Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toilet Paper

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Life before toilet paper was nasty, brutal and short. Think about it…

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vitamin D3

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Dr. Mercola will tell you that medical science has learned, only in the last 10 years, that Vitamin D3 may be the single most important nutrient. (This does not discount the value of all the other nutrients we require every day.) Vitamin D3, medical research has recently learned, is a hormone that regulates over 2,000 genes (about 10% of the human genome). There are only two sources of Vitamin D3: sunshine and fish oils. Vitamin D2, based on studies done 70 years ago on Rickets, is added to milk and other food. D2 does not provide benefits equivalent to D3.

Everyone who lives in the northern latitudes is challenged and most of us, it is now understood, are Vitamin D3 deficient because we do not get enough sunshine. Most of us live and work indoors even in the summer. Eskimos, who live in the high Arctic, formerly got their Vitamin D3 from fish oils and they got their "fruits and vegetables" from eating the partially digested contents of Caribou stomachs. Humans cannot digest lichens and grasses, Caribou can. Yum. Eskimos once lived in igloos and got lots of exercise, mostly walking. Today they live in suffocatingly over-heated houses, eat Pizza Pops, drive around on Skidoos and watch TV. They drink whisky and gets lots of sugar too. In other words, Eskimos (now called "Inuit") are just like the rest of us. Eskimos have lived in the high Arctic for hundreds of thousands of years, but today they are in trouble. Eskimos need better nutrition and more exercise.


A modern gymnasium is a critical component of modern living because we have cleverly developed ways to almost totally eliminate physical exertion from our lives! Only astronauts have been able to outdo everyone else by eliminating gravity too. Gold's Gym® provides me with two of the important things that everyone needs: exercise and sunshine in the Hex II sun booths.

Here is Dr. Mercola on Vitamin D3:

Dr. Mercola recommends accurate testing because how much Vitamin D individuals have in their blood varies widely even when they are (orally) consuming exactly the same amount. (The body automatically stops making Vitamin D when it has enough when sunlight on the skin is the source.) Dr. Mercola recommends a world-wide epidemiological study I am enrolled. My Vitamin D3 level is 65 ng/ml. I take 2,000 IU a day plus HEX II sunshine every other day. I exercise for two hours thee times a week.

I can personally testify how important Vitamin D3 has been to me. I had severe chronic asthma from age 4 to age 25 when Dr. Carl Reich, an Internist in Calgary, prescribed Vitamin D3 and other nutrients. My asthma disappeared after the first dose! Asthma only returned when other doctors persuaded me to stop taking Vitamin D3 because they thought it was dangerous. When my asthma returned, I would stop taking the nostrums they had prescribed and I would resume taking Vitamin D3. My asthma always disappeared immediately. I smoked a pack a day for a total of 36 years and I have no ill effects from that today. Zero.

Vitamin D3 is important. Important too are the thousands of other essential nutrients found in whole foods, as well as good water, fresh air, sleep, exercise, and, yes, true religion. My plan is to live another sixty years and then die in perfect health. So far, so good!

Dr. Mercola One Hour Lecture:

Morley Evans

Monday, December 21, 2009

Copenhagden Climate Summit 2009

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The recent Climate Summit in Copenhagen is proof positive that people are a herd that can be stampeded this way and that. Masses of people are no different than buffalo herds on the Great Plains of North America which Indians, who were on foot, could stampede over cliffs. The fall would kill otherwise formidable beasts which the Indians could never catch or overpower. Such places were colorfully named with "Head All Smashed In" and the like. Wolves also knew how to manage the herds of great beasts.

And so it is with people.

Our leaders are like the Indians. We peons are like the buffalo herd. Our leaders are wolves in sheep clothing who gain our confidence by promising to look after our interests. Then, when our guard is down, they stampede us over a cliff. At the bottom, our carcasses can be butchered to feed our leaders and their friends. Or we are left to rot.

That assessment is not cynical. That is reality. That is how it is. That is how it has always been.

