Monday, August 30, 2010

Illegal Immigrant Benefits

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by Morley Evans

On Aug 29, 2010, at 10:41 PM, Stan wrote:











Stan's message was originally written by an American who is probably a member of the Tea Party. You can tell because Canadians do not have "Food Stamps" or "Social Insurance Cards". After the message made the rounds on the Internet, some Canadian modified it for Canadians. The message appeals to the lowest instincts of the reader, especially to xenophobia. Readers would do well to go to a mirror and take a good long look at what they see and think.

Dear Stan,

Here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, I have been attacked and assaulted twice. I was beaten to a pulp but I was not supported by the cops, who switched sides the first time and said "There were thirty of them and one of you," the second time. "It's your word against theirs." My lawyer failed to show up in court the first time. Outside court, my assailants offered me twenty-five dollars for beating me to a pulp. I told them to shove it up their ass. I was eighteen then and was launched on a life of being screwed by the Canadian system. Being screwed by the Canadian system had actually started long before I graduated from high school. The worst people have been doctors:

I have suffered from medical malpractice in Regina, the home of Canadian medicare (as well as Canadian socialism and the RCMP), for over sixty years. Recently, after I was tortured for eight years, I slipped into a coma. It has taken me ten years to recover from what doctors did to me. After I discovered why I had been sick (statin drugs), I reported it to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Canadian Medical Association, Saskatchewan Health, the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, the Minister of Health (Saskatchewan), Health Canada, The Minister of Health (Canada), The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, The FDA in Washington, the President of Merck-Frosst, M. André Marcheterre, the Premier of Saskatchewan (both Mr. Calvert (NDP) and Mr. Wall (Saskatchewan Party), the Leader Post, the Globe and Mail, Goldhawk, The Fifth Estate, the Saskatchewan Law Society, and the Canadian Bar Association. I was not able to find a lawyer in Canada (my friend, Mr. MacKay did help me), though every American lawyer I contacted said I have a very strong case. One of Regina's more prominent lawyers confided, "You have an excellent case, but you do not have a winnable case." Every agency here in this fine country that is so proud of being the "best country in the world" continues to ignore me and what was done to me.

This is bizarre. It does not bode well for you, Stan, or for other residents of Regina or Canada. Everyone should find this extremely disturbing because none of the aforementioned authorities, that is, all of them, could not care less. 

Those in charge of things in Canada really do not care about their duty. They care about their position on the gravy train and their pensions and investments. Honour is a foreign concept to them, just a word. Greed is the reality. They do not care at all. Don't take it personally. I don't. They don't care about me. They don't care about you either. Believe me. I know. Maybe I should renounce my Canadian citizenship, become a Muslim, or a Tamil, rent a boat (or perhaps steal one), and sneak into Canada where you say illegal immigrants get wonderful benefits. Why would the authorities care about them? Oh well. I'll take your word for it. Maybe it is just political theatre so they can pretend they care about people. They don't.

By the way, the Canada Pension Plan puts $300 a month into my bank account and the Saskatchewan Income Security Plan was adding $500 a month until I cancelled it hoping I would be able to earn more than $500 a month. (I wonder if our Canadian bureaucrats live on $300 a month or $800 a month. What do you think?) That's what our "caring and sharing" society did for me as a disabled person after I had been disabled by the health care system everyone loves so much. They spend more in Canada looking after convicts, much more. And convicts don't even have to pay Income Tax, or work!

I'm certainly glad to learn that Canada looks after illegal immigrants better than it has looked after me, a Canadian. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into this.

- Morley

Monday, August 16, 2010


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by Morley Evans

The People who lost with the Great Victory of 1945, Germany and Japan, have been doing well since the war. They beat their swords into plough shares and sold them to us. China and India, whom we colonized, had been the leading economies for centuries as Marco Polo discovered long ago. They had stuff. That is why we conquered them. Today, India and China are back. They beat their swords into plough shares and sold them to us. There is a lesson for us there. I wonder if we will learn it. No no, the lesson is not "don't buy plough shares." Try again.

Apology Needed

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by Morley Evans

The Japanese Prime Minister has apologized for World War II. Did you know that the Japanese government has formally apologized over and over since WW II? You didn't know that did you? How many other things don't you know? Ask yourself why you don't know them.

