Tuesday, December 4, 2007

FDR Was A Devil

FDR was a devil. On the Atlantic, FDR and Admiral King (Joint Chiefs) gave Admiral Doenitz's submarines free reign by ignoring British messages that located the U-Boats — allowing the Germans to throttle the British. ULTRA had given the British access to all the German military traffic from 1940 onward. "The U-boats are here, bomb them." Nothing would happen month after month as Allied shipping was sunk. On the Pacific, FDR, and Admiral King let the Japanese destroy the British in the Far East by not warning their ally or their own General Walter Short, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, or General Douglas MacArthur who were thrown to the wolves along with the British. The US Navy was reading all the Japanese military traffic long BEFORE Pearl Harbor. Then they used their ability to read all the Japanese coded messages to destroy the Japanese. Consider that the main objective of the 20th century was to shift power from London to Washington. This was the main result. The process that had started in 1914 was largely completed by 1945. All the old empires had been destroyed in WW I and WW II — all the empires except the American empire which no one here recognized as an empire until the policies of George W. Bush made this obvious. Others could see what it was; the U.S.A. has always been an empire. In fact, since 1945, we have been living in the New World Order. Certainly, we, who are people of the gridiron flag, could not see it. Many of us can not see it still.

NOTE: FDR promoted Admiral King over more senior Admirals; FDR fired the Pacific Fleet commander, Admiral Richardson when Richardson refused to cooperate in the scheme to provoke Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor; FDR replaced Richardson with Kimmel whom he promoted over more senior Admirals and FDR promoted General Short over more senior Generals. Kimmel and Short were fall guys who were court marshalled for dereliction of duty after Pear Harbor was attacked. Admiral Nimitz was appointed Commander of the Pacific Fleet to replace the disgraced Kimmel. General MacArthur was "out of the loop" as far as Washington was concerned. The War in the Pacific was engineered entirely by FDR. FDR also created the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb.

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