs lose. Wow. That is success, if you are a criminal organization, engaged in criminal activities. That is success if you have arrogated the law to yourself.

Learn about my case: FDA Letter
Cholesterol Hoax
House of Cards

The shocking truth is that Canadians have no assurance whatsoever that they will get quality health care or the proper medicines and if they don't there is nothing Canadians can do about it. These assurances have all been taken away by the Canadian Medical Protective Association. The CMPA took them away long ago and no one noticed. What the CMPA left Canadians with is a sham. Fortunately, most doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health care workers are conscientious, compassionate and competent — They are dedicated to the welfare of their patients. They take seriously the Hippocratic Oath that doctors have been swearing for centuries. These professionals would be as shocked as the general public by the actual situation in Canada were they to realize how things are. The CMPA protects no one, not even doctors.

Well that's not entirely accurate. Let's be fair. The Canadian Medical Protective Association does protect bad doctors and it does cover up crime. The CMPA keeps everything looking good so Canadians can be so very proud of their Canadian medical system!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Secret Advantage


Robert Stinnett’s book Day of Deceit — and his own primary research upon which his book is based — is a major achievement in getting to the truth about World War II. U.S. Navy code-breaking of Japanese communications, combined with ULTRA, the British program that decoded German ciphers throughout the war, provided the Allies with a stupendous advantage over the Axis — who never suspected their enemy knew what they were going to do before they did it.

Of course the Allies won WW II. How could they lose? Stinnett's revelation does not negate the other things that were required to win. Yet, this huge intelligence advantage may be the main reason the Allies won in 1945. The Allies have never enjoyed such an advantage since and they have not won a war in the past sixty-two years, despite having gigantic advantages in firepower and logistics.

Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Gridiron


Remember this image. It is the Gridiron flag.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Enemy


I have seen the enemy and he is not one of the usual suspects.
- Morley Evans

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The honourable BEIC


A few years ago, one of my physiotherapists was an Indian. One day, when we were talking about India, I asked him if any of the British had stayed on after independence. "Not one," he replied, obviously glad to be rid of the British. I was surprised. Since India is still part of "The Commonwealth" and it has the British bureaucratic system and English language, I thought the British would perhaps be remembered somewhat fondly. Boy am I naive! Any fond memories of British India are my own. In fact the bureaucratic system in India was invented by the Honourable East India Company (the British East India Company). It worked so well in India, it was adopted in the U.K.! So things are actually the other way around. And what is the actual record of the honourable BEIC? It founded Calcutta; took over India; invented smokable opium and international narco-trafficking; started the Opium Wars; and destroyed the Chinese Empire. It has been estimated that at one time 25% of Chinese men were smoking opium. They looted India and China. Oh yes, they also sold tea. The Dutch record is similar in the Dutch East Indies, which is why the natives there were not unhappy to be liberated by the Japanese in WW II.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

FDR Was A Devil

FDR was a devil. On the Atlantic, FDR and Admiral King (Joint Chiefs) gave Admiral Doenitz's submarines free reign by ignoring British messages that located the U-Boats — allowing the Germans to throttle the British. ULTRA had given the British access to all the German military traffic from 1940 onward. "The U-boats are here, bomb them." Nothing would happen month after month as Allied shipping was sunk. On the Pacific, FDR, and Admiral King let the Japanese destroy the British in the Far East by not warning their ally or their own General Walter Short, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, or General Douglas MacArthur who were thrown to the wolves along with the British. The US Navy was reading all the Japanese military traffic long BEFORE Pearl Harbor. Then they used their ability to read all the Japanese coded messages to destroy the Japanese. Consider that the main objective of the 20th century was to shift power from London to Washington. This was the main result. The process that had started in 1914 was largely completed by 1945. All the old empires had been destroyed in WW I and WW II — all the empires except the American empire which no one here recognized as an empire until the policies of George W. Bush made this obvious. Others could see what it was; the U.S.A. has always been an empire. In fact, since 1945, we have been living in the New World Order. Certainly, we, who are people of the gridiron flag, could not see it. Many of us can not see it still.

