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The Commonwealth

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by Morley Evans

As the year 2013 draws to a close there is little to cheer us. The "Leader of the Free World" has revealed itself to be the "Oceania" in George Orwell's 1984. The Stasi police state of East Germany never came close to the technology now used by the United States to spy on Americans and everyone else in the world. The power of Washington's empire continues to expand on phony money and Washington relentlessly moves the world toward WW III and annihilation of the human race. Is there no good news, nothing to bring hope?

Here's something and someone to consider:

In 1952,  HRH Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne to become HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The British Empire had ceased being an empire with the independence of India in 1948. Hong Kong, the last Crown Colony, was returned to The People's Republic of China in 1997 after the 99-year lease had expired that had been forced onto China by the Opium Wars.

World hegemony began to shift away from the British Empire and toward the United States with the Spanish American War (1898-1901) and the Boer Wars (1880-1881 and 1899-1902). The Great War (1914-1918) marked the end of British world domination that had lasted for centuries — since 1066, actually. The Second World War (1939-1945) reduced Great Britain (so-named by James I in 1603) to the status of an American colony, completing the American Revolution.

Through the 1950s The Queen presided over loss of Great Britain's colonies and the independence of her Dominions. The British economy sagged as Germany and Japan — the supposed losers of the Second World War — surged ahead. Yet something remarkable was happening that went unremarked for 50 years.

Through the personal efforts of The Queen, the British Empire turned into the British Commonwealth and then into The Commonwealth we know today. This may point the world toward the peace and security everyone desires.

Member states have no legal obligation one to another. Instead, they are united by language, history, culture, and their shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.[3] These values are enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter[5] and promoted by the quadrennial Commonwealth Games. India and Pakistan are mortal enemies yet they remain members of this fraternal club. Brothers don't always get along. South Africa was expelled and was readmitted. Rwanda is out but may return.

When they are looking for something to mark the life of The Queen, The Commonwealth is it. She levies no taxes, passes no laws and declares no wars. Under our many differences, all share common decency.

God Save The Queen.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Forgotten Evidence: JFK Conspiracy

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Who Killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Fifty years after the crime, we know. There is a mountain of evidence that breaks the back of the cover-up. Forgotten Evidence is an excellent compilation.

Please keep in mind that the assassination of JFK, MLK, and RFK ensured that the people who had been running things in Washington would continue running things. Nothing changed. Washington's owners, include, but are not limited to, the Pentagon (Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines), the CIA (and the other fifteen American intelligence services), the FBI (and the empire of law enforcement), Organized Crime (which is a full member of the establishment), government contractors (which siphon off billions), and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System (which run the world's money systems). These all remain in business today operating the successor to the War on Communism (that was called the Cold War). America's never-ending war is now called the War on Terror. (They had to resurrect the Crusades and the Caliphate because they ran out of enemies when the USSR evaporated and the People's Republic of China when into business.) The United States has constantly been at war since 1776. It has never disarmed and never been at peace and never lost sight of its ultimate goal, total world domination. Peace cannot be an option if one's business is war. Duhmockricy is a farce. If you are not a top general or a billionaire, you have no control over what happens and you do not matter to the people who do control what happens. The President Of The United States (the POTUS) works for them, not you, so do your elected representatives. If they forget that, too bad.

Viewing time 1.5 hours.

Part of the continuing story that you know nothing about: Guantanamo

Can this country, the United States of America, really be the "Leader of the Free World?" You must be kidding! If people understood how things really are, there would be a revolution tomorrow morning. Henry Ford and Richard Nixon both said that. They both knew the truth. Do you?


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shadow of Your Smile

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This simple sentiment is what matters in this life.
It is more important than mountains of gold and oceans of power:

The shadow of your smile
When you are gone,
Will colour all my dreams
And light the dawn.

Look into my eyes
My Love, and see
All the lovely things you are
To me…

Our wistful little star
was far too high
A teardrop kissed your lips
And so did I…

Now when I remember spring
And all the joy that love can bring
I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile.

God Bless you.
Here's Sinatra
Here's Tony


Sunday, December 15, 2013

ZZTop Legs

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Something more to love about Texas:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping in Texas

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"Texas: It's like a whole other country."

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig

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This collection related to the JFK Assassination comes from YouTube. It begins with Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy Roger Craig and ends with E. Howard Hunt the CIA agent who would later be involved with the Watergate burglary that brought down President Richard Nixon, establishing who really runs the United States of America and it's duhmockricy. (It ain't the President of the United States and it ain't you either, dear citizen.)

Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part4 (embed code was removed by the publisher)

Part 5


HSCA - George DeMohrenshield death

Former FBI Agent


More stuff you won't find in The Warren Commission
Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane
Rush to Judgement YouTube
Deputy Craig (featuring the 7.65 Mauser and other facts)
June Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald's daughter
Secret Service agent remembers
Seymour Hersh interviewed on The Dark Side of Camelot


Sunday, December 1, 2013


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Isaiah 2:1-5
2:1 The word that Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

2:2 In days to come the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be raised above the hills; all the nations shall stream to it.

2:3 Many peoples shall come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths." For out of Zion shall go forth instruction, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

2:4 He shall judge between the nations, and shall arbitrate for many peoples; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

2:5 O house of Jacob, come, let us walk in the light of the LORD!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Dealey Plaza

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This aerial shot of Dealey Plaza shows one set of possible shooters involved in the JFK ambush. Notice the parking lots available to shooters who could hide amongst trees, shoot, walk to their cars and drive away. Elm Street is truly a shooting gallery. Click for a large view. The assassination of JFK is completely different from the unsuccessful attempts made by John Hinkley (Reagan) or Squeaky Fromme (Ford). It is also completely different from the successful assassinations made by John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln), Leon Czolgosz (McKinley) and Charles J. Guiteau (Garfield). LBJ personally oversaw the parade route design down Main Street and argued for the peculiar and unnecessary turn at the end into Dealey Plaza that violated every security rule of the Secret Service. The night before, LBJ argued violently with JFK to keep his life long pal, Texas Governor John Connally, out of the death car. LBJ wanted his enemy, U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough, to ride with Kennedy. As the motorcade turned right onto N. Houston St., the puzzled Secret Service agent riding on the right rear of the Presidential limo was ordered to dismount and walk. Lyndon Baines Johnson crouched low as the motorcade travelled along N. Houston St. towards the Texas School Book Depository where it would make a long slow left turn onto Elm Street and ride into history.

Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas

The President of the United States was under the protection of these police agencies in Dallas, Texas, on the day of the assassination, November 22, 1963: 1). the Dallas Police Department; 2). the Secret Service; 3). the Dallas County Sheriff's Department; and 4). the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While not a police department, itself, the C.I.A. was also active. None of these agencies protected John Fitzgerald Kennedy (or John Connally for that matter). The Chief of the Dallas Police Department, Jesse Curry, spent all of his time with Lyndon Baines Johnson rather than directing his police officers. All police investigations stopped after 70 minutes when Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. Oswald wasn't protected either. The crime scene was not secured. Evidence was mishandled, altered, lost, or destroyed. The Secret Service stopped the autopsy at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas and illegally removed Kennedy's body (at gunpoint). Kennedy's body was shipped to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where an autopsy was performed by senior administrative officers who, though they were doctors, were not qualified to perform an autopsy. JFK's brain was removed as is standard practice and then lost. Doctors at Parkland Hospital testified that the back of JFK's head was blown off. A large occipital fragment was found on Elm Street after the shooting. Autopsy photos show the back of someone's head that is intact. Only facts that supported the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald alone was the assassin were admitted into evidence. Afraid they were going to be framed for the murder, the Soviet Union conducted its own (clandestine) investigation which lead to Lyndon Baines Johnson as the prime suspect. But what American would believe those commies in 1963? Johnson and his accomplices committed the perfect crime. They went on to lead the so-called "Free World" for the next fifty years. Most of the perpetrators are dead now but their successors are still in control. With the Soviet Union gone, they are working their latest scam, the War on Terror, and stockpiling billions or rounds of ammo in case people ever wake up. Some ask, "Why does JFK matter?" That's why.


The mayor [Earle Cabell] helped LBJ secure the loyalty of Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry. Strangely, Curry would appear at Johnson’s sleeve for all of the days in the aftermath of the president’s murder. It was clear that Johnson, through Curry, was controlling the Dallas Police Department.

Over one thousand deputies of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department were called to their department auditorium on the morning of November 22 and told expressly, “You are in Dealey Plaza as observers. No matter what you see or hear, take no law enforcement action. You are there in respect for the presidency of the United States as observers and not law enforcement officers.”

This would explain the strange actions of the Dallas Police Department in the aftermath of the president’s shooting. The Texas School Book Depository building was not sealed as a crime scene, and the building was swarmed by reporters, thrill seekers, and tourists creating mayhem. The entire building was never searched. The search of the sixth floor was bungled: No evidence was photographed as found, most was marred with the fingerprints of police handlers, and the legally required “chain of evidence,” documentation of strict evidence control was willfully violated.

Likewise, LBJ’s relationship with Secret Service Director John Rowley is also underestimated by many of those examining the JFK murder. They both served in the National Youth Administration under Roosevelt and were friends beginning in the ’40s. There is no other way to explain the serious lapses in Secret Service protocol during Kennedy’s trip to Dallas on November 22, 1963. The 120-degree turn to get to Dealey Plaza where the president’s limousine would drop below 40 MPH was against all Secret Service mandates. Agents were directed not to ride on the limousine bumper; the two agents normally assigned to walk beside the car at the rear axle were called off. A stunning and widely available Internet video shows agents being pulled from their normal positions by superiors. It is quite simple to conclude that Rowley was in Johnson’s pocket.

Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 3535-3549). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Images for dealey plaza map

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

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by Morley Evans

Don't forget LBJ, the psychopathic serial murderer.

Cui Bono? On November 21, 1963, LBJ (Uncle Cornpone) was days away from destruction and incarceration by the Kennedy brothers. Attorney General Robert Kennedy had the goods on him. On November 22, 1963, LBJ magically became the POTUS when John F. Kennedy was ambushed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

Lyndon Baines Johnson began his career in Washington as a congressional secretary in 1931. He served in the House of Representatives (1937 to 1949?) and the Senate (1948 to 1960). LBJ was Leader of the Senate Minority (1953 to 1955) and Leader of the Senate Majority (1955 to 1960). LBJ was the Vice President (1960 to 1963). During those 32 years, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who started with nothing, amassed almost $100 million (more than $765 million in today's dollars) and acquired the connections and power to organize the assassination to move up to the top, Mafia-style.

As the President of the United States (1963 to 1969), LBJ had supreme power to engineer the cover-up, the centerpiece of which was the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, AKA "The Warren Commission". The Commission was unprecedented in history. LBJ appointed all the members and controlled the proceedings. The prime suspect got to investigate his own crime — a miscarriage which is a crime on its face.

Others who benefitted were: J. Edgar Hoover — LBJ's neighbour and confidant for 20 years — who got to be Director of the FBI for life; the Mafia which got rid of Robert Kennedy; The Joint Chiefs of Staff which got war; the Secret Service which got rid of a "commie traitor"; the Ku Klux Klan which got rid of a "liberal"; the Texas business cabal — which included Texas Big Oil (including H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchison) and Texas war contractors General Dynamics, Brown and Root, Halliburton, and Bell Helicopters) who made billions. Factions within the CIA which is "a conspiracy unto itself" got the war in Vietnam; Cuban exiles in Florida got revenge for the Bay of Pigs fiasco; and Israel got the Six Day War, nuclear weapons, and unending and inexhaustible U.S. military, intelligence, propaganda, financial, and diplomatic support. Israel would start getting as much U.S. foreign aid as all others combined. Best of all, for them, with this official U.S. government endorsement, the Zionist project on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean would receive the financial and moral backing of the Jewish American community whose support had been lukewarm up to then. As a bone of contention in the Arab world, Israel with its paranoiac ideology and belligerent policies is good for business — if one's business is munitions and war (which has been relabeled "defense" since 1945 because everyone is against war).

The shooters were probably not Americans. Assassinating the President would run against the grain of most Americans who have been schooled from birth to admire the President of the United States.  They may have come from the Corsican Mafia, as some investigators believe, or they may have been Israelis who are schooled from birth to owe their highest allegiance to Israel and its defense. Kennedy sought peace in the Middle East, talked to Nasser and refused to give Ben Gurion nuclear weapons. Others could have done the job, but Israel specializes in assassination by snipers. Israel even uses snipers for crowd control. As the biggest beneficiary after LBJ, one would pick Israel as the source of the shooters who would not have been free-lancers if they were Israelis. Whoever the shooters were, they were almost certainly quietly killed shortly after the assassination. As every pirate knows, dead men tell no tales. They would have gone to their just deserts. Money would be no incentive for people who know they would not live to spend it. Ideology would. People "die for their country" every day.

