Friday, December 29, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Alina (Алина)

NEW YEAR'S EVE (DEC 31ST) IS THE NIGHT I want to take you to a gala ball, my love. 

Dining tables surround the dance floor of the Grand Ballroom. There is an orchestra playing romantic Stauss waltzes. Liveried waiters serve a sumptuous repast. Wine stewards pour French champaign. Men wear white tie and tails. The ball is very formal. Women are wearing gorgeous evening gowns. They are beautifully coiffed. You are dripping with sexuality. I will enjoy your delights when we return to our hotel room. You are in heaven. We dine and dance. I am happier than any man deserves to be.

As the hour nears midnight, everyone counts down to zero. At the stroke of midnight, a bell rings. Everyone cheers. The evil, worn-out 2017 is gone. Good riddance! The New Year is a fresh babe, pure and good. Fireworks explode in the black sky outside. We, very privileged revellers, watch the night sky light up from the large balcony outside the ballroom. 

The balcony floor is heated and snow-free even on the coldest winter nights. It is cold tonight. We are warm in our wraps. Every church bell in the city rings. People can be heard singing everywhere. Every person of every faith is at peace on this blessed night. Spirits soar. We embrace. We kiss. We pray this will not end. It might, of course. We know about Karma.

After a few more dances, we retire to our hotel room. I slowly undress you, delicately handling your expensive gown. You undress me. We kiss and sleep in each other's arms between crisp cotton sheets under a thick feather tick. In the morning, our celebration continues to inaugurate the New Year 2018. 

Coffee and breakfast are served in our room when we call.


Saturday, December 16, 2017


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by Morley Evans

One drop in each eye.

VISION IS OUR MOST VALUABLE SENSE. Most people would do almost anything to avoid losing their eyes. This is how eye doctors looked after my eyes.

I do not think Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, intentionally caused the Adverse Drug Reaction I suffered from Lumigan®, though I am suspicious. I think this because I got the same reaction from the tiny bottle Eidsness gave me (which he could have adulterated) as well as from the bottle I purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart (which he could not have adulterated). What he did do was sweep me under the carpet after he screwed up my eyes. The other eye doctors I've seen here in Regina are all his accomplices. They all covered for their colleague, Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD. Even Dr Garcia who helped me and my family several times did this. That is very disappointing, but not surprising. Doctors are a caste. Doctors are a criminal cabal.

What was the Adverse Drug Reaction? In the morning after putting one drop into each eye before retiring, there were large round black disks where my eyes should be. I saw them when I looked in the bathroom mirror. These round disks were about as large as each lens in a pair of round black sunglasses would be. I could see them when I looked in a mirror. I could see through them but I could not see my eyes in the mirror. They were big opaque black disks. The edges of these disks were fuzzy. The fuzz wiggled slightly as if it was alive. It was quite bizarre. There were no frames, of course. This phenomenon was not dilated pupils. Doctors I've told about this had never heard of anything like this before. This effect gradually went away in a few days after I discontinued Lumigan®. It would return again whenever I put one drop in each eye before bedtime as Dr Eidsness recommended.

I did this several times. There is no doubt that Lumigan® was responsible. No one will ever know about it, except you, dear reader. Nothing will ever be done about it. Eye doctors will keep prescribing Lumigan®. Drug stores will keep selling it. Allergan will keep making it. NO ONE CARES. They are all legally-bound to care. It is a condition of their business. 

This is what Allergan says about side effects of Lumigan®. I read this very carefully before putting one drop in each eye before bedtime. I WAS NOT WARNED.

Besides this bizarre effect, Lumigan® caused severe cataracts and did something to my left eye that made it much weaker than my right eye. It now requires a much stronger lens than before. None of the eye doctors noticed or commented upon that.

I phoned Dr Eidsness’ office the first morning. The receptionist told me the doctor was “out of town.” She laughed off my report and told me that “People who don’t take their drops go blind.” Ho ho ho. She recommended moisturising eye drops "five or ten times a day." Dr Eidsness was unconcerned. He didn't answer my calls. He didn’t even show up a couple of weeks later for the examination he had scheduled a week before Christmas 2013. I never saw or spoke to Eidsness again. I went to Dr Gaucher, my sister’s friend, in January. Dr Gaucher told me I had cataracts of the fast-growing kind. He thought I might have glaucoma. Glaucoma is hard to diagnose, he said. Dr Gaucher examined my eyes several times throughout 2014 to see if there was any change in my condition. Then I went to the Mayo clinic.