NOTE: FDR promoted Admiral King over more senior Admirals; FDR fired the Pacific Fleet commander, Admiral Richardson when Richardson refused to cooperate in the scheme to provoke Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor; FDR replaced Richardson with Kimmel whom he promoted over more senior Admirals and FDR promoted General Short over more senior Generals. Kimmel and Short were fall guys who were court marshalled for dereliction of duty after Pear Harbor was attacked. Admiral Nimitz was appointed Commander of the Pacific Fleet to replace the disgraced Kimmel. General MacArthur was "out of the loop" as far as Washington was concerned. The War in the Pacific was engineered entirely by FDR. FDR also created the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Khrushchev's Cold War and Beyond


What's Bandow's point? I think his point is that Khrushchev was not Hitler either. But everyone (including the Illuminati) does what one can with what one has.

Khrushchev, who presented the U.S.S.R. as an equal to the U.S. knew the U.S.S.R. was vastly inferior. It was all bluff. But Khrushchev provided the Pentagon with what it needed to continue building up the "Defence of the West". Khrushchev was right (contrary to Bandow's opinion): the U.S. is run by a cabal of militarists. They have been running things from the beginning — even before 1776. One need only look at the record, decade after decade, century after century. Khrushchev might have done in the fifties what Gorbachev did in the nineties. But that would not have been good for business, if one's business is war. So Khrushchev had to go. Eisenhower had to go too. He knew the Soviets had no way to get nukes to the U.S. The U-2 flights proved that: that's what they were for. Kennedy was much better for business than Eisenhower had been. And Eisenhower had been good for business. Kennedy built the Minuteman ICBM fleet to "close the missile gap" which Eisenhower said didn't exist. (The Soviets didn't even have bombers like the B52. They still do not. But they do have a missile fleet, thanks to Kennedy.) Johnson was even better for business than Kennedy has been. (Or Truman. Or FDR. And both of them had been GREAT FOR BUSINESS!) Which is why Kennedy had to go. LBJ and the State of Israel may have been behind the Kennedy assassination: LBJ became the President, the Pentagon and "Israel" got rid of Nasser; "Israel" got the bomb and the great victory of the "6 Day War", thanks to LBJ. Going back to the Cold War, Anthony Sutton called the U.S.S.R. "the best enemy money could buy." He explained that U.S. capitalists had been subsidizing the "communists" from 1917 onward. Sutton had to go.

The cabal is really stretching things with Osama and Al Qaeda. They just couldn't afford to wait for the Chinese. And the Chinese are good for business. Is the cabal the Illuminati or is it part of the Illuminati? They managed to milk the bogyman that was Castro for over half a century. They created Castro too. They put him in power. One night Batista got a call from one of the Dulles brothers who informed him that the U.S. wouldn't be supporting Batista any longer. The next morning Batista flew out of Havana never to be seen again and Castro drove into Havana to cheering crowds.

Try this: on a strategic level, Great Britain was a fortress surrounded by a big moat, the English Channel and the rest. William the Conqueror (a Viking descendant) was the last person to successfully invade fortress Britain. That was a thousand years ago. I won't try to summarize the next thousand years here in one sentence, but Great Britain would become a world-wide empire without equal in 1763 with the Seven Years War. A few years later the empire would split with the American Revolution. Then, around 1901, the centre of the empire began to move from London to Washington. The transfer of power was completed by 1945. The U.S. continental empire has huge advantages over dinky little England and it is surrounded by a really really big moat: the Atlantic and the Pacific. The empire had acquired super weapons and global hegemony. But things keep changing. Today, economic power is shifting from the Anglo-American empire to the Far East. Today's debacle in Iraq suggests that military power is not working as well as it did for centuries. Vietnam and Korea confirm this. The empire has not won a war since 1945 and the empire has started lots of wars since then. Let's hope they will beat their swords into plowshares.