The climate is driven by the sun. Winter and summer occur because the earth is tilted slightly and the earth is closer and farther away from the sun at various times on its orbit. In winter months, the earth is farther away from the sun and it is colder than in summer months. One orbit around the sun takes a year. Night is darker and colder than day because the earth rotates on its axis. It takes the earth one day to rotate once.

When the sun is more active and it has spots that are exceptionally hot, the earth is warmer. When the sun is less active and there are no sun spots, the earth is cooler. There currently are no sun spots and the earth is getting colder.

When the earth is warmer, plants grow. Plants release carbon dioxide. When the earth has been warmer for thousands of years, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases. When the earth is cooler for thousands of years the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere decreases. Plants do not grow in the winter.

You can check it out for yourself. Step outside and walk around.

That is how it is. That is how it has been for billions of years. That is how things are going to be for billions of years to come.

"Scientists", like Al Gore and David Suzuki, tell "Chicken Little" stories that do not reflect this. They profit at our expense. They are like the Indians. We are like the buffalo. The earth may be here for billions of years more, but mankind might be exterminated by people who don't even understand simple cause and effect.

That is how it is.

This is the sun:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Charles Krauthammer

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Dear Roland,

Thanks for the note on Charles Krauthammer's views on Barack Obama. Please note this:

Along with his many accomplishments (he is so brilliant), Charles Krauthammer is a Zionist. He is a neo-con. He supports The State of "Israel" and its 130-year-long war on the people of Palestine in particular and Muslims in general. Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Dr. Henry Kissinger are peas in a pod who support Republicans, the Bush Administration, the U.S. Empire and its unrelenting lust for total and complete world domination forever. That is why he is on FOX. Everything Krauthammer says about Barack Obama is true. Obama is continuing the Presidency of George W. Bush. (Just as Nixon continued the Presidency of Johnson.) Obama and Bush are peas in a pod. Obama and Bush are front-men for Wall Street and the Pentagon which actually run the U.S. Empire and always have. Obama's biggest financial donor was Goldman Sachs not millions of suckers who contributed nickels and dimes on the Internet. There is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The differences that political commentators like Krauthammer blather about on Sunday morning TV talk shows are for the boobs who think that Presidents like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson and the rest work for them. THEY DON'T. John F. Kennedy forgot who he worked for and we know what happened to him. There is no mystery about the assassination at all.

The mad spending that Krauthammer blames on Obama was started by Bush as were the current wars. Fortunately for all of us, the U.S. Empire is finished along with the U.S. dollar. If we can avoid being incinerated by the madmen in Washington for a little while longer, we can expect a fairly bright future for a long time. "Have faith. Peace on earth and goodwill to men." That has been the message for mankind for thousands of years.

Merry Christmas!

- Morley

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping It Secret

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When denying revisionist history — history that challenges official history — it is often claimed that it is impossible to keep a secret. Someone would spill the beans, eventually. When large numbers are involved, the problem worsens. Therefore, the official history must be accurate because it involves many and has been examined by many.

That makes sense. But is it true?

It is not true. Have you ever tried to have something changed that you know to be incorrect? Your newspaper may have put an incorrect story on the front page with a big black headline. Under pressure, it may print a retraction which it will put on a back page — if it is decided that it must. The media might choose to make you into a buffoon. But usually, the media will simply ignore you.

Many credible scientists today, do not believe the official story about 9/11. Some have published exhaustive studies. They are simply ignored but they can be found on the Internet by anyone, anywhere, who connects.

"Global Warming" also known as "climate change" today, is broadcast as being "supported by the world-wide scientific community." Yet the majority does not support anthropomorphic climate change, many say. Sun spots, alone, explain climate change perfectly well, some scientists say. They do not claim, however, that pollution is not a problem, only that the direction being taken will solve nothing. But those scientists are ignored. They are the silent majority. They are silent because they do not have the megaphone. Instead university grants go to "researchers" who support "Global Warming" and Al Gore is awarded a Nobel Prize.

What is popular may not be true. Large numbers of believers do not make something true.

Barack Obama has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. What? Obama is running two major wars and he threatens more. Everything we are told about the Middle East is questionable. Most of it is an outright bald-faced lie told to the masses by the liars who own the monopoly media.

