Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2011

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by Morley Evans

Tonight, after the bell has been struck twelve times, the year will change from 2010 or MMX to 2011 or MMXI.

In the movies, the well-dressed and well-heeled will attend wonderful balls in wonderful ball rooms where they will dance to wonderful music and sing Auld Lang Syne. Some may get tipsy.

There may yet be such places as they once created in the movies. In the movie "When Harry Met Sally" Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan danced in a ballroom that looked like one in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

That movie was made in 1989, but ballrooms and dance bands began to fade away in the early 1960s as rock'n roll took over, as Dick Clark told everyone what a wonderful time they were having, and as culture started sliding into the pit. Slurp. . .

Today, people watch the New Year roll in around the world on TV. They can sit in their living rooms and wonder why anyone would shiver in the cold in Times Square with 100,000 strangers and an unknown number of perverts, prostitutes and pickpockets.

Dick Clark will be there once again this year, telling everyone what a wonderful time they are having.

I don't believe him. I'd rather be at the Waldorf Astoria dancing to Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians. Ah, but they are long gone.

There is still a Waldorf Astoria, however. I stayed there once. Let's see what they offer:

Say, now that looks much better than Times Square on a cold night and they have wonderful hotels all over the world too.

Let's do that next year after my ship comes in.

Treat's on me!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peace on Earth

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by Morley Evans

We are encouraged to hope for Peace on Earth at Christmastime. So why are we always at war? Is there no God? We are at war because people go to war. They believe the lies their warmongering leaders tell them.

Don't we have to defend ourselves? No. No one is trying to do anything to us. This is epecially obvious today. We are "the world's only remaining superpower." We are not threatened by anyone. Our leaders, who currently are in Washington, are the leading force for evil in the world, not the bogeymen they constantly conjure up to terrify us so we will support their aggressions. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PSYCHOPATHS. DO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS. NO ONE IS TRYING TO HARM US. TELL OUR "LEADERS" TO GO TO HELL. STOP BELIEVING THEIR LIES.

Do you want Peace on Earth?


READ Subscribe to the newsletter and get an antidote every morning to the poison the media spews every minute. Support Wikileaks. We don't have Peace on Earth because of you. The cryptocracy has numbed your brain and stolen your soul. If you want Peace on Earth, support peace. You are in control of what happens.


The carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan has been going on every day for almost ten years. Now it is spreading to Pakistan. Of course we aren't responsible. We are only defending ourselves. Of course. . . Do you know that the people who are now "killing each other" in Iraq peacefully lived together for 600 years when they were part of the Ottoman Empire and that trouble started at the end of WW I when we took over?


Do you know that our leaders are masters at turning one group against another and that they have been successfully doing this for centuries? Do you know that sectarian violence has turned Iraq into a slaughterhouse since George W. Bush invaded Iraq to "bring freedom to Iraqis by deposing the tyrant Saddam?" Did you know that Saddam was put into power by the CIA and he was used by Washington to wage war killing millions of Iraqis and Iranians?

Do you want Peace on Earth?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

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by Morley Evans

There are barely four more days until Christmas! If you haven't bought gifts, don't panic. Share your warmth with those whom you love. That is the most important gift you can give.

Blessings to you!

Merry Christmas!
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This is a reprint of an article by Dr. Mercola that everyone should read:

The "Calcium Lie" Every Woman Should Know About
Posted By Dr. Mercola | December 21 2010 | 31,167 views

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by porous and fragile bones. It affects 44 million Americans, striking 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 5 men. Those with osteoporosis are at increased risk of height loss, fractures of the hips, wrists and vertebrae, and chronic pain.

If you've been led to believe that the key to preventing osteoporosis is increasing your calcium intake and starting on a regimen of pharmaceutical drugs, you're not alone.

I'm here to lead you past all of the confusing and conflicting information about osteoporosis and down a safer, more effective road to preventing bone loss and osteoporosis.

Read on to learn the truth about osteoporosis and calcium deficiency, what vitamins can make a real difference, and the surprising connection between bone loss and Alzheimer's disease.

The Truth about Osteoporosis and Calcium Deficiency

I'm sure you've heard that the cause of osteoporosis and the key to its prevention revolve around calcium, right?

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr. Robert Thompson, M.D., wrote an entire book on this subject called, The Calcium Lie, which explains that bone is comprised of at least a dozen minerals and the exclusive focus on calcium supplementation is likely to worsen bone density and increase your risk of developing osteoporosis!

As mentioned in this previous article, Dr. Thompson recommends the use of unprocessed salt as a far healthier alternative to calcium supplementation.

I recommend using Himalayan salt as it is an excellent way to feed your body the trace minerals it needs to function optimally.

Why Sally Field Could be Setting Herself Up for Osteoporosis with Boniva

If you've been prescribed an osteoporosis drug such as Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva, it is very important that you understand how these drugs work before putting them into your body.

Web MD describes biphosphonate drugs as:

"…antiresorptive medicines, which means they slow or stop the natural process that dissolves bone tissue, resulting in maintained or increased bone density and strength."

I'm sorry to say, you're only getting half the story here. Using these types of pharmaceutical drugs is the worst way to attempt to treat or prevent osteoporosis and I'll tell you why.

Even though they will increase your bone density, these drugs are poison!

They work by killing off certain cells in your bones called osteoclasts. Osteoclasts destroy the bone as part of the natural bone regeneration process. Killing off these cells means you are left with only osteoblasts, which will increase bone density but not bone strength.

As a result, your bones lose their natural ability to build new bone and readjust to the constantly changing forces applied.

Now you have thicker bones with less strength, which actually increases your risk of bone fractures. Additionally, these drugs have been linked to some terrible side effects, including increased risk of ulcers and:

Eye problems such as blurry vision, pain and swelling
Thigh bone fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw
Liver damage and renal (kidney) failure
Atrial fibrillation
Esophageal cancer
Hypocalcemia (blood calcium levels are too low)
Another disturbing fact?

Fosomax is in the same chemical class (phosphonate) as the soap scum cleaner you use in your bathroom! I'm sorry to say, it isn't surprising that the pharmaceutical companies have never put that little tidbit of information on your prescription drug label.

Steer Clear of Steroids

According to a study done at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, there is a strong link between osteoporosis and the use of steroids:

"High-dose cortisone is the second most common cause of osteoporosis, and we currently have no real treatment for this serious side effect," says senior author Steven L. Teitelbaum, M.D., Messing Professor of Pathology and Immunology.

"Given how frequently these drugs are used to treat many different conditions, that's a major clinical problem."

The conclusion of the study revealed that although the steroid cortisone appears to inhibit the ability of osteoclasts to dismantle old bones in genetically normal mice, the inability of the skeletal structure to renew itself may cause bones to weaken dramatically from aging and stress.

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, click on the links above for natural alternatives for healing.

On the other hand there is one steroid hormone that will likely help build bone and that is progesterone. Many pre and post menopausal women are deficient in this important hormone.

Gluten Intolerance and Bone Loss

Is your stomach often upset?

Chronic gas, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and brain fog could all be signs of an undiagnosed gluten intolerance.

Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. According to statistics from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, an average of one out of every 133 otherwise healthy people in the United States suffer from celiac disease (CD) but previous studies have found this number could be as high as 1 in 33 in at-risk populations.

Those with undiagnosed gluten intolerance often have malabsorption of nutrients due to chronic intestinal damage. This means that your body is unable to optimally take nutrients from food and distribute them throughout your body.

This malabsorption of nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.

If you often experience the above-mentioned symptoms, a gluten free diet may be the key you need to experience great health, perhaps for the first time in your life.

My book, The No Grain Diet, explains, in detail, the damaging health effects of sugars and grains, even to those who do not have a gluten intolerance.

Other Foods that Lead to Bone Loss

Processed and fast foods are the worst stuff you can put into your body. In order for your body to function optimally, it needs the type of balanced diet that I suggest in the next section.

Processed foods such as potato chips, french fries, microwaveable "meals", soda and candy contain very little nutrients and are chock full of undigestible fats and dangerous additives such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and preservatives.

If you think switching from a mainly processed food diet to a healthy, nutritious one will be next to impossible, I'm here to tell you it's easier than you think. In my previous article, I explain how to wean yourself off processed foods in 7 easy steps and how to give your body what it's really craving.

When cooking, I advise you to avoid most all omega-6 based oils such as corn, safflower or soy oil. These oils are loaded with highly processed, damaged omega 6 fats, which contribute to inflammation in your body.

Instead, I recommend using healthful olive- and coconut oils. For more information, see my video on the health benefits of these oils.

Foods that Prevent Bone Loss

I recommend eating a wide variety of organic, preferably locally grown vegetables to get a proper balance of essential vitamins and minerals into your body. An easy way to increase the amount of vegetables in your diet is vegetable juicing.

It is a highly effective way to obtain the most potent nutrition and it's easy for your body to digest and absorb.

Remember, it is important that you eat according to your nutritional type because the diet that works for one person may not work for another. Take a moment to take my FREE nutritional typing test to help determine your nutritional type, and the type of foods that are ideal for your personal biochemistry. We used to charge $29 to take this test but it was so important we decided to now offer it at no charge.

One important food that has been shown to help decrease bone loss and osteoporosis is onions. As I mentioned in my previous article, a study done on the effect of onions on laboratory rats proved promising.

Prevent Bone Loss with Appropriate Sunshine Exposure

The health benefits of vitamin D cannot be overstressed. An alarming number of people in the United States are vitamin D deficient, and vitamin D deficiency can lead to a host of health problems, including osteoporosis.

Despite what you may have heard, appropriate sunshine exposure is not bad for you. It is healthy and necessary. Just 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure per day can make a dramatic improvement in your health, and appropriate sun exposure is the ideal way to maintain your vitamin D levels in the optimal range. Alternatively, you can use a safe tanning bed.

However, if neither of those options are available to you, the next option is to take an oral vitamin D3 supplement. Typical adult doses for vitamin D range from 5 to 10,000 units per day.

Keep in mind that it is very important to get your vitamin D levels checked by a qualified lab (I recommend LabCorp) to avoid under- or overdosing.

An optimal blood level of vitamin D for a healthy adult is between 50-70 ng/ml.

The Importance of Omega-3 for Strong, Healthy Bones

Omega 3 is another essential nutrient your body needs in order to prevent both physical and mental illness, inflammation and osteoporosis. As I mentioned in a previous article, The British Journal of Nutrition recently published a study stating that the Omega fat, DHA appears to constitute marrow and enhance bone mineral content.

Unfortunately, omega-3 deficiency is on the rise and has been revealed as the sixth biggest killer of Americans. It has been reported to increase risk of death from ALL causes and accelerate cognitive decline.

While plant-based omega-3 fats such as those found in flax seed are highly beneficial, on account of their high alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) content, animal-based omega-3 fats contain two crucial ingredients you are not getting from plants: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

Ideally, you would receive all the animal based omega-3's you would need from eating sea food. Unfortunately, industrial pollution has changed the landscape, turning most of the world's waters more or less toxic. Fish are now loaded with mercury, industrial toxins, PCBs and PDEs. The same goes for most of the oil that is made from these fish.

Thankfully, there is a sustainable source of animal-based omega-3 fats available, namely krill oil. Krill are very tiny shrimp-like creatures that exceed the number of all animals (including humans) in the world! Krill oil is also more readily absorbed than fish oil because krill fat is attached to phosphates. This means you need far less krill oil than you would fish.

Another bonus?

Krill oil contains antioxidants called astaxanthin that protect DHA and EPA fats until they are consumed.

These factors make krill oil the optimal choice to meet your omega-3 needs.

Vitamin K2 is CRUCIAL in Preventing Osteoporosis

Vitamin K can be classified as either K1 or K2:

Vitamin K1: Found in green vegetables, K1 goes directly to your liver and helps you maintain a healthy blood clotting system. (This is the kind of K that infants need to help prevent a serious bleeding disorder.) It is also vitamin K1 that keeps your own blood vessels from calcifying, and helps your bones retain calcium and develop the right crystalline structure.
Vitamin K2: Bacteria produce this type of vitamin K. It is present in high quantities in your gut, but unfortunately is not absorbed from there and passes out in your stool. K2 goes straight to vessel walls, bones, and tissues other than your liver. It is present in fermented foods, particularly cheese and the Japanese food natto, which is by far the richest source of K2.
Vitamin K2 can convert to K1 in your body, but there are some problems with this, which I will discuss shortly. As a supplement, K1 is less expensive, which is why it's the form used for neonates.

Making matters even more complex, there are several different forms of vitamin K2.

MK8 and MK9 come primarily from dairy products. MK4 and MK7 are the two most significant forms of K2, and act very differently in your body:

MK4 is a synthetic product, very similar to vitamin K1, and your body is capable of converting K1 into MK4. However, MK4 has a very short half-life of about one hour, making it a poor candidate as a dietary supplement. After reaching your intestines, it remains mostly in your liver, where it is useful in synthesizing blood-clotting factors.
MK7 is a newer agent with more practical applications because it stays in your body longer; its half-life is three days, meaning you have a much better chance of building up a consistent blood level, compared to MK4 or K1.

MK7 is extracted from the Japanese fermented soy product called natto. You could actually get loads of MK7 from consuming natto as it is relatively inexpensive, and is available in most Asian food markets. Few people, however, care for it's smell and slimy texture and find it difficult to tolerate.

The evidence suggests that vitamin K2 is essential for your bone health, but it is a nutrient the vast majority of you do not get in adequate amounts from your diet.

How does vitamin K lead to bone health?

Osteocalcin is a protein produced by your osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation), and is utilized within the bone as an integral part of the bone-forming process. However, osteocalcin must be "carboxylated" before it can be effective. Vitamin K functions as a cofactor for the enzyme that catalyzes the carboxylation of osteocalcin.

Vitamin K2 has been found to be a far more effective "activator" of osteocalcin than K1.