Don't you think it is time we apologized for WW II? We committed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of war crimes. We fire bombed German cities. We fire bombed Japanese cities. We dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We regularly "took no prisoners." We killed prisoners we did take. We killed a million Germans after the War. (1945 - 1949) Did you know that?

The Allies, as we like to call ourselves, were full participants in history's greatest bloodbath. Don't hide behind the excuse that "Sure, we were bad, but they were worse." Apologize.

What about the Germans? The Germans have paid out 61.8 Billion dollars in Third Reich reparations and they keep paying. They have accepted everything that has been said which defames Germans too. Germans even put people in jail who try to defend Germans. So I'm not defending them.

Or you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Casualties WW II

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by Morley Evans

The next time you pin a poppy on your lapel and remember the great sacrifices we have made fighting wars to bring peace to the world, take a look at this chart. You will see who really made the sacrifices in WW II. Then please remember that China and the Soviet Union were our allies in WW II. Their reward? They immediately became our enemies for the next 65 years. Then they became our friends when the Muslims became our enemies just as Germany and Japan immediately had become our friends after WW II. (Oh, remember too that Japan was our ally in WW I and that both Germany and Austria were our allies against Napoleon not long before that.) Isn't that amazing? Even Yugoslavia made greater sacrifices than we did fighting fascism and militarism to make the world safe for freedom and democracy. Remember that on Remembrance Day, November 11th.

Ask yourself why a new World War in being concocted against the Muslims. Do you "support our troops"? Do you support our government which uses our troops to spread human rights, freedom and democracy and peace? Why?

Friday, August 13, 2010


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by Morley Evans

If one watches the telescreen these days, one will see reports about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two who is facing "death by stoning" for committing adultery in Iran. The "world" is outraged at this injustice and barbarity.

How do we know this "concern" is propaganda?

The main reason we know this for what it is is that our leaders are preparing us for World War III which they would start when they attack Iran. In order to do this, we, the home audience, must have our brains washed first. Then we will feel that we are doing the right thing. We will feel that we will be defending women everywhere, even if we have to kill millions of women, children, elderly and non combatants to do it.

Second, we, the United States and its allies (us), have already killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, countries which flank Iran on the west and the east. We have been funding "liberation organizations" inside Iran for years. They assassinate people and foment chaos.

Since the first Gulf War, we have killed hundreds of thousands in the region. We don't care one bit about them. We even helped both sides in the Iraq-Iran war a few years before that. We want to kill them. Why would we be concerned about one more person? 

Because we want to destroy Iran, that's why.

Why? Because we don't control Iran as much as we used to when the Shah ran things for us. Besides that, war is good for business, when your business is war. Third, Iran has lots of oil and it is the easiest rout to more oil in the Caspian basin. Most importantly, though, insubordination cannot be tolerated when one is running the world-wide Empire. It just can't, see? Saddam and Iraq had to be destroyed. They got uppity. They had to be destroyed as an example to the others. Finally, World War III will cull the human population, leaving a manageable remnant for our rulers to totally dominate, forever.

That's the plan, folks.

Stoning and beheading are brutal. The electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, and hanging are humane. We used to stone our criminals too. It's in the Bible. That's where Muslims got the idea. We even beheaded criminals. We even burned them at them stake.

But now we are secular and humane. We don't even admit we torture people anymore. Now we care about stray dogs and cats. We want to save endangered species. We can see every sparrow that falls and we start up committees to save sparrows.

We are good. They are bad. Let's start World War III. Then everyone will be good and dead. There will be peace at last, as dispensationist "Christians" believe. OR we could do what Christians are supposed to do. We could stop supporting war. We could support peace. Right?

Don't forget that the implicit message underneath this is "Religion is Bad." All religion is bad. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are bad. Buddhism and Hinduism are bad too, but first things first. Our rulers believe that they come first. Our rulers believe they will bring Peace on Earth, even though they are directly responsible for all the wars. Our rulers believe they are God. Megalomania is a common problem with rulers — all rulers.

