Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mainstream Media

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by Morley Evans


Few people are aware how much of what they think is controlled by a very few. Everything one sees on the TV or reads in a newspaper or newsmagazine is there to misinform. That includes the crossword puzzle, sports and the human interest stories which are there to divert attention and confuse. You write:

This article impugns most Jews but I can assure my readers that I am still waiting for my offer. (You'll know I've accepted it when I get mainstream media coverage. That's the tell.) It's pathetic that anti-Communist/ anti-NWO forces need to be organized and subsidized by the enemy. It proves my contention that grass roots or populist resistance is negligible and nothing gets done politically unless someone pays for it. And you know who can afford that. [1]

Like the Neturei Karta [2] which gets zero coverage in the mainstream media, neither do you, nor I. Once I worried about that. No more. Nothing can be trusted in the mainstream media. It is all toxic. How ironic that most people do not believe something until it "appears in black and white."

- Morley

You may have noticed that Henry Makow and all the people in Neturei Karta are Jews. The people they criticize are Jews too. Is everyone who has an idea a Jew? How can it be that well over 99% of humanity has nothing to say? Do they have no thoughts? Is humanity just clay to be moulded by those few who can and do think? Small wonder some have a warped idea of their importance!


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