Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cholesterol Hoax

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"Cholesterol" is a hoax.

VISIT SUE! Statins! and join the list!

This is my case:

I took Zocor for 76 months. From the first day, I suffered from every symptom Merck lists in its product monographs, and some that do not appear, such as mental incapacity. My doctor (John N. Alport) lied to me and ignored my complaints for 48 months but he did double the dose and prescribe an antidepressant. Alport also engaged my pharmacist, Dean Ast, in a scheme to conceal evidence. After a second doctor (J.S. McMillan, M.D.) had diagnosed me with chronic pain (fibromyalgia), Alport prescribed pain killers and more antidepressants for the next 28 months. During that period, I had over a hundred referrals for pain after Alport admitted I was in pain. Then, I stopped taking Zocor and all other medication for 21 months after a prolotherapy treatment by a third doctor. (F.T. Cenaiko, M.D.) I recovered only partially but I was much better thanks to him. Next, a fourth doctor (F. C. Annandale, M.D.) prescribed Lipitor after he bought Alport's practice and acquired me as a patient. My symptoms returned. Like Alport, Annandale laughed off my complaints of pain. Four months later I was in a coma. It has taken me OVER FIFTEEN YEARS to recover from what John N. Alport began in January 1992 to start my new year — and my new life as a "disabled person".

Today, I am doing great, thanks to proper diet, exercise, the right supplements, and many good people who helped me (including over 30 doctors, pharmacists, herbalists and therapists). I may live another sixty years. My cholesterol is 365 (9.5). Everything else (blood pressure, homocysteine, clotting factor, family history, etc.) is better than normal, as it was all along. The Wrath of God should descend on the pharmaceutical companies who are selling statin drugs and smite their accomplices in the medical profession who prescribe this poison. Medical oversight should do something about nitwits, numbskulls and nincompoops like John N. Alport. Unsuited to practice "family medicine", Alport now goes to court to pursue his career as a professional liar so insurance companies like SGI can weasel out of their obligations. Honest people know what to think about them and about the courts in Saskatchewan which are a farce.

Unfortunately, knuckleheads and criminals are protected in Canada by the outlaw CMPA and organized medicine — these people are just like the Mafia, only they are worse because they are the Establishment.


Cholesterol is an essential part of your body. It makes strong the wall of every cell in your body (including muscles, nerves, joints, blood vessels, brain). Your cells break down without cholesterol. (Rhabdomyolysis) Cholesterol in your blood has nothing to do with so-called "plaque" that may be found within the wall structure of your arteries (arteriosclerosis). Eliminating cholesterol in your blood will not remove that "plaque" (if it exists) or provide any other benefits, except for enriching some pharmaceutical company. Reducing your cholesterol will not prevent heart attacks or save your life. Tell your doctor, "No thanks," or just ignore him if he gets pushy. Find another doctor. Look for other ways to become healthier.

These were my symptoms:

Coming soon: How I Recovered and What I learned.

Medical Timeline GRAPHIC:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Divide and Conquer

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A South politician preaches to the poor white man,
"You got more than the blacks,
don't complain.
You're better than them,
you been born with white skin,"
they explain.
And the Negro's name
Is used it is plain
For the politician's gain
As he rises to fame
And the poor white remains
On the caboose of the train
But it ain't him to blame
He's only a pawn in their game.

- Bob Dylan (Only a Pawn in Their Game)

We got the idea that the majority rules from eighteenth century political philosophers, like Smith and Locke. How could it be otherwise? There are more of us than them. But, sadly, that has never been the case and it is not the case today. Tiny élites rule the mass of humanity. They use various devices, including the cultivation of the notion that they possess superior knowledge. They often have managed to get people to believe that they alone speak to God, Himself. They have sometimes managed to get the mass to believe that they, themselves, are gods.

Elites typically turn elements of the mass against each other. That keeps them fighting each other so they don't unite to throw off their oppressor. Today the invaders of Iraq (that's us) continue to foment strife between Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds. The British and Americans played this game throughout the 20th century in Iraq.