This is The Age of Aquarius so Let the Sun Shine In!

- Morley

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Colonel Blimp

I watched The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp with Deborah Kerr and Roger Livesey the other night. Filmed during The War, this is a portrait of how we see ourselves here in the world-wide Anglo-American empire. According to Blimp, we are long-suffering, good humoured and forgiving. We are generous to a fault, especially if we are British. (We can't be too sure about those Americans, you know.) We fight to win, but we never fight dirty. We are the perennial good-guys, helping everyone, even our enemies. We spread good cheer.

Actually, we may have been the main source of trouble in the world since Queen Elizabeth I (Good Queen Bess) and her father, King Henry VIII. The Tudors. But this may actually go back a thousand years, all the way back to William the Conqueror who brought military dictatorship to Saxon Britain. Remember Richard Coeur de Lion (Good King Richard, the Great Crusader)? Watch this movie, Blimp, if you have a chance.

Have you noticed how we can say "The War" without saying which war? That may be because "The War" or "The good War" was the last war we "won". Although we continue to run a world-wide empire, things have not really been going that well since 1945. We haven't won a war since then. Why not? Why did we win that war?

Let's consider that the main business of the 20th century was not its innumerable wars. Let's consider that it was not even about the destruction of the "old order" — all eleven of the empires that existed until 1900 would be swept away. Let's consider that the main business of the 20th century was the shift of power in the empire from London (the British Empire) to Washington (the American Empire) and that though we "won" The War (that is, WW I and WWII which were really one war), we may not really be in control of anything.

It is possible that nobody is in control: not of what has happened, not of what is happening now, and not of what is going to happen. What people do does affect what happens, but it doesn't determine the overall direction, or result. Intriguing…

Friday, November 23, 2007

Robert Dziekanski KILLING

TO: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP/GRC

RE: Robert Dziekanski KILLING at Vancouver International Airport November 2007


WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU, RCMP?? I am not amazed, but I am disgusted. This is just one more outrage from the world's most sanctimonious police force. You claim to have high standards at the RCMP. You had better start living up to them. You killed Mr. Dziekanski for nothing. He's dead because you are STUPID. An interpreter? Sure. Why didn't someone give him a sandwich, a glass of water and a place to lie down? He had been kept on his feet waiting for TEN HOURS. Waiting for WHAT? The idiots who run the airport are as culpable as the officers themselves and the morons who trained them and administer their activities. Someone should shoot them all with a TASER to WAKE THEM UP. WAKE UP! Don't go off to train other policemen in places where they don't have the Rule of Law and where they do not have Justice. (Poor devils. Here in Canada we have those things. DON'T WE, RCMP??) Don't have any more of your stupid parades. Get busy and fix yourselves. Start today before you kill someone else, and that includes your own officers who are put in harm's way by their thoughtless supervisors. For the next parade, after you have cleaned house, officers should be wearing sack cloth and dung. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU??

I am pretty mad. You should be ashamed.

This is not a confidential message. You can broadcast it to the world. AND YOU SHOULD.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of every year, Canadians solemnly commemorate the tragedy of past wars. We remember those who have died. We pray such waste will be avoided evermore. We work to build a peaceful and just world for ourselves and for our children and for their children and for generations yet unborn.

And we stand before our troops who are massed in resplendent uniforms. Jets fly overhead. We fire guns, sing anthems and congratulate ourselves on what wonderful people we are now and have been as we smashed the forces of evil on our way to win The Great Victory. Good Defeats Evil.

What we should be doing is educating ourselves about what actually happened in the past. Then we would have a chance to see the errors of our ways and not merely remember the errors of our enemies. Then we would have a chance to avoid past mistakes and go on to build a better world, for us and for them, our enemies. We should say a prayer.

