Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping It Secret

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When denying revisionist history — history that challenges official history — it is often claimed that it is impossible to keep a secret. Someone would spill the beans, eventually. When large numbers are involved, the problem worsens. Therefore, the official history must be accurate because it involves many and has been examined by many.

That makes sense. But is it true?

It is not true. Have you ever tried to have something changed that you know to be incorrect? Your newspaper may have put an incorrect story on the front page with a big black headline. Under pressure, it may print a retraction which it will put on a back page — if it is decided that it must. The media might choose to make you into a buffoon. But usually, the media will simply ignore you.

Many credible scientists today, do not believe the official story about 9/11. Some have published exhaustive studies. They are simply ignored but they can be found on the Internet by anyone, anywhere, who connects.

"Global Warming" also known as "climate change" today, is broadcast as being "supported by the world-wide scientific community." Yet the majority does not support anthropomorphic climate change, many say. Sun spots, alone, explain climate change perfectly well, some scientists say. They do not claim, however, that pollution is not a problem, only that the direction being taken will solve nothing. But those scientists are ignored. They are the silent majority. They are silent because they do not have the megaphone. Instead university grants go to "researchers" who support "Global Warming" and Al Gore is awarded a Nobel Prize.

What is popular may not be true. Large numbers of believers do not make something true.

Barack Obama has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. What? Obama is running two major wars and he threatens more. Everything we are told about the Middle East is questionable. Most of it is an outright bald-faced lie told to the masses by the liars who own the monopoly media.

Examples abound. In fact, most things that people are told are demonstrably untrue. These are big important things that really matter. Modern "well informed" people are the worst informed when they get their information from the World Wide Mind Control System (the monopoly media writ large). Tribesmen in the Amazon or New Guinea are better informed than most of us. Eskimos (now called "Inuit") once would qualify as being better informed. Today, they watch TV.

People who control what large numbers are told, control what large numbers think. Such people have great power. Every person has to think for himself. Ask yourself what is more important in affecting climate change, the sun or the exhaust from your car? Do you think your car causes summer and winter? Did we have summer and winter before we had cars? The hypothesis that CO2 (A.K.A. "carbon") causes global warming is ridiculous — yet charlatans, world-wide, are cashing in on this idea. Taxation causes "global warming" because tax dollars fund the propagation of bunk.

For 500 years, it was believed that Pizarro and a tiny group of intrepid conquistadores conquered the Inca Empire. It has recently been revealed that the Inca were not very popular and that Pizarro and the Spanish sparked a revolt. The majority rose up against the Inca and the Spanish took over and took all the credit for themselves. Records of the history, that were written at the time, have existed in monasteries in Chile all these centuries. The conquest of the Aztec in Mexico was exactly the same, but there, it has long been known that the Indians helped defeat the Aztec.

The majority believe that people with power can be trusted, especially when they are our "leaders" and they have been elected by a majority. They cannot be trusted.

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