Whoever the shooters were, LBJ was bought by billionaire supporters of Israel, just as Truman had been bought before Johnson. It was LBJ who put Israel on the gravy train. Why would the Mafia choose Israel of all places for high-quality foreign assassins? There are many there and the Mafia has always had direct connections with Israel through Jewish Mafiosi like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky who were partners and life-long friends of Lucky Luciano. The three friends were tutored by Arnold Rothstein who invented the prohibition era rackets and suggested that gangs co-operate rather than fight each other. Lepke Buchalter's and then Albert Anastasia's "Murder Incorporated" mostly used Jewish assassins. The Mafia (in the person of Carlos Marcello) had approval of mob bosses in Chicago and New York. The Mafia would have recruited the shooters and Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein) who had been ordered to kill the scapegoat. Ruby was reluctant. He had several opportunities before he finally shot Oswald in the basement parkade of the Dallas Police Station. Ruby was under extreme pressure. Ruby, a small-time hoodlum who ran a strip club that was favoured by many members of the DPD (who enjoyed food, girls, and free drinks courtesy of Ruby), had surprised the local Rabbi by turning up to pray — before the assassination — at the Dallas Synagogue where he had seldom gone before.

The CIA would have managed the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, who, in all likelihood, never fired a shot or knew anything about the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. He had been prepared over the years to take the fall for something, sometime. Oswald was seen within minutes of the shooting by several witnesses — including a cop — sitting in the lunch room on the 2nd floor, sipping a soda. Before someone told the cops Oswald was the assassination suspect, according to the Dallas Police Department, Oswald walked out the front door of the Texas School Book Depository through a swarm of cops to board a bus to go to his rooming house. The Dallas Police Department then cracked the case in record time. Oswald was arrested 70 minutes after the assassination. "Oswald entered the Texas Theatre shortly after 1:30 p.m. without paying for a ticket, ostensibly to avoid police. They [the DPD] were later informed by the assistant manager that a man had entered the theater without paying." Oswald was not charged with failing to buy a ticket to watch the movie. He was arrested by four officers and was charged with murdering Officer Tippit and assassinating the President of the United States. How did the Dallas Police Department arrive at that conclusion? Who was Officer Tippit and why was he sent "to remain at large" in Oswald's neighborhood? Who killed him? 

After Oswald allegedly shot dead Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit, he was taken into police custody and within hours was named the lone assassin.
Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 3551-3552). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Without having a clue, how would the Dallas Police Department have known Oswald was a suspect? Oswald was arrested first. Evidence was found later. The intrepid sleuths of the Dallas Police Department had failed to solve the attempted murder of General Edwin Walker on April 10, 1963. It was an unsolved case until the FBI managed to pin it on Lee Harvey Oswald ten months later by pressuring Oswald's wife, a Russian who spoke no English.

The Texas Connection (pages 46 and 47) states: "While the [Warren] Commission went to desperate lengths to prove that Oswald killed Kennedy with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, it in fact proved the contrary." The Commission proved the Mannlicher-Carcano "sniper's rifle" could not have been the weapon used to kill JFK.*

Johnson was a master of planning and getting what he wanted from people who were not inclined to co-operate. He was famous for the "Johnson treatment" of intimidation. Johnson may have hatched his scheme to become the President the night he lost the nomination to John F. Kennedy at the Democratic convention in 1960. Or he may have been planning for years to be "a heartbeat away" from the Presidency. Johnson was powerful in Texas and Washington, but he had no national base and little chance of being elected. His chances of being elected, however, would be good after he became the President. Like Hoover, Johnson used blackmail. Like AIPAC today, Johnson took control of Congress by ensuring Members would do what he wanted or they would not get re-elected.

Temptations are many in Washington and Members of Congress leave themselves wide open to be blackmailed by people who know how to do it. The Kennedys reckless behaviour is not unique. Johnson, himself, was at least as promiscuous as the Kennedys. Members of Congress become millionaires on a civil service income. How? Johnson used blackmail to become the Leader of the Senate Majority, the second most powerful man after the President. Johnson used blackmail to get on the Democratic ticket in 1960. Everyone on the list in paragraph four above, however, would have been more than happy to co-operate and keep quiet — with the Kennedys gone they all got what they wanted. The "free press" got to yammer on for fifty years about the tragedy and the unsolvable "crime of the century" — writing off as a kook anyone who deviated from LBJ's official explanation. This is only one example of how the "free press" plays everyone for a fool — and always has.

Until The Texas Connection was published a few years ago, no one dared to name LBJ as the ring leader. LBJ was protected by the deification that surrounds the POTUS. Fear has also protected the conspirators. People who know too much are killed. Fifty years later, most of the conspirators are dead themselves, and people like me, who don't have any first-hand knowledge, are merely pissing into the wind with their opinions after connecting dots.


Lyndon Baines Johnson knew how to use power, but Washington's power will soon be gone. Power ineluctably is shifting away from the United States. LBJ was miserable in his retirement and he will now be burning in Hell forever, one hopes.

The people running the game did not want it changed. The Kennedy brothers tried to change the game but they underestimated their opponents' power while they overestimated their own power. Evil seems omnipotent but, currently, an anonymous girl living in a company dormitory and working for a few Yuan in some Foxconn factory somewhere in China or Taiwan, a shopper at Walmart somewhere and millions like them are the people who are changing the world — not the rich and powerful. "The most powerful military the world has ever known," is powerless to change this and things are worse than that from Washington's perspective: The U.S. dollar is in the toilet — put there by the Federal Reserve System, Wall Street, Big Business and the U.S. government — waiting to be flushed. When that happens, everything will change. Everyone will be affected, worldwide.