A look at honest history would surprise most people.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Golden Dawn

Hi Doug,

I would like to thank you for raising your question* after the presentation by Brigadier-General Walker at Kiwanis. With no disrespect intended to our honourable guest, I definitely DO NOT agree that atom bombing Japan was necessary to "save a million lives" or anything else. I do think the horrific picture he painted of the invasion of the Japanese home islands is true to what Washington planners had conjured. It is how they think inside the Pentagon. I hope I can get General Walker to give me a copy of his presentation.

Honest history shows military plans are usually exercises in extravagant and wishful thinking. Napoleon's adventures are an excellent example. Only as recently as a few years ago, we heard of extensive militarization of the caves of Torah Bora. Detailed illustrations of them appeared in Time Magazine and animated graphics were available on the Internet. These were straight out of Sgt. Rock comic books.

As far as WW II goes there are more than a few questions that have been asked and answered. Here are some:

1). Did the Japanese start seeking an honourable peace 5 months before Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
2). Why was there no resistance by "die hards" after the Japanese surrender if the Japanese were crazed fanatics who would fight to the last man, woman and child?
3). When was U.S. Naval Intelligence able to read all the Japanese diplomatic and military codes?
4). When were the British able to read all the German diplomatic and military codes?
5). What was the U.S. military doing in the Pacific theatre before Pearl Harbour?
6). Was the Imperial Navy of Japan the largest and most modern navy in the world in 1941?
7). How did the Empire of Japan fail to win even one major battle in WW II? (Except against the British Empire in the Far East, which it defeated in 3 days.) The Japanese hadn't lost a war in several hundred years.
8). How did the U.S. — at the height of its power — "lose China" 1945-49?
9). How did the United States fail to win in Korea only 5 years after the Great Victory of WW II?
10). Did the U.S. really disarm after 1945 or did it immediately find a new enemy?

General Douglas MacArthur is an American military icon. He was the most decorated American in WW I. He had a distinguished career before that war. He had a distinguished career after that war. But MacArthur was on his way out when he left the Academy to take a job in the Philippines. All of his messages sounding the alarm about an aggressive Empire of Japan were ignored in Washington. His requests for aid were largely ignored by Washington before and after Pearl Harbour and even after MacArthur assumed command of the occupation of Japan. During WW II, MacArthur was given the title "Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers" (SCAP), but the real power went to Admiral Ernest J. King (Joint Chiefs) and Admiral Chester Nimitz who used unlimited naval force to smash the Japanese. Their first exercise at Tarawa was a sickening and unnecessary waste of life (American and Japanese), according to MacArthur. MacArthur, like Eisenhower, didn't even know about the atom bomb until it was dropped. Both were appalled.

And on and on. These things are known facts. "Peace through Strength" has always been the guiding principle of the U.S.A. It is more than a vain hope. It is a nightmare of wars without end, which is what we have had for the century the U.S.A. has been running things and what the Pentagon promises will continue. WAR is their dream. No one else need dream it. Nudge someone and wake him up. Awaken to the golden dawn that is breaking. We have a wonderful future. Let's live it.

- Morley

* Doug wondered how the Pentagon planned to launch an invasion of Japan that would be hundreds of times larger than "Overlord" when they would have to transport everything across thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean compared to only a few dozen miles across the English Channel from England to Normandy.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Going Down For The Third Time

It just could be that "Pax Americana" was only a mirage that appeared before the eyes of Washington's élite just when the U.S.A. became, in their own words, "the world's only remaining superpower". It just could be that The United States of America is like a drowning man whose thrashings in Iraq are the last desperate attempt of a fool who is going down for the third time.


