Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Canadian Medical Protective Association

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The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) is in the business of subverting justice. That is what it does. That is what it was set up to do: Subvert Justice. That has been its business for a century. Lawyers (and legislators and judges!) who help the CMPA do this are criminals. Some of Canada's most successful lawyers will be found in the pay of the CMPA which can afford to buy the most expensive. The CMPA is a criminal organization which was founded on this criminal premise: none of our members is ever guilty of anything. The CMPA has far more money and power than the Mafia or the Hell's Angeles will ever have because they are the establishment. The CMPA keeps doctors fat and healthy so they can be milked by the CMPA. Of course the CMPA does care about its herd, that's why it was set up. When doctors began to complain about the escalating CMPA fees a few years ago when the government pay scale was capped, the CMPA fixed it. Now Canadian taxpayers pay the increasing CMPA fees. Unless they are members of the CMPA, doctors cannot practice medicine in Canada — even if they are licensed. The CMPA insures that Canadian doctors can do anything to anyone without worrying about the consequences. "The Canadian Medical Protective Association is not an insurance company." The CMPA has fixed everything so there are no consequences, for doctors. The CMPA has corrupted everything it has touched for over a century and it has touched everything. It has fixed the lawyers. It has fixed the courts. It has fixed the legislatures. It has even succeeded in fixing what the general public thinks: no one dares question what a doctor does and victims keep quiet if they are unhappy. "You can just shudda you mouth. Or we will shut it for you." Victims of doctors worry they will be denied medical care if they say anything. They think they may have done something wrong. The CMPA encourages that line of thinking. Blaming the victim is the primary defence for doctors and pharmaceutical companies. It is the primary defence for the medical associations and for the colleges of physicians and surgeons. Organized medicine in Canada is corrupt from top to bottom. It may be unique in the world. The CMPA is a world-class criminal outfit, second to none.

The CMPA's partners in its criminal undertakings are the pharmaceutical companies. Doctor's prescriptions are the primary sales tool of the pharmaceutical giants who make BILLIONS of DOLLARS every year. The pharmaceutical companies have mountains of money to further corrupt everything. Like doctors and the CMPA, the giant pharmaceutical companies are above the law. These pharmaceutical companies have even more money than the doctors. This would be quite a story. But no one will ever read about it in the "mainstream media" or any of its affiliates in the world wide mind control system. Pharmaceutical companies are major advertisers. They are a rich source of cash for the people who run the "mainstream media" and the advertising rackets.

The CMPA turns every medical question in Canada into a legal problem. The CMPA knows how to solve legal problems. Nearly every medico-legal "problem" (i.e.: some wretched victim of doctors and pharmaceutical companies) is swept under the carpet and trampled under foot. I was. Sometimes victims don't need to be swept under the carpet because, as they used to say on the bounding main, "Dead men tell no tales." Perhaps my case was an aberration. Maybe cases like mine are rare in Canada. OR perhaps my case is the "tip of the iceberg". Because of the CMPA no one will ever know. No one will ever learn anything. No one will correct mistakes. No one will ever admit an error. Nothing will be done with doctors who intentionally cause harm and death. Nothing will be done with pharmaceutical companies whose products cause disease and death. Doctors who don't toe the orthodox line set by the establishment will continue to be persecuted by their colleagues. Thus, innovation will continue to be squashed. Good doctors will continue to be lumped together with bad doctors — thanks to the CMPA which has set the tone in Canada for over a century. Health care in Canada will continue to slide into the abyss as its cost continues to skyrocket.

But for luck, I would be dead and quiet, myself. But I'm not dead, or quiet.

Below is a chart from the CMPA 2006 annual report. Almost no medico-legal cases get to court in Canada and next to none of those that do go to trial result in a judgement favourable to the plaintiff. Legislation has fixed things so even if they win, plaintiffs lose. Wow. That is success, if you are a criminal organization, engaged in criminal activities. That is success if you have arrogated the law to yourself.

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The shocking truth is that Canadians have no assurance whatsoever that they will get quality health care or the proper medicines and if they don't there is nothing Canadians can do about it. These assurances have all been taken away by the Canadian Medical Protective Association. The CMPA took them away long ago and no one noticed. What the CMPA left Canadians with is a sham. Fortunately, most doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health care workers are conscientious, compassionate and competent — They are dedicated to the welfare of their patients. They take seriously the Hippocratic Oath that doctors have been swearing for centuries. These professionals would be as shocked as the general public by the actual situation in Canada were they to realize how things are. The CMPA protects no one, not even doctors.

Well that's not entirely accurate. Let's be fair. The Canadian Medical Protective Association does protect bad doctors and it does cover up crime. The CMPA keeps everything looking good so Canadians can be so very proud of their Canadian medical system!


Jade said...

An you can be sure they have no problem covering up a case of Meningitis.

Tanya Barnett said...

Much of which you write is correct about the CMPA. Our family has been creating awareness about medical harm after the death of our 17-year old daughter, Jess, to medical error five years ago. We believe that no substantial change to the patient safety movement in Canada will be made until the CMPA is reformed. We sued, and won. Here is our story:

Thanks, Morely, for giving voice to the thoughts of those of us trying to make well needed changes to keep Canadians safe from medical harm.

Tanya Barnett

Morley Evans said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jessica. But for the Grace of God I would be dead myself. It is long past time to give these medical people a hard shaking. Being nice to them won't work. Doctors in Canada have been getting away with murder since Canada became a country in 1867. Pharmaceutical companies are their partners in crime. I don't know how you managed to sue and win. Most people who aren't killed outright are simply ignored whatever they do. They might as well be dead. Jessica's story is wonderfully well-told. It will make a difference. Jessica will not have died in vain.

Tanya Barnett said...

My greatest fear, Morely, is that Jess died for nothing. I cannot accept that, and that's what keeps me going, keeps me fighting for all those who are destined to walk her fateful journey.

The defense lawyers told us that Jess' case was one of the worst cases of malpractice they'd seen in a long time. We won by settling out of court (and that's winning as far as malpractice goes!), but we can't say much about it because, surprise, surprise, the CMPA had us sign a gag about our case. We have come to understand the CMPA lawyers are not fighting the case at hand, they are fighting the NEXT case, even if the present case has merit. They will squelch the most substantial case to keep the public from knowing what really goes on in healthcare. Plain and simple, real change will not happen until the CMPA is investigated and reformed.

I recently became a member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, associated with Canadian Patient Safety Institute, a group of 50+ active nationwide members who work to help bring awareness about medical error, education and even legislation. And it's through compassion and understanding, and of course perseverance mixed with constructive outrage that slowly, very slowly, change is happening. But until the CMPA is reformed and Canadians become outraged about the extent of medical harm, Canadians will continue to die needlessly. Let's make some needed noise!

Our petition:

Thanks once again for your strong voice, a voice which needed to be heeded.

- Jess' mom, now and forever