After looking at the record, one must conclude that Washington cannot be reformed and that Americans must put as much distance between themselves and Washington as Germans have put between themselves and the Nazis. Americans must restore the American dream which inspires everyone, friend and foe alike.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth, Matthew 5:5.
No person or group planned the downfall of Washington and its empire this way. Downfall will come by people who have pounded their swords into ploughshares and sold them at low low prices, driving Washington's tax slaves out of business. Greed and universal rottenness also proved to be major contributing factors. All military means for over two hundred years have failed to stop the Juggernaut on the Potomac from taking over the world, which is its historic mission. Of course most who believed Washington's story (like me) believed Washington was saving the world. People and groups loyal to Washington have been trying to prevent Washington's demise for decades, to no avail. Is that not amazing?


* The Texas Connection is full of facts that completely destroy the official version of the JFK assassination. This is one of the best:

While the Commission went to desperate lengths to prove that Oswald killed Kennedy with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle it in fact proved the contrary. On November 27, 1963 the F.B.I. conducted the initial series of rifle tests with the alleged assassination weapon. As part of the tests the F.B.I. determined that because Kennedy was moving away in the limousine, Oswald had at most 5.6 seconds to fire the three shots that allegedly killed him [JFK]. This time range conclusion was based on observations from Oswald's alleged vantage point on the southwest corner of the 6th floor in the Texas School Book Depository in comparison to films and photographs of the murder. It was established that Oswald's vision of the target was blocked for a time by a large tree. As a result, while the motorcade did travel for almost a fulI block on Elm Street in front of Oswald, from Oswald's position it was agreed that he had less than 6 full seconds to fire the three shots at the target when it was in view. To prove that this was possible and that Oswald was the lone assassin, the F.B.I. started out by having three master marksmen using Oswald's rifle rapidly fire a series of 3 shots at stationary targets located only 45 feet away. The three experts each fired 3 shots within 9 seconds, 8 seconds and 6 seconds, respectively. In this test none of the marksmen were physically capable of firing the three rounds within the 5.6 second requirement. Also, not surprisingly, all of the marksmen's shots were high and to the right, missing the stationary targets located only 45 feet away.

Because these tests did not support the lone assassin conclusion, the F.B.I. was required to conduct another test on March 16, 1964. However, on this occasion only the best of the three original marksmen was used (Robert Frazier with a previous best time of 6 seconds). In this test Frazier was required to fire a series of 3 shots at a stationary target 300 feet away. On this occasion Frazier's times for each of the 3 shot test series were 5.9 seconds, 6.2 seconds, and 6.5 seconds. Again, the expert failed to match Oswald's alleged time of 5.6 seconds, and again all of the shots were high and to the right of the intended target. Thus, "the best of the best marksmen" still could not help the Commission support the lone assassin theory.

Not giving up, on March 27, 1964 a third test was arranged. This test was conducted by the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory using three new marksmen again firing at stationary targets. Again, only one of the three experts was capable of firing three shots close to the required time limit. However, continuing its efforts to prove the impossible was possible, the Commission allowed the new marksmen to use a gun rest, and to take as much time as they needed to line up their first shot at the stationary target (which Oswald could not do because the Kennedy limousine was emerging from trees). But even with these altered test conditions the marksmen again failed.

Ignoring the three scientific tests which proved that it was impossible for Oswald to have been a lone assassin, [or hit the target with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle] the Commission solved the problem on paper rather than on the rifle range.

You must keep in mind that the main purpose of the "Warren Commission" — which should properly be called "The LBJ Commission" — was to cover up the crime and protect the perpetrators.

Coming soon: Nixon and Watergate

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Israel and Palestine

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posted by Morley Evans

Open your ears and open your mind. Just watch and listen.

Revenge? "No mother would want this to happen to another mother."

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Man Who Killed Kennedy

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by Morley Evans

I highly recommend to you: The Man Who Killed Kennedy by Roger Stone.

Roger Stone's treatise will give students of human behaviour a glimpse into how the world really works. Forget about your history class, civics lessons and the News. They belong on your bookshelf with Mother Goose and Aesop's Fables. Stone has had a lifetime of looking at Washington from the inside. Very few people inside ever talk. As Carlos Marcello noted: "Three people can keep a secret, as long as two of them are dead."

Here are two sample passages from The Man Who Killed Kennedy:

Stone was raising money for one of Ronald Reagan's campaigns. He met with Roy Cohn for coffee. Cohn brought a friend to meet Stone. Cohn's friend was Fat Tony Salerno, front-boss of the Genovese crime family:

Roy says we are going with Reagan, and that’s all right by me,” said Tony. Salerno said he had eschewed presidential politics since 1960 when “Jack Kennedy took our money and our votes and then fucked us.” I couldn’t resist. “Who really killed JFK?” I asked Fat Tony. “It was Carlos and LBJ” the gangster replied. “He got what was coming to him.” Cohn simply nodded his head to affirm Salerno’s claim and they both laughed.

Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 2878-2882). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

It is also astounding how many witnesses and those believed intimately connected to the Kennedy assassination met untimely and abnormal deaths. In his recent work, Hit List, which contextualized the many bizarre circumstances of deaths surrounding the assassination, Richard Belzer estimated that in the fourteen years following the incident, out of the approximately 1,400 witnesses, seventy have died unnaturally. [8] The odds of this happening has been mathematically calculated as 1 in 715 million trillion trillion. [9] Lyndon Johnson, as a psychopathic serial murderer, is not a pleasant topic to think about for establishment liberals who like to think of him as a belated champion of civil rights, voting rights, and a slew of Great Society programs. In fact, acknowledging the JFK assassination for what it was— a coup d’├ętat— is discrediting to the narrative of the United States as a beacon of democracy, freedom, and justice as well as a place that is morally superior to banana republics and third-world dictatorships. Establishment conservatives, just like the liberals, choke on that bone in unison.

Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 6210-6217). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

Along with murdering John F. Kennedy and dozens of others:
Lyndon Baines Johnson (who set the stage for Richard Nixon who continued the War in Vietnam as others wanted and who was driven from office by the CIA when he started to look into the Kennedy Assassination) is responsible for killing almost 60,000 Americans during the War in Vietnam along with several million Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians while bombing them into the Stone Age. Lyndon Baines Johnson engineered the Six Day War, gave nuclear weapons to Israel and hooked Israel up to the United States Treasury and the American weapons industry AKA the "defense" industry. Lyndon Baines Johnson enacted Civil Rights legislation in a ham-fisted manner that ensured continuing race hatred. Johnson, himself — like Hoover, was a virulent racist who worked with other racists to make the Great Society that Johnson created to be his legacy.