"The Great Victory" of 1945 was followed by 1) Korea, 2) Vietnam 3). Iraq . . . blub

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Masters of Us All

Do the Iluminatti really control everything? They want to. They probably think they do. But people keep messing things up. Lenin was supposed to defeat Germany but instead he did what Ludendorf expected: Lenin shut down the eastern front. Then Stalin put an end to Trotsky and the Bolsheviks. Decades later, Putin renationalized Russia's oil industry and dusted off the Soviet nuclear missile fleet. (If one nuke keeps North Korea safe, thousands of Russian nukes keep Russia safe.) Those tricky Russians are so unpredictable. The "A-rabs" have fouled up all the plans that were laid by "the World's only remaining superpower." They did it without an army, or a navy, or an airforce (see below) — just like the Palestinians who have frustrated the Zionists for 130 years. After ignominious defeat in 1945, the Japanese are now the world's leading automaker. The Japanese lead many other sectors too. The Chinese survived destruction of the Chinese Empire and then Maoism and have started on the path pointed out by Deng Xiao Ping. India is booming. Taken as a whole, Europe's GDP is larger than the United States and Europe is a happier place too. In fact, the American hegemony is looking more like yesterday's empire every day — and most people here haven't even recognized yet that there is an American Empire! Even DeBeer's diamond monopoly has competition. Nothing men make lasts forever. The world wide mind control system may be permanently damaged too. Controlling everything is sure tough. It's like handling mercury. Oh yes, handling mercury is hazardous to your health. That's nice to know when you add up the tens of millions who have been killed and the hundreds of millions more who have been made miserable FOR NOTHING by these would be masters of us all. There is justice. "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small." Good bye, Dick.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Controlling the "Surplus Population"

In days of yore, the Ruling Classes needed people to serve them.

With modern mechanisms, such as electronic gizmos, the Ruling Classes don't need as many of us as they did during the Civil War days of Albert Pike when darkies picked cotton and — bad news for everyone — the more of us there are, the harder does controlling us become. Reducing the population has always been a preoccupation of the Ruling Classes.

While it is true that their social engineering programs have reduced the birth rate here, there are other problems: Mr. Bush and the Internet seem to have seriously damaged the mind control system that was working so well for years. So it may be necessary to reduce the population further, even here. What can be done with the "surplus population" today? They used to pack us off to the plantations in Virginia and the Caribbean. (I'm talking about white people here.) They sent us to Australia. Some went to (English) Canada. But where would they ship us today?

Of course, we-uns can be incited to wage war against our fellows to keep them in their place (and their numbers down). The Ruling Classes have been using us for centuries to slaughter folks in the less developed nations. Hate works well. Fear-mongering is useful. Naked aggression can be spun into "defence". A superior attitude can be cultivated. Patriotism and honour can easily be perverted. Young men can be bribed with a mere bauble awarded for "valour". Sex and drugs have proven excellent tools to demoralize and destroy the "middle class" and to keep the lower classes in their lower places. June Cleaver, following the advice of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, became Britney Spears. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen became Rev. John Hagee, or did he become Charlie Sheen? Poor Britney has just hit "Rock Bottom" according to the tabloids. She's totally washed up at 26. Faust became a girl, then she became a woman. "I'm as fat as a pig now!"

There is always famine and pestilence. How does that go? War, Famine, Pestilence and Death — the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. It's the old recipe for population control. But something unexpected may yet surprise the Ruling Classes. They failed to predict the Internet, didn't they? Their war machine created the Internet! Now all sorts of subversive material is being read by millions. Gadzooks! Maybe our Rulers aren't as smart as they think they are.

Let's not be as dumb as they think we are.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why Are We At War?

The War on Terror is not about securing U.S. access to oil, as the
article below clearly indicates. It is not even about securing the
world's access to oil. It is not about avenging unprovoked aggression.
It is not about freeing Muslim women and children. It is not about
spreading democracy. It is not even about securing American hegemony
since it has likely fatally wounded that. So what the heck is it
about? At the most the War on Terror is about smashing Islam, one of
the few remaining obstacles to establishing the New World Order since
Judaism and Christianity have been smashed (look at all those empty
pews) and Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism don't matter. The only
faith allowed inside Israel is the Bahai Faith which must not be seen
as a threat to The New World Order by the people who run "Israel"
— who are no friends of the Jews, or the Muslims, or the Christians.
One need only look at what they have done inside "Israel" itself to see
what is in store for everyone else if they succeed. The U.S. is not, nor has
it ever been, in the business of protecting the weak and defenceless. We
believe that but it is a lie, a big lie. Let's not forget that our "leaders" like
war (it makes them feel important), as do war profiteers (it makes them rich).