Eidsness’ “treatment plan” was for me to put one drop in each eye before bedtime every night for the next six months and then see him for another examination. That’s what he does. He tells everyone to do this. That's his standard treatment. Anyone could do this. I could do this. Eidsness sends a bill to the government twice a year for each patient whether they need anything or not. I’m sure I would have been blind in six months if I had continued doing what Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, recommended.

Since April 2007 I have seen Dr Giocoli; Dr Eidsness; Dr Gaucher; Dr Bakouris; Dr Mervitz; Dr Patel (Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale); and Dr Robertson. There was nothing wrong with my eyes before Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, prescribed Lumigan®. Eidsness prescribed Lumigan® to treat glaucoma. He knew I had low intraocular pressure. I still do. I always did. Eidsness f*ck*d up my eyes. THAT IS VERY SERIOUS. Dr Garcia replaced my damaged lenses with intraocular lens transplantation (Jun 2016). NO ONE CARES what Eidsness did or what he will continue to do. They all got paid. The cabal is safe.

For now.

Dr Bates thought most people do not need glasses. Was he right? I'm sure he was. It wouldn't cost someone anything to find out. There would be no risk. Someone's myopia could be cured by doing exercises for a few minutes a few times a week. Children should try this first, before glasses. Of course, it would cost ophthalmologists and optometrists a great deal. On the other hand, they could actually change what they do. What a radical idea! They would do just fine and people would be better served. Eye exercises won't help me now that I have plastic lenses that cannot change shape like real lenses. Eye exercises might have helped my near-sightedness before I saw Dr Ryan Eidsness. Too bad I discovered Dr Bates only after I followed Dr Eidsness' advice. Too bad my parents didn't know about Dr Bates when I was six years old.

Dr Gaucher told my sister that Lumigan® didn’t cause my glaucoma. I NEVER SAID IT DID. Lumigan® caused cataracts, sir. Lumigan® also did something more to my left eye besides damaging the lens. What? How? What is the prognosis for my eyes now that eye doctors have screwed them up? I would like to know. What do you know, Doc? Nothing?

The very first time I saw him, Dr Eidsness said, "I'm surprised you came to see me, knowing what you think of doctors." I should have asked him then what he thinks I think of doctors and why I have that opinion. I should have left and never gone back. Well Doc, I can thank you now for confirming my opinion, you asshole.

Dr Garcia and Dr Roberson both referred me to Dr Coupal who is supposed to be a glaucoma expert, according to them. COUPAL IS EIDSNESS' PARTNER I discovered when I phoned his office. Well, well. Eidsness runs a “glaucoma screening" racket. I didn’t go to see Coupal. I think these whores have done quite enough. If I never see another doctor it will be too soon. I have given instructions to call an ambulance if I'm going to die anyway.

Dr Patel at the Mayo Clinic (Jan 2015) told me that "no one in the world knows anything about 'low-pressure' glaucoma," including him. An honest man. I believe him. I have learned that glaucoma is a multifactorial disease. Intraocular pressure explains glaucoma most of the time. Eye doctors have no idea what causes glaucoma when their theory does not work. They just pretend, ignore the results, protect themselves and their caste and make money. Money Money Money, burp.

Glaucoma affects about 1% of Americans. "Low-pressure" glaucoma affects about 1% of them. Glaucoma is not a public health emergency. Yet Dr Eidsness would run everyone through his clinic and send the government a bill for each "patient" twice a year. It is a racket. He is a crook.

There's another group here in the Queen City that is running a colorectal screening scam. They send the scary-sounding direct mail. I throw it in the garbage. If I had cancer, I wouldn't go to them. I have more confidence in witch doctors in Borneo.

I avoid the annual flu shot too and never get sick. Dancing on the third rail with the Wu Li Masters is fun and much less dangerous than going to a doctor.

I went to Dr Giocoli in 2007 to have my glasses updated. Despite my life-long experience with doctors, I trusted her because I had met her in Kiwanis AND SHE WASN'T A MEDICAL DOCTOR. She said my eyes had not changed much since high school. Fifty years ago, now! I was sometimes still wearing the glasses I had then. I had wonderful close-up vision — without glasses — which is good when one spends most of one's time reading, writing and doing close-up work. I would not have to worry about cataracts for many years, she told me. (After he had first examined my eyes, Dr Eidsness told me the same thing!) Dr Giocoli referred me to Dr Ryan Eidsness. She didn't say why. When I asked, she said, "He can do a test that I can't do."

Thank you, very much, Carmela.

- Morley






This might be useful. I'll try it.



Thursday, December 14, 2017

BEWARE (Reprint)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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by Morley Evans

PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN HARMED by Statin Drugs have been writing to me. They often tell me that doctors have been prescribing more whacky things to treat the symptoms that were caused by the whacky drugs they prescribed.