Examples abound. In fact, most things that people are told are demonstrably untrue. These are big important things that really matter. Modern "well informed" people are the worst informed when they get their information from the World Wide Mind Control System (the monopoly media writ large). Tribesmen in the Amazon or New Guinea are better informed than most of us. Eskimos (now called "Inuit") once would qualify as being better informed. Today, they watch TV.

People who control what large numbers are told, control what large numbers think. Such people have great power. Every person has to think for himself. Ask yourself what is more important in affecting climate change, the sun or the exhaust from your car? Do you think your car causes summer and winter? Did we have summer and winter before we had cars? The hypothesis that CO2 (A.K.A. "carbon") causes global warming is ridiculous — yet charlatans, world-wide, are cashing in on this idea. Taxation causes "global warming" because tax dollars fund the propagation of bunk.

For 500 years, it was believed that Pizarro and a tiny group of intrepid conquistadores conquered the Inca Empire. It has recently been revealed that the Inca were not very popular and that Pizarro and the Spanish sparked a revolt. The majority rose up against the Inca and the Spanish took over and took all the credit for themselves. Records of the history, that were written at the time, have existed in monasteries in Chile all these centuries. The conquest of the Aztec in Mexico was exactly the same, but there, it has long been known that the Indians helped defeat the Aztec.

The majority believe that people with power can be trusted, especially when they are our "leaders" and they have been elected by a majority. They cannot be trusted.

Monday, December 14, 2009


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I like your letter to the newspaper; it's the main theme of my next book, if it's published.
But who's saying: "CONSIDER it is Washington that started WW I (1914-1918)" ? Where does that crazy idea come from?

Dear Bob,

It does seem implausible that the United States could have had anything to do with starting World War One, I agree.

Everyone knows the Germans did it.

After all, it was the United States that had reluctantly joined the First World War in 1916 — and only after being provoked by the Germans who tried to get Mexico to invade the United States. Americans had saved the world in WW I. America also saved the foolish warring parties who had nearly destroyed themselves. It was the evil French and British who then forced the Treaty of Versailles onto the Germans. The noble U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson, with his "fourteen points", set in motion the creation of the League of Nations to ensure world peace. But the unjust armistice and people who had not learned their lesson ensured that war would soon resume.

Then it was the wise and temperate Americans again who reluctantly joined the Second World War in December 1941 to save the world from the wicked fascists who had emerged from who knows where to threaten the peace and well-being of the world. More American lives and treasure would have to be spent so everyone could live in peace and safety.

It was the Japanese militarists who had attacked Pearl Harbor one quiet Sunday morning as Americans slept peacefully minding their own business. The United States, under the fearless guidance of Mr. Roosevelt ("The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."), had to rearm to save the world again. Well. Wise Americans under "the buck stops here" President Harry S. Truman, set up the United Nations and selflessly gave the UN a home in the world's most important city, New York.

The hope of the world was that we would all enjoy peace forevermore. But no, the wicked communists immediately emerged as implacable enemies who threatened world peace in their efforts to enslave all.

Mr. Truman, who had dropped the A-bombs on the fanatical Japanese to end the War and save millions of lives, now was forced to save starving Germans in Berlin from the psychotic Stalin. Then Truman had to save the South Koreans and their democracy from the bloodthirsty North Koreans and from Chairman Mao who had taken over China — driving out our democratic ally Chiang Kai-sheck who had been leading the Chinese into freedom from the tyranny of the Chinese Empire and the War Lords.

Most of us are aware of the tragedy of Vietnam that was caused by the communists in South East Asia after United States ships had been attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. And now the world must be saved from the machinations of the Taliban and Al-Queda which have emerged from the nefarious shadow-world of Islam. As everyone knows, agents of Al-Qaeda hijacked four jet liners and attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon itself. Thousands died. It was worse than Pearl Harbor.