But they are just a sideshow.

Perhaps the money masters feel the U.S.A. is no longer useful. Is the U.S. being discarded as Great Britain was discarded 50 years ago? Perhaps the money masters are not really in control of what is happening. Study the article above. What lies ahead for us, we who will soon be living in yesterday's empire? Perhaps a benign hand is at work after all. Let's hope it is, even if we don't deserve it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is there really is a Conspiracy?

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Conspiracy. Here's a montage, a collage:

The Illuminati? Are they for real? What happened to the super rich of the 18th and 19th century? You know, the ones who built and owned the Suez Canal. Did the Rothschilds lose their money in the crash of '29? The Anglo Persian Oil Company is still around. So is Standard Oil. They are BP and Exxon today. Shell still sells gasoline. J.P. Morgan is still around too. (Morgan once bailed out the United States.) So is the N. M. Rothschild Bank still around. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is still around too. It was started by a Scot and is owned by people in The City of London. The Oppenheimers in South Africa still own Anglo American Mining (It owns Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting in Flin Flon) and DeBeers (which they inherited from Cecil Rhodes). Where did Rhodes get his money? Where did Rockefeller get his money? Where did Guggenheim get his money? Where did Morgan and Shiff get their money? Where did Bronfman get his money? Oppenheimer reputedly financed Rupert Murdock who owns one of the largest world-wide media empires. Conrad Black was part of that racket, but he made a few mistakes. It is never wise to believe your own bullshit. Russian oil fell into Rothschild hands under Boris Yeltsin; Putin nationalized it again. Are these people still around? Why don't we hear about them any more? How do we learn about things? Oh, we get our information from the world wide brainwashing system -- which they own. By the way, the "Stars and Stripes" is really the gridiron flag of the BEIC (British East India Company) with a blue and white device in the canton. That's why the U.S.A. leaped out of the egg fully formed when it became "independent". The American founding fathers had backers with money and experience. Their backers were already busy raping and plundering the Far East. (One quarter of Chinese men had become their customers — as opium addicts!) The canton in the flag made by "Betsy Ross" looks like the European Union flag of today. Are graphic designers and heraldists bereft of imagination? Probably not.

The conspiracy? Do oil and Israel have anything to do with current U.S. foreign policy? Have you heard of Kellogg Brown and Root, Haliburton, and Dick Cheney? Does the newly completed Israeli Supreme Court look like a Masonic Temple? Did Rothschild money build it? Who is Blackwater? What is Blackwater?

- Morley

P.S.: The Rothschilds (that's German for Red Shield as in Roth Schild) didn't lose anything in 1929, but Winston Churchill did. He was bailed out by some bankers of the Zionist stripe. Churchill was no stranger to the Zionists at the time he was bailed out. Winston Churchill's father, Lord Randolf, was "Natty" Rothschild's best friend. Was "Natty" Randolf's best friend too? Winston's mother, Jennie, was a Jew, at least on her father's side Does the conspiracy "control" everything? No, but the conspirators do their best. They make mistakes like everyone and, like everyone, they are just trying to make a living after all. They are only human, even if they are working for the devil. Sumner Redstone is the owner of another giant world-wide media empire that includes Viacom and CBS: (Red_Stone = "Roth_Stein"). That used to be his name. Get it? As bad as the media was, it's worse now. Tom Brokaw, retired. Dan Rather, fired. Peter Jennings, died. CNN was good when it was started. Then the media moguls bought it. Now it's as bad as the others. But we have the Internet. Thank God. We are lucky people.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flags and Symbols