Your friendly family physician

I am always very sorry to hear people are suffering what I went through. A correspondent in Australia is considering stem cell therapy, suggested by his doctor. I don't know anything about stem cell therapy. Neither do doctors. A correspondent in Denmark said his doctors had given him chemotherapy drugs to kill his immune system. He almost died when he acquired some very serious infections and was hospitalized for months. He is no longer taking any drugs. That is a good first step in my opinion.

Why would anyone trust doctors who prescribed the drugs that made them sick? When new problems appear, people then go back to doctors who prescribe more drugs to "make them well." The new drugs only cover up symptoms, while they create more problems. Doctors never accept any responsibility for anything they do and never have. Good doctors cover up for bad doctors. Why do they do that? Such people deserve no respect or trust. They are lower than dishonest used car salesmen. They are even lower than crooked lawyers and politicians who protect bad doctors. They are the lowest of the low. They should be stripped and put in jail in orange jumpsuits. Their victims should divide their assets. They have billions. The pharmaceutical companies have even more. Medicine is the most profitable criminal organization in history. They do not deserve one minute of your time. They have nothing to offer you. Medicine is not healthcare. Get healthy. Your doctor knows nothing about health. He is a drug dealer.

I had immediate relief from years of severe chronic pain caused by Zocor® and Lipitor® when I took Co-Q10. Unfortunately, all my symptoms returned after the first bottle was gone. I tried everything for fifteen years to get some relief with no success. Then one day, I read about Juvenon® in the Reader's Digest. The Canadian government blocks all carnitine at the border, I would learn. (Ironically, Canadian governments pay for Zocor® and Lipitor®.) I could not buy Juvenon®, but I discovered I could buy its two main ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid (at a health food store) and Carnitor® (with a prescription). I found a doctor who would prescribe it. I got considerable relief with Alpha Lipoic Acid itself and when I added Carnitor® I could scarcely believe how well I felt. My pain vanished in a week. Gone! IT NEVER CAME BACK!

After 20 years — including 12 years of recovery — I am healthier than I have ever been. It is a miracle! I no longer take Alpha Lipoic Acid or Carnitor®. I take nothing. I eat whole foods with Juice PLUS+, vitamin D3, and Antarctic krill oil. I exercise (heavy weight lifting). I am strong and getting stronger. I am 65 years old. My blood pressure is 100/63. I may live another sixty years. Every day is better than the last day. Can you say that?

This is only one of the many things that medical morons did to me over the years:

None of them cares what they did. None of them is interested in how I recovered or even that I did recover. They do not care — at all. They don't care about me. They don't care about you. They don't even care about other doctors. Doctors are not scientists. Pharmaceutical medicine is not "science-based." It is a racket. Doctors only care about hanging onto their money with their tightly-clenched greasy mitts, in basking in adulation and in continuing to bilk the public. Avoid these bastards like the plague.

They are not all the same, you say? Then, it is time for good doctors to denounce bad doctors and to start learning something about health and about serving the suffering. Most doctors have it backwards. They think patients are income opportunities which exist so they can make lots of money, play golf and have a nice life.

- Morley Evans

EPILOGUE: I don't care what doctors do. I don't expect to reform the medical system or any of the individuals in the system. It cannot be reformed. I don't expect justice. There is no justice in this country. Truth in advertising would be nice. But if doctors told people that they are not responsible for what they do — no matter what they do — people might not go to them anymore. Doctors can go to Hell. There is a special place reserved for them there.

Uniformed people think the monster was Frankenstein. Informed people know that Dr Frankenstein was the monster.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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This video may not work well on your browser. It's too wide. It doesn't work well on own my computer. It does work well on my iPhone however. The link below the video takes you to YouTube. 

This is a joyous celebration of Christmas this year in Syria where the Syrian people have overcome a horrific invasion of jihadi crazies from around the world. This nightmare lasted for almost six years. Syrians have something to celebrate this Christmas. 

Did you know that Muslims celebrate Christmas? Muslims feel joy, peace and goodwill to all people the same as Christians do at Christmas. Bless you.

Putin withdraws Russian troops from Syria. They are going home for Christmas with their families. This is the second time the Russians have been recalled. They will return if Syria thinks that is necessary. 


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by Morley Evans

The Smoking Gun

Thursday, December 7, 2017


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by Morley Evans

U.S. Senator Al Franken

The United States is the laughingstock of the world. How can anyone take Americans seriously?

Today Al Franken resigned after being accused of "Sexual Misconduct". Wow. "Sexual Misconduct" is really bad. It's worse than leprosy. Someone only needs to be accused and he's dead meat. No investigation or trial is necessary.