In colonial America, laws were passed making it mandatory for planters to carry guns to church on Sunday. Planters lived in mortal fear that their black slaves would unite with their white slaves to get rid of the planters. Yes, there were white slaves. They were expected to do this on a Sunday when everyone was in church. The equation didn't change after whites became free: whites became "hillbillies" and "white trash" and "whitey" and "honky" and "cracker". They were despised by blacks whom whites could continue to hate. Whites longed to be as respectable as the élite which despised them more than the blacks despised them. Ironically both whites and blacks joined the élite to fight the Union when The South was invaded during the Civil War. Then they went back to hating each other, which helped the Union occupation called "Reconstruction".

Hate is handy. Divide and conquer. It's an old game.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The American Revolution

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I am becoming persuaded that Thomas Paine was a propagandist imported from England to put the gloss of Liberty on the American Revolution. That would have been necessary to give the yeomen the idea that they would benefit so they would support the revolution. Only about a third did, apparently, and a third supported Great Britain, and a third were indifferent. Thomas Paine is considered to be one of the founders. But he did not sign the Declaration of Independence because he was not a member of the Continental Congress. (The official story is that Paine was a Deist while the founders were staunch Christians.) Paine only arrived in America in 1774. He was not part of the club. He did not profit. He shared the fate of Dan'l Boone and the other yeomen Americans. George Washington and the gang went on to make stupendous profits. George, himself, led his army to put down in the Whiskey Rebellion the yeomen who objected to being robbed. They had gotten the idea that they were free. They weren't. The divide between the élite and everyone else persists to this day. For 232 years most people have believed the myth that Thomas Paine created for them. It is a noble myth that America should aspire to realizing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Voting and Markets

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I certainly agree with Sheldon Richman that the "marketplace" of political operatives does not resemble the marketplace of goods and services or ideas.

Most businessmen of my acquaintance are enthusiastic supporters of the marketplace, until one begins to explain it to them. Then they begin to become uneasy. They start to fidget. Their eyes start to glaze over. They fumble under their desks for the security button. Some would reach for a gun if they had one. I haven't met any who do, even in the United States where supposedly everyone has a gun, or two. The problem is that most businessmen do not like the market. They are always searching for ways to avoid competition. They hate government. Yet the most handy — and unassailable — device available to businessmen (and everyone else, we should note) is the government. These fellows invariably hate unions, and communists who would give the businessman's money to the poor (after they give it to themselves). They view businessmen as members of the plutocracy. They view people who do not belong to their country club as, well, as vermin. They identify with the Romans and the lions, not with the Christians. Americans who founded the bastion of free enterprise on earth were fond of "classical revival" architecture and place names from ancient Greece and Rome: "Athens" "Sparta" "Rome" and such. Fasces decorate the front wall in the House of Representatives and more. Did they not know that the Roman republic included only a tiny élite? Of course they knew that. They were a tiny élite. That's how they set things up.

There are problems with the marketplace, beyond the marketplace as it is controlled by fascists. But the world has never seen such a marketplace so we need not bother ourselves with esoteric discussions of them just yet. Generally speaking, voting is a complete waste of time. "I never vote, you know. It only encourages them." Generally speaking, government is the seat of evil in any society. Would that it were not so, but it is so. Look at the record. A tax strike would be useful to curb government. That would serve the well-being of the average person, even the poor, even the rich, even the environment. A free market? Radical . . . Esoteric . . .

Friday, February 15, 2008

Neturei Karta International


From: "Neturei Karta International"
Date: February 8, 2008 10:58:27 AM GMT-06:00
Subject: Orthodox Jews Condemn Violence in Gaza
Reply-To: "Neturei Karta International"

Friday, February 8, 2008

Orthodox Jews Worldwide protest
Zionist Atrocities in Gaza

The recent Zionist atrocities in Gaza have triggered outrage, protests and demonstrations by anti-Zionist Jews in New York, London, Washington, DC and the Holy Land.

Orthodox Rabbis have issued statements and written letters of protest to the United Nations condemning the violence and atrocities in Gaza and the Holy Land, asking for intervention.