Back in the old days, the pharaohs thought they were God, so did Alexander, Qin Chi Huang (秦始皇) and the Roman Emperors. Then came the "divine right of kings". Kings and emperors have always either been gods or they have been anointed by God to rule everyone. More on this later. The important thing to remember is this: our rulers do not care about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. So wise up.

If you don't oppose evil, you'll deserve what you get and it's coming sooner than you think.


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by Morley Evans

After my mother had had two ischemic strokes, for which they did nothing at Pasqua Hospital, she was transferred to Elmview. They did nothing for her at Elmview either, but they did recognize she had had a stroke (which Pasqua denied). Elmview referred her to Wascana Rehabilitation Hospital for therapy to help her recover from the stroke she hadn't had. I took her there every morning for six months. They helped her at Wascana. They gave her exercises to do for her brain and her body. They gave her homework, which she never did.

While my mother was at Elmview (in 2007), I was visiting with the woman at the reception desk there. I mentioned that Elmview was a much nicer place than it had been when my grandpa was there in the sixties. "Who was your grandpa," she asked? "Wilfred Silversides," I answered. "Oh, I remember him," she said. Sure you do, I thought. "Your grandma came to see him every day. Your grandma walked here, even in winter, because she didn't drive a car. Their house was on Thornton Avenue," she said. I guess she remembered them! I was amazed.

The health care system in Regina is unbelievably corrupt, but there are good people here who do good work too. Their hearts are in the right place which is the most important thing.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders? I sometimes watch games on TV in my living room where the weather is always nice and the drunken crazy fans with pumpkins on their heads are in Taylor Field far away. People support the health care system, government and crown corporations with the same enthusiasm here in Regina.

Have you ever heard of a psyop and psychological warfare? We'll talk about that next time . . .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mad As Hell

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by Morley Evans

Nurse paid $250,000?

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by Morley Evans

Comment on Leader-Post FP Story

Head’s Will Roll. Your paper revealed today that the top-paid nurse in the RQHD (Regina) received almost $250,000 last year. The "executive director of workforce planning and employment services" (I wonder what they pay him?) thinks everything is just dandy, except that a poor nurse might be tempted to overwork to earn extra pay. Gee whiz. Of course she would be endangering her health because she would be dedicated to overcoming the nursing shortage. Of course. People who think like this are the reason the RQHD is a scandal. Some of the doctors they allow to practice medicine here are even worse. Along with their other crimes, these people killed my mother because they were "too busy" to get around to fixing her broken leg. The RQHD is out of control. This has been going on for a long time, but it won't go on forever. Heads will roll.

Top-paid nurse in ’09 made almost

The highest-paid nurse in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region earned close to a quarter of a million dollars last year.
The top five salaries paid to registered nurses in the RQHR ranged from $180,530 to $243,540.
The nurse earning $243,540 was employed on a nursing unit at Regina Pioneer Village, while the second highest wage earner was an emergency room nurse who received $186,562.
In 2009, 255 RNs of the region’s 1,870 full-time registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses had salaries that exceeded $100,000.
In comparison, Dwight Nelson, the region’s CEO, earned $305,259 in salary and benefits in 2009 while senior medical officer Christina Vuksic received the second highest salary at $246,481.
John-Paul Cullen, the region’s executive director of workforce planning and employment services, attributes the nurses’ high salaries largely to overtime.
Full-time nurses typically work four 12-hour shifts. If they’re called back to work, their overtime is at double pay.
“When you work past a certain number of weekends or a certain number of hours of regularly scheduled time, you’re entitled to overtime and that’s clearly a driver on this,” Cullen said.
The RQHR staffing budget is approximately $440 million, excluding physicians’ salaries. About $170 million of that is paid to the RNs and RPNs.
“Nurses are very important parts of our health-care system,” Cullen said. “Clearly, we have a number of nurses who are working a lot and earning very high salaries. It’s money that’s entitled to them through our collective agreement. Overtime is something we have to find a solution to — both our union partners and the regional administration — to try and ensure that folks aren’t working beyond a point where their health is compromised.”
Rosalee Longmoore, president of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, shares that concern.
“To have a salary of something like $243,000, we’d be very concerned about the amount of overtime that is being worked … The more you’re working, the more stressed your life is,” she said.
She said a starting nurse earns $32.62 hourly or $63,569 a year. A nurse with at least 20 years experience makes $84,168 a year.
Longmoore said through the SUN-Government Partnership, there has been an increase in the number of nurses employed by the RQHR and that has eased the workload, but not enough. “Some of those have been new positions, some of them filled vacancies, but there are still a number of vacancies that exist in the health region,” she said.
Sick time, high turnover rates, general staff shortages and injury rates are other factors that are influencing the high overtime bill, Cullen said.
“There is a trend towards calling staff in on workload relief when you have very high acuity or when demand simply puts you in a position of bringing other staff in such as when our emergency room becomes very full … you don’t ever have a single driver,” he said. “It’s a combination of factors.”