You may not like Lyndon Baines Johnson, but historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and LBJ's many other girlfriends loved him. They must have seen something good that I have missed. Apparently Doris, who seems like a decent person, herself, has written a book. Lady Bird Johnson, Lucy Bird Johnson and Lynda Bird Johnson may have thought LBJ was okay too. Please note how many people close to LBJ had the initials "LBJ". When you read about LBJ's peculiar behaviour you will understand why some said quietly at the time, "If LBJ were not the president, he'd be in a mental hospital." You will wonder why no one reported the strange behaviour of LBJ even when thousands were rioting in the streets and LBJ was very unpopular. The press knew the truth but reported other things. That's what the press does. They lie by failing to mention things. Here's one example and there are many more:

In Flawed Giant, Dallek writes, “During a private conversation with some reporters who pressed him to explain why we were in Vietnam, Johnson lost his patience. According to Arthur Goldberg, LBJ unzipped his fly, drew out his substantial organ [which Johnson called "Jumbo"] and declared, ‘This is why!’”

Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 502-504). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

In a letter dated October 7, 1994, she [JFK's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln] expressed her belief that the “five conspirators, in my opinion, were Lyndon B. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, the Mafia, the CIA, and the Cubans in Florida.” [15]

Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 5804-5806). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Hopefully, you will begin to wonder about the rest of our leaders and the deification that protects them — the higher up one goes, the more god-like everyone makes them. You might even consider the fact that organizations have lives and missions of their own. These can span generations and even centuries. If you begin to wonder why things are the way they are, those are the reasons.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy tried to change the game. That's what you can remember about them. The people running the game didn't want that. They still do not want the game changed and the game has not changed. The game has always been world domination.

It's just that simple. Do not despair: fortunately for us peons there is something the wise guys who run everything don't know about: there really is justice here in The Big Casino and it's coming soon.


The Texas Connection by Craig I. Zirbel
Vietnam War killed 3.8 million Vietnamese, not 2.1 million ...
Vietnam War Statistics


Monday, November 4, 2013

JFK on Cuba

© MMXIII V.1.0.0
 by Morley Evans

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Without glorifying John Fitzgerald Kennedy, there is a possibility that the world could have taken a turn for the better had he not been assassinated on November 22, 1963. Despite his faults, John Kennedy had his points. Before The Bay of Pigs fiasco — which Kennedy inherited from the CIA that cooked it up during the last days of the Eisenhower administration — this is what Kennedy said about Cuba:

“I believe that there is no country in the world, including the African regions, including any and all the countries under colonial domination, where economic colonization, humiliation, and exploitation were worse than in Cuba, in part owing to my country’s policies during the Batista regime,” Kennedy told French journalist Jean Daniel. “I believe that we created, built, and manufactured the Castro movement out of whole cloth and without realizing it. I believe that the accumulation of these mistakes has jeopardized all of Latin America. The great aim of the Alliance for Progress is to reverse this unfortunate policy. This is one of the most, if not the most, important problems in American foreign policy. I can assure you that I have understood the Cubans.” 11

Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 1814-1819). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heart of the Matter Part II

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by Morley Evans

Heart of the Matter: Cholesterol Drug War
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry
has been regularly indicted for criminal behaviour.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Heart of the Matter

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by Morley Evans

Confused about fat and cholesterol? Of course you are. This presentation on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) may open your eyes and answer your questions. On the other hand, you might not change your mind because as Max Plank said, "Science progresses funeral by funeral."


Watch these segments:
Heart of the Matter Part I
Dr. Jonny Bowden
Dr. Ernest Curtis
Dr. Michael Eades
Gary Taubes
and Toxic Sugar

PART II will be posted soon.
ABC decided to ignore the people who wanted it banned.
You should ignore them too.


Monday, October 28, 2013

McCoy and Kirk Rescue Chekov

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posted by Morley Evans

Too bad we can't all be rescued.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Global Financial Crackup

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by Morley Evans

The world will soon wake up to the reality that everyone is broke and can collect nothing from the bankrupt, who are owed unlimited amounts by the insolvent, who are attempting to make late payments on a bank holiday in the wrong country, with an unacceptable currency, against defaulted collateral, of which nobody is sure who holds title.
 – anonymous

What will happen? No one knows. Some know the global crackup will happen because it has already begun. Financial "experts" dismiss what they say with, "Doomsayers have been predicting that for years. Yawn... Here's a stock you should buy."

Here's what some doomsayers say:
(more links are coming)

Paul Craig Roberts
Wall Street on Parade
The Other 98%
Gold Wars


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Good Doctor or Two

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by Morley Evans

We must not whine and blame others for our situation. We should look to ourselves first. However sometimes others are in fact responsible for our situation which we did not make ourselves.

With the exceptions of Dr. Cowan (1947), Dr. MacKenzie (1951), Dr. Reich (1973), Dr. Cenaiko (1998), and an anonymous doctor in Flin Flon who prescribed an antibiotic in 1970 when I had pneumonia one winter when I was working in the bush, my experience with doctors has been uniformly bad. 

Had doctors been able to overcome their prejudice against Vitamin D, my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood would have been completely different and better. My doctors can take complete responsibility for misdiagnosing me and making me live in Hell.

My problems were not huge medical mysteries. They were simple. But simple things caused huge problems for me: they destroyed my childhood; they nearly killed me more than once. If doctors cannot even solve simple problems that any elementary school child could solve, what can anyone expect when doctors are faced with complicated problems? 

My case is simple. It is important to more than me because it raises important questions.

All of the doctors I have had were in Regina — despite my having lived in (and visited) many places around the world (including nearby Saskatoon) where I didn't have a doctor. Doctors could once push me around but now, I ask, "Who do you think you are, doctor-boy?"

"It Won't Hurt You" [1] sums up my medical history. Unfortunately, what your doctors are doing, my dear, will hurt you and you'd better be careful.

Happily, "Modern Medicine" is coming to the end of its rope and it's a long drop from there. The Internet has made it possible for medicine's victims to exchange information. The general population is catching on. Most importantly, the Age of Antibiotics [2] is over. Arrogant, ignorant, lazy, stupid, greedy, lying and incompetent doctors who have over-prescribed antibiotics since Alexander Fleming gave them their magic bullet in 1945 are responsible.

Doctors can share their shame with the pharmaceutical industry which has been running the most successful criminal operation in history and with the "food" industry which is responsible for foisting poison onto trusting unsuspecting people. Happily, people are catching on.