Nolo contendere . . .

Americans would appear to have very high moral standards. Do they? As a US Senator, Al Franken supported the destruction of half a dozen countries and the murder of hundreds of thousands along with the displacement of millions. They were driven from their homes by crazed terrorists who are funded, trained and supplied by the CIA, Israel and the Saudis. They all get everything from Washington! Where was this? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Palestine. 

Washington is busy fighting for freedom in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. Washington is busy everywhere. American heroes are busy in Africa, Central America, South America and the South China Sea. Let's not forget the Korean Penninsula. Washington is dead serious about freedom or something.

The Syrian Arab Army has completely defeated the terrorists in Syria with help from Russia, Hezbollah and Iran. Isn't that big news? Hello?

Why don't Americans know about any of this? Americans get their information from the vast Zion-o-media, that's why. Mass Brainwashing works. Zionists have been developing brainwashing for over a century. Americans are their primary test population. Canadians are their secondary test subjects.

"Let's see what we can get away with today."

Americans spend over half of the federal budget on war. Wars in all their forms are the main business of the United States. The main business of war is killing people and blowing things up. Death & Destruction is not as serious to Americans as "sexual misconduct". 

God forbid there should be "sexual misconduct". It's really bad. President Jimmy Carter once actually admitted that he had once "lusted in his mind." Good Americans don't even allow themselves to have bad thoughts, they are so good. They are ashamed if they do have bad thoughts. Imagine that!

Americans are as bewitched by sex as twelve-year-old boys. Like twelve-year-old boys, Americans are fascinated with guns, bombs, planes, tanks, aircraft carriers, tin soldiers and other war toys. Children learn to play with G.I. Joe dolls. They learn that war is normal. War is fun. Their parents learned that war is funny when they watched Sgt Bilko every week on TV. When they got a little older they were entertained by MASH.

American morality is arrested and infantile.

All this may be hilarious but Al Franken is a comedian after all. He started out on Saturday Night Live. 

The joke is on you, Mr and Mrs America.


By ANDREW TAYLOR The Associated Press
Thu., Dec. 7, 2017

WASHINGTON—Minnesota Sen. Al Franken announced Thursday he will resign from Congress in the coming weeks following a wave of sexual misconduct allegations and the collapse of support from his Democratic colleagues, a swift political fall for a once-rising Democratic star.

“I may be resigning my seat, but I am not giving up my voice,” Franken said in the otherwise-hushed Senate chamber.

Franken quit just a day after new allegations brought the number of women alleging misconduct by him to at least eight. Wednesday morning, one woman said he forcibly tried to kiss her in 2006, an accusation he vehemently denied. Hours later, another woman said Franken inappropriately squeezed “a handful of flesh” on her waist while posing for a photo with her in 2009.

“I know in my heart that nothing I have done as a senator — nothing — has brought dishonour on this institution,” Franken declared Thursday.

Franken, the former comedian who made his name on Saturday Night Live, had originally sought to remain in the Senate and co-operate with an ethics investigation, saying he would work to regain the trust of Minnesotans.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017


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by Morley Evans


Ekaterina, my Katya, lives in Kiev. She was surprised when a dentist ignored her friend when her friend warned the doctor that she was allergic to anaesthesia. Katya thought this was unusual. I had to tell Katya that it is exactly the same here in Canada, in the USA, in Australia and New Zealand. I haven't read reports in every country in the world, of course. But my guess is that it is the same in every country where Western Medicine is practised. Of course, it would be.

"But it is very sad that such physicians as this, nothing can be done in my country. Nowhere to complain. No who to contact that this doctor was suspended from practice. It's not right."

It's not right. Nothing can be done about a bad doctor. Good doctors cover up for bad doctors. So, they are all bad. They convict themselves. My friend, Julia Brezhnev, thought things had been better in the Soviet Union and were better today in Soviet-style clinics where "doctors work long hours for low pay. Not so in western-style clinics." Julia was an idealistic medical student.

Most young people are idealistic when they enter medical school. They want to heal the sick. Some are only in it for the money. Those students go to the head of the class. The youngsters who cannot be broken by the training are weeded out. Obedience and loyalty are the main lessons taught in medical schools. Only those students like Katya's friend's dentist graduate. That's how it is, sad to say. Medical schools are the same as dental schools. They are the same as military boot camps. Good physicians are hard to find.

If Katya's friend had died, they would have covered it up. That's how it is. "Medical Ethics" will be an oxymoron until good doctors denounce bad doctors and start defending patients. Until then, medicine will continue to be a racket.