The RQHR had a $6-million deficit for 2009-10. The largest contributing factor was compensation paid to staff for overtime.
“I think the literature shows that excessive amounts of overtime will affect the quality of care,” Cullen said. “This isn’t just a dollars-and-cents issue. This is about the well being of our staff and the well being of those we are in charge of and that’s our patients.”
To find solutions, Cullen said management is looking at each nursing unit.
“This is a provincial challenge,” he said. “At budget time in the spring, it was made very clear by the Ministry (of Health) that we had to address the situation.”
Across the region, more health-care workers are calling in sick.
Nurses miss an average of seven 12hour shifts a year because of illness.
To address the rising number of sick calls, the region is promoting a healthy lifestyle for staff by providing a monthly newsletter with healthy living tips, offering a smoking cessation program and lunch-time and after-work fitness programs.
“We also have a work-family wellness seminar that we offer on an annual basis to help people to balance their life more between work and family,” Cullen said.
The region has instituted an attendance support program to monitor employees’ attendance at work.
“We use a software package that tracks their hours and when we notice a spike in sick time utilization and we can pinpoint that employee, then we start a dialogue between them and their manager to try and understand what some of the barriers are to them coming to work,” Cullen said. “They could be having personal problems, they might have some physical problems.”
Workers’ Compensation Board injury claims — which are separate from sick time — are also taking a toll. In 2009-10, injury claims were up six per cent from the previous year. However, Cullen pointed out that people are returning to work quicker. In 2009-10, there were 529 days/100 full-time employees lost due to a workplace injury as compared to 581.27 days lost the previous year.
Still, Cullen concedes: “It’s higher than the rest of the province.”

Monday, August 9, 2010


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by Morley Evans

Dear Mr. Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan,

Last week, friends took a relative to the Pasqua Hospital. 

They were surprised to see Violet sitting in a chair in the little emergency waiting room there. Violet was in a very bad way. She was confused and incoherent. When they asked what was going on, they were told that someone had left her there. If Violet had come in an ambulance, they might have been able to find a bed for her, but as it was, she would have to wait. A social worker there who took a look at Violet said she didn't get that way overnight. Violet's condition was the result of years of neglect in her opinion. Her friends went home to get a blanket for Violet because it was cold in the waiting room. They put it around her legs and comforted her. Violet sat in the chair all night. She was taken to the Elmview Extendicare on Rae street the next day. 

Violet was living in a "care home" in Regina where she was being charged over $3,000 a month. VIOLET WILL BE 100 YEARS OLD IN NOVEMBER, if she makes it. Is this how we look after people in Regina where everyone is so proud? At least Violet didn't die in the waiting room as someone did in a Winnipeg hospital a while back. (In fact, that person in Winnipeg had been dead for three days before they noticed him. Maybe he had started to smell.) We aren't that bad. They didn't make Violet take a bus to Elmview, or walk.

There is frequently a shortage of beds in the hospitals. Does that mean every bed in a hospital has a body in it? Or does it mean that some beds and wards are not being used? Are surgeons, doctors, MRI units and other facilities actually busy, creating the waiting lines? Or are they just idle? Is there really a shortage of nurses and doctors? Why does medicine cost more than everything else combined and it always needs more? Why do we keep adding to our hospitals? Is the population growing? Are people sicker? There is chronic underfunding, but we love it. We have a positive attitude in Regina. We are proud.

