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by Morley Evans

One of the best-kept secrets of the Second World War is (was because now you know) that the British and Americans broke the diplomatic and military codes of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan who never realized that their enemies were reading their minds and anticipating their every move. Did FDR know about Pearl Harbor before the attack? You bet he did. Read Day of Deceit by Robert Stinett. He was written off as a conspiracy nut. 

To this day, the official story is that the Japanese taskforce sailing to bomb Pearl Harbor kept strictly silent to avoid detection and that the attack came as a complete surprise to the American President. 

According to Stinett, only General Short and Admiral Kimmel were in the dark. They had been set up by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Admiral King to take the fall. Pearl Harbour was bait in the trap that had been set for Japan. 

The British were kept in the dark too along with General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines. General MacArthur was not "in the loop." MacArthur was Army. Great Britain and its empire was history.


The Germans knew that one of Japan’s codes had been broken. They informed Japan and Japan just didn’t believe them.

The Type B Cipher Machine was introduced by Japan in 1938 and was code-named PURPLE by the US Signals and Intelligence Service (SIS). William F. Friedman, who worked for the SIS, would be the man to break the code.

WF Friedman
Bust of Friedman in The National Cryptologic Museum in Maryland.

However, he and his colleagues didn’t just break the poor code, they eviscerated it. They were able to build a functional replica of the Type B Cipher without ever seeing a real one.

“Fake” Type B Cipher machine

Type B was used for diplomatic messages. America could now listen in to what the government of Japan told their diplomats and vice versa; a powerful tool during a time when the US was vying with Japan for dominance in the Pacific. It also provided information on the German military.

During World War II, the Japanese ambassador to Nazi Germany, General Hiroshi Oshima was well-informed on German military affairs. His reports went to Tokyo in Purple-enciphered radio messages. Examples include a comment that Hitler told him on June 3, 1941, that in every probability war with Russia cannot be avoided. In July and August 1942 he toured the Russian front and in 1944 the Atlantic Wall fortifications against invasion along the coasts of France and Belgium, and on September 4 that Hitler told him that Germany would strike in the West, probably in November. Since these messages were being read by the Allies, this provided valuable intelligence about German military preparations against the forthcoming invasion of Western Europe. He was described by General George Marshall as "our main basis of information regarding Hitler's intentions in Europe".

So how did the Germans get wind of this? Well, there seem to be two stories.

According to Francis Pike in Hirohito’s War, it was due to “British sloppiness” in 1941. The Germans had broken the British diplomatic code and some of the material deciphered suggested that the US was reading Japan’s diplomatic messages. The Germans passed on their suspicions but they simply were not believed.

The second version of events comes from the Wikipedia page for the Type B Cipher (linked above). This time, the Soviets take the blame.

In April 1941, Hans Thomsen, a diplomat at the German embassy in Washington, D.C., sent a message to Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German foreign minister, informing him that "an absolutely reliable source" had told Thomsen that the Americans had broken the Japanese diplomatic cypher (that is, Purple). That source apparently was Konstantin Umansky, the Soviet ambassador to the US, who had deduced the leak based upon communications from Sumner Welles. The message was duly forwarded to the Japanese, but the use of the code continued.

Regardless, Imperial Japan continued to use the Type B Cipher throughout the war believing it to be unbreakable.


German Enigma code machine

Up until the British managed to completely decrypt it, this device here was a nightmare for the Allies.

The Enigma machine is an encryption device that would scramble any text written with it in accordance to the machine’s settings. They look like gibberish when written, but when it runs through another machine with the same settings, they become the location of every ship in the Atlantic and every German offensive.

Only problem was, Enigma had 159,000,000,000,000,000,000 (159 billion, billion) possible settings.

This encryption code was nearly unbreakable, if not for a slip-up on part of the Germans’ nationalistic ideals. Regardless, for a machine that would take 20 million years to check up all the settings, the Germans were very confident with it.

It was just unthinkable back then that anyone would be able to guess 159 billion, billion different solutions.

Then, this man showed up.

Alan Turning

The mathematician Alan Turing led the British Enigma decryption effort at Bletchley Park. At Hut 8, amongst the most significant contributions that Turing gifted the Allies was a significant improvement to the Polish bomba kryptologiczna machines, which played a pivotal part in breaking Enigma.