Casting our eyes back we "Remember the Maine" which was blown up by the Spanish Empire, forcing the United States into the Spanish-American War. And before that, Generalissimo Santa Anna had declared war on the freedom-loving Texans who had moved into that Mexican territory from Kentucky and Tennessee. Then Mexico had provoked war with the United States which was forced to fight what is called in the United States, the Mexican War: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada were liberated.

The unblemished record of the United States in helping the people of the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Africa and even Hawaii is well known, so we need not elaborate here.

Going back even farther we find that George Washington had been captured by the French while he and a brigade of the Virginia militia under Washington's command were scouting in Ohio. This incident lit the fuse that would set off the Seven Years' War (which was a world war and is known as the French and Indian War in the United States). Immediately following that, King George III and the British Empire forbade American colonists from moving west of the Appalachians. The King raised taxes and started the War of Independence — which he lost to people who wanted to be free.

One can see that the United States of America has always been spreading peace and freedom to the benighted souls of the earth and it has never fired a shot in anger unless it has first been provoked and attacked. It is just impossible to imagine that the First World War could possibly have been started by Washington which didn't even have a real intelligence organization until the CIA was set up, in self defense, after WW II to counteract communism.

Americans could not have been involved with the Black Hand in Serbia before the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife the Duchess Sophia. Americans would not have even known where Serbia is. Americans would have been peacefully tending their farms just like Sergeant York in the movie starring Gary Cooper (1941). It would be unthinkable. It must have been the Germans — or possibly the Russians or the British.

Of course, suggestions that the CIA and other American secret services are behind assassinations and suicide bombings here and there today are scurrilous lies. They are unimaginable. They are unthinkable.

- Morley

Here are some sobering statistics. Make note of who paid the price for war in the 20th century. Who paid the least?

World War I:
World War II:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patience and Reward

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There was no bigger fan of the United States of America than I was before 9/11. I was still a fan until the real George W. Bush emerged from the shadows to declare war on "Al-Qaeda", the imaginary enemy that threatens all from the shadow world of Islam. Remember Mullah Omar and the "shoe-bomber"? They were terrifying. Ooooh.

Where is Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda? Nobody has seen or heard from him for years. Many say he died in hospital long ago. Periodically, the media broadcasts a statement from "Osama" that terrifies the yokels and encourages them to have their sons and daughters sign up to fight for our freedom.

Like many, I owe George W. Bush a big thank you for opening my eyes and waking me up. Thanks too for the Internet — which was created by the U.S. military. The Internet made possible my subsequent education.

One never knows who one will have to thank.

Did Bush, the younger, and his neocons turn the United States into something it was not before?

It is certainly true that the U.S. military of the 19th century, before the Civil War, was much smaller than it has grown to be since the Second World War. But it takes time and patience to build a colossus. Napoleon was much too hasty. Most would agree that Napoleon was over-confident. Napoleon was quickly undone by the Russian winter and the British Empire. Washington was smarter.

Washington was patient. Its plan would take centuries, not years or even decades. You can believe history is all an accident if you wish and write off everything but the official history as "conspiracy theory" but the results are what they are and no one can deny that politicos make definite plans to achieve definite ends or that they conspire to achieve them.

The United States was Napoleon's ally which made sense because France had been Great Britain's perennial enemy for centuries and French assistance had been critical in winning the Revolutionary War. The United States became the somewhat junior partner of the British Empire after the War of 1812. The U.S. consolidated its continental empire in the 19th century at the expense of the Indians and Mexico. The British Empire continued colonizing the rest of the world. The United States opened the 20th century with its pal, the British Empire: The British fought the Boer War while the U.S. fought the Spanish-American War, which gave Washington global reach with a nice Pacific base in the Philippines. At the end of the Great War (WW I), almost all the old empires had been destroyed (German, Austro-Hungarian, French, Russian, Chinese, Ottoman). Only the British Empire and the U.S. Empire remained along with the small Dutch, Portuguese and Belgian empires and the Empire of Japan. The Second World War finished off everyone but the U.S.A. We should entertain the possibility that this was not an accident.

After the Great Victory of '45 we should have enjoyed peace, but peace would be bad if your business is war and your goal is total and complete world domination forever.