Here is the well-known flag of the United States of America which was designed in 1776 by Betsy Ross for George Washington, so they say:

Here is the not-so-well-known flag of the British East India Company that was used from 1707 to 1858 when the union flag in the canton was updated to the form it has today:

Could the U.S. flag and what it represents have anything to do with the people who were running the BEIC? People don't usually adopt symbols used by people they don't like. Do they? What did the BEIC stand for? Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Didn't Americans rebel over tea and taxes? Or was the war for independence really about something else? Did Betsy Ross really design the flag? What was the Grand Union Flag? What was the first flag of the United States Navy?

There are so many unanswered questions…

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Radical View

Consider this possibility: Is it possible that nothing we are told by our leaders is true? Yes, it is true. It is demonstrably true. Not one word they utter today is true. Not one word they have uttered in the past was true. Should they tell you the time, you had better check to see they haven't stolen your watch. No one is trying to kill us or take away our "freedoms" — except them, our leaders. They promise to make us safe, by enslaving us. They claim we must follow their orders and go out to kill people they have told us are our enemies. Of course, they don't ask us to follow them. No, they will be safe and sound at home counting their money while we are "over there" killing our enemies. Are those people over there our enemies? Or, are we their enemies? Why? Are our leaders at fault because they have deceived us? Or are we at fault because we let them do it?

Radical (comparative more radical, superlative most radical)

Of or pertaining to the root or root cause of the matter.
Thorough going or fundamental.
Favouring fundamental change, or change at the root cause of the matter.

Latin = radix: source, root, foundation.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Policy of Unremitting Force? Us?

Comment to Lew Rockwell on his artice:

Dear Lew,


We are supposed to believe that the wogs have always been killing each other and that we must "stay the course" to prevent civil war as we guide the heathens down the path toward civilization. Sounds pretty noble, doesn't it? We are noble if we are anything, that's for sure. But people should ask themselves how these native combatants managed to live together for six hundred years when they were part of the Ottoman Empire. Were the Turks so vicious that no one dared to step out of line? Do Iraqis now misbehave only because we are such nice guys? Could be …

Or, perhaps the troubles started when the Ottoman Empire was destroyed, dismembered and looted, from WW I to today — by us! (We? Actually, I didn't have anything to do with it and neither did you, I'm sure, Lew. But you know what I mean.)

I think the record shows that things were quite peaceful throughout the region when the Ottomans ran things in Mesopotamia, just as they were peaceful in the Balkans and also in Iberia when the Moors ran things there. Why, after Constantinople became Istanbul, the Orthodox Christian Church HQ stayed just where it had always been — in Istanbul. And the Jews lived there and in Sarajevo too. [And in Baghdad and in Cairo!] Fancy that. If that is true, then it suggests that we are the problem, not them. That ominously suggests that someone other than them is responsible for all those nasty suicide bombings we see killing the natives by the hundreds every week. Maybe it's us, or our agents. Maybe the real plan is to drive everyone out of Iraq, or kill them if they refuse to leave. It would be unthinkable to think something like that.

Of course that couldn't be true. We are the good guys, after all. Aren't we? Sure we are.

- Morley Evans

Monday, August 13, 2007

Keeping Canadians Safe

Prime Minister Steven Harper is keeping Canadians safe, he says. He just bought four C-17 Globemaster III monster airplanes from the U.S. aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. These giant transports will be used to send Canadian troops and materiel where they are needed anywhere in the world. (Has anyone wondered from where Harper got the money?)

The C-17s cost almost a billion dollars each. They will require additional money to operate and to be maintained. A trip to Afghanistan will cost a million dollars, they say. Canadian boys and girls can now go off to bludgeon the wogs to keep the subjects of the empire in line. They will no longer have to hitch a ride with the Americans. Canada now is self sufficient and independent! Well, sort of. But Canada will be "pulling its own weight" now. Canadians can be proud.