If anyone thinks I am throwing the baby out with the bathwater, he can watch "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria." Apart from the realization that we are moving back to a time before there were antibiotics, we are told that cholesterol drugs will still work and so will blood pressure medicines and cancer treatments. 

These work inasmuch as they make money for pharmaceutical companies, BUT THEY DO NOT WORK, Doc. The reason the pharmaceutical companies have abandoned development of antibacterials is they don't make any money making antibacterials. That tells us everything we need to know.

Prostate problems affect most men who are older than 50. Medical prostate treatment is one more thing that doesn't work, but urologists are among the highest-paid specialists. Hysterectomy is never necessary but surgery is profitable. The only standard here is: If something makes money, it is good.

The future looks bright if it is a future without these morons and you start looking after your own health. Find out what works.

[1] It Won't Hurt You
[2] Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria
[3] Alexander Fleming


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Good Doctor

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by Morley Evans

I have been helped by several doctors in my life. Without them, I would be dead. They did what doctors are supposed to do. My criticism of doctors in general and doctors who have harmed me in particular cannot be dismissed as a general prejudice.

My mother told me this story while she was living with my sister and me after she had had a stroke. I looked after her for a year. When she had recovered sufficiently, she moved to a suite where she would be independent:

When my mother was expecting my sister and me, her doctor was Dr. Cowan. He was a Jew who had come to Regina after the War. My mother didn't know from where he had come. Dr. Cowan was extremely devoted to his patients. He sacrificed himself for them.

My mother had become "toxic" — a condition that is now called pre-eclampsia. Dr. Cowan was so concerned about my mother and her unborn babies that he sat up all night in a chair beside my mother's hospital bed to watch over her. In the morning, Dr. Cowan delivered my sister and me.

My sister was born twelve minutes before me. I was a breach birth with my umbilical chord wrapped around my neck. Had Dr. Cowan not saved me, I would have died or been irreparably harmed. Instead, both my sister and I were very healthy babies thanks the Dr. Cowan. Our mother was a happy healthy mom.

My mother told me that Dr. Cowan had an arrangement with the Regina Police Department. If he were called to hospital for an emergency, a police escort would lead the way with sirens blaring.

Years later, when I was about ten years old, I heard my mother and a friend discussing two boys who were planning to become doctors. "Doctors have no lives of their own," my mother's friend observed. "Dr. Cowan works himself to death."

They needn't have worried about the boys, I would learn. The crop of doctors being trained in the 1950s and later would be nothing like Dr. Cowan who died in a fire in his apartment after he had retired in the 1960s.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Nemesis Overtakes Hubris

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by Morley Evans

Dear Angela,

Jason Raimondo discusses divine retribution in this morning's editorial:

" I don’t believe in God. (Actually he does. He just doesn't believe what most people believe, whatever that is.) However, I do believe in divine retribution. (See what I mean?) Without going into the specifics of this somewhat counterintuitive theology, suffice to say here that its central axiom is the idea that actions have consequences. One cannot go on committing evil without reaping a whirlwind or two. Eventually Nemesis overtakes Hubris, and the results aren’t pretty."

Raimondo continues with:

"The smugness of our political class is impenetrable: they believe the system that sustains and rewards them is invulnerable, or nearly so. The society in which they live is, seemingly, a well-ordered one, where – in spite of a few glitches, like government shutdowns caused by evil nihilists and other subversive elements – the machinery of society runs smoothly, interrupted only by occasional burps and hiccups."

Did the people running the British Empire or the Spanish Empire or the Chinese Empire or the Roman Empire believe anything different?

Washington established the empire that is not an empire. It's historic mission was to destroy empires and free the people. It's government would be kept under the control of the people who vote for their leaders. The rights of the people would be guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America (which most people think is or at least includes the Declaration of Independence). It does not.

The men in Washington never lost sight of their original mission which was to free the people by destroying empires. Undermining traditional mores to dissolve the glue holding societies together has always been as important as physical force. Liberation would free women from being wives and mothers. Liberation would alienate children from their families. Liberation would set men adrift, destroying the fundamental building blocks of every human society. Empires would be replaced by the empire that is not an empire. Emperors and kings would serve the POTUS (President of the United States). If you have ever wondered what the 20th Century was all about, it was this: Finish the job that was started with the American Revolution.

The Civil War was the hearth where Washington's war machine was forged. It bears the hallmarks of all of Washington's wars: rivals (the North and the South) were turned against each other; a false noble cause became the purported reason for the conflict (slavery); a casus belli was created to begin war (Fort Sumpter); the rule book of war was discarded; new weapons were created and used for the first time; Washington's power was increased (States Rights guaranteed by the Constitution ended and power was centralized in Washington); unprecedented casualties resulted (up to 700,000 American military deaths along with uncounted American "collateral damage." Unconditional Surrender was demanded and the South was devastated.

During the Civil War, foreign emissaries watched the carnage to learn new ways to wage war. Most observers expected the United States would destroy itself. Instead, the United States moved into the first ranks of world powers. After the Civil War, the South was populated with U.S. military bases and Southerners became the most patriotic Americans, supplying the United States with soldiers. (Resembling Scotland after it had been crushed and Scottish regiments became the backbone of imperial policy in the British Empire.) 

William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt would lead the United States into the 20th Century and on to world domination with the Spanish-American War and the Panama Canal. (Commodore Perry and the American Black Fleet had opened Japan to the West before the Civil War.) 

It took two world wars to reduce Great Britain, which had been the world hegemon for centuries, to a fawning lackey of Washington. Washington and its continental empire known as the United States of America was directly responsible for arming the world with everything from rifles, airplanes and machine guns to nuclear weapons. Even submarines were invented by an American (not Germans).

Washington's modus operandi is fomenting conflict between rivals. This worked especially well in WW I when everyone was armed to the teeth with weapons that had been invented by Americans and then set loose to fight to the death. After everyone was exhausted, Americans stepped in to restore order. WW II was a replay of WW I with the Empire of Japan (that dispatched the British Empire in the Far East in three days) which was added to Germany's Third Reich (that dispatched Great Britain and France in a few weeks before turning on the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa).

