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The Kirov Ballet performs Swan Lake in Leningrad.


Act 2
Prince Siegfried finds himself alone in a peaceful spot by an enchanted lake where swans gently float across its surface. While Siegfried watches, he spots the most beautiful swan with a crown on its head.
His buddies soon catch up, but he orders them to leave so he can be by himself. As dusk falls, the swan with the crown turns into the most beautiful young woman he has ever seen. Her name is Odette, the Swan Queen. She informs the young prince that an evil sorcerer, Von Rothbart, who happens to be disguised as Prince Siegfried’s mentor, has turned her and the other girls into swans and that the lake was formed by the tears of their parents' weeping. She tells him that the only way the spell could be broken is if a man, pure in heart, pledges his love to her. The Prince, about to confess his love for her, is quickly interrupted by the evil sorcerer. He takes Odette from Prince Siegfried’s embrace and commands all of the swan maidens to dance upon the lake and its shore so that the prince cannot chase them.
Prince Siegfried is left all alone on the shore of Swan Lake.

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"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."
- Emma Goldman

Empire Files Part 1

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Abby Martin presents the Empire Files, written, directed, produced and published by Abby Martin. Kudos to her!

Empire Files Part 2

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Abby Martin presents the second part of Empire Files.


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Is it too late to save the world? We'll know very soon. The Doomsday Clock is almost at midnight and the warmongering fiends are very busy.

John Pilger

Silencing the United States as It Prepares for War

John Pilger takes apart the liberal commentariat and points to the need for a genuinely anti-imperialist analysis of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and yes — Bernie Sanders. 

By John Pilger

May 27, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "teleSur" -  

Returning to the United States in an election year, I am struck by the silence. I have covered four presidential campaigns, starting with 1968; I was with Robert Kennedy when he was shot and I saw his assassin, preparing to kill him. It was a baptism in the American way, along with the salivating violence of the Chicago police at the Democratic Party's rigged convention. The great counter revolution had begun. 

The first to be assassinated that year, Martin Luther King, had dared link the suffering of African-Americans and the people of Vietnam. When Janis Joplin sang, “Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose”, she spoke perhaps unconsciously for millions of America's victims in faraway places. 

“We lost 58,000 young soldiers in Vietnam, and they died defending your freedom. Now don't you forget it.” So said a National Parks Service guide as I filmed last week at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. He was addressing a school party of young teenagers in bright orange T-shirts. As if by rote, he inverted the truth about Vietnam into an unchallenged lie. 

The millions of Vietnamese who died and were maimed and poisoned and dispossessed by the American invasion have no historical place in young minds, not to mention the estimated 60,000 veterans who took their own lives. A friend of mine, a marine who became a paraplegic in Vietnam, was often asked, “Which side did you fight on?” 
A few years ago, I attended a popular exhibition called “The Price of Freedom” at the venerable Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The lines of ordinary people, mostly children shuffling through a Santa's grotto of revisionism, were dispensed a variety of lies: the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved “a million lives”; Iraq was “liberated [by] air strikes of unprecedented precision”. The theme was unerringly heroic: only Americans pay the price of freedom.


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Fireworks delight and fascinate young and old. Enjoy this display from our friends in Japan!

Click the links. YouTube has even more!

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What if:

1). Washington had established itself as the Dictator of America with the Civil War by denying the Confederate States their right to secede from the Union? That right was established by the United States Constitution. 

2). slavery was only a pretext for a war that was launched to save the Union and to establish Washington's dictatorship?

3). the Northern States had only been used by Washington to save the Union and establish Washington's dictatorship? The Union States fought and died to subjugate themselves!

4). the northern New Mexico Territorial line extended to the Pacific Ocean to include southern California? Why, then the Confederate States of America would have comprised half of what is now the lower 48. (Chihuahua, Sonora and the California peninsula are part of Mexico today.) 

Washington's plans for world hegemony would certainly have been compromised had the Confederate States of America been successful. Did Washington have such plans? 

A civil war is fought to decide which party will control the state. The Confederacy was not fighting to control the state. The Confederate States merely wanted to leave the Union which they had every right to do by the Constitution they had ratified in 1788.

Washington has never kept any treaty it has signed. This is the most important example. The Constitution was radically altered by the Civil War. This illustrates what Washington is and what it is not.

Friday, May 20, 2016


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Yes indeedy, NATO is working incessantly to do Washington's dirty work. Here's the scoop.