Links to Statements and Protests on the Massacre in Gaza from Neturei Karta in Jerusalem:>>Statements on the Massacre in Gaza from Neturei Karta in Jerusalem >>Statements on the Massacre in Gaza from Neturei Karta in Canada and the USA >>Orthodox Rabbi condemns recent events in Gaza >>Rally outside"Israeli" Consulate in New York City on Saturday, 26 January 08 >>Demonstration in London on Saturday, 26 January 08 >>Rally outside "Israeli" Consulate in New York City on Friday, 25 January 2008 >>Rally outside "Israeli" Consulate in Washington, DC on Friday, 25 January 2008

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Anti-Zionist Orthodox Rabbis in Jerusalem Condemn Remarks
by Zionist "Chief Rabbi" Yona Metzger

In the past week the so-called Chief Rabbi of the so-called State of "Israel", Yona Metzger, has made vicious and provocative statements asserting that the Palestinians living in Gaza should be moved from their homes into the Sinai desert.

Read the urgent press release issued by Neturei Karta Jerusalem at

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Visit our web site for information and photos of activities and anti-Zionist protests in the London, the Holy Land, the USA and Canada.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Future?

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Dear Riaz,

My good friend. Thank you for thinking of me and keeping me on your list.

Don't worry about the Calgary Herald. It is part of the world wide mind control system and is currently owned by the Israel Asper family in Manitoba (CanWestGlobal). They are Zionists who support the so-called State of "Israel" and the world-wide Anglo-American empire which has been run out of Washington since 1918. They will steadfastly ignore you and me and all the other people in the world who aren't part of their system. That would be about 98% of humanity at the present time. Virtually nothing they say should be accepted on face value. Just ignore them. They are poison. Don't buy their paper. Don't buy advertising. The entire "mass media" of the West is owned by Zionists. They tell people what to think.

It doesn't matter.

The Anglo-American empire is doomed. It hasn't won a war since 1945 and it "cheated" to win that one. The empire went from the unconditional surrender of the Empire of Japan in 1945 to "losing China" in 1948. The empire lost India in 1947. Then it lost Korea (1953) and Vietnam (1975). It had lost all of the British Empire by 1960, except for a few small islands here and there. Now when "the world's only remaining superpower" is losing Iraq and Afghanistan, it is planning to bomb and invade Iran. Things are coming unglued in Pakistan too. Will McCain or Obama/Clinton occupy Pakistan for the next 100 years? Why not for the next 1,000 years? Maybe they can get India to invade Pakistan for them. That won't work.

The simple fact of the matter is that nobody will ever have enough bombs and ships and planes and soldiers to occupy the world. They will never control everyone's mind either. That failed in the U.S.S.R. and it has failed in the West. The world-wide mind control system only controls some of the minds in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, but not all of them. Those reluctant NATO partners in Afghanistan are only there to placate the crazy people in Washington.

The empire is not "the world's only remaining superpower" either. It is losing commerce every day. The (U.S.) dollar had been going down the drain for decades. When I was in Japan in 1970 there were more than 350 yen to the dollar. Today there are 107 yen to the dollar. The euro is worth more than the dollar. The yuan props up the dollar. So does the yen. The Chinese hold mountains of U.S. debt. Japan holds ten times as much. The United States has by far the biggest economy in the world, but Europe as a whole is bigger — despite having been flattened by two world wars in the 20th century. China is booming. India is booming. The pants I am wearing were made in China, my shirt in Bangladesh, my sweater in India, my shorts in Costa Rica, my socks in Turkey, my belt in Mexico. Toyota has surpassed General Motors as the world's largest car manufacturer. Volvo is the world's second largest heavy truck manufacturer. Daimler is the world's largest heavy truck manufacturer. Tata Motors makes the world's least expensive car. Volkswagon makes the world's fastest car (Bugatti Veyron) and the world's most efficient engine (75 mpg). The industrialist, Tata, was not a Muslim or a Hindu. He was a Zoroastrian. It is a big world out there, outside the empire. Other people are smart too.