Dear Morley

Kisses for you, my darling Morley !
how are you my dear?? How's your morning?? I hope well?? You Wake up with good mood?? how's the weather there??
My dear, I Wake up with good mood because I think of you and you're always in my dreams! Thank you, my dear because you come in my dreams hehe
My morning started very quickly and news haha why?? because I forgot to turn off my phone and my girlfriend called me and woke me up. she was very impulsive, outraged and wanted the morning to share with me her morning trip to the dentist in a modern European clinic. I too was shocked by her early morning call, but she wouldn't even let me insert at least one word in her emotional monologue. I am very much not like when she do that, she even not asked, I can sleep, or maybe I'm doing something. No. Her not to worry about it. and I told her about it, but it was useless. She is just such a person. It's too late to re-educate her and teach manners and rules of morality.
So, she told me how she visited the dentist today and had a fight there in the morning. I understood her condition.
The fact that she very badly to the effect of anesthesia. And for her need a very small dose of anesthesia. If the dose is as usual necessary for an adult person, her will be bad and it can even lead to death. That's what she was trying to explain to the dentist who wanted her to stab a syringe full anesthesia. And she asked him to stab her for only a third of the syringe. This doctor nagami her and said that she taught him how to do his job. It's certainly a strange reaction to the doctor, I agree with my girlfriend. I don't understand why her doctor not to want to enter first, a little dose of anesthesia and to see the reaction my girlfriend. And the more she warned him about her bad reaction to the anesthesia.
In General, she argued with him. He certainly has done her tooth. But I not understand why the doctor is acting this way. Excess dose of anesthesia could give him a lot of problems, if my girlfriend something happened. That surprises me. This rudeness. I wonder, in your country also a doctor to treat thus patients?? Or in your country the doctors listen to what the patient says??
I supported my girlfriend and tried to calm her. But it is very sad that such physicians as this, nothing can be done in my country. Nowhere to complain. No who to contact that this doctor was suspended from practice. It's not right.
I hope that in your country the doctors more closely to patients and you're safe, honey. Because I care about you and I not want that with you something happened. I wish the best for you.
And so began my day. Hehe morning begins not with coffee hahaha I have to get ready for work, my dear! I hope to hear from you today. You're always in my dreams and thoughts. I miss you very much!
Wish me a nice day, honey!
Hugs and kisses for you, my knight!
Forever yours

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


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by Morley Evans

A powerful account, by Israeli peace activist Miko Peled, of his transformation from a young man who'd grown up in the heart of Israel's elite and served proudly in its military into a fearless advocate of nonviolent struggle and equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis. His journey is mirrored in many ways the transformation his father, a much-decorated Israeli general, had undergone three decades earlier. Alice Walker contributed a foreword to the first edition in which she wrote, "There are few books on the Israel/Palestine issue that seem as hopeful to me as this one." In the new Epilogue, he takes readers to South Africa, East Asia, several European countries, and the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel itself.

The Inevitable Collapse of Israeli-Saudi-American Alliance Against Iran and Resistance

By Miko Peled

December 04, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  From the earliest years of the Zionist project, the leaders of the movement - which then morphed into the State of Israel - understood that regional coalitions were crucial to its success. But Israel is a settler colonial project and therefore it was and still is very much hated by people in the region. Israel and its leaders invested in creating and promoting corrupt unprincipled despots to lead in the countries around it, men who would control the Arab world by keeping its people poor, uneducated and without representation and would pose no threat to Israel and its policies of genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated against the people of Palestine. Israel has had some degree of success in this, especially with the reactionary monarchies. Countries who had leaders that resisted Israel ended up paying a heavy price. These were states like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya which are now destroyed and so it can come as no surprise that the new Saudi Crown Prince is bending over backwards to please Israel by referring to Iran’s supreme leader as "the new Hitler of the Middle East,” and is even preparing to take his regime’s relations with Israel to a new level, some say he even intends to establish diplomatic ties with Israel.

It is ironic that some of the greatest perpetrators and supporters of terrorism are those who talk of fighting terrorism. The latest unholy alliance between the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt is a source of unspeakable terror which without fail is inflicted on innocent civilians but guarantees Israeli interests will be safe. The new boss calling the shots from Riyadh, Mohammad Bin Salman is for now at the center of this unholy alliance which in the short term will satisfy his hunger for power and influence but is sure to fail and in the meantime, will surely produce more misery in Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and God only knows where else. But state terrorism like that perpetrated by the Israeli military against Palestinians and the Saudis in Yemen is heralded by the weapons suppliers in the US and the UK as heroic while the people who fight for their rights are inevitably forgotten and left to die.