This machine is the Bombe.

Bombe museum rebuild

The Bombe was designed to crack the Germans’ Enigma settings, reducing 20 million years’ work to around a few hours to just under an hour or so. This was yet to be successful, but by 1941, Turing discovered a critical error within the Germans’ messages: at the end of every transmission were two words that helped the Allies save 14 million lives and ended World War II by 1945 instead of 1947,

“Heil Hitler”.

Because of this phrase’s repetitiveness, the men and women at Bletchley Park were finally able to decipher Enigma’s daily settings at a substantially faster rate, allowing the British to stay one step ahead of Germany.

But the problem was, what if the Germans found out?

Well, that’s a relatively simple question to answer. The Germans would immediately change the design of Enigma, or scrap "Heil Hitler" from their messages, and just 6 hours after finding out that the British were peeking into their Enigma flow, the Germans would be back with a genuinely unbreakable code this time.

And this time, the Allies would be all but helpless.

And this is where Ultra comes in.

In order to divert the Germans’ attention from the possibility that Enigma had been breached, the Allies created a fake intelligence ring that gave the impression of being very well-placed deep behind enemy lines. This intelligence ring, later codenamed ULTRA, helped lead the Germans into thinking that these phantom agents were responsible for all of the offensives where the British easily countered a planned German attack. The Germans never suspected there was an Alan Turing along with his Bombe at Bletchley Park. The Germans looked for something that never existed. That is counterintelligence (MI-6) at its finest.

Conclusion: the Germans didn’t know they were being spied on because of ULTRA and they didn't redesign ENIGMA. They did add a set of wheels, however, increasing what was believed to be unsurpassable complexity. That was decoded too.

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The JFK Assassination is important because it reveals the reality of the United States which is not what most Americans believe. Non-Americans, especially those who have been conquered and plundered by Washington, have been aware of the truth for a long time. American Indians were the first to experience this reality. American Confederates know too. The list is very long including American "White Trash" and "People of Colour" of various shades. You may not make the grade.

Remington XP-100 Fireball

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by Morley Evans

This is the coronation of Alexander III.

Coronation of Alexander III and Empress Maria Federovna

This painting (it is not a photograph) of the coronation of Alexander III of Russia in 1845 illustrates the Russian State. If one compares this to the coronation of Elizabeth II, in 1953, one sees the same elements of social control: the sovereign; the aristocracy; the church; the military.

The immediate line of succession goes from Alexander I (1801-1825); Nicholas I (1825-1855); Alexander II ( 1855-1881); Alexander III (1881-1894); Nicholas II (1894-1917).

Social reforms in the Russia Empire began with Alexander II who freed the serfs in 1861 and introduced many other important reforms. Napoleon was defeated by Alexander I in 1812. Russia brought peace to Europe. The Russian army paraded in Paris. Napoleon was exiled to Elba. This triumph would be repeated by Joseph Stalin in 1945 when Hitler attempted to better Napoleon.

Note: The Russian campaign was a complete disaster. Napoleon invaded Russia with over 500,000 men. More than ninety percent were lost. Le Grande Armée was destroyed.

Alexander III died of nephritis in 1894 when he was 49 years old. He was succeeded by the Tsarevitch Nicholas II who was 26. 

The Great War ended the Romanov line and destroyed the Russian Empire that became the Soviet Union.

German Field Marshal Erich Ludendorff eliminated the Russian front by sending Vladimir Lenin to St. Petersburg during the Great War on the "sealed train". Lenin organized a coup d'état seizing power from the Mensheviks who had been trying to set up a system similar to British parliamentary democracy, retaining the tzar and the social structure while reforming it. 

Like the French revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks abolished the power structure. They made peace with Germany on unfavourable terms; executed (in secret) the tzar and his family; destroyed and replaced the aristocracy; abolished religion and persecuted the Orthodox Church; replaced the market with a Marxian bureaucracy. A pervasive terror was launched by Felix Dzerzhinsky that lasted into the Stalinist era.

NOTE: Stalin was to the Russian Revolution what Napoleon was to the French Revolution. Napoleon's only ally was the United States. 

Social order is necessary. Human societies create institutions because they need them. Social structures cannot be thrown away without consequences. Fear and terrorism are poor substitues for willing consent. War is useful. A common enemy welds people together. That is why "War is the Health of the State."