The United States is a golem. But the black magic of kabbalah has failed. The monster became impotent at the very moment it was supposed to have become omnipotent. That was in August 1945 when it dropped the atom bombs on the Japanese. Look at the record.

The U.S. military is so proud of itself. Why hasn't it been able to win even one war since 1945? Look at the record. (Of course The Gipper did successfully invade Grenada to rebuild America's confidence.) Could the U.S. military be worthless? Could the masterminds who would control the world, have squandered American treasure (and lives) and everyone else's lives and treasure for nothing? Yep. That's about it. That is really frightening, to them. They are going to have to learn to play with the other children in the sandbox. The English who started this have had to do that. Who will be the next bully? China? Russia? India? Mexico? Maybe there won't be another bully for some time to come. Maybe we, the Anglo-American empire, have been the bully since Elizabeth I started the British on the road to world domination. Maybe we have been used by people who have been lying to us all these years — all these centuries.

A future of peace and prosperity for all may be in store. I certainly hope so.

Afghanistan? The last person to successfully invade Afghanistan and Pakistan was Alexander The Great and he went home soon after.

- Morley

Here are two excellent movies that nicely illustrate the similarity between the British Empire and the American Empire—doing the same things in the same places centuries apart.

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer staring Gary Cooper (1935)
The Charge of the Light Brigade starring Errol Flynn (1936)

Thought for the Moderns

The ox is slow, but the earth is patient.
Ten Zen Ox

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Uchiyama Kosho-roshi

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Uchiyama Kosho-roshi was the abbot of Antaiji, a Zen Temple in the hills on the north west out-skirts of Kyoto, Japan.

I lived there in 1970. When I was at Antaiji, I sometimes thought, "This place is pretty small and unimportant. Is this really a real Zen Temple?" Now, almost forty years later, I am discovering that it was important after all and that it was only by pure luck that I had been there.

Antaiji was not merely a real Zen Temple. It was the best one, at least it was for me. Antaiji is gone now. Its successor has moved to Hyogo Prefecture in the mountains beside the Sea of Japan. There they continue the practice that Sawaki Roshi and Uchiyama Roshi established many years ago. Some land developer would have paid a great many ¥en for the acres where the old Antaiji was located. Let's hope no one was corrupted by riches.

My own life has not been easy. Yet I think I am lucky to have lived the life I have lived and to have known the people I have known. I thank my friends who helped me as well as my enemies who harmed me. For, those people helped me too. I won't curse them anymore: They will have their just reward in this life, or the next. I will continue to work for good and to seek truth.

I took a few minutes recently to watch Eckhart Tolle on YouTube. His message is quite Zen-like. I won't know whether Tolle has a method to actualize the state of consciousness he describes. I'll have to wait to find out more once I have read his books.

The Buddha had a method which the Japanese call zazen and the Chinese call ch'an. But the way is not easy and not many make the journey. Most cannot make it. The Buddha sat for a legendary length of time before he entered enlightenment while sitting under the Banyan tree. Bodhidharma [1] brought Buddhism from India to China. He is credited with establishing the Shaolin Temple [2] and introducing martial arts to prevent monks from becoming sedentary. Yet zazen is not sedentary as the next part of the story indicates: The Daruma doll [3] represents Bodhidharma after his legs fell off from doing zazen. The dolls are weighted on the bottom so they bounce back to upright when pushed over. And so it is with people. You can knock them down and they will bounce right back.

I don't consider myself worthy to make any claims, but looking back I have taken a lot of abuse, and I am better now than I was before. I may live another sixty years. Maybe I'll get to start a family when I am one hundred. Who knows? I can say that my time at Antaiji cured me of any defeatism and it prepared me for what would happen to me when I came home to Regina: Here I would endure lots and lots of abuse.

Soto Zen was brought to Japan by Dogen Zenji [4]. Antaiji was established to bring Zen back to its essence which is zazen. Uchiyama Roshi said that "Most Zen monks are afraid of zazen. They would rather fill their days with empty rituals than do zazen." The monks at Antaiji were like Samurai swords: forged in fire and on the anvil, hardened to take a sharp cutting edge and softer inside so they will be strong. [5] Yet they were like Uchiyama: humble, like the dirt.