NATO Plans More Anti-Russia Moves After Finalizing Latest Build-Up

Foreign Ministers Put Finishing Touches on Largest Post Cold War Build-Up

by Jason Ditz, May 19, 2016
The ink isn’t even dry on the latest moves by the alliance’s foreign ministers to finalize the current anti-Russia military build-up, the largest since the Cold War ended, and officials are already openly talking about doing “more” to target Russia along their frontier.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters today that discussions are ongoing on how NATO can “project stability” around its borders, language which in the last few years has always boiled down to putting more troops on the Russian borders, and issuing more statements predicting an imminent Russian attack on Europe.
US Ambassador Douglas Lute said the plan is for a “very sober discussion on dealing with Russia,” insisting Russia has “thrown out the rulebook” and NATO has to respond. Lute is seen as loudly advocating more military buildups around Europe to target Russia.
And while there was some talk among European members about targeting ISIS in Libya at the ongoing NATO meetings, materially everything that was agreed to, including future talks in Warsaw, were about targeting Russia more aggressively. Even the decision to invite tiny Montenegro to the alliance was seen primarily as being about thumbing their nose at Russia for criticizing the continued expansion of NATO deeper into Warsaw Pact territory.
The only peace Washington has in mind for the world is complete surrender to Washington. Do you remember the phrase "Unconditional Surrender?" Those are the only terms Washington has ever offered anyone. You can look it up. Any treaty Washington has made with anyone, Washington has broken. You can look that up too.

A survey of history reveals the United States of America as a patient and resourceful agent of evil, working tirelessly for centuries to establish a global dicatorship — while masquerading as the saviour of mankind. Will all soon kowtow and grovel before the POTUS? The corruption and moral squalor that is Washington leads the world with an iron rod. It's a frightening thought. This is not what the Founders had in mind. Or is it? Poor us.

I wonder what Washington would think if Russia set up nuclear weapons along the Canada/US border, in Mexico or in Cuba? What would Washington do if Russian submarine missile launchers patrolled on the American west coast, the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean? How about missile cruisers on Lake Superior? Would Washington feel threatened if Russia started peeling away Texas, Montana and other portions of Washington's continental empire?

I wonder what would happen if whole sections of Washington's continental empire decided to secede. Has anything like that ever happened before? You'll have to look it up, won't you?


Wednesday, May 11, 2016


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This is the Top Secret Memorandum (UNCLASSIFIED) for the Secretary of Defense (Robert McNamara), March 13, 1962 which went out under the signature of General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, United States Army, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

While it may be hard to accept, I currently think:

A comprehensive survey of the history of the United States of America from 1754 onwards, constitutes a preponderance of evidence that convicts Washington (the man and the seat of government that bears his name) as the instigator of man’s troubles from the Seven Years War to the present time.

Of course, this flies in the face of the image of the USA that has been cultivated for over 200 years as the “Last Best Hope of Mankind."

Matthew 5:14-16New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

14 “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. 15 No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

All one needs to do is look. It is all there hiding in plain sight, disguised as kindly Uncle Sam saving the world at great cost to himself. He's a friend to all. What a swell guy.

Monday, May 9, 2016


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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

When They Killed JFK They Killed America

 Paul Craig Roberts

Unlike most presidents, Kennedy was able to break with the conventional thinking of the time. 

From his experience with the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Joint Chiefs’ “Operaton Northwoods,” Kennedy concluded that CIA Director Allen Dulles and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Lemnitzer were both crazed by anti-communism and were a danger to Americans and the world.

Morley Evans's notes:

Imagine what the world would look like if Kennedy had not been murdered: No Cold War, No Vietnam War, No CIA, No LBJ, a civil society at home, a friendly world working to build the brotherhood of man, No AIPAC, No Sheldon Allison, No Israeli nukes, No Israeli settlements, No Netanyahu, No Watergate, No Middle East bloodbath, No U.S. empire, No multi trillion-dollar deficit. The mind boggles.

The Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, had no friends in Washington. Involved in the assassination were the FBI (J. Edgar Hoover), the CIA , the Pentagon, the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County Sheriff, and Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Vice President, who coordinated the operation. I haven't seen evidence yet that the Texas Rangers were involved. That remains to be seen.

The only people we can be sure were not involved were Governor Connally, his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, himself.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff provide a piece in the puzzle.


The Magic Bullet:
Governor Connally turns to his right to look into the back seat. His right hand is holding his Stetson. Kennedy has already been hit by a bullet that exited his throat.
On the Zapruder film we can see that Governor Connally switched his Stetson from his left hand to his right hand as he turned to his right to look into the back seat. The bullet exiting Kennedy's neck did not shatter Connally's right wrist. Period. Another bullet did that a moment later. Then another bullet from the front was the fatal headshot (frame 313).
The Magic Bullet found on a stretcher at Parkside Hospital in Dallas was completely undamaged, yet it is claimed to have killed Kennedy and wounded Connally.


Friday, May 6, 2016


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It can be added to the shocking revelation below that NATO is, in fact, an American occupation army as well as an American strike force. NATO is a steady customer for American war contractors. Europeans are used by Washington to occupy themselves and to do Washington's dirty work. When the Soviet Union dissolved and there was no more purpose for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Russia was maintained as the ostensible reason for this incredible situation: Europe is an American colony that occupies itself. Actually, this is not new, there are many precedents throughout history.