There has been some remarkable research about the protective effects of vitamin K2 against osteoporosis:

A number of Japanese trials have shown that vitamin K2 completely reverses bone loss and in some cases even increases bone mass in people with osteoporosis .
The pooled evidence of seven Japanese trials show that vitamin K2 supplementation produces a 60 percent reduction in vertebral fractures and an 80 percent reduction in hip and other non-vertebral fractures .
Researchers in the Netherlands showed that vitamin K2 is three times more effective than vitamin K1 in raising osteocalcin, which controls the building of bone.
Although your body can convert K1 into K2, studies show that the amount of K2 produced by this process alone is insufficient. Even if you are consuming enough K1, your body uses most of it to make clotting factors, leaving little remaining for your bones.

In other words, your liver preferentially uses vitamin K1 to activate clotting factors, while most of your other tissues preferentially use K2.

Vitamin K2 has also been found to offer you other benefits—besides your bones!

Vitamin K2 is the biological glue that plugs calcium into your bone matrix. Dietary sources of K2 can be found in traditionally fermented foods such as tempeh, miso, natto and soy sauce..

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin K from Your Diet?

Eating lots of green vegetables will increase your vitamin K1 levels naturally, especially:

Collard greens
Brussels sprouts
You can obtain all the K2 you'll need (about 200 micrograms) by eating 15 grams of natto daily, which is half an ounce. However, natto is generally not pleasing to the Westerner's palate, so the next best thing is a vitamin K2 supplement.

But remember, you must always take your vitamin K supplement with fat since it is fat-soluble and won't be absorbed without it.

Although the exact dosing is yet to be determined, Dr. Vermeer recommends between 45 mcg and 185 mcg daily for adults. You must use caution on the higher doses if you take anticoagulants, but if you are generally healthy and not on these types of medications, I suggest 150 mcg daily.

Fortunately, you don't need to worry about overdosing on K2—people have been given a thousand-fold "overdose" over the course of three years, showing no adverse reactions (i.e., no increased clotting tendencies).

Exercise to Prevent Bone Loss

Remember that bone is living tissue that requires regular physical activity in order to renew and rebuild itself.

Peak bone mass is achieved in adulthood and then begins a slow decline. Exercise is very important in maintaining healthy bone mass. Weight-bearing exercise is one of the most effective remedies against osteoporosis. The last thing you want to consider is to take a drug to improve your bone density, as without question, that is more likely to cause long-term harm than benefit.

Your bones are actually very porous and soft, and as you get older, your bones can easily become less dense and hence, more brittle. Especially if you are inactive.

Resistance training can combat this effect because as you put more tension on your muscles it puts more pressure on your bones, which then respond by continuously creating fresh, new bone.

In addition, as you build more muscle, and make the muscle that you already have stronger, you also put more constant pressure on your bones.

A good weight bearing exercise to incorporate into your routine (depending on your current level of fitness, of course) is a walking lunge, as it helps build bone density in your hips, even without any additional weights. However there is newer technology as discussed below that may even be better.

Discover Acceleration Training

Acceleration training exercise is based on Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation (RNS) dating back to the 1960s when Professor W. Biermann, from the former East German Republic, described 'cyclical vibrations' capable of improving the condition of your joints relatively quickly.

As the theories of acceleration training exercise developed, Russian ballet dancers with minor muscle injuries such as Achilles tendonitis discovered that vibration aided the healing process. They also found that their muscular strength and jump height increased with only a quarter of the effort or time required by traditional training methods.

Since then many athletes have discovered the benefits of acceleration training exercise.

These results can be achieved now by using the 'Power Plate', which combines a series of exercises and stretches with cyclical vibrations designed to prevent mineral bone loss by adding mechanical load to the bone via the muscle and tendons.

Osteoporosis in Men

Here is something about osteoporosis in men you may not have realized: Men over the age of 50 are at greater risk for developing osteoporosis than prostate cancer. Men develop this disease because of a condition called hypogonadism, which may lead to shrinking by several inches. Risk factors in men include:

Gastrointestinal disorders
Sedentary lifestyle
Lack of sunlight exposure
Men with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, emphysema, Crohn's disease, herniated disks, and autoimmune disease taking steroids such as prednisone or cortisone are increasing their risk of developing osteoporosis that much further.

The Surprising Link Between Alzheimer's Disease and Bone Loss

As I mentioned in a previous article, low bone mass has a surprising connection to Alzheimer's disease.

In the study, researchers recorded bone mass measurements for 987 men and women with an average age of 76 years. They then followed them for up to 13 years and tracked who developed Alzheimer's or dementia.

Results showed that women with the lowest bone mass measurements were more than twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's or dementia as women with stronger bones.

If a woman of 70 years of age has lower bone mass, it means her exposure to estrogen may not have been as high as it should. Therefore, it seems estrogen loss plays a critical role in the development of osteoporosis as well as Alzheimer's disease.

It's Far Easier to Prevent Bone Loss than to Treat It

It's true what Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Now that you're armed with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about the prevention and healing of osteoporosis, you're ready to take control of your health!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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by Morley Evans

I find fascinating this idea:

The Pharisaic religion, which calls itself Rabbinic Judaism is more than alive and well today, despite accounting for less than 2% of the U.S. population. Among its members are the handful of super rich who own or control everything: the banks and the financial system of the world, the broadcast media, the publishing industry, entertainment, the education system, and the government and its accouterments, especially the bureaucracy, secret service and the military. They are the State, just as they were 2,000 years ago in the Bible.

Pharisaism emerged during the Babylonian Captivity, though its roots may reach back into ancient Egypt, before Moses. Pharisaism branched from the religion of Moses after adopting some occult ideas from the capturing societies. Since Johanan Ben Zakkai (circa A.D. 70), Pharisaism has evolved to (secretly) oppose Moses and the Pentateuch. Pharisaism's most important book is the Talmud (the oral tradition), not the Torah (the written Law) — The Torah is the Christian Old Testament and the official Bible of Judaism. With Judaism destroyed and Christianity on the ropes today after over sixty years of relentless onslaught in the West, Islam is the current target.

We are, in fact, engaged in a war of religion. Satanism versus Godliness. The West (that's us) has been enlisted on the side of Satan. You think we are the good guys? Look again:

Today's events do, indeed, come alive at Christmastime, when viewed through this lens with its cross hairs in an Apache helicopter gunsight.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Agents Provocateurs

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by Morley Evans

Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for "inciting agent(s)") is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action. As a known tool to prevent infiltration by agents provocateurs,[1] the organizers of large or controversial assemblies may deploy and coordinate demonstration marshals, also called stewards.[2][3]

Who could be behind such acts as terrorism as the suicide bomber and car bomb in Stockholm the other day? Was it Al Qaeda? Was it Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan? Probably not. Who then?

Who benefits? The people who benefit are the people who want to shore up NATO commitment in Afghanistan. If Swedish support for the 500 Swedish troops in Afghanistan is weak, then it can be reinforced if Swedes are attacked at home. So neither Al Qaeda nor Afghan tribesmen would benefit but the U.S. empire would. The likely agency responsible would be the CIA, with or without the cooperation of Swedish police or secret service.

And so it is with all the acts of terrorism. "We" are behind them. "Our" agents have been busy turning one group against another, for running "false flag" operations, and for psychological warfare for hundreds of years. The target is us. They terrorize us. Then they protect us from terrorists. They use our own money to manipulate us. So, wake up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The State

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The state lies in all the tongues of good and evil, and whatever it says is lies, and whatever it has, it has stolen, everything it is, is false, it bites with stolen teeth, and it bites often, it is false down to its bowels.

— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra [1883-85]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brainless Automatons

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by Morley Evans


Yesterday (20101207) at 2:21 PM, I was driving west on Assiniboine Avenue. The sky was blue without a cloud, there was not a soul around, only the souls in the cemetery on the south side of the empty street. The pavement was clear of ice and snow. I was proceeding at a prudent speed without a care in the world. I was bothering no one. There was no one to bother. Of course that is why officer T. Hackywicz No. 768 was running a speed trap for the Regina Police Department. When he stopped me, I made No. 768 aware that I take a very dim view of armed robbery and suggested he look for an honest job. I paid the fine on the Internet this morning ($128). I have suggested to the Regina Police Department many times that it could serve the citizens by introducing driver education, but no one has ever listened to me. It is much easier to set up a speed trap which requires only the brainless operation of an automaton who can harass innocent people and collect cash. Dealing with the atrocious driving habits of Regina's motorists would be much more difficult. It would take a brain. Officer No. 768 claims I was driving at the breakneck speed of 42 miles an hour. Horrors! Of course No. 768 could have claimed I was going 90 miles an hour and there is nothing I could do about that either. I'm sure Officer T Hackywicz is a nice young man and I would like to apologize to him for losing my temper and swearing. Officer T Hackywicz thinks he is doing honest work. He isn't. But he is not to blame, the Regina Police Department is to blame. Your speed traps do not one thing to improve things in Regina. Instead you are just another road hazard in a city filled with ignorant dangerous drivers. I appreciate a place where I can let you know what I think. Please examine your policies and try to do better.

Speaking of speed traps! How is it possible for a child to run out of his classroom, across the schoolyard and leap over a ten-foot page wire fence to run in front of your car that is "speeding"? How does giving you a fine for "speeding" in a School Zone make any child safer? Do children who can perform such fantastic athletic feats as I have described need to be protected at all? They would certainly be able to leap over your car as well as tall buildings. A favourite School Zone speed trap used to be located on Hillsdale Street until they removed the page wire fence and opened a new school. They no longer have a speed trap there, if memory serves. School Zones are just another example of ridiculous regulations that do nothing to make the world a better place, but they do provide a source of cash.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) started their crusade because a drunk driver who killed a child had had previous convictions while driving drunk. Yet he was still driving a car! Why? Rather than persecute everyone, why not enforce the law? The "justice" department is infested with brainless automatons, that's why. They heard somewhere that the law should be applied equally to everyone, but they don't know what it means.

How about drivers who have run red lights at 60 mph and have killed people here in Regina? NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM. I know of two specific recent cases.

And here in the home of Canadian Medicare, medical doctors can do anything at all and NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM. Yet the people who wear pumpkins on their heads and cheer for Regina's football team think Regina has the best football team, the best drivers and the best doctors in the world. Could it be that decades of relentless brainwashing by the Regina Leader-Post newspaper has turned the people of Regina into brainless automations? Perhaps they heard we should forgive and forget.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Your World, Hillary

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by Morley Evans

When Wikileaks dumped 250,000 back stage documents for everyone to see, Secretary of State Madam Clinton (the witch) sputtered, "It's an attack on the United States! It's an attack on the world!" Yes it is, Hillary. It is an attack on your world. Too bad, for you. Now, everyone can see more than what you put on the stage.

Three cheers for the Internet! Three cheers for Wikileaks! And don't forget to thank the U.S. Army for creating the Internet! "One never knows who one will have to thank," Morley Evans.

The first item leaked by Wikileaks is a video of the murder of people in Baghdad by the friendly folks of the United States Army. It makes one wonder just what kind of "heroes" the invaders really are. Are they agents of Satan? Are they helping to rebuild Iraq? Do we want them back here wearing civilian costumes and walking around with the rest of us now that they have been turned into psychopaths? You decide:

Why don't the people who are shot up by the Apache crew seem to be aware of the helicopter? Are they deaf? Is the Apache silent? No. The Apache M230 chain gun has an effective range of almost a mile and a maximum range of 2.8 miles. The Apache gunner can zero in on his victims telescopically and kill people from far away who are in the cross hairs of his chain gun sight.
The Apache's victims are defenseless as you can see. It's even better at night when we can see them but they cannot see us. This is only one of the ways freedom is defended by our heroes. Operators in Nevada fly Predators in Afghanistan and kill people on the other side of the world! Yes indeedy. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. They are keeping us safe, our heroes. Doesn't that make you proud?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

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by Morley Evans

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O come, O come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan's tyranny
From depths of Hell Thy people save
And give them victory o'er the grave
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer
Our spirits by Thine advent here
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night
And death's dark shadows put to flight.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

O come, Thou Key of David, come,
And open wide our heavenly home;
Make safe the way that leads on high,
And close the path to misery.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

O come, O come, Thou Lord of might,
Who to Thy tribes, on Sinai's height,
In ancient times did'st give the Law,
In cloud, and majesty and awe.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


© MMX V.1.0.6
by Morley Evans

Charles A. Limbergh Sr., father of the famous aviator, was the fiercest opponent of the Federal Reserve Act. A nation that has been subverted and colonized by an international financial cartel is denied knowledge of its rightful heroes. Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. (1859-1924) was one of its greatest.

Most people who think something is wrong, including Charles A. Lindberg, Sr. believe that the USA was good at one time and then it was subverted. Most of us do not think something is wrong. Most think the Declaration of Independence is part of the United States Constitution, even some United States Senators think that. Most think the lofty ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence, which no one can reject, represent the United States and what it stands for.

Everyone, however, should entertain this very real possibility:

Imagine that the United States is an ant farm of International Finance headquartered in London just down the street from Buckingham Palace. Imagine that the United States was begun by the British East India Company whose flag George Washington flew until "Betsy Ross" replaced the Union Jack in the canton with a circle of thirteen white stars on a blue field. The flag of thirteen red and white stripes was the flag of the British East India Company. The British East India Company was owned by the bankers in the City of London. Imagine that the War of American Independence was just a step in the process of spiriting control of the British Empire away from the British monarch and Parliament.

Imagine that the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the Boer Wars, the Spanish American War, the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Second World War, and the Cold War along with all the other wars of the last 200 years were all projects of the bankers in the City of London (AKA International Finance). When one group is turned against another and people fight and die, big finance makes big money. They love war. Imagine that the Twentieth Century with its so-called "Greatest Generation" was the greatest psyop ever engineered. Imagine that.

Now imagine a race that has been going on for over two hundred years between everyone else and the Empire with its capital first in London and since 1945 in Washington. Imagine that the Empire has been falling back as everyone else has been catching up. Imagine that every dirty trick has and is being used to maintain the hegemony of the Empire. Imagine that the industrial, informational, financial and military world dominion of the Empire has already been lost. Ask the Pentagon if it has been lost. Imagine that monopoly control of energy is about to be lost to abundant free energy for all and that the Age of Oil is over. Where does that leave our owners? Where does that leave you?