Fortunately for Washington, the U.S.S.R. immediately emerged as an enemy. It was soon joined by the People's Republic of China. This permitted Washington to continue building its military to defend the "free world" which was everybody but the commies. A standing army requires enemies. A military-industrial complex requires war.

The Empire of Japan was gone in 1945, along with the Third Reich. The British Empire was gone with Indian Independence in 1947. China was lost in 1949. The U.S.S.R. "fought" the Cold War and was bankrupt and gone in 1991. With Mao gone in 1976, China morphed to become the "shop floor of the world" and manufactured everything for everyone (learning from the Japanese they sell high quality goods for low, low prices).

With all of its enemies gone, the neocons felt the United States had won the long battle to become the master of the world, but the world had changed. The game was over and they didn't know it. They still don't know and the stands are empty. Everyone has gone home. How dumb is that? Will the United States go the way of all the other empires? We'll have to wait a little longer to find out, but today it looks as if it will — the United States is bankrupt and irrelevant. "We can kill everyone!" So?

Washington will likely think it is still important for decades to come. The French thought they still had an empire until Algeria won its independence in 1962. The British still think they are important with Queen Elizabeth II still living like Queen Victoria and living better than Queen Elizabeth I.

Yet time has passed them by.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor 1941

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December 7, 1941 is emblazoned in our memories because that was the day of the dastardly sneak attack on the U.S. naval station that peacefully slumbered at Pear Harbor that Sunday morning 68 years ago. Even people who had not been born know about this event because it has been celebrated all these years in film and story. "From Here to Eternity" with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr is one best movies ever made and only one of many stories shaping our opinions.

Few wonder why we are constantly reminded of something that was done to us, but we are rarely reminded of anything we did to them. "They started it, so we were only defending ourselves," is what we are supposed to conclude. Few know that U.S. Naval Intelligence was reading — and sending to the White House — all the Japanese military ciphers long before Pearl Harbor. The Japanese certainly never guessed that.

At the time, President Roosevelt's critics said they could smell a rat. Years of research into American military archives has revealed that they were right. The Japanese were maneuvered into becoming America's enemy: the Pacific fleet was stationed in Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific and half-way to Japan against Admiral Richardson's protest. Admiral Richardson was fired and replaced with Admiral Kimmel who was joined by General Short. They had both been promoted ahead of their superiors to command the Pacific fleet and army. The Japanese were boxed in and provoked by Washington — which failed to warn the Pearl Harbor commanders of the attack. Kimmel and Short were then cashiered for dereliction.

Even when people admit that is what happened, they respond that these machinations had been justified to overcome the "isolationists" who were keeping the United States out of the war. If the United States had not saved the world, Hitler would have won, don't you see? Moreover, dropping Atom-bombs on Japanese civilians had been necessary to end the war and save millions of lives. Peace and saving lives is what WW II was all about. We do good. We are good.

The Empire of Japan was used to eliminate the British and Dutch empires from the western Pacific leaving the U.S. Empire as the master of the Pacific and the world — yet things have not turned out quite as one would expect. This often happens in the Japanese board game GO.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Standing Army

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The Constitution of the United States of America, Second Amendment, prohibits the establishment of a standing army. So where did all this — the largest military that man has ever created — come from? It can be traced to the Civil War which created a standing army, necessitating perpetual war to justify its existence. The Civil War eliminated States Rights which eliminated the United States and created the United State by centralizing power in Washington. Along with these items, out the door went Habeas Corpus and a host of other things fundamental to liberty. There were also a number of things necessary for military expansion such as machine guns, submarines, iron clad ships, espionage, railroads, sappers, snipers, naval blockades, arial surveillance of the battlefield, concentration camps, private security companies, propaganda, the military-industrial complex, greenback dollars and total war to destroy all means of resistance. Most notable were unprecedented casualties: 700,000 military casualties alone — civilian casualties were not counted. True to American myth-making, it soon became generally accepted that the Civil War had been necessary to free the slaves. Yet, the slaves would have to wait another century before their freedom would be won by lawyers not soldiers. The South would be colonized with military bases during Reconstruction. Those bases are still there over one hundred years later. Bases and military recruits from the South have become permanent fixtures of the South. Let's not forget that the North and the West and the world have been similarly colonized by Washington.