The way is not easy. Uchiyama Roshi sat a 49 day sesshien to commemorate the life and death of his master Sawaki Roshi. That is not a legend. That happened in 1965. It happened at the old Antaiji in Kyoto. The monks at Antaiji all found zazen painful and difficult. "If you just want to feel good, you can smoke opium," Uchiyama Roshi would say.

Finding Antaiji was complete luck for me. I really had no idea what to look for when I stepped off the bullet train in Kyoto. I was helped by a beautiful tall Japanese girl from California whom I met in the station. Her name was Aia-san. She knew of a place that accepted foreigners. On the evening of my second day in Kyoto, she drew a map that took me there on the third day. It was all luck. Dumb luck. I never saw Aia-san again.

Maybe it was fate.

- Morley


photo from

This is Arthur Braverman from the Bronx. Read his books

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Canadian Medicine: Is it World Class?

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How good is Canadian medicine? If the aircraft industry were run like the medical industry in Canada, crashes would not be investigated, mistakes would not be corrected and planes would be dropping out of the sky every day. Decent doctors should stand up and be counted. It is time.

The Canadian Blood Supply Scandal was a monumental screw-up. Thousands of haemophiliacs who received blood transfusions also received Hepatitis C and HIV from people they trusted. There was public sympathy for the victims. But not much from the medicos who were more interested in saving their own skins than patient outcomes.

In true Canadian fashion "The commission's principal recommendation, that all victims of tainted blood, past, present and future, receive no-fault compensation, was rejected by governments." No sense wasting the taxpayers money.

There was public outrage. There was ongoing media coverage. There was a public inquiry. There were charges laid by the RCMP after a 5-year investigation. Injured parties expected some justice at last. So what happened? Nothing. It's what happens in Canada. Nothing.

In Saskatchewan, when the blood donor outfit changed its name to the Canadian Blood Services, nothing much changed on the corner of Broad Street and Broadway Avenue except the sign outside. The Medical Director who kept his job after the first fiasco (Dr. Ted Alport) brushed off responsibility a few years later when blood tainted with West Nile Virus was discovered coming out of his little shop. It had to be recalled after it had been shipped all over the country. He kept his job.

These people are above the law. They play golf with the lawyers and the judges. Legislators do their bidding. Here's a CBC clip.

Here's the Krever Inquiry:

Some "religious fanatics" refuse blood transfusions. Maybe they aren't so dumb.

For years, Dr. Charles Smith a pathologist in Ontario made mistakes that have been sending innocent people to prison. He has admitted he goofed. Is anything going to happen to Dr. Smith? Nothing is going to happen to Dr. Smith. He did apologize the other day to someone whom he sent to prison for 25 years. Compensation? You must be joking! His victim is just happy to have is life back (sort of).

Dr. Schneeburger is one more case. Organized Canadian medicine did nothing to help his rape victim. She had to climb their legal mountain by herself.

No one knows how many cases there have been in over a century. There will have been lots. Certainly there are more screw-ups and actionable events in Canada than 21 per year — which is the total number of cases that actually got to trial in 2006 and had an "outcome favourable to the plaintiff."

Twenty-one per year? In all of Canada from coast to coast? There are more likely 21 per month, maybe 21 per day. There might be 21 per hour. Who knows? Canada is a place where your medical records can mysteriously disappear and nobody can remember anything. And you might be sued if you raise your voice. Justice Krever, himself, was threatened with a lawsuit. That's chutzpah! They have $Billions$ and a court rigged with tricks. Better be quiet. You, yourself, might disappear.

If a Royal commission headed by Mr Justice Horace Krever and the RCMP — which has legal clout, trained investigators, lawyers, time and MONEY — couldn't do anything about an issue like the Canadian Blood Scandal, what can any patient do for himself?

A "patient" is "one who suffers." That's for sure.

Organized medicine in Canada IS A DISGRACE. Honest doctors need to start cleaning up this mess. It is a mess.