Will the Empire prevail? The people who run the Empire have not been giving up without a fight. (Don't be fooled. Wake up. You do not run the Empire with your vote.) They want to crush us and bring back feudalism. They can't be much better off, but you will be much worse off. What will happen? Stay tuned. Will you wake up or will you fall for the same old lies again and again? Do not sign up to be cannon fodder in their "War on Terror". Wake up. Turn your back on Satan. Say no and be free.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mainstream Media

© MMX V.1.0.1
by Morley Evans


Few people are aware how much of what they think is controlled by a very few. Everything one sees on the TV or reads in a newspaper or newsmagazine is there to misinform. That includes the crossword puzzle, sports and the human interest stories which are there to divert attention and confuse. You write:

This article impugns most Jews but I can assure my readers that I am still waiting for my offer. (You'll know I've accepted it when I get mainstream media coverage. That's the tell.) It's pathetic that anti-Communist/ anti-NWO forces need to be organized and subsidized by the enemy. It proves my contention that grass roots or populist resistance is negligible and nothing gets done politically unless someone pays for it. And you know who can afford that. [1]

Like the Neturei Karta [2] which gets zero coverage in the mainstream media, neither do you, nor I. Once I worried about that. No more. Nothing can be trusted in the mainstream media. It is all toxic. How ironic that most people do not believe something until it "appears in black and white."

- Morley

You may have noticed that Henry Makow and all the people in Neturei Karta are Jews. The people they criticize are Jews too. Is everyone who has an idea a Jew? How can it be that well over 99% of humanity has nothing to say? Do they have no thoughts? Is humanity just clay to be moulded by those few who can and do think? Small wonder some have a warped idea of their importance!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nippon no o furo

© MMX v.1.0.4
by Morley Evans


Watashi wa Nippon no o furo ga daisuki

Why do I love the Japanese bath? It is very very hot! (45°C).

Winter has come to Regina and, as I do every year, I ask, "Why does anyone live here?"

Naze dare mo ga koko ni sunde iru no desu ka?

The Japanese bath is a double wonder. It both warms one's bones in winter and cools one off in sweltering summer months. Sore muscles are relieved in the o furo.

Very hot baths have an analgesic effect, better than drugs. Like a sauna, they invigorate.

Hot baths make one immune to cold. Nothing is better than jumping into ice water after the o furo no longer feels hot. When this is repeated, one gets an illusion of invincibility! It's cold? What's cold? Hah!

Western bathtubs are not deep enough, but they can work. One would like to squat down in the tub and have one's nose just above the water. Then, any slight movement makes the water seem even hotter.

In a western bathtub, one can start with water that feels bearable and add hot water as one gets used to the heat. A thermometer will tell one that the temperature can be increased well above 45°C. When I feel like a noodle, it's time to get out. Carefully.

I don't have a pool of ice water to jump into, but I do have a cold shower which in winter is quite cold. Refreshing! Ahh!

The dry air of a sauna should be between 76°C and 100°C. Special equipment is required. Anyone with a bathtub can have Japanese bath. I definitely recommend them!

During the eight years I suffered with rhabdomyolisis, that was caused by the cholesterol reducing drug Zocor that doctors were giving me, I took three Japanese baths a day to relieve the extreme pain I suffered. I love them! I'm not too fond of doctors, however.

Nippon no o furo

A humidifier is absolutely necessary to make living indoors bearable in Saskatchewan winters. Otherwise, one's home will be dryer than Death Valley and one will suffer. You will dry up like a prune and itch. Egad. . .

One more tip. Saskatchewan's water is hard as a rock, like water everywhere on the Great Plains. It must be softened or bathing will be unpleasant. If your water is soft, as it is in Japan or Vancouver, no problem.

One final tip: no soap. Wash before you bathe in the o furo.

Be Healthy! Love Life!

Dear Mark at CBC Connect

© MMX V.1.0.2
by Morley Evans

Letter to CBC Connect. Too bad the CBC is not connected to reality.

Dear Mark,

The Canadian healthcare system is dead and rigor mortis is setting in. I hope it is buried soon.

Canadian medicine has been the captive of the most powerful union in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association and its legal attack dog the Canadian Medical Protective Association for over one hundred years. That union, the CMA, controls the doctors. The pharmaceutical companies use the doctors to sell nostrums directly to the sick. The Canadian public is at their mercy thanks to the Canadian legal system and Canadian legislators who protect the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. Anything goes. Nothing is too outrageous to be ignored. Tommy Douglas sealed everyone's fate when he hooked up this criminal monstrosity to the public treasury, ensuring that Canada would have the worst and most expensive healthcare system in the world. We are always told we are better off than Americans. We aren't, but the American system is a disaster anyway. People who can, should go to Cuba, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Japan, Taiwan, India, Switzerland, China or Panama rather than Canada or the United States.

When service providers run the system, when they have a monopoly and when they get paid whatever they do, you can expect bad things. Compare the Canadian health care system to the airline industry, anywhere. The Canadian health care system is completely out of control. It has been out of control since Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau and Monique Begin sold "free" Medicare to Canadians almost fifty years ago.

After suffering over sixty years of malpractice in Regina, I hope I never see another doctor or hospital in Canada, where patients come last and the system along with the people who run it come first. If I can stay away from them, I may live another sixty years.

- Morley Evans

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haitian Hypocrisy

© MMX V.1.1.1
by Morley Evans

Are you standing at attention? Well, do it!

The former Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, came from Haiti as a child. [1]

She and her family were refugees who escaped Papa Doc Duvalier to live in Québec.

Despite a biography that makes her early life seem tragic, Michaëlle Jean has lived a privileged life trading on her tragic life. (So typical of the Canadian élite: With someone else's money, they help the poor, long after they have helped themselves. Mother Theresa this ain't.)

Michaëlle Jean went to some of the best schools around the world, joined the CBC, and was chosen by Prime Minister Paul Martin as Governor General of Canada. (Former Minister of Finance, Paul Martin [2], himself, became a billionaire through some deft insider trading with the help of éminence grise Montréal tycoon Paul Desmarais. [3])

Reference is always made to the fact that Michaëlle Jean is a refugee from benighted Haiti. They say she overcame racism and persecution to rise to become Canada's Head of State, er, sorry, that would be Queen Elizabeth II. Oh well, then, Michaëlle Jean was the Queen's representative for 5 years.

Michaëlle Jean lived in the palace called Rideau Hall [4], pictured above, and was always bejeweled for official occasions.

While she was "queen for a day" Michaëlle Jean was fond of inspecting the troops who stood at attention while her tiny figure wearing a winning smile walked in front of stern faced huge men wearing medals and holding guns: the true north strong and free. [5]

Then Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Michaëlle Jean eventually made a statement of compassion. The Canadian government joined the international community to pledge billions in relief. The Haitians mostly needed clean water, sanitation and shelter.

When her term as Governor General was not renewed, Michaëlle Jean was appointed special envoy of the UN to Haiti. The Canadian government created the Michaëlle Jean Foundation to help Canadians. Michaëlle Jean chose to have her office in Ottawa instead of Paris so she could stay close to home and the source of the cash.

Then Haiti was hit by a hurricane. Now people are starting to die from cholera.