Not everything was invented by Americans and some things were not new, but most were new and Americans brought to everything American ingenuity. Americans excel at munitions. The rest of the world came to learn these new things during the Civil War. They would be put to use in the coming century. Washington usually plays two countries or alliances against each other. The Civil War played two sides of the United States against each other. As usual, Washington picked up all the marbles at the end of its "divide and conquer" game.

"One must understand the Civil War if one is to understand the United States." Indeed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Consider This

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Consider this possibility:

Letter to Financial Post:
by morleyevans on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 9:25am
The United States is founded upon the notion that it liberates people from tyranny and that it must defend the bastion of liberty it has created for free people from tyrants who have always dominated mankind. To this end, the United States has been waging war on the rest of the world for its entire history. This Napoleonic mission was not created by Napoleon. It was created by the United States which came into existence before Napoleon [and before the French Revolution]. Americans need to take a look at what Washington has been doing all these years and what they have been asked to do on Washington's behalf. Americans may come to the shocking realization that the United States is not the world's moral leader and it never was the world's moral leader. Washington is just another tyrant and it has always been just another tyrant. Washington has been building its domination of the world since the Spanish-American War in 1898. The history of the 20th century is the history of the U.S. Empire.

hate of muslims
by manolovega on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 10:02am
I agree that the hate have been created by the number of death in the muslim world BUT more so by the unrestricted and unquilified assistance of USA to the State of Israel.
Your name: morleyevans
Subject: Comment: *
True: Consider that the main reason Israel exists is to be the bad guy in the Middle East, so the United States can play the good guy. The United States has been playing off one side against the other for hundreds of years while it presents itself — and thinks of itself — as the innocent onlooker. The United States comes in to restore order when all else has failed. Then it picks up all the marbles at the end of the game. It is best to think of the Middle East in particular and the world in general as Kabuki theatre or professional wrestling where the sport is fake and the activity is real and "the story" is the sport. From Washington's point of view, strife and turmoil are always everybody else's fault. Yet close examination consistently reveals the United States is the main reason for the strife and turmoil.

CONSIDER it is Washington that started WW I (1914-1918) and Washington that started the Seven Years' War (1754-1763), the American Revolution (1775-1783), the War of 1812 (1812-1815), Texas independence (1836), the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), the Civil War (1861-1865), all the Indian Wars (1622-1918), as well as the Great Depression (1929-1941), WW II (1939-1945), the Korean War (1950-1953), the Wars in Vietnam (1959-1975), Persian Gulf War One (1990-1991), Afghanistan (2001-present), Iraq (2003-present). Washington is the common denominator in all these wars some of which began even before Washington, itself, existed. The Great Depression was not a war, you say? It was a war on the American people to consolidate Washington's power and to prepare Americans to fight the Second World War.

The main purpose of the events of the Twentieth Century was to transfer power from London where it had been safe for centuries to Washington and its continental empire where it would be even safer. Fearless leaders like General Curtis LeMay would be safe inside Cheyenne Mountain behind thick steel vault doors when the world was incinerated in a thermonuclear holocaust. The leaders of the "free world" would then be safe to again lead us peons who survived when the smoke cleared and the radiation subsided. The transfer was done by 1945 when the senior partner, Great Britain, became the junior partner. The American Revolution was completed at last. The transfer was necessary because advantages were being lost as other powers were catching up to the world hegemond. Today, all that remains are military advantages. These military advantages are rapidly becoming irrelevant as they bankrupt the U.S.A. which is going the way of the Soviet Union.

One is forced to conclude that the U.S.A. is the greatest force for evil that has ever been created. We already live in a world of endless war. We are already lead by a gang of war-mongering psychopaths. Does anyone else in history have a record that looks like that of the U.S.A.? Has anyone else ever created a standing army run by something like the Pentagon?