Washington was responsible for everything that happened in the 20th Century. "Nothing that happens in politics is an accident," said Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Washington was responsible for Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and everything they did. Poor old Castro does not realize he was a bogyman created by and working for Washington along with right-wing dictators like Somoza, Syngman Rhee, Mobutu, Suharto, Noriega, Saddam, Pahlavi, ben Gurion, Sadat, Pinochet, Sharon, Mubarak and the Saudis to name a few of Washington's more unsavory provincial governors.

Washington ran out of bogymen when the Soviet Union (CCCP) evaporated (Gorbachev and Reagan almost brought about world peace), so Washington had to invent Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda which is a faceless, formless, empire without a formal structure (just like communism) that would have to be fought forever by the empire that is not an empire. Actually, Washington had invented all the monsters it has fought to save the world for (from?) freedom and democracy.

If anyone doesn't believe that the United States of America is Washington's empire, they can cast their eyes back to the Whiskey Rebellion that was put down personally by George Washington to put Americans on notice: Their role in the new free country Washington had created was to support Washington and the power-brokers who would operate in the city that bears his name.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, the jig is up. People who fought the empire that is not an empire have pounded their swords into ploughshares. They have been selling these ploughshares and toasters and mix-masters and cars and steel at low low prices — driving Washington and its empire out of business. The evil that Washington has done throughout its history is monumental. Begin by adding up the wars on American Indians. Start in the 18th century. An Apocalypse looms. Raimondo concludes, "One cannot go on committing evil without reaping a whirlwind." The Thirteen Colonies have had an amazing run and now it's over.

Former Reagan Treasury Undersecretary, Paul Craig Roberts, reports: 
China [which is the largest U.S. creditor after the Fed and the Social Security Trust Fund] has clearly had enough of Washington’s hubris, arrogance, and irresponsibility as the lack of diplomatic language makes clear: “Instead of honoring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas.” In addition Washington has provoked “regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and waged unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.”

If you are a member of the 1% who owns everything, you can ignore what Dr. Roberts has to say. You will already have some gold bullion bars stashed away somewhere along with a few billion in foreign currency denominated accounts that will tide you over any unpleasant times. You may be set to sell short a few hours before the dollar tanks for good. Lucky you. If you are not so fortunate, however, you had better read this.

Americans, who have always believed they were doing God's work, had best distance themselves from Washington at least as far as Germans have distanced themselves from Hitler. It is time to join the human race to build a better world.

- Morley


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Diet and Health

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by Morley Evans

Andreas Eenfeldt, M.D.
The interviews below were conducted by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, M.D., of They provide an insight into the connection between sugar and starch and the chronic diseases that plague modern men, women and children. Significantly, the doctors below are recommending the opposite of what has become "conventional" wisdom. In Sweden, they call the diet the LCHF diet which means low carb high fat. Saturated fat is recommended. Fat, not carbohydrates should be everyone's primary source of fuel. The war on fat and cholesterol is wrong, dead wrong. Substituting vegetable oil extracted from seeds with industrial processes for animal fat and adding sugar to everything has produced a public health disaster of epic proportions. There are 16 videos in this series listed individually below.

1). Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

2). Dr. Mary Vernon, MD

3). Mark Sisson, fitness author and blogger

4). Professor Robert H. Lustig, MD

5). Gary Taubes, science journalist

6). Dr. Steven Phinney, MD, PhD

7). Dr. Michael D. Fox, MD (Part 1)

8). Dr. Michael D. Fox, MD (Part 2)

9). Dr. Eric C. Westman, MD (Part 1)

10). Dr. Eric C. Westman, MD (Part 2)

11). Dr. Eric C. Westman, MD (Part 3)

12). Dr. Jay Wortman, MD

13). Dr. Peter Attia, MD

14). Professor Loren Cordain, PhD

15). Dr. Jeffry Greber, MD

16). Jimmy Moore: Organizer of the Low Carb Cruise to the Bahamas

Friday, October 11, 2013

Jack Medina

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by Morley Evans

Come to learn about nutrition and exercise from a trainer who has coached professional sports teams and Olympic champions including the Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings and Kathy Rigby.

"I'll be talking about Diets and why they don't work; what happens inside your body when you go on a low calorie diet; what about Protein? what about Creatine? 4 things you must do to maintain a healthy body; how to raise your exercise and nutritional intensity, and much more."

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

King World News

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posted by Morley Evans

Can the FED keep the Empire running by printing $1,000,000,000,000 USD a year forever? Not likely. Once a run on the dollar starts, the game will be over and the Empire will be finished.

My readers will know that I think this Empire began in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings. The American adventure over the last 100 years was merely an effort to prevent the inevitable and make the United States the permanent world hegemon. Everything Washington has done since the Great Victory of '45 has been to protect the US dollar and Washington's supremacy.

Here is Paul Craig Roberts on King World:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's Your Choice

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by Morley Evans

Hi there! How are you?

Juice PLUS+ is part of my foundation along with Vitamin D and gut health. I eat seven  servings of fresh raw fruits and vegetables every day. I also eat dairy, meat and saturated fat. While I don't make any special claims for Juice Plus+ I can say that I survived statin drugs and similar assaults on my person that were made over the years. After over fifty years, I no longer have asthma. My life-long allergy to cats is gone. I never get sick. I take NO meds. After decades of living with extreme pain, I have no pain anywhere, ever — not even after weightlifting. My prostate problem is gone. My psoriasis is going and almost gone. I keep getting stronger in the weight room. My periodontics are excellent according to a periodontist and my dentist.  I do not have emphysema or other lung damage despite 37 years of heavy smoking. Why don't I have cancer? Everyone here has cancer. Cancer treatment is big business. My blood pressure is 103/63 with a pulse of 68. I weigh 154 pounds. I am 5' 9.5". I am 66 years old. I was in a coma in June 2000 yet today I feel as if I might live another 60 years. Best of all, pretty girls smile at me. Juice PLUS+ may have something to do with this. I think it does.

I'm not the best at the gym, but I am the most improved! Most of them are 20 years old.

This is my advise based on over sixty years of experience with and abuse from Modern Medicine (Regina Chapter): Forget about doctors and drugstores. Get your health snowball rolling in the right direction with Juice PLUS+. It is simple and it is affordable. You might be as lucky as I am. Winter is coming and with it the cold and flu season will put many in their sick bed. Juice PLUS+ uniquely can say it is backed by third party gold standard original research. Give me a call if you'd like to avoid the winter blahs: Learn how to get heathy and stay well for a long and happy life.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Glenn Greenwald

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posted by Morley Evans

Glenn Greenwald knows what journalism is. So does the Information Clearing House. Do you?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Syrian Crisis

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by Morley Evans

The Syrian War is not over. The people who want war are still busy. Who are they? They are not the usual suspects. They are the people who have been telling you about the usual suspects. This video will shock anyone who still believes what our "leaders" have been saying. If you are one of them, you need to watch this more than anyone else.