Despite all the relief that was promised by the richest countries in the world, not much has been delivered. That is why Haitians are dying of cholera. They don't have clean water, sanitation or shelter. Many will die in that benighted place before this is over.

Where is the promised relief? Where is Michaëlle Jean?

ABOVE ALL don't forget to pay your taxes so they can keep Canada going. It is your patriotic duty. You are patriotic aren't you? Canadians are always happy, happy, happy to live in their wonderful country where even a poor Haitian refuge can rise to the top!

Here's something you should know about Haiti: Before the "slave rebellion" in 1790, white French men took black concubines. Their offspring were mulattos who formed an élite upper class between the whites and the blacks. They lorded it over the destitute black Haitians. Mulattos became large land holders and slave owners before the French Revolution. The mulatto élite rebelled against the French to empower themselves, not to free the slaves. [6]

When he came to power in 1957, Papa Doc saw this mulatto élite as the main threat to his power. It was the mulatto élite whom Papa Doc Duvalier mainly terrorized. Michaëlle Jean is a mulatto from the Haitian upper class. She is no stranger to being part of the privileged élite.

The Haitians who are dying of cholera are not the people of Michaëlle Jean. Neither are you. You really should take a look at the rest of our ruling Canadian élite while you are at it. Take a look at Paul Desmarais. He began his career by running a bankrupt bus company in Sudbury that had been started by his grandfather. Now Desmarais is one of the richest men in Canada. Maybe you could do what our élite has done and rise to the top too. Work harder. Pay your taxes. That's the ticket. Ho ho. . .

[4] Rideau Hall images

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


© MMX V.1.0.2
by Morley Evans

Here is an article about a measure to fight anti-Semitism which is the world's "most enduring of all hatreds." Yes, indeed. This hatred is being manifested on the Internet, which is the only source of information not controlled by Zionists, where Israel is singled out for "selective condemnation and opprobrium." The Harper government, which is an asset of Zionism, not of Canadians, continues to lead the charge in the fight against anti-Semitism and the defence of "Israel". Of course no mention at all is made of the record of the "Jewish State" as the most egregious violator of human rights and promotor of race hatred in history. (Based upon Zionism's 130-year-long war on the Palestinians, Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone else.) To mention this would be anti-Semitic, of course. So I won't mention it and I hope you won't mention it either. Heaven forbid.


* Postmedia News OTTAWA

Anti-Semitism fight renewed with ‘Ottawa Protocol’

Stepped-up efforts within Canada and around the world are needed to combat rising antiSemitism, says a freshly penned international declaration designed to stamp out the “most enduring of all hatreds.”

The declaration, known as the Ottawa Protocol, was released Tuesday following a two-day meeting of parliamentarians and experts from about four dozen countries in Ottawa.

“We are alarmed by the explosion of anti-Semitism and hate on the Internet, a medium crucial for the promotion and protection of freedom of expression, freedom of information, and the participation of a civil society,” the declaration said.

A major concern, it says, is the failure of many countries to live up to commitments to maintain reliable statistics about anti-Semitic and other hate crimes.

The Ottawa Protocol builds on one crafted in London in February 2009 at the founding conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism.

Irwin Cotler, chairman of the international coalition and a noted human rights activist, told a news conference the protocol breaks new ground.

For the first time, it provides detailed definitions of what constitutes anti-Semitism and puts in writing what the group sees as the distinction between anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of the state of Israel, the Liberal MP said.

“Let it be clear: Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is wrong,” the protocol says.

“But singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium — let alone denying its right to exist or seeking is destruction — is discriminatory and hateful, and not saying so is dishonest.”

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who attended the London Conference, said the Ottawa meeting, which attracted hundreds of participants, proves the 2009 gathering was not a one-off.

Promoting Homosexuality

© MMX V.1.0.3
by Morley Evans

The campaign to destroy us is well under way as this item illustrates. Why is homosexuality being promoted? It is easier to control people if the basic social unit, the family, is destroyed: have sex not children; men have sex with men, women have sex with women, and women are promoted to replace men as the managers of humanity for the owners of humanity. Who are they? Don't worry, if you have to ask you aren't one of them. Where does that leave you? Sounds like Huxley. Sounds like the NWO. It is all packaged as "human rights" and "liberation".


Last week, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board announced it plans a detailed survey of its student body, from junior kindergarten up to high school seniors. For younger children (up to Grade 6), the parents will answer the survey and children in Grade 7 and above will answer the survey themselves. The surveys, which will ask about things like home life, religion, ethnic background, gender and sexual orientation, are intended to help the school board make better decisions about the programs it offers and about the allocation of resources.

Public opinion on the survey is divided. On the one hand, some parents feel like the school board is prying too much into their private lives and are concerned the privacy of students and their families will not be sufficiently safeguarded. On the other hand, a lot of people are extremely pleased the school board is not only pretending to recognize diversity, but that it is actually making a very inclusive attempt to better understand how diverse its student body is in order to better improve services.

According to the Ottawa District School Board's page on the 2010 OCDSB Student Survey:

Research tells us that student learning is affected by issues of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language and culture of origin, socio-economic status, instructional practice and parental engagement. The combination of these factors can have a significant impact on a student, on a school and/or on a district. If we want to align our instructional practice with student needs, then we must understand our student needs.

A recent national survey on homophobia in Canadian schools reported that “the lack of solid Canadian evidence has been a major impediment faced by educators who need to understand the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning students in order to respond”. (2009 Canadian Climate Survey on Homophobia) We want everyone to feel safe in our schools and to do that, we need to know who doesn’t feel safe and why.

Unlike many other surveys, the questions do not assume everyone fits neatly into mainstream traditional boxes, nor does it relegate those who don't to an "other" box. The question on gender, for example, provides the following options: male, female, transgender, prefer not to disclose. The question on who the student's main caregivers are provide a wide variety of options recognizing same-sex couples, shared custody, step-parents, foster parents, and more. The question for students in Grade 7 and above on sexual orientation, which is perhaps one of the more controversial, gives these choices (students can choose more than one):

• Bisexual
• Gay (male)
• Heterosexual (straight)
• Lesbian (female)
• Queer
• Questioning
• Transsexual
• Two-spirited
• Prefer not to disclose

The full set of questions for the surveys are available online:

Kindergarten to Grade 6 Survey
Grade 7 to 12 Survey

Monday, November 8, 2010


© MMX V.1.0.3
by Morley Evans

Leaders lose sight of their duty to serve the flock. They reverse roles so the flock serves them.

This is not something new. Modern duhmockricy is a fiction designed to fool the flock which in reality has no power and never did. Communism and Naziism were not different.

Any day now, everyone will celebrate the Great Victory of '45, history's greatest bloodbath. Festooned with red poppies, Canadians will shed crocodile tears, continue to make war, blame the enemy and pray for peace, in vain. 

We are well aware of the crimes of our enemies. Our leaders make sure we will never forget. We are unaware of our leaders' crimes, however, or our own. Winston Churchill is loved by the privileged classes who live in the former domain of the British Empire. Since 1945 they have been part of the US empire. With the Great Victory of '45, the capital moved across the Atlantic from London to Washington. It is the same empire with new management. World domination is the game.

