Monday, November 8, 2010


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by Morley Evans

Leaders lose sight of their duty to serve the flock. They reverse roles so the flock serves them.

This is not something new. Modern duhmockricy is a fiction designed to fool the flock which in reality has no power and never did. Communism and Naziism were not different.

Any day now, everyone will celebrate the Great Victory of '45, history's greatest bloodbath. Festooned with red poppies, Canadians will shed crocodile tears, continue to make war, blame the enemy and pray for peace, in vain. 

We are well aware of the crimes of our enemies. Our leaders make sure we will never forget. We are unaware of our leaders' crimes, however, or our own. Winston Churchill is loved by the privileged classes who live in the former domain of the British Empire. Since 1945 they have been part of the US empire. With the Great Victory of '45, the capital moved across the Atlantic from London to Washington. It is the same empire with new management. World domination is the game.

Americans believe they have freed the world from empires. The British Empire was bad, but the US empire isn't an empire, so it is good they think. That's what they are taught. But, they have actually freed the world from all the other empires, leaving only the US empire, for now.

The British Empire was bad, make no mistake. Fans of Winston Churchill should read this interview with Madhusree Mukerjee, an Indian scholar, to get a true reading of the man and the British Empire:

Are things better now? Sorry gang. The US empire may be the worst of the worst and they were all bad. It's not a matter of lesser evils: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, FDR, Tojo, Chiang, Mao. . . The list goes forward to the present and back into antiquity. Look it up.

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