I love Regina, our official slogan

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembered

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by Morley Evans

August 1945

The best evidence that WW II was not the "good war" is right here. This is not the only evidence: Everything we are told about the War now and were told then is and was a lie. The "War on Terror" today is just the latest in a never-ending string of wars that stretches back hundreds of years and forward forever (they hope). Wars exist to keep the warmongers and the armaments industry in business. We live in the British American Empire whose business has for centuries been global domination. Our leaders terrorize us so we will become terrorists. We have benefited from being Top Dog. The benefits we enjoy from this, however, are outweighed by the price we all pay. No one really benefits. Today, world domination is a game with diminishing returns. We have not won a war in over sixty years, despite the harm we have caused our enemies and ourselves. You tighten the rope around you own necks by ignoring the truth. Wake up. Do not support evil. Support peace. Support virtue.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter to Minister of Health

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by Morley Evans

Subject: Medicare
Message: Dear Mr. McMorris, The Premier promised to share my letter on MS with you. I hope you have had time to consider what I told him. The Canadian Medical Association says it wants to help improve the Canadian health system. I certainly agree it needs a complete overhaul. The medical industry costs as much as everything else combined, yet it is a disgrace. More money will not help. Leaving the same people in charge as was done with the Canadian Red Cross blood services would be worse. Canadian medicine enjoys its glowing reputation (inside Canada) because its many failures go unreported. After I was tortured for eight years I almost died. It has taken me ten years to recover. I was swept under the carpet with everyone else. The doctors responsible are still practicing; they wear smug smiles. The CMA and the Canadian Medical Protective Association are directly responsible for a system that is completely unresponsive to feedback and completely out of control. It has deplorable quality as a result. The Canadian Health System is close to collapse. There is an opportunity to chart a new course.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Medical Reform

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by Morley Evans

The Canadian Medical Association announced yesterday that the entire Canadian medical system needs to be completely overhauled. The CMA is responsible for what the health system is. Should they lead the reform that is desperately needed?

I agree we need reform: The most important thing to do is declare the Canadian Medical Association and its attack dog, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, illegal and criminal. Seize their records and bank accounts. Incarcerate their officials and start an in-depth investigation. That would keep investigators busy for years. Canadian medicine looks like a secret society. Big Pharma looks like the Mafia. They both are worse. The CMA started a few months after Canada became a country. It is not merely the largest medical association in Canada, it is the only medical association in Canada. Joining is compulsory if one wants to practice medicine. Doctors must conform to whatever orthodoxy is currently in vogue or be driven out. Canadians need to establish medicine on a foundation that is consistent with doctors who have compassion for the sick and who serve the public, not themselves. Quality control requires oversight and corrections. Canada has neither feature in its medical system. The CMA is why. The airline industry would be a good model. Honesty is always the best policy. Canadian medicine is a closed shop designed to protect itself and bad doctors, whatever they do. Arrogating unto itself the role of judge and jury, the CMA has been guided for over a century by the principle that a doctor can do no harm. That notion is completely opposed to "do no harm" which has guided good doctors for over a millennia. What organized medicine does in Canada is a crime. We all pay a huge price for this.

Let's reform the Canadian medical system. Let's do it now!

Love Your Neighbour as Yourself

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by Morley Evans

The Sermon on the Mount is "very hard teaching." In fact, it is so hard Christians have always had trouble with it. Did Jesus really have a simple universal message that everyone could follow? Yes he did. He said the most important thing to remember is to "love your neighbour as yourself". The Old Testament has this same instruction too. Everyone can understand this:

This instruction has nothing to do with creating "the most powerful military in history" and using it to enforce our leaders' will on everyone. It cannot be reconciled with murder, theft, destruction and all the other evil things that "our heroes" do every day to people who live far away and who have never done even one thing to harm us. Do not support evil.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rabbi Dovid Yisroel Weiss

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by Morley Evans

Rabbi Dovid Yisroel Weiss is a Haredi Jew.

He leads the Neturei Karta which favours returning Palestine to the Palestinians along with the peaceful dismantling of the "so-called State of 'Israel'". The Neturei Karta are Ashkenazi Jews, so are their oftentimes allies, Satmar and others. Until The Six Day War which LBJ engineered for "Israel", all the Orthodox Ashkenazi Rabbis opposed Zionism and the Zionist State. After that, as the United States adopted unconditional financial and military support for Israel, most Jews have made some accommodation with Zionism and its State. Sephardic Jews, like Conrad Black's wife, Barbara Amiel, have always supported Zionism.