Americans believe they have freed the world from empires. The British Empire was bad, but the US empire isn't an empire, so it is good they think. That's what they are taught. But, they have actually freed the world from all the other empires, leaving only the US empire, for now.

The British Empire was bad, make no mistake. Fans of Winston Churchill should read this interview with Madhusree Mukerjee, an Indian scholar, to get a true reading of the man and the British Empire:

Are things better now? Sorry gang. The US empire may be the worst of the worst and they were all bad. It's not a matter of lesser evils: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, FDR, Tojo, Chiang, Mao. . . The list goes forward to the present and back into antiquity. Look it up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stalin Is Proud

© MMX V.1.0.3
by Morley Evans

Stalin is proud of the Omar Khadr Show Trial. Stalin is proud of Cheney, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the Pentagon, the CIA and the United States with its allies in the Free World.

Stalin knew that the "Free World" is just another name for what George Orwell called "Oceania" in his novel 1984.

The Free World was merely a post war competitor of the Soviet Union for world domination. Today, after having won, the Free World is being transformed into the Soviet Union. Stalin won and he is smiling in Hell.

Here is an excellent article in the National Post about the Show Trial of Omar Khadr.

Everything that Oceania does is okay with Canada's Prime Minister, Steven Harper and his gang of sycophants and stooges. It is not all right with me and neither is Steven Harper, or Stalin and the communists who are with him in Hell or who are still roaming the earth.

Like Stalin and Harper, Hitler is happy with Oceania's progress too.

Friday, November 5, 2010


© MMX V.1.0.5
by Morley Evans

"Truth has nothing to do with it. Politics is bullshit. The issues are lies."

That paraphrases Tom Turnipseed's words in "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story". [1] [2] The attorney, social activist and former South Carolina State Senator had been an early victim of Lee Atwater when Atwater spread a story during a campaign that Turnipseed had been "hooked up to jumper cables" to treat a psychiatric problem.

Is that true? Is politics bullshit? Is this only true in South Carolina?

No, it is universally true, now, everywhere and always.

Here in Regina, the Premier has successfully defended Saskatchewan from the "hostile" bid by BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, to take over the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS). [3]

What is this all about?

Potash in Saskatchewan has always been political hay. Politicians in Saskatchewan have promised to make potash as important as oil is in Alberta and Saudi Arabia. We'll all be rich, they say. We'll be just like Jed Clampett when Jed found bubblin' crude when he was shootin' at some food. [4] Politicians will bring home the bacon for the people. They want your vote.

In the 1960s, Liberal Premier, Ross Thatcher, introduced a marketing scheme that would keep prices and profits up by eliminating "cutthroat" competition. It was called pro-rationing and was requested by the potash companies. Revenue to the province would be maximized. In the 1970s, NDP Premier, Allan Blakeney, PC, OC, SOM, QC, FRSC [5] created the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan so "the people" could reap the profits. Potash was paying for all of Saskatchewan's generous social programs, Blakeney asserted. This was false as my own study done by Arthur Anderson in Calgary proved. [6] Did Blakeney not know what he was talking about? We can assume Blakeney knows how to read an annual report since he was a Director of many large corporations. Blakeney either is a bumble brain or he is a liar. You decide.

The fact is that the Potash Corporation never put one dime into the Saskatchewan treasury. Instead, it cost the Saskatchewan taxpayers over a billion dollars. PCS did provide jobs for the NDP and its friends, of course. So "we" were not enriched even though "we" owned PCS. Not incidentally, "we" don't own the provincial treasury either. It is owned by the government and by the people who decide how it will be spent and who will get it. The basic premise of every duhmockricy, that "we" own the government, is a lie. The government owns us as it always has.

BHP Billiton is an Australian company. Foreigners. That's bad. BHP Billiton is "the world's largest mining company." That's bad. BHP Billiton is making a "hostile" bid. Horrors! Clearly, "we" and our vital interests need to be defended. Politicians to the rescue. The federal government plans to sell Saskatchewan down the river. Despicable. The Premier stands up for the people, and wins! [7]

What is this all about?

Let's get this straight: "we " do not own the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. When the government owned it, "we" got nothing anyway; PCS cost the taxpayers over a billion dollars. The Potash Corporation is largely owned by people who do not live in Saskatchewan. It makes no difference to us if different people own it. The royalties are not affected by who owns it and the government gets all the royalties anyway, not "us". [8]

The BHP Billiton bid is "hostile" to PCS management. They might lose their jobs. The bid is not hostile to shareholders who would love to get a big price for their stock. Unlike the Premiers of Newfoundland and Alberta who fight with Ottawa over who gets the money from oil, who gets the money from potash, Saskatchewan or Ottawa, is not an issue.

What is this about?

It is all Kabuki theatre: Mr Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan, can use this to distance himself from Mr. Harper, the Prime Minister, who is not very popular in Saskatchewan. I hate Harper myself. By "standing up for Saskatchewan" and for "our" potash, Mr. Wall may be able to take an issue away from the NDP who proved they could not run a popcorn stand when they owned PCS and ran the province into the ground. Good luck to Wall.

The issue is bullshit.

Tommy Douglas CCF Medicare is far more serious. Medicare has taken over the entire country from sea to sea. The Canadian medical system is the worst in the world as well as the most expensive in the world. Canadians believe it is the best and that it is free too. Bullshit is found not only in South Carolina.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Cancer Treatment

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by Morley Evans

Cancer is a very serious disease for which there seems to be no cure. People tiptoe around the subject. They are afraid for good reason. Cancer today may be the number one killer, edging out cardiovascular disease for top position.

Cancer was not unknown in the past, but it was not as common as now. Its prevalence has increased with sedentary lifestyles and modern innovations, especially chemicals, radiation and sugar consumption.

The number one cause of cancer, it is well established and accepted, is radiation. The number one source of radiation is medical treatment such as X-rays. Madame Curie pioneered radiation research. Radiation was then thought to offer a cure for neoplasms (cancer). How was that supposed to work?

Madame Curie died of cancer. She was killed by radiation. Her papers today are so radioactive they are stored in lead boxes. Pierre Curie, her husband, was run down by a carriage and killed. Autopsy revealed he was also loaded with cancer which would have killed him too.

Yet radiation has always been a mainstay of cancer treatment. This is hard to understand. Treatment follows this pattern: radiation shrinks tumors; cancer is declared gone; a few months later, cancer returns and the patient dies. I personally know of more than a dozen cases like this, including my father.

No one ever seems to make the connection between radiation and cancer. Why not? Is it because cancer treatment and research are multi-billion dollar rackets? Could be. Some physicians claim sugar is the cause of most of the diseases which plague modern man, especially CVD and cancer. These diseases were unknown in populations with no sugar in their diets. They began to appear in the more affluent populations that were able to buy and consume sugar.

Why don't you try eliminating sugar from your diet and try getting some exercise? You could add JuicePLUS+ too to provide the nutrition your body needs but likely does not get. More on that later.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ask A Patient

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by Morley Evans

ZOCOR (Merck & Co., Inc.) | LIPITOR (Pfizer, Inc.): They are proud to say they are the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Statin drugs are the most profitable pharmaceutical products in history! Billions of dollars are made every year selling statin drugs to lower cholesterol (which is completely unnecessary and harmful). They sell dozens of other pharmaceutical products, of course. All have side effects. All are very profitable. Money is their guiding star. Money, money, money, mmm, money . . .

