Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Believe It

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by Morley Evans

Believe it, why not?

The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812 and Great Britain and Washington became the best of friends. Washington went on to consolidate its continental empire and the British Empire dealt itself the rest of the world. But Washington was not satisfied until Washington had replaced the British Empire as the world hegemon and Great Britain had been reduced to the craven vassal it became after the Great Victory of '45. Yet no one thinks Washington stabbed its pal in the back. Everyone thinks Washington saved poor defenseless little England (and the world) from the evil Germans who became Nazis from 1933 until 1945 when they magically became Germans again. The poor defenseless Germans then had to be defended from the evil Russians who threatened to turn everyone into (gasp) Communists. 

Who actually started WWI and WW II, one wonders. Cui Bono. After WWI Europe (whose countries had dominated the world for centuries) was destroyed and Washington's empire (known as the United States of America) was rolling in dough. With WW II, Great Britain was completely finished off and Washington was the military master of a world that had been reduced to rubble by the RAF and the USAAF. The US dollar had replaced the Pound Sterling as the world's reserve currency. Wall Street ruled the money. New York was the home of the United Nations which Washington and its puppets, England and France, (known as The Big Three) controlled. American industry dominated the world. Washington wore the white hat and defended the world from the Soviet Union which was "the best enemy money can buy," according to Antony Sutton who compiled mountains of primary research to prove it. The best fiction writer in history could not dream up anything this fantastic. Move over Shakespeare.

Let's not forget Japan which became Washington's best buddy after the Meiji Restoration. Then, when Japan got too big for its britches (it was all Japan's fault, of course), Washington had to bomb Japan into the Stone Age with nuclear weapons saving the world.

Here's more to think about along this line from Paul Craig Roberts:

The nuclear energy agreement that has been reached [with Iran] eliminates any possibility of Iran diverting enriched uranium to a weapons program. Nevertheless Washington warmongers and the Israel Lobby are attempting to block the agreement with the argument that “Iran’s leaders cannot be trusted.” 

The real question, however, is on what basis can Iran possibly trust Washington?



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