 - ML Evans

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China — Paul Craig Roberts

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China
Can the world wake up?
Paul Craig Roberts
On September 19, 2000, going on 16 years ago, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph reported:
“Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.
“The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.”
The documents show that the European Union was a creature of the CIA.
As I have previously written, Washington believes that it is easier to control one government, the EU, than to control many separate European governments. As Washington has a long term investment in orchestrating the European Union, Washington is totally opposed to any country exiting the arrangement. That is why President Obama recently went to London to tell his lapdog, the British Prime Minister, that there could be no British exit.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


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John Pilger
John Pilger is interviewed by Sophie Shevardnadze on RT:


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Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is interviewed by Sophie Shevardnadze on RT:

TruthDig publishes Hedges's weekly column

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General Jack D. Ripper, USAF, is a character in Stanley Kubrick's movie Dr. Strangelove. People like General Ripper were in command during, before and after WW II. They are not imaginary. They are real. They are killing people right now. They are deciding your fate at this moment. You should wake up.

Dr. Strangelove is a black comedy. What is happening is not funny.

Dr. Strangelove is a not-quite former NAZI military strategist who is now working for Washington, the leader of the 'free world'.

Similar people are still at work today. They are moving the Doomsday Clock closer and closer to mankind's total annihilation. Forget about "Global Warming." Life on earth will be ended. Everything. 

Think about that and get off your ass. Work for peace. Support



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In 1964 Stanley Kubrick outlined the past, present and future with his movie, Dr. Strangelove. Here is a scene in the War Room featuring General 'Buck' Turgidson, USAF, and the President of the United States discussing the future of the world that will result from a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Nothing has changed, except that things are even worse today.

You really should wake up. Why don't you wake up God damn it!

You can do something. Wake up! Support

Dr. Strangelove was released in 1964, over 52 years ago. Why does it look like it was made yesterday? That is because we are still doing the same things we were doing 52 years ago. The Soviet Union dissolved — bloodlessly — in 1991. The Russian Federation is not the Soviet Union, but we are still the enemy of the Soviet Union. We are the problem and maybe we always were the problem.


Monday, May 2, 2016


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This moron is playing with your life. Why is he at large? Why is he not incarcerated along with the other criminally insane morons who infest Washington? Breedlove will go on to work for a war contractor or become a "defense expert" in the propaganda industry AKA the "mainstream media" that washes your brain.

General Philip Mark Breedlove, moron at large

Departing NATO Commander Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

by Stephen Lendman

Thousands more US-led NATO forces are being provocatively deployed near Russia’s borders.

Interviewed by Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter broadsheet, Sergey Lavrov accused NATO of “inching closer and closer to Russia’s borders. But when Russia takes action to ensure its security, we are told that Russia is engaging in dangerous maneuvers near NATO borders. In fact, NATO borders are getting closer to Russia, not the opposite.”

The 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act prohibits provocatively deploying Alliance forces near Russia’s borders. US history shows a flagrant disregard for agreement terms.

Hyping a nonexistent Russian threat is part of US-led NATO fear-mongering, a pretext for greater military spending at a time demilitarization should be prioritized - resources used for vital social and other domestic needs gone begging.


Sunday, May 1, 2016


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MAY 1, 2016

The vaunted U.S. military colossus is "the most powerful military the world has ever known." 

So we are told as Washington continues to bully its way through the world. The Pentagon has divided the world into nine "commands" as if Washington owns the world and everything in it. The United States Supreme Court renders judgements on foreign nations as if they are provinces in Washington's empire. Really? Such chutzpah!

The Ruskies have quietly been putting Washington on notice that it is not the Unipower. Here is an example from the Black Sea — Russia's bathtub:

USS Donald Cook on the Black Sea 10 April 2014

The US destroyer is equipped with the most recent Aegis Combat System. It is an integrated naval weapons systems which can link together the missile defense systems of all vessels embedded within the same network, so as to ensure the detection, tracking and destruction of hundreds of targets at the same time. In addition, the USS Donald Cook is equipped with 4 large radars, whose power is comparable to that of several stations. For protection, it carries more than fifty anti-aircraft missiles of various types.

Meanwhile, the Russian Su-24 that buzzed the USS Donald Cook carried neither bombs nor missiles but only a basket mounted under the fuselage, which, according to the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta [2], contained a Russian electronic warfare device called Khibiny.

As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up - or about to be - with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft - unarmed - repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately set sail towards a port in Romania.


American sources have reported the Ruskies have some sort of cloaking technology. It was used recently in Syria where a no fly zone was created by the Russians. When politely warned by a Russian jet, a squadron of Israelis turned tail and flew home.

Goodby to "the most powerful military the world has ever known." Good riddance. Goodby to the Unipower.

Someday soon, China may foreclose and repossess the U.S. Navy.