I added a few thoughts about Zocor and Lipitor to "Ask a Patient". While the harm done to me was great, the problem is much larger than me and the doctors involved in my own case. Canadian medicine is a vast criminal empire. Reforming it will take time. Patient patients will be rewarded.

Side Effects: myalgia, neuralgia, insomnia, dementia, polyneuropathy, rhabdomyolisis, subdural hematoma, coma, and pain, pain pain. It has taken me 18 years to recover from what was started in 1992 by my doctor, John N. Alport, M.D., may he and his tribe burn in Hell. Add these side effects: bowel and bladder incontinence, severe joint pain, swollen fingers and throbbing hands, rheumatism, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, difficulty swallowing, numbness, feet that felt as if they were on fire, hair loss, and tinnitus.

Comments: Before they go to Hell, the people at Merck, Pfizer and the doctors who shill for them should be sent to a very nasty prison. Merck, Pfizer and their doctor mountebanks should be stripped of every asset including their medical licenses. They should be disgraced and totally destroyed. The proceeds of their financial liquidation should be distributed to their victims. These crooks sit on an astronomical fortune. According to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (I recommend him highly), Merck started the statin industry when Merck bought lovastatin from the US Army. If so, any similarity between the side effects of all statin drugs to various drugs used to torture people would not be coincidental. Why can I not rate Zocor and Lipitor lower than one at "Ask a Patient"? Zocor and Lipitor deserve a much lower rating than zero. I am extremely dissatisfied with Zocor, Lipitor and the idiots who prescribe them and lie to cover up their crimes.

Go to "Ask a Patient" to discover what patients really think about the pharmaceutical nostrums their doctors have prescribed for them.

Lipitor caused as much harm of the same nature as Zocor. Lipitor proves that Zocor was the cause of my illness when I was taking Zocor and Zocor proves that Lipitor was the cause of my illness when I was taking Lipitor. Two double blind studies of statin drugs were conducted on me between 1992 and 2000 by ignoramuses licensed to practice medicine. I certainly never suspected that the statins were causing my problems or I would have stopped taking them. The doctors were unaware of the side effects too (apparently), so they prescribed more drugs to treat the side effects and eventually referred me to specialists who never made a correct diagnosis themselves. Even when confronted with the evidence all but Dr. Cenaiko denied Statins could be responsible. "Statins can't do that." Yes, they do, doc. Read the product monographs. You can read, can't you?

You can add your own comments at Go ahead. Did you know it is estimated that 25% of all doctors and pharmacists abuse drugs themselves and addiction is common? An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association ranks doctors as the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease (CVD). They claim to be our leading citizens. Isn't that amazing?


Dr. Duane Graveline:
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's The Great Cholesterol Con
Dr. Barbara Starfield

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Canada's National Sport

© MMX V.1.0.8
by Morley Evans

Canada's national sport is hockey.

I have been told this over and over since I was a child. I was never a fan. I could not play hockey. I wasn't big enough. My feet froze in the tightly laced ice skates. I had asthma which was activated by frosty air out on the skating rink across the street from our house.

"Hockey Night in Canada" with Foster Hewitt every Saturday night before "Don Messer's Jubilee" on CBC was deadly boring. Now that I am older, and have experienced what Canada has to offer, I am beginning to appreciate that hockey truly is Canada's national sport, like it or not.

Hockey is two games. Hockey is the game that the camera follows as it chases the puck up and down the ice. That is the game everyone talks about. That game is about the stars who make the plays and who make the goals and the saves. Hockey is also a game of thuggery and intimidation. That game is only noticed by most people when a fight breaks out. "Why are they fighting," some wonder? "Why don't they stop that?"

A fight is the result of an ongoing battle that is not noticed by the referees. They are too busy watching the puck and the players chasing the puck. Some of the fans, apparently, watch this second game. They are like the people who go to auto races hoping to see someone crash and, hopefully, die. Broadcasters like Don Cherry revel in body checking and fighting. They see it as part of the game. It is part of Canada's game.

Hockey mayhem is never punished. Even deliberate acts of assault causing grievous bodily harm are not punished. Examples abound. They have existed as long as hockey has been played. Major Junior player Patrice Cormier, who assaulted Mikael Tam last winter, will go scot-free after extending an apology. [1] Ho ho. Wink wink. Cormier's future in the NHL will not be jeopardized. Heaven forbid!

What hockey really is is well known. It is a goon game. Parents can figure it out when they send their children to play hockey. Parents can decide it is not wholesome fun and choose a different activity. Hockey is not unique. Most activities in Canada are governed by the same rules as hockey.

What exactly are those rules? That is The Big Question for everybody.

Canada is fraught with danger. Going to a doctor is one glaring example: it is a high risk activity. The real game is not the same as the advertised game. It is the opposite. When visiting a doctor, for example, the important person is the doctor, not you the patient. His interests come first, not yours. No one will tell you that, but it's true. You can beware, but even the wary are not safe in Canada.

Contrary to popular opinion, which is promoted by the people who run the show, Canada is not a very nice place. It is a hockey game. If you get blindsided and creamed, too bad for you. You probably won't even get an apology and no one who should care will care. That is how it really is in Canada. The rest is bullshit.

What are the rules? I would like someone to explain this to me, but I'm afraid no one ever will, or can.


Cormier guilty of assault

OCTOBER 20, 2010

Former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge.

The charge stemmed from a vicious elbow to the head Cormier delivered to Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam during a game last winter against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.

The discharge means Cormier will not have a criminal record and will allow him to travel to the United States to pursue his hockey career. His NHL rights belong to the Atlanta Thrashers.

"I'm a physical player," Cormier said yesterday, "but this is no excuse for what I did. I want to apologize again to Mikael Tam and his family."

The headshot left Tam, who suffered brain trauma and damage to his teeth, convulsing on the ice.

Cormier was suspended for the rest of the season and was charged in May.

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Former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge.

The charge stemmed from a vicious elbow to the head Cormier delivered to Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam during a game last winter against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.

The discharge means Cormier will not have a criminal record and will allow him to travel to the United States to pursue his hockey career. His NHL rights belong to the Atlanta Thrashers.

"I'm a physical player," Cormier said yesterday, "but this is no excuse for what I did. I want to apologize again to Mikael Tam and his family."

The headshot left Tam, who suffered brain trauma and damage to his teeth, convulsing on the ice.

Cormier was suspended for the rest of the season and was charged in May.


© Copyright (c) The Montreal GazetteFormer Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge.

The charge stemmed from a vicious elbow to the head Cormier delivered to Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam during a game last winter against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.

The discharge means Cormier will not have a criminal record and will allow him to travel to the United States to pursue his hockey career. His NHL rights belong to the Atlanta Thrashers.

"I'm a physical player," Cormier said yesterday, "but this is no excuse for what I did. I want to apologize again to Mikael Tam and his family."

The headshot left Tam, who suffered brain trauma and damage to his teeth, convulsing on the ice.

Cormier was suspended for the rest of the season and was charged in May.


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