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail." That sums up Washington's foreign policy now that its edge in manufacturing, propaganda and finance are lost and gone forever. War has always worked for the United States.* Washington is the Master of War. Washington wants to try war again. That is what is happening now. The final showdown — WW III — with China and Russia is looming.

There would be no winners. Everyone would lose.

Americans need to come to grips with the fact that they live in (George) Washington's empire which calls itself the United States of America. Wake Up Americans! Washington does not work for you. Washington owns you. Wake Up Americans! Do not be duped by your owners. Break free! Be free! We've been conned!

* In point of fact: The United States has not won a war since The Great Victory of '45 (AKA WW II), despite wreaking havoc and killing untold millions of people.

Revolution: An Instruction Manual - YouTube
False Flag Terror and Revolution: An Instruction Manual w - YouTube
Revolution: An Instruction Manual |

Monday, September 30, 2013

Never Events

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by Morley Evans

There are good people everywhere. They exist even in bad systems. Good people may actually represent most of the people involved. (As hard as it may be to accept, some evil-doers may sometimes do good works too, confirming that everyone has some redeeming qualities. Of course no one is faultless.) People work to make things better. "Never events" is one example. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush, a person who, like Lyndon Baines Johnson, has few redeeming points in my opinion.) Evil-doers cannot rest easy, even in a corrupt system which they think they control. The clock is ticking and their time is always short. The aggrieved and their champions should never give up hope even as new evils constantly arise.

Having the wrong surgery performed is called a “Never Event” as a result of congressional Act passed in 2006. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush. [7] It directed that a list of Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) be recognized and classified as Serious Preventable Errors that should always be preventable by adoption and adherence to evidence based hospital procedures. The US Human Health Department, in collaboration with various highly respected medical organizations, began the congressionally mandated list with eight enumerated serious preventable errors that were to thereafter be known as “Never Events”. Wrong surgery was one of the eight.
[7] Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, Public Law 109-171, 109th Congress stating that the Never Event injury “could reasonably have been prevented through the application fo evidence-based guideline.” 
This is bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
The other day, I discussed doctors with a young woman. She is in her mid thirties, I would guess. She knew nothing about hysterectomy. "Do they still do that," she wondered? "I thought most girls had their tubes tied." Winston Churchill said the best argument against democracy is made by having a conversation with any voter for five minutes.

Never Events
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Never events are inexcusable actions in a health care setting, the "kind of mistake that should never happen".[1] The initial list of 28 events was compiled by the National Quality Forum of the United States. They are defined as "adverse events that are serious, largely preventable, and of concern to both the public and health care providers for the purpose of public accountability."[2]
Several states have enacted laws requiring the disclosure of never events at hospitals and various remunerative or punitive measures for such events. A recent Leapfrog Group Study[3] finds that roughly half of the 1,285 hospitals that responded to their survey waive fees for never events, and that hospitals that do waive fees are much more likely to have perfect scores on the Leapfrog Safe Practices Score survey.
According to a 2012 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, there are as many as 1,500 instances of 'surgical souvenirs'—instances in which a surgical tool or other foreign object is left inside of a patient's body after surgery—every year in the United States. The same study suggests an estimated total number of surgical mistakes at just over 4,000 per year in the United States; however, these statistics are extrapolations from incomplete data rather than actual event counts.[1]

List of never events

As defined by the National Quality Forum and commonly agreed upon by health care providers, the current list of 28 never events includes:

  1. Artificial insemination with the wrong donor sperm or donor egg
  2. Unintended retention of a foreign body in a patient after surgery or other procedure
  3. Patient death or serious disability associated with patient elopement (disappearance)
  4. Patient death or serious disability associated with a medication error (e.g., errors involving the wrong drug, wrong dose, wrong patient, wrong time, wrong rate, wrong preparation or wrong route of administration)
  5. Patient death or serious disability associated with a hemolytic reaction due to the administration of ABO/HLA-incompatible blood or blood products
  6. Patient death or serious disability associated with an electric shock or elective cardioversion while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  7. Patient death or serious disability associated with a fall while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  8. Surgery performed on the wrong body part
  9. Surgery performed on the wrong patient
  10. Wrong surgical procedure performed on a patient
  11. Intraoperative or immediately post-operative death in an ASA Class I patient
  12. Patient death or serious disability associated with the use of contaminated drugs, devices, or biologics provided by the healthcare facility
  13. Patient death or serious disability associated with the use or function of a device in patient care, in which the device is used or functions other than as intended
  14. Patient death or serious disability associated with intravascular air embolism that occurs while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  15. Infant discharged to the wrong person
  16. Patient suicide, or attempted suicide resulting in serious disability, while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  17. Maternal death or serious disability associated with labor or delivery in a low-risk pregnancy while being cared for in a health care facility
  18. Patient death or serious disability associated with hypoglycemia, the onset of which occurs while the patient is being cared for in a healthcare facility
  19. Death or serious disability (kernicterus) associated with failure to identify and treat hyperbilirubinemia in neonates
  20. Stage 3 or 4 pressure ulcers acquired after admission to a healthcare facility
  21. Patient death or serious disability due to spinal manipulative therapy
  22. Any incident in which a line designated for oxygen or other gas to be delivered to a patient contains the wrong gas or is contaminated by toxic substances
  23. Patient death or serious disability associated with a burn incurred from any source while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  24. Patient death or serious disability associated with the use of restraints or bedrails while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  25. Any instance of care ordered by or provided by someone impersonating a physician, nurse, pharmacist, or other licensed healthcare provider
  26. Abduction of a patient of any age
  27. Sexual assault on a patient within or on the grounds of the healthcare facility
  28. Death or significant injury of a patient or staff member resulting from a physical assault (i.e., battery) that occurs within or on the grounds of the healthcare facility

Recommended actions following a never event[edit]

The Leapfrog Group offers four actions as industry standards following a never event:[4]

  1. apologize to the patient
  2. report the event
  3. perform a root cause analysis
  4. waive costs directly related to the event


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