Amiel is a great example of the marital strategy of Jewish colonialism: Jewish men marry Jewish women, Jewish women either marry Jewish men or they marry well-to-do connected and powerful Gentiles. Only children whose mothers are Jews are Jews.

The Neturei Karta sound pretty much like Christians to me. That is because they are "Torah True". They, like Jesus, follow Moses. In fact that is the definition of the Haredi, who claim to be direct spiritual descendants of Moses. "The word Haredi derives from the Hebrew word for fear (harada) and can be interpreted as 'one who trembles in awe of God.'"

Many Christians I know would benefit from a lesson from Rabbi Weiss and his friends about compassion and such things as the Golden Rule. Rabbi Weiss is much too modest to presume anything like that. He is constantly amazed to find that people do not hate Jews. He thought they did! Anti-Semitism is part of Jewish culture.

This is rather bizarre. Modern Judaism is Talmud, not Torah Judaism. It is descended from Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai who made a deal with the Romans around 80 CE. Ben Zakkai's sect was the only sectarian survivor of the Great Jewish Revolt. All others, even ben Zakkai's rival Pharisaic sects, disappeared at that point. All Jewish sects today are descended from the Talmudic school ben Zakkai established with the consent of Vespasian who went on to become Roman Emperor after he crushed the Jews. Vespasian is remembered by Jews today as being a moderate and just ruler. Indeed! Ashkenazim, who are descended from the Khazars who converted to Judaism hundreds of years later on the Steppes of Russia, are definitely descended from ben Zakkai.

As Ashkenazim, the Neturei Karta include the Talmud but emphasize the Torah. They cite the Talmud as forbidding Jews from establishing a "Jewish State" anywhere and they cite Moses and the Torah as their authority for condemning the conquest of Palestine.

The Zionist's favourite part of the Bible is the Conquest of Canaan which seems to support the conquest of Palestine. But does it really?

What if God recruited Moses to lead His people away from the slavery of state-level civilization in Pharaonic Egypt. Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first state-level civilizations, predating even India and China. What if His people were not building pyramids, but they were leading the "good life" in Egypt? What if they were in thrall of the State, not God? What if they were worshipping false gods? Well, guess what? They were! That is how they would have been enslaved.

Out in the desert, Moses had many revolts to quell. "Did you bring us here to kill us," they would complain? When Moses returned from Mount Sinai with their marching orders, for example, His people had melted down their gold (Where did they get gold?) and cast a golden calf to worship. Everyone knows that story. Replicas of the tablets upon which God wrote the Ten Commandments are in every synagogue today.

Moses marched His people around in the desert for forty years trying to teach them the lesson most of them never figured out. They invaded Canaan after Moses died and before you know it, they had set up their own kingdom. From then on, it was the king and his court on one side and God and His prophets on the other. When His people failed to heed warnings, they were dragged off in chains first to Assyria and then Babylon. The people who periodically returned to the "Promised Land" to re-establish the kingdom, were committed to the kingdom, not to God. Then it would happen again and again.

So what is happening today is exactly what is in the Bible. Ironically, the most likely descendants of the Hebrews are Palestinians, not Zionists. They, Zionists, as the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees, can expect one day to be dragged off in chains to Babylon or maybe Antarctica where they will cool their heels until they try again the next time. There will always be a next time until the End of Time which will arrive unannounced someday "like a thief in the night." False prophets claim to know when it will happen and what will happen next. They don't.

While most people never get it, some people do get it. Moses got it. The Neturei Karta get it. Some Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus get it too.

God gave Moses ten Commandments. Seven are universal to all people. Jesus had one rule for all people: love your neighbour as yourself. Today's Pharisees have around 4,000 "laws" to control their subjects. Our governments have even more "laws" than that. They pass more "laws" every day in the legislatures and "regulations" in the bureaucracies. The Income Tax code, alone, is so complicated even accountants don't understand it. Our rulers say the law is whatever they say it is. This is feudalism.

This proves most people never get it, especially those who would control the rest of us.