But are they making us safe? Would this money not be better spent helping people rather than harming them? Maybe there is a better way to make friends than invading some country and killing it's people. Oh, of course, they deserve what they get as we are told nightly on the news. And we are helping them too. And Boeing employees get to keep their jobs by building airplanes. And U.S. taxpayers get to help out by paying for the whole operation. Or do they?

Actually, the Chinese have been buying U.S. Treasury Bills with the dollars they have been accepting for the Chinese goods we have been buying. So the Chinese are actually paying for everything by loaning us the money to do it. See how that works? The Japanese have been doing this since 1945 when we finished bludgeoning them. Japan has magnitudes of order more U.S. debt than China.

So it isn't actually very simple to figure out who is doing what to whom — or who is responsible for what is going on. Maybe you, yourself, are responsible when you buy something made in China when you go to Wal-Mart. But then, you have no control over what Mr. Harper does, even if you voted for him. Perhaps you didn't even vote for him. And, unless you are an American, you didn't vote for Mr. Bush either, or Mr. Blair for that matter. And Mr. Blair is off organizing peace in the Middle East so we can't blame him, that's for sure.

Maybe the stories they have been telling us are true. But if you have been watching carefully, you know they are not true.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Terrorism in Minneapolis?

Bridge collapse? Terrorism in Minneapolis? We haven't heard that charge, yet. Why not? Municipal engineers have been blowing the whistle for decades. Nobody has listened to them. They are just feathering their nest it has been said. Bridges and other "infrastructure" have been aging as capacity has increased beyond design. Meanwhile the military-industrial complex has soaked up money for bombs and bullets. Of course militarists say these are required to keep everyone safe. Bridge maintenance is not as sexy as billion dollar fighter jet development programs. But how safe will those things make people as they drive to work across creaky, rotting concrete spans? (Yes, concrete rots.) Who are the terrorists? Where are the terrorists? It's time to take another look.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Justice: two versions

Yesterday, a Canadian judge rendered his verdict on Bre-X: everyone involved (who isn't dead) is exonerated, the investors, who lost billions in the massive fraud, can go whistle. That's okay here in Canada where massive theft and a possible murder get the nod in "the true north strong and free." A long vacation in Bali lies ahead for Mr. John Felderhof, former vice-chairman of Bre-X Minerals Ltd.

Today in Chicago, Judge Amy St. Eve told Mr. Conrad Black that he can go to Canada for the summer if he leaves his British passport and his travel visas with Canadian authorities at the border and if "the Lord" leaves another $40 million dollars with her. Since Black is broke because his assets have been frozen by some of the people he defrauded, he'll be spending his summer and autumn in "the land of the free." Then after sentencing in November, Mr. Black will become a tenant in the Big House where his money troubles will be over for the next 25 to 30 years, if the federal prosecutor gets his way.

It's just a matter of how white collar crime is handled in the two countries. As a victim of white collar criminals who got off scot-free over and over here in Canada, I am cheering for Amy St. Eve and Patrick Fitzgerald in the windy city. Black's Canadian cheer leading squad is free to pony up some cash to bail out their hero. But I doubt if he will see a dime. Black is not going to Bali. It's communal showers with felons of the lower classes, prison grub with them in the prison dining hall and work in the laundry for Black. I wonder if they still stamp out license plates where he's going?

I feel some satisfaction, not much, but some.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

White Collar Crime

The other night on THE VERDICT with Paula Todd, Diane Francis, editor of The Financial Post, observed that Americans "get it" when it comes to white collar crime while Canadians do not. We know that members of the Canadian Medical Protective Association have been getting away with murder for over a century. They are above the law. Conrad Black is above the law, in Canada, too. I wonder who else is above the law? Certainly those with blue collars are not above the law in Canada. They are members of the underclass, the criminals — straight out of Dickens.