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by Morley Evans

Like Diogenes who walked the streets of Athens carrying a lantern to look for an honest man, I search. 

There are many good reasons Diogenes never found an honest man. People are a social species, like ants. Human populations follow the leader like flocks of birds and sheep as well as schools of fish and herds of buffalo. Organizations are not different from the people who create them. An overlooked fact is that organizations, themselves, have lives of their own. Organizations strive to prosper and live, like the people who create and populate organizations. Corrupt organizations are very hard to reform. Big powerful corrupt organizations cannot be reformed. They have to die. Whistleblowers are not rewarded. They are usually killed. Jesus is one good example. John F. Kennedy and his brother; Julien Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, are others.

Below is a story posted by Rhonda Nixon on the Facebook group “Harmed by Medical Error”. Rhonda has added dozens of unique stories to this group and to other similar groups. She is one of many dedicated people in Canada, the United States, Australia, and England who are blowing the whistle on Modern Medicine as Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD, has done. 

My own experience with doctors is limited to Regina. Saskatchewan is the birthplace of Canadian Medicare. Oddly enough Regina is the only place where I have needed a doctor. Yet I have lived in Saskatoon, in Canada's northern bug-infested boreal forests, in London, in Kyoto, and in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Los Angeles. Why didn’t I need a doctor in those places? Why have I had so many bad doctors in Regina? Could it be the water? Could it be that doctors are a coterie of criminals?

I have a slam-dunk case against the people who took 20 years out of my life with the hypercholesterolemia hoax. But that is only the worst example. I have suffered through many more cases stretching back almost 68 years. My Statin Drug case doesn’t rely on dueling expert witnesses or conflicting scientific hypotheses. It cuts the Gordian Knot. I am as proud of my solution as Alexander was of his. It should be worth billions, but not in a place where there is no justice and no law. Here is that case:

Yesterday, the CBC reported that Canada has been placed fifth on a list of the best places in the world to live — by the United Nations. Yet, Canada has thoroughly corrupt institutions. They are all bad. Canada is worse than any Third World dictatorship — In those places most of the people know the facts of life. Canadian insouciance defines “Canadian smugness.” Canadians are dumb. If the United Nations based its ranking on how satisfied selected Canadians are, of course Canada would score well. They didn’t ask me.

Rhonda Nixon exposes the Canadian Medical System as being unbelievably bad. There are, no doubt, good doctors. Probably most of them are good doctors. But they all “get along by going along.” So they are all accessories before the fact or accessories after the fact in cases they know about and cover up. No one stands up for patient welfare. No one tries to correct errors. No one denounces bad doctors who are allowed to continue practicing medicine. Everyone protects bad doctors. 

When contacted about my Statin case, the first words from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan were "We won't help you get any money." The CP&S is not interested in quality medicine either and neither is the Saskatchewan Department of Health or anyone else in authority. They are interested in filthy lucre and votes. Doctor Welby and Ben Casey were good doctors. Both — like Dr. Kildare — were characters on American TV shows.

I’m still looking for an honest man. Honest people are as rare a chickens' teeth.

- Morley Evans

P.S.: I’m still looking for something for my eyes which were screwed up by Lumigan® and the Regina doctor who prescribed it. I may have to go to Japan where 75% of glaucoma patients have "Normal Tension Glaucoma". Ophthalmologists here have only one-size-fits-all treatment for glaucoma. In other words they have nothing. If they cause you to go blind that's no consequence to them. I won’t be giving Regina another chance. They don't learn here. They are incapable of learning. Some of them would rather see me dead than admit they are in error — proving the point that they are criminals. They can go to Hell.

I thank Dr. Gaucher, who is an honest man. He is my optometrist. He is a real doctor but not a medical doctor and he is not part of their little club. Before Dr. Gaucher, my eye doctor was Dr. Roy DeShield. He was an optometrist too. He was not part of the MD club either. Roy was finished off by doctors when he had an ischemic stroke which they didn't treat here until very recently. That did my mother in too. "Your pal Dr. Alport done her in, Bruce." tPA therapy saved my friend Herta when she was in a Panamanian hospital with a stroke. Some Third World countries have better medical care than Saskatchewan. Believe it or not. Of course, we have our snotty attitude which sets us apart from the Third World and even elevates us above Americans in some Canadian minds.

  Harmed by Medical Error: sharing our stories
Rhonda Nixon posted in Harmed by Medical Error: sharing our stories
Rhonda Nixon
April 24 at 6:15am
In talking about his son, the Wildrose Leader chronicles a nightmarish medical experience. He says Michael was misdiagnosed seven times and was given the wrong medicine on at least two occasions, once creating serious liver problems. He also had nine biopsies. Shortly after the proper diagnosis was reached, Michael had a related brain hemorrhage and died.
Wildrose Leader Jean spurred by son’s tragic medical experience

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Believe It

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by Morley Evans

Believe it, why not?

The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812 and Great Britain and Washington became the best of friends. Washington went on to consolidate its continental empire and the British Empire dealt itself the rest of the world. But Washington was not satisfied until Washington had replaced the British Empire as the world hegemon and Great Britain had been reduced to the craven vassal it became after the Great Victory of '45. Yet no one thinks Washington stabbed its pal in the back. Everyone thinks Washington saved poor defenseless little England (and the world) from the evil Germans who became Nazis from 1933 until 1945 when they magically became Germans again. The poor defenseless Germans then had to be defended from the evil Russians who threatened to turn everyone into (gasp) Communists. 

Who actually started WWI and WW II, one wonders. Cui Bono. After WWI Europe (whose countries had dominated the world for centuries) was destroyed and Washington's empire (known as the United States of America) was rolling in dough. With WW II, Great Britain was completely finished off and Washington was the military master of a world that had been reduced to rubble by the RAF and the USAAF. The US dollar had replaced the Pound Sterling as the world's reserve currency. Wall Street ruled the money. New York was the home of the United Nations which Washington and its puppets, England and France, (known as The Big Three) controlled. American industry dominated the world. Washington wore the white hat and defended the world from the Soviet Union which was "the best enemy money can buy," according to Antony Sutton who compiled mountains of primary research to prove it. The best fiction writer in history could not dream up anything this fantastic. Move over Shakespeare.

Let's not forget Japan which became Washington's best buddy after the Meiji Restoration. Then, when Japan got too big for its britches (it was all Japan's fault, of course), Washington had to bomb Japan into the Stone Age with nuclear weapons saving the world.

Here's more to think about along this line from Paul Craig Roberts:

The nuclear energy agreement that has been reached [with Iran] eliminates any possibility of Iran diverting enriched uranium to a weapons program. Nevertheless Washington warmongers and the Israel Lobby are attempting to block the agreement with the argument that “Iran’s leaders cannot be trusted.” 

The real question, however, is on what basis can Iran possibly trust Washington?