Stalin's purges consolidated his power by eliminating his Bolshevik rivals, especially Trotsky. "Iron Felix" and the Lubyanka remained. A Soviet joke asks, "Why is the Lubiyanka the tallest building in Moscow?" The answer is, "Because you can see Siberia from the basement." Siberia isn't the only thing one could see there. The basement contained the torture chambers.

Better times have returned to Russia and its people. People are unaware that the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, and all the liberalizing revolutions were predated by the American Revolution which contains the essential elements and dowfall of all the rest.

Americans, you are not different.


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Halfway through this segment, Brando says when he read The Indians of the Americas he realized he knew absolutely nothing about the Indians or about true American history. What he knew was completely wrong. Marlon Brando grew up in Nebraska in the heart of Indian territory, not in New York City or Los Angeles.


The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

By Edward Curtin

“Ahab is forever Ahab, man.  This whole act’s immutably decreed.  ‘Twas rehearsed by thee and me billion years before this ocean rolled.  Fool!  I am the Fates’ lieutenant; I act under orders.”

– Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint…But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voice.”

– C. S. Lewis, author’s preface, 1962, The Screwtape Letters

August 06, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  American history can only accurately be described as the story of demonic possession, however you choose to understand that phrase.  Maybe radical “evil” will suffice.  But right from the start the American colonizers were involved in massive killing because they considered themselves divinely blessed and guided, a chosen people whose mission would come to be called “manifest destiny.”  Nothing stood in the way of this divine calling, which involved the need to enslave and kill millions and millions of innocent people that continues down to today.  “Others” have always been expendable since they have stood in the way of the imperial march ordained by the American god. This includes all the wars waged based on lies and false flag operations. It is not a secret, although most Americans, if they are aware of it, prefer to see it as a series of aberrations carried out by “bad apples.”  Or something from the past.

Our best writers and prophets have told us the truth: Thoreau, Twain, William James, MLK, Fr. Daniel Berrigan, et al.: we are a nation of killers of the innocent.  We are conscienceless.  We are brutal.  We are in the grip of evil forces.

The English writer D. H. Lawrence said it perfectly in 1923, “The American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer.  It has never yet melted.”  It still hasn’t.

When on August 6 and 9, 1945 the United States killed 200-300 thousand innocent Japanese civilians with atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they did so intentionally.  It was an act of sinister state terrorism, unprecedented by the nature of the weapons but not by the slaughter. The American terror bombings of Japanese cities that preceded the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – led by the infamous Major General Curtis LeMay – were also intentionally aimed at Japanese civilians and killed hundreds of thousands of them.

Is there an American artist’s painting of Tokyo destroyed by the firebombing to go next to Picasso’s Guernica, where estimates of the dead range between 800 and 1,600?  In Tokyo alone more than 100,000 Japanese civilians were burnt to death by cluster bombs of napalm. All this killing was intentional. I repeat: Intentional.  Is that not radical evil? Demonic? Only five Japanese cities were spared such bombing.


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Yes, despite Western propaganda, there are some nice things in Russia. Here's one of them.

Darya Klishina

Oh, and despite a common misconception, It is not always winter in Russia. Russian summers are nice. It is not always nightime either. It is pretty much like here. This was true even in the Stalinist era.

Ukraine (until recently, known as the Ukraine) has very nice things too. Here are two of my friends in Ukraine.



I have become a big fan!

Dima Vorobiev
Dima Vorobiev writes:

A Russian, in our classic old-time tradition, is someone who:

1. Speaks Russian
2. Calls himself Orthodox (though no faith in God is much required)
3. Pledges loyalty to the sitting Russian ruler

If all three check for you, you can be Black, First American (American Indian) or Alpha-Centaurian— and still call yourself Russian.

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Published on Jul 19, 2009

Valentin Dikul Powerlifting (450kg/990lb Squat, 260kg/572lb Bench, 460kg/1012lb Deadlift) for a Guinness World Record total of 2574 Pounds! The "Maestro" as he is known, was paralyzed in a trapeze fall for about 7 years as a young man. He now operates a clinic helping people in similar situations walk again with The Dikul Method. His Feats of Strength serve as an inspiration to us all.