Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Lines from Movies

"There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend. Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."

Edward I, King of England, et al

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After watching a BBC documentary on King Edward and reviewing the article on him in Wikepedia, I conclude that Edward I, King of England, Wales and Scotland (Reign 16 November 1272 to 7 July 1307) was a psychopath of the first order. My assessment may be uncharitable. See what you think

You will probably remember him from Braveheart. Edward was Longshanks "The Hammer of the Scots".

When King Edward decided to squeeze the Jews, some of whom had become rather wealthy and to whom much of the nobility was deeply in debt, the King made the Jews wear yellow badges, imprisoned 300 of their leaders in the Tower of London (HQ of English torture and death), confiscated all their property and expelled any who were left. Well, well. I thought only the Germans did things like that. But actually, King Edward treated the Jews rather humanely, compared to what he did to others. At least some of the Jews got away from him.

Looking at other British monarchs, one finds this common thread: many of them were vicious bastards, just like Edward. These people are not the most noble of the realm as we were taught in school. Quite the contrary. Following the Conquest of William Duke of Normandy in 1066, the "English" waged war on the "French" for the better part of a thousand years. Along with wars to subdue the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish at home, they took excursions to far off places like the Holy Land for more mischief. Is this cruelty and violence a trait of rulers of the British Isles, merely?

Probably not. But our own kings and queens are certainly no better than all those bad people we learned about in school — and they might be worse than those bad people.

While on Crusade, Edward — even before he became King — sought out and made an alliance against the Muslims with the Mongols, who were themselves no strangers to psychopathology and mass murder.

Yes, it's a part of the history that we can all be proud of, we who have been nobly spreading our civilization, peace and democracy around the world for almost a thousand years. And we are still doing it!

P.S.: Edward I, King of England, et al, should not be confused with Edward the Confessor who is a Saint and was a King of England before the Conquest.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


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Alfred Lilienthal said fifty years ago that most Jews have no idea what Judaism is about. Is it ethnicity? Is it religion? Not surprisingly then, most Christians have no idea what Judaism is about. Most Christians don't know what Christianity is about. That isn't surprising either. The abbot (Uchiyama Roshi) of the Zen Temple where I lived in 1970 said most Japanese people don't know what Buddhism or Shinto are about. Despite that, Japan is considered to be a Buddhist country and Shinto has been part of daily life there for many thousands of years.

Jews have not only been enthralled with various messiahs down through the ages, in the twentieth century large numbers turned to Communism, Zionism and Freudian psychoanalysis as "religious" alternatives to Judaism — apart from various branches of Judaism itself, such as "Conservative", "Reform", "Orthodox" and their many subsets. Despite the supposed downtrodden situation of Jews everywhere throughout history, some Jews, everywhere, seem to have done fairly well throughout history and Christians often have been led around by the nose. And at various times and places Christians have oppressed Jews. Muslims have treated both with equitability. The record is there for all to read.

Wikipedia lists Jewish messiah claimants.

There seems to have always been a struggle for the hearts and minds of Jews. You can see it in Exodus. Remember the golden calf? So a civil war between Zionists and everyone else, starting in the 19th century — or earlier — is not hard to imagine. What everyone sees in the mass media (which Zionists own today) is the Zionist version of the world and the Jews.

Friday, January 18, 2008

"Willie" by Morley Evans

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Had "Willie" Pickton, convicted serial killer, been a medical doctor, instead of a pig farmer, we might never have heard of him and he might still be in business, thanks to the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) which has been subverting justice in Canada since it was established in 1901. In any case, we cannot be too certain about the justice "Willie" the pig farmer did receive. He probably was guilty. But miscarriages of justice are quite common here in Canada. We will never know how common they are here in the land of cozy arrangements between friends who are in the know, where matters are handled discreetly and vested interests are protected from the rabble — which, itself, is not protected very well. "Willie's" victims disappeared for years before Vancouver's cops finally woke up and started looking into their "disappearances". His victims weren't doctors, or lawyers, or other important people after all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beatrice Evans

"People think what they do because they don't know the half of it."