Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Mark at CBC Connect

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by Morley Evans

Letter to CBC Connect. Too bad the CBC is not connected to reality.

Dear Mark,

The Canadian healthcare system is dead and rigor mortis is setting in. I hope it is buried soon.

Canadian medicine has been the captive of the most powerful union in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association and its legal attack dog the Canadian Medical Protective Association for over one hundred years. That union, the CMA, controls the doctors. The pharmaceutical companies use the doctors to sell nostrums directly to the sick. The Canadian public is at their mercy thanks to the Canadian legal system and Canadian legislators who protect the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. Anything goes. Nothing is too outrageous to be ignored. Tommy Douglas sealed everyone's fate when he hooked up this criminal monstrosity to the public treasury, ensuring that Canada would have the worst and most expensive healthcare system in the world. We are always told we are better off than Americans. We aren't, but the American system is a disaster anyway. People who can, should go to Cuba, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Japan, Taiwan, India, Switzerland, China or Panama rather than Canada or the United States.

When service providers run the system, when they have a monopoly and when they get paid whatever they do, you can expect bad things. Compare the Canadian health care system to the airline industry, anywhere. The Canadian health care system is completely out of control. It has been out of control since Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau and Monique Begin sold "free" Medicare to Canadians almost fifty years ago.

After suffering over sixty years of malpractice in Regina, I hope I never see another doctor or hospital in Canada, where patients come last and the system along with the people who run it come first. If I can stay away from them, I may live another sixty